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Metal Stud Muffin Riding Boots BLACKMetal Stud Muffin Riding Boots BLACKMetal Stud Muffin Riding Boots BLACKMetal Stud Muffin Riding Boots BLACKMetal Stud Muffin Riding Boots BLACK

Metal Stud Muffin Riding Boots

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Metal Stud Muffin Riding Boots BLACK

+ Details

You'll be a total stud muffin in these faux leather riding boots. They feature an exposed zipper on the back with studs running up either side, and they have a buckle around the top of the shaft and the bottom. Boots are finished with a fuzzy lining inside.

Shaft height: 15"
Circumference of opening: 15"
Finished with a slightly padded faux leather insole
Measurements are for a size 5.5
Man made materials

+ Questions & Answers

Questions about this item
Alaina J asked: How is the grip on this boot There is a lot of ice/snow where I live and need a good grip! Thanks!
H A: This boot is not an all weather boot. This is the type of boot that you look cute in with some skinny jeans. I wouldn't recommend wearing these boots in the snow/ice.
Lorryn S: They're great for fashion. I get compliments on them every time I wear them...I live in savannah, so I obviously didn't get them for the weather. I've had them for about 4 months, and they've held up so far. I would say a definite must-have.
monica j: If you want these boots for grip, I dont recommend you get them. The bottom does not have any thing that will help you in that situation. But they are very stylish, and extremely comfortable, there are really good pads on the inside. I hope this helps!
Ashley S: The grip is decent, however they are my favorite pair of boots. So I would go for it.
None N asked: I have wide calves, I think I measured and it said 18' at the largest part so I was wondering how the 9.5 fit for wide calves?
M E: I'm not sure.. My calves are pretty thin..
monica j: these boot dont really run wide in my opinion. If you are a size 9 with wide feet your best option is to get a 9.5 just so you can have a little bit more comfort. the boots come with awesome padding so I think theyd be a great fit for you! I hope that helps!
Dawn T asked: Are these boots slouchy when on I don't have very large calves so I'm worried they will look big and slouchy.
Megan L: They slouch a little bit after you have worn them for awhile but not as bad as other boots I have.
Rashemia W: No they aren't..! The fit my legs just right
MAURISA W: I have small calves too and they slouch a little. They are the BEST boots! They look great slouchy! BUY them!
Kim C: They do not fall off my calf when I walk and I don't have to pull them up and I have average sized calves. Hope that helps.
Dawn T: Thanks for the info, I went ahead and purchased them in black :
Bertha G: I bought these boots in my size and I don't have big calf so the boots are a bit slouchy on me. I usually put on leg warmers to make up for my little calves. Anyone with the same problem might try half a size smaller. I overall love theses boots they're a must have!!!
Kayla M: No. They have good support.
None N asked: Is it true size?
B A: They run a bit big. It could be because I have narrow feet but they don't fit as snug as I would like. I could have ordered a half size down.
molly b: Yes
Kristen M asked: The measurements listed on the page shaft height & circumference state that it's for a size 5.5. Is the circumference bigger for a size 9 or is it always 15 inches around no matter what size?
Jessica P: I got size 7.5 and it's 15 inches.
None N asked: if i get a size 8 what is the circumference of opening is it the same for all sizes\
Nicole J: I'm not sure of the specific circumference but I have wider calves and these fit with room to spare on my calves. I have a size 9
Kelly N: I'm pretty sure each shoe size up the circumference of the opening increase about a fourth to a half of an inch, I ordered a size 8.5, which fit wonderfully, and the circumference is about 16.5 inches. I'm able to wear my skinny jeans tucked in just fine and I have pretty big calves.
Emma B asked: Do these boots look cheaply made?
Kris P: No - they are well made and look great.
Erin J: No way! They look as good as my Steve Madden boots!
Leslie W: Not at all! I was very surprised!!
None N asked: is it narrow or wide fit?
Mandi W: I'm wearing these boots today- love them. The actual shoe part is a regular/standard width. The shaft part is wider than most other boots at 15"- perfect for muscular/bigger calves.
Elizabeth P: Wide. Although my calves are not big, I think this boot is wide on everyone. measure your calf- the top of the boot is 15". Hope this helps!
Lisa D: More wide than narrow & I have to send them back they run very large. I'm going down. 2 half sizes
Nina M: The boots have a wider fit. My feet slide a little when I walk but it's not painful or uncomfortable. They're breathable and roomy.
Jennifer L: My feet are a bit on the wider side, and they are comfortable for me. That being said, because the toe is rounded, I feel that their width is average.
Regina P asked: I wear a size 10 and am worried about the circumