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What's The Scoop Dress JADE (Final Sale)What's The Scoop Dress JADE (Final Sale)What's The Scoop Dress JADE (Final Sale)What's The Scoop Dress JADE (Final Sale)
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What's The Scoop Dress

now $$9.95
What's The Scoop Dress JADE (Final Sale)

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Yeah, yeah, stretchy, shiny fabric makes its appearance at dance and gymnastics competitions, but dang it - us regular folk can wear it, too! And, boy, do we love this snug dress. It's made of super stretchy fabric that has a subtle sheen and a smooth finish to it. Dress has a scoop neck, a deep scooped back, and no closures.

Model is wearing a small
All measurements are for a small
Length from shoulder to hem: 41"
95% Polyester, 5% Spandex
Hand wash cold, hang dry
Made in USA
Final Sale

+ Questions & Answers

Questions about this item
Tamara K asked: What size is a small and a medium e.g., 4, 6, etc.?
Fabienne C: Not to happy
Fabienne C: Medium
ANNA J: I ordered a medium and wen i say it i said to my self this wont fit. However the dress stretches to fit your body shape.
Lynesha B: Small is a 4 medium is 6..if your in between 2-4 definitely get small if your 6-8 medium
Cara G: I bought a medium and I'm a size 4, sometimes a 6.. But I'm short 5'4 and an athletic build with wide-ish hips.
Babers S asked: I need a xtra large in hot pink for June 1ST. Can u do this?
GoJane S: If a size or color is not available on our site it is currently sold out. We do receive restocks daily, so keep checking back!
Ashley N asked: Is the pink dress shimmery like the picture?
Danielle M: Yes but it looks really nice.
CHARLENE W: I had it in gold & yes it was shimmery
Devonta S: I didn't get the pink one I got the burgundy one, but it's a little shiny but a cute shiny. I recommend you get it.
None N asked: Does this dress ride up the moment you start walking All bodycon dresses do it unfortunately,causing the wearer to pull it down constantly
R U: After receiving and trying this dress I love. It doesn't ride up and I have to need to pull down since its around my knees. I'm very pleased with this dress I got it in white and I believe it looks super shinyn online but it's not in person.
petrice t: no not at all.. this is a nice fitting dress no complaints
Samantha L: It did not ride up on me and i could have bought a size smaller
F E: Surprisingly not that much too me. The dress is so long to where you're not constantly worrying about pulling it down anyway. I think it's a good buy.
grismary p: No not this dress the material is made out off sticks to ur body it doesnt ride up
BRANDI M: Mine doesn't ride up
E F: The dress rides up but not excessively. It does not come up above the knees.
Isela V: Mine doesn't.
Quay W: Uhhhmmmm i would say it depends on your frame. But it's pretty long so you should be fine.
Tavannah J asked: When will you restock on the champagne color I need a large.
GoJane S: We do not know if a size or color will be restocked but we do receive restocks and new styles daily so keep checking back!
None N asked: Im looking for a dress thats not to short on me this one looks perfect . Im 5, 6 & 160 should I get a medium or large?
Chesiree J: Large may be too small. I'm 5'3, 120 and the medium fits perfectly
Muriel A: 5.5 , 170 ...took a large was a little loose
Devonta S: This dress is a lengthy dress so you should just get your reg. size. I'm 5'7 and about 160 as well I got a large. but it's stretchy material so the medium would have been good as well.
christian r: You probably should get a large youre tall so it would fit you perfect
None N asked: if you have cellulite will it show with a lighter color dress i.e.: pink or beige ?
F E: Yea I had the pink and mine showed a little on my butt. I just wore a undergarment to feel better about it
petrice t: im not sure about the lighter colors because I got the royal blue, but you could not see through the material when I stretched it out with my hands so go for it!.P.S. this dress looks so nice on that I doubt anyone will notice your cellulite
Danielle M: Most likely it will because it is a tight fitted dress.
Isela V: The material is pretty thick but then again I ordered dark colors cuz of that. Sorry if I'm not much help.
D E: I don't think so. The dress I have is green but the material is opaque so I don't think you would have anything to worry about. It does fit snug so you may wanna throw on some spanx like I did so I'd be smooth all the way.
None N asked: When will you restock this in small navy?
GoJane S: We do not know if a size or color will be restocked but we do receive restocks and new styles daily so keep checking back!
None N asked: If I wear about a m or l but I want this dress to fit tight but comfortable. Which size should I get\
Taylor S: It's true to its size, so if you wear a m or l get your actual size. I ordered a large and I fits perfectly :
Crystal P: i would order a m..
Joallyn P: Honestly it depends on your body figure, I'm 5'5'' 146LBS and I 34b and a 31 waist. I got a medium and it fits all my curves nicely, however it not as fitted at the knee but it fitted enough. If I would have got a small I think it will fit my stomach snuggly. I hope this helps
Shaneil C: I would say get the medium I usually buy larges but I'm starting to get mediums just for that tight fit majority of these dresses are stretchy
Bethany P: If she regualry wears a medium then a medium should fit fine!.
Tanisha P: The dress stretches so if you want it to fit snug, I think you'll be fine with a medium.
Iman A asked: I want to wear my spanks under this dress...I plan on ordering white for new years but I have to know.. is it see through I know other girls said this material is thick but, is it thick enough to hide my underwear?
Naomi L: I highly suggest spanks it fits perfect but the white is see through I bought the white and had to wear spanks but u will def love the dress
Nadejiah T: It's completely solid! Nothing about it is see through. No leggings needed.
miraya v: ok you said its completely solid but will it show cellulite or its thick enough to lay on your body and not conform to it ?
Nadejiah T: Nope, it shouldn't. It's a really think material. No where near thin.
Sabrina J: It's not really see thru but it really fine so u do wear spank it might show I order white I I could wear my spank it was too visible but it's still up to you
Ana-Lisa J: It definitely isn't see through. But as far as seeing a seam print, it's stretchy and tight enough to possibly see those
Martha M: Yes i have this dress in black i absolutley love it! I do believe that you will be fine your underwear will not show marterial is pretty thick.
Kim G: To me it is not thick enough very tight... No underwear... Even a g string would show
Tyonna C: it is thick but its VERY form fitting and tight... i usually wear a medium in everything but i think i could have used a large and even so that still may have been tight...
LaChastitee M: Yes it's definitely thick enought to put a spanx under
A'ri J asked: Okay so I'm 5'8. 145 lbs. My arms and calves are pretty small. Most of my weight is in my butt/thighs. 34B 24 42. I want the dress to accentuate my curves. Should I get a small, med, or large?
tequila r: I would get a small because the dress has a lot of stretch in it,,but if you tummy is big get a medium,,,,dont want the dress to show any rolls...LOL
Veronica B: We have the same measurements but im 5'3. I got a small and it fits perfect! Hugs all my curves and the dress stretches like spandex! I love it
Veronica G: I would say get a medium. The dress is stretchy. I love the hunter green dress I bought. I got a lot of compliments.
Sharon L: i think the dress is made for ppl with bigger bottom halfs i got a small which normally works out for me but it didnt fit me as i would like, whatever size you usually get that fits your bottom half would be best. i can really say what size because ive never been a 42 below the waist :/
monique l: Get a small I am 5'7 150lbs 36B my arms n legs are smaller as well and this scoop dress fits me great I love it. It's shows all your curves without you being half nake n it's a classy looking dress. I was scared I should have gotten a medium but once the small came it fits great! Buy it!
Chesiree J: A large
Kim G: I would say a med would be fine I am a 36c and a 27 waist and a L fits very tight... If u have no stomach go for it!!!!
Jevone R: I got a medium. The dress is very tight it will hug ur curves I'm 5"1 134lbs nd it hugs my curves to the T. I kinda wish I would have bought a large but either way it's a nice dress.
Quay W: Small will work fine for you.
Misti J asked: Ok i typically wear a med in tops but have to get like and xl in my hips and thighs. I am 5'8 and my waist is 34 but my hips are like a 45. I am having difficulty figuring out what size to get... Please help. The last form fitting dress i got was a 10-12 and fit amazing just a tad bit short. I want something that is overall sexy but still keeping it classy ya know. So should I go with the Large\?
Unique T: Yes I would say go with the large... This dress has a lot of stretch I wear a 4-6 28 waist 38 hips and the small fit perfect! Not too right but fit my curves nicely..
Ashley C: Yes go with the large. By you being tall it will fit above the knees. But this dress is very hugging.
shala s: yes
Misti J: thank You Shala
Cara G: I'm 5'4 and a size 4-6 with normal to large hips I'm not the most curvy thing but I do have hips. Usually I wear a shirt size small to medium. I ordered a medium in this dress and it fit perfect tight like it's supposed to. It hugs every curve but is not uncomfortable because of the spandex material. The length his fantastic! Just below my knees. I feel sexy in this dress but still approiate and like a lady. I wore it to a wedding and got a ton of compliments..My boyfriend especially loved it! Hope this helps!
Misti J: See I am not big at all up top lol:
Jazz P: Yes. I have a 30 waist and 45 hips and the dress is very form fitting. I got a large.
Misti J: Thank u sooo much i am just super nervous that it wouldn't fit right on my lower half. and i love form fitting dresses, how tall are you if your taller did it come to your knees?
Jazz P: No prob. I'm 5'8 and it came to my knees.
Misti J: ok good:
None N asked: Is this dress fitted all the way to the knee In other words is tight around the knee as well?
E F: Yes, fits nice and snug.
LaKendra C: This dress is completely form fitting however it is very comfortable.
Around the thigh down to the knee there is enough stretch to allow for movement when walking & comfort when sitting.
This is definitely a safe option for a dress with class & sex appeal.
shonta d: Yes, the dress is tight around the knees as well. It is fitted all the way. However, it is somewhat stretchy
BRANDI M: Yes it is! Fits great! Not super tight but tight. Not made from cheap slinky material so that's a plus
Briscoe P: No its not tight around the knee. Its fitted to the knee
KRISTYN G: Yes! ! Its tight all the way to the bottom of the dress and I love it!
Helena B: Not at all for me. It's kinda loose around my knee
Zahira B: Yes
demether t: Yes dress is fitted all the way !!!! Very fitted holds very well!!!
Danielle W: Yes. Fit perfect
Rachelle D: I'm 5'3 123lbs I'm slim with subtle curves & it wasn't tight around my knees. I bought a medium. It fit but it was longer then my knees so I just pulled it up a bit to give it a pleated look. It still looked great though. :
Tahiyyah T: A little, but its comfortable. Fits very pretty and shows all curves
J I: Yes
Megan G asked: I've been fretting over the other Q&A's but I think I have to ask my own: I have a 42" chest measurement 38C That usually ends up putting me into "xl/xxl" other than that I am 5' 2" a little "chubby" with a 33" waist and 39" hip/butt. I have pretty average athletic arms not yoga/dancer thin. Can I squeeze into a Med. or do I need to go L PLEASE HELP ME
Lashoade C: I weigh about 140 but I see a lot of you are mentioning big boobs but I don't really have any boobs I do have a small waist wide hips and a big butt I want to go with a small but I don't want it to be tight on my arms ladies wht do you suggest for me?
