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Clearly Velvet Lucite Heels CORALClearly Velvet Lucite Heels CORALClearly Velvet Lucite Heels CORALClearly Velvet Lucite Heels CORALClearly Velvet Lucite Heels CORAL
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Clearly Velvet Lucite Heels

now $16.95
Clearly Velvet Lucite Heels CORAL

+ Details

Ever wanted to magically float around? These lucite heels will do the trick. They feature a velvety texture with tons of straps, and they're finished with a platform and clear, lucite heel. Heels include a rear zipper for easy on and offs.

Platform height: 2"
Heel height: 5.5"
Finished with a slightly padded faux leather insole
Man made materials

+ Questions & Answers

Questions about this item
None N asked: will these shoes come back in a size 7.5?
GoJane S: We do not know if a size or color will be restocked but we do receive restocks and new styles daily so keep checking back!
Alexis A: I had to go down half a size. I originally wear a 6.5 but they ran a half size big. A size 6 was perfect.
Faith N: Yeah they will. I wear an 8.5 so I got these in a 9.
None N asked: I wear a size, however i have fat feet will the eight suit my size feet ?
Irma M: The straps on these heels comes big since you have a fat feet they should fit perfect!
Alandria M: I have wide feet and they fit fine
Brittany G: I wear a size 8, and i have wide feet so I got a size up which is a 9 and it fits. It's a comfortable shoe overall
D I: These shoes are roomy. I wear a size ten and they fit lose in the toe area.
Diane p asked: hey do you know when the black color of this shoe will be in stock?
GoJane S: We do not know if a size or color will be restocked but we do receive restocks and new styles daily so keep checking back!
katie c asked: When will you get more of the sea green in size 9?
GoJane S: We do not know if a size or color will be restocked but we do receive restocks and new styles daily so keep checking back!
Yilin T asked: Are the shoe in UK or US sizes?
GoJane S: All sizes on are US sizes. You can reference our size chart here for sizing guidelines:
jerrika m asked: does this shoe include stretch materials for wider feet?
Bianca M: Not much stretch but the straps are made pretty wide so they fit wide already without stretching.
Nicole W: No - the straps are not stretchy.
Annitashaica W: The shoe stretches. I have narrow feet but I believe it will work for wider feet. :
Ashley G: My feet are Fred flinstone wide lol and they fit great and are very comfortable as far as actual materials I'm unsure but they weren't snug or irritating
LeRoya W asked: When will you get more of the Clearly Velvet Lucite Heels in seagreen in a size 9 ?
GoJane S: We do not know if a size or color will be restocked but we do receive restocks and new styles daily so keep checking back!
teliea w asked: hiya bi was just wondering what the measurement is of the straps which go up the bridge of the foot thanks?
AYANNA S: I'm not quite sure but if you have narrow feet I wouldn't suggest these shoes. The straps won't fit tight which makes the shoe look big. I gave mine away.
Tierney C asked: How do the straps fit on your feet, I have skinny feet, so will the straps be so loose that my feet will slide?
Janie O: Yes, I have skinny feet so the straps fit very loose on the upper part of the shoe.
Brittany H: It's a secure strap. I have slender feet as well. But comfortable. Great shoes. The height is phenomenal!!!
lindsey L: No I have skinny feet to . They fit perfectly
Star G: The Strap adjust to your feet
Amber B: These shoes fit perfect. My feet are an average size but because there are so many straps they hold your feet in place.
kiana j asked: will gojane get more sizes?
GoJane S: We do not know if a size or color will be restocked but we do receive restocks and new styles daily so keep checking back!
None N asked: Are these shoes difficult to walk in/ uncomfortable?
Keara G: Nooo omg I love these shoes. My favorite and they soooo easy to walk in!!!
Giovanna H: No. The shoes were very comfortable for me to walk in. Just depends on how comfortable you are walking in heels
ERICA K asked: Is the shoe true to sizze or does it run big?
salone w: True to size. I normally wear an 8, and they fit perfectly.
Kashana P: It is true to size.
shawnda h asked: is the coral the "red-ish" color?
Lanae W: Yes
GoJane S: That's correct, the Coral is the red/pink/orangey color.
Comments From people who chose this
shaniqua N chose this because: I love the style.
Mekka G chose this because: Prom shoes and because I love the block heel. For me being a bigger girl the super skinny heels I cant stay in for long so this looks like a great shoe for me.
Tiara S chose this because: Birthday present to muself
Tyra R chose this because: LOVE!!
Sandra M chose this because: Daughter picked these shoes for prom.
Larrita B chose this because: Wanted to try something funky! I think the corral will match my skin tone perfectly
Monica M chose this because: Birthday gift for sister
Clarica H chose this because: the color and style
Aerie'l W chose this because: super cute
Felicia T chose this because: I chose this shoe because the lucite heel makes it very unique; I won't see it on every other foot.
samantha j chose this because: very nice i love them
Ngozi-Chukwu N chose this because: These shoes are really pretty.
Dulce I chose this because: I Liked the color and different design that it had. Especially, I was charmed by the see though heels.
Shyanne W chose this because: I chose this because I wanted a shoe with height but comfort for prom and it came in black so it was perfect. And it's also a different look because the heel is clear.
Sharisa M chose this because: Chic &sexy
PATRICE N chose this because: These shoes are so hot and I just love the glass heel. I can't wait to wear these in Mexico!
Ashley M chose this because: Different look!
Lenora W chose this because: its cute and has a nice stable heel for dancing
Brittany G chose this because: Sooo sexy
Ashley C chose this because: Sexy and unique. I don't know anyone who will have this shoe!
Sheree V chose this because: sexy
Kiara S chose this because: these are very cute
Anna P chose this because: The color is beautiful and great for the spring
Lulu J chose this because: Gorgeous except the straps hurts the ankle :
Alexis R chose this because: I picked this shoe because I know so many people who have them and they said they are comfortable and most of all they are cute.
Nawreen G chose this because: just love love love mint color
April A chose this because: Was looking for something different...
Tiffany W chose this because: CUTE, CUTE, CUTE....NEED I SAY MORE!
Kimberly G chose this because: They are different and look comfortable for a night of partying.
Adia T chose this because: The color and the overall design caught my eye.
Nicole W chose this because: This mint color is one of my favorites and the combination of the Lucite heel, almost suede-velvet straps, and the mint color came together perfectly for a beautiful shoe.
Latrice B chose this because: Looks Nice
Irma M chose this because: UNIQUE
Sameerah S chose this because: They matched my dress
Rikia E chose this because: The clear heel was an eye catcher!
Faith K chose this because: They Are just too cute!
Asia A chose this because: They are super cute and look very comfortable.
Tiffany S chose this because: Something different , there cute
V O chose this because: Very expensive looking and cute. Can't wait to try them on.
Louise T chose this because: It rocks!
Michaiah M chose this because: i bought this item for another romper i bought and its all black and i wanted a color that would pop but i didnt want the typical red shoe that everyone goes to when wearing black so i think this shoe will be just what i need.
bonnie e chose this because: the heel is unique and fun
Latrina W chose this because: SEXY! SEXY! BEYOND SEXY!
Ayanna A chose this because: Saw these shoes and fell in love.
Amber J chose this because: comfortable
Adrianna T chose this because: I love a strappy shoe with a high heel
Trachan B chose this because: They are Hot
Cynthia S chose this because: I needed them
Shaperel C chose this because: They are so stylish!
Janie O chose this because: I'm so inlove with the color and the style it's super hot...
Brittni G chose this because: Cute
Tatiana V chose this because: so cute. the perfect balance of sexy and punky
Dorethia S chose this because: high heel
Cieara D chose this because: AMAZING! It was love at first sight!
Brittany H chose this because: Different kind of shoes. And I live a chunky heel and the inch of he shoe blew me always love love the color as well!!!! Only wish they had my size in the white!!

+ Reviews

Clearly Velvet Lucite Heels
4 Stars based on 1 Review(s)
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Straps a little loose
September 11, 2013
so, this shoe is beautiful. I ordered it last Tuesday and it came along with a garnier fructis shampoo and conditioner samples and a disposable razor blade! so those were added pluses. on, this shoe is so gorgeous and the Lucite heel does not look plastic-y or cheap at all. it is very sturdy and hard and the shoe over all is very comfortable especially for the size of the heel. I have tiny feet, size 7, and it fit but the straps around my actual feet were kind of loose. not the actual shoe, the middle straps. over all, amazing, expensive looking shoe. you get way more than what you paid for with these shoes! (I got mine in black)
-looks expensive -stylish -prom/homecoming -nobody will have a shoe like this there -unique
-middle straps are kind of loose

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