Sonia D: You can def squeeze into a medium.
Sierra H: U can squeeze into a medium but it will keep rising so I wud say a large plus the dress fits very tight
Olivia P: Definitely go for the large! I got a medium, I am 5'10 slim and 34D bust and it was super tight around the arms, chest.
Veronica K: I really like this dress, I bought it in a medium and I'm pretty curvy, I'm a 34D and 135lbs and 5'6 and this was still tight. It's beautiful but if you get the wrong size it has the potential to be unflattering. If you're on the edge you should get the large.
jessica M: Based on your description, I would say go with the L. I wear a size sm and it fit perfectly at that size. If your size is usually xl/xxl a med might be too small.
F E: I would get a large. It's extra stretchy material, but it fits to your body really well. Also I would suggest wearing an under garment. I had to because it def shows every curve lol. But my problem would be for you is that it is pretty long and I'm 5'7" and it comes almost at my knees . It may be a little long for you. :-/ hope this helps.
Shante S: I would go large unless you want the dress to fit snug.
Kim G: I am a 36c and have a small wait and a 38 waist I went with the large and u should too...the dress is very snug and right to the body. I highly suggest a large
Jazz P: I suggest a large. It's really form fitting. I have a 30 inch waist and 45 hips. I got a large.
kiara b: id say go large , im super slim i hate it btw got a small & it was VERY fitted . fit nice but i didn't like that it was so long on me
contrece E: Maybe large... I purchased a small and it was to big I had to send it back... They are not true to size!!
Lory R asked: im a 36D with a 29 waist and 41 hips, should I get a medium pls help
Melissa R: Yes, a medium is good .
OTISCHA M: I'm a 36c, sm waist with butt. I got a lrg, and it looks great.
janielle r: yes i think you should get a med it is very tight fitting..i love it
Helena B: Yes definitely medium will fit u best i think cuz I'm a 27 waist and a 38D and it looks great on me
None N asked: Im a 36DD, 5 foot 6. My body shape is like a hourglass. Im concerned as to what size I should get because I dont want the sleeves to be too tight. Small would fit my body, but the sleeves might be tight, but medium will be a bit loose on my body, but the sleeves would be alright. Help?
Me'Lisa R: I'm a size 0 & 32A. It wasn't extremely tight but fitted. When I got the dress altered, I didn't touch much. It just depends on how u want it to fit.
Magaly D: Nice form fitting. I'm 5'6 and 140lbs, 34DD hour glass shape. I ordered a large and a medium. Medium fit perfect like a glove. Luv, luv.. Returning the large it was huge around my waist and kind of loose. Small would've been to tight. The dress came right to my knees.
J I: dont get white its see through. but a large should be fine im 5'6 too and shape the same way
LaKendra C: I recently bought this dress and I too wear a DD bra size but I also have a voluptuous bottom so I ordered a Large which fit me comfortably all over. .. arms included.
So to answer your question I would say to fit your chest and arms comfortably I would get a size Medium.
This dress is made to fit like a glove and has a great deal of stretch in the material.
You should not be disappointed...I wasn't.
cheryta m: Not sure if this helps but I'm 5'8 160lbs 34B I got a med and it fits perfectly..
Malinda C: I am curvy also . 5"6 & size 36D & I purchased a large
carla S: I am 5'0 with a small frame and I ordered a medium and I really needed a small but the medium gives me more of a clean look. The dress still fits nice but I have more room in the arms and shoulders so a medium should work for you.
Tequia P: I am to top i bought the large thinking it may as well be to tight...but after i got the dress and tried ot own i was surprised how it fit. It fit like an glove and i notice that if i had gotten the medium it would have fit perfectly.....and i wasnt tight at all. The fabric is very confortable abd moves with your body....not smothering at all.....very flexible.

So with that being said, the medium would fit well on you , in my persona opinion. But if you wanna be on the safe side order the large and it will still fit great..... gonna order another really soon, just in a different color.....hope you order it.and enjoy.....

Ms. Smith
Briscoe P: Take a medium it fix snuggled.
Crystal S: I'm 5'4 and 123lbs. The material is very stretchy. I ordered a small and overall it does fit tight even arms, however it contours to my body with that right glove fitting that accentuates all the right curves. I like my dresses tight, so the small fits great. If you, don't like dresses so snug, I would suggest going a size up
Tiffany G: I am 5 ft 5in, 34d and curvy i also weigh about 173 and have a slight belly. I got a large it is very snug but perfect. i was going to get a medium but glad i got a large.
Mary W: I have the same body type and I bought a medium and it fits perfect
Yveline C: Am a 36 DD AS well and i ordered it in size small and it fits me perfectly a little bit tight wich i like . So i consider you get a size medium if u think the small is not gonna works for u ... Hope my answer help you .
KRISTYN G: I'd say get a large. It fits really tight. I'm 5'6 and 40D and itfits pperfectly
Rachelle D: I'm 5'3 & a 36C Slim but I have curves & bought a medium, it wasn't tight & it hugged my curves very nicely my sleeves however were slightly baggy so I think a medium would be great for you
None N asked: Will the back of a bra be visible in this dress?
Jennifer P: Yes it will. I didn't where a bra when I wore my dress.
Jennifer P: Yes it will. I didn't where a bra when I wore my dress.
Lena B: The bra doesn't show much but over all it's a great dress wore it for my baby shower /slash bday party...I give it a 10
Jennifer O: I love that dress fits perfect.. Planning on purchasing another color...
Noell J: I tried mine in today and mines was not visible the material is very good! And the scoop in the back is not that low.
EFFI T: No, I have a Victoria secrets bra and it does not bulge in the back :
Sabrina J: Yes
Sarquita N: \ this dress....mines was....It depends on the bra you wearin but mines was visible. ...
None N asked: Is the burgundy the exact same color as in the picture?
sheiara P: yea.. i orederd the dark purple color dress and it was the exact same color.. so watever color u see in the picture is the same color your gonna see when you receive your dress
Nadejiah T: I got the purple and it was dead on so I'm assuming the others are as well.
Kelly O: I think it is the same color as they show in the picture. Also this dress fits really good I really like it
Ana-Lisa J: Yes the dress labeled burgundy is the same color in person. Idk why the email is showing the PLUM dress though.
Juanita S: Yes it is exactly.
Marva H: I dont know, I order black.
None N asked: how does the dress fit ?
Kim G: I am 5'6 and 160pd I ordered a large and it was very sexy and tight fitting. You are a bit lighter so I guess a med will be fine but the large is very form fitting...if you have big curves I would say order up.
chandra d: Is the bottom loose?
chandra d: I'm 5'2, weighing 144 lbs, will a large be too big: Please let me know. Deciding on a size
Marva H: It fits true to size. Im very small at the top and have big hips so I could hv ordered a meduim. It material is secure lik the dress supports u. Fitted. I love it
chandra d: whats your size and what size did you order You didn't say
Marva H: I ordered a large but shd hv gt a meduim
Shaneil C: It fits really good its tight and form fitting im 170 and bought a large so if u don't mind showing off your curves its a nice dress its a thick spandex material so it doesn't feel cheap
chandra d: I'm 5'2, weighing 144 lbs, will a large be too big: Please let me know. Deciding on a size
Shaneil C: Yes u should get a small or medium idk how your proportioned but a large will definitely b too big
chandra d: Thanks. I'll have to wait and hopefully they restock. @GOJANE.COM, when are you restocking smalls + mediums?
GoJane S: We do not know if a size or color will be restocked but we do receive restocks and new styles daily so keep checking back!
Lynesha B: The fit if the dress was fine. The only thing wrong was that it was see thru, material was thin but it was white. I had to wear a body shaper and was perfect. Got plenty compliments!! Love the dress will order another color.
Carissa B: Thank you
chandra d: I'm 5'2, weighing 144 lbs, will a large be too big: Please let me know. Deciding on a size
Comments From people who chose this
Latanza P chose this because: Cute dress.. but longer than I prefer and annoying shoulder/sleeves.
Beatriz S chose this because: Nice dress
Jasmine B chose this because: i love the fact that its long sleeve and thats its knee length.
Maxanne C chose this because: all white affair
Simone W chose this because: alternative birthday dress, yas! lol
Angela M chose this because: party
Sharissa D chose this because: Needed a simply black dress.
Jessica J chose this because: I've been looking for a dress like this for a long time! Thanks GoJane!
DeAnna S chose this because: I like this dress, very grown and sexy. Spandex material. I am 5'4 145 and I ordered a medium and I feel that it runs true to size.
Khiya r chose this because: Because its trendy and i love the color
Tiffany D chose this because: Party
Robyn H chose this because: I love the look of the dress..its also for vday
queshawnia f chose this because: Its perfect for Valentines Day
Kellie W chose this because: I brought the same dress in Novemeber. I loved the way it fit on me so much and I came back and ordered the same dress in navy and a champagne color for new years! This dress stole my heart. Fits snug like it was made for me!
Danielle W chose this because: The length and colr are wonderful. Dress fits true to size
Ayla S chose this because: It fits my style very well and it's just cute!
brandi g chose this because: Love the color and material!
lineeka t chose this because: classy & I need a little go to black dress for the spring time.
tanasha b chose this because: likeit
Francesca J chose this because: Party !
KRISTYN G chose this because: Sexy and fitting
Kiara P chose this because: I need a solid color body con dress for a classy & sexy look. I love the length. Can't wait until I receive my order
Lance M chose this because: Great work dress
Doniella S chose this because: goes perfect with shoes i just bought
Pablo V chose this because: I bought this one for my girl in green for a Xmas party and she looked amazing in it.
Ardella R chose this because: My daughter love this dress.
Asante C chose this because: because its absolutely GORGEOUS!!!
Carolyn M chose this because: It's hot
dianita c chose this because: im curvy...right dress for a woman with curves
Jessica D chose this because: I really liked the style of the dress
Ronnie J chose this because: Maternity Dress
Sherie F chose this because: Love the length of the dress very sexy and classy and love the way the material looks
Stephanie D chose this because: So cute!1
Y'Sheika N chose this because: Sexy but conservative
Georgia A chose this because: I like the quality from the pic
Veronica B chose this because: Sophisicated-sexy! Hugs the curves while looking nothing but thinking New Years Eve party dress\\?
andrea c chose this because: I choose this dress for new year's eve
Nicole D chose this because: Xmas time
Angela J chose this because: This Dress is just what I been looking for! plain white fitted but sexy dress hope to receive it soon! This will be my Birthday Dress..Im excited..
Veronica G chose this because: I have a formal christamas party at my job.This looks very elegant and I love the color.
LaSandra T chose this because: i like the dresses that pass the knees
jaime p chose this because: I love it- birthday gift to me!
Blankquite L chose this because: I got this dress in red, and weigh 180lbs. The large gifts perfect, and reaches just below my knee. No bra necessary, ans seamless garments recommended.
cammie m chose this because: Because midi dresses are sexy and elegant
JHNEIL C chose this because: Sexy and covered.
Ninel J chose this because: It's hot and forfitting.
veronica b chose this because: its a very nice fitted dress for any size woman...
Sharise R chose this because: Because this is the perfect fit and color for me.
Joilyn S chose this because: Amazing color. Great for the fall!
Charline N chose this because: Simple yet classy
Olivia P chose this because: Simple and class and cheaper than American Apparel!
Jenneice J chose this because: just flawless!
Kalisha B chose this because: Looks classy yet sexy and figure fitting
Helena B chose this because: It makes me look very mature and sexy
Alisha R chose this because: I love the material and the color of it... It hugs your curves...
Juanita B chose this because: Such a sexy dress; I want every color!
Jazz P chose this because: Midi dress are sexy yet classy
Jessica A chose this because: Sophisticated looking...
georrisha b chose this because: NOT ENOUGH MONEY TO GET IT
Iiesha R chose this because: It's awesome
Sheila F chose this because: Sexy and a great foundation piece.
Jessica W chose this because: sexy dress for college homecoming
Cea S chose this because: Very Sexy, but Classy. Good for date night or girls night!
Alicia G chose this because: Because i love the fabric and color
LaKendra C chose this because: Sexy & Classy...
Sabrina J chose this because: sexy and price couldn't pass this up
MARISSA F chose this because: Love the color
Eric F chose this because: Price/material of product AND because my wife will look great in these dresses !!!
Jennifer P chose this because: I love the style and color of the dress. GoJane always have the lastest styles at the right prices
Carensa C chose this because: cute!
Carnika D chose this because: color and fit
Charles I chose this because: i loved it!!!
Toi H chose this because: all white is always "in"

+ Reviews

What's The Scoop Dress
4.5 Stars based on 11 Review(s)
Baltimore, MD
4.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Head turner
February 13, 2015
i am a curvy girl. When i pulled this out the package I was looking at it like this is not gonna fit. the material is very stretchy and it wi;; hold you in. Because it has a sheen in it it will reflect some flaws. a nice body shaper may be needed to smooth thisngs out. i got the "jade" which really is like a turquoise. i may get the orange. Definitely a head turner.

san Jose, CA
4.5 Stars

Too shiny
February 6, 2015
This dress fit perfectly and shapes my curves really well but it is way too satin and shiny dress! Definitely not a daytime outfit. This dress is meant to be worn to a night club only because it is so shiny! I wish I would have known this before I bought it.
fits well
The material is too shiny

United States
4.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Purchase This Asap
February 8, 2014
This dress is classy, sexy and inexpensive. A must buy. This dress will definitely last a long time because of the strong material.
Strong material

4.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

January 8, 2014
Very nice dress, the fit was perfect except in the shoulders, had to have it tailored.

Las Vegas
4.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

January 7, 2014
I got a medium in this dress thinking it was going to be FITTED FITTED and it was a good fit..for some reason it dropped off my shoulders alot but i love this dress i got it in black and Blue but i want EVERY COLOR..
nice slick sleek fabric soft and comfortable
the shoulder arm kept coming down but that could of just been me very very snuggled to ur curves so if u like ur curves its perfect

Pattison, Mississippi
4.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

December 28, 2013
It fits almost perfectly just a tad bit long. Plus it gives you extra curves Love the color (royal blue)

4.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Great dress
December 10, 2013
Fits tight but not too tight. I'm 5'5" 134 pounds and I got a small. I love the material it's made out of, not cheap or slinky feeling. I'm going to order more I'm different colors
Great color Fits good Classy

Los Angeles, CA.
4.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Loved it! Got a 2nd one!
November 13, 2013
Love this dress. I got it in Black & now Plum. Considering the Hunter Green. I don't like dresses to fit short I like the classy look & this is what this is. This dress is a thick nice material that grabs on to every extra curve to give u a more slimmer look, in other words it compacts me & it fits like a glove! I got them in large & they don't fit extremely tight, but very comfortable for my curvy short frame. I'm 5'2 36D bust & 31 waist. Hope this helps ;)

4.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Here's the scoop...
November 12, 2013
I'm 5'4 at 122lbs and ordered a red in small size. Yes, the dress is tight however it is stretchy. I feel the snugness accentuates all the right curves. If you don't like dresses super tight, I would suggest going a size up. Overall, it's a classy/sexy dress!

Keyda cole
Jersey City, NJ
4.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

hot dress
November 4, 2013
Loveeeeeee this dress

4.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

on the fence
October 21, 2013
Super flattering, super tight but also stretchy. Material is thick. I am 5'2 and it came below my knees. I did not like that so I'm considering getting it altered. I am 148lbs, 34D, 29, 40 and i am needing a size medium. Its way too tight on my arms.
Too long

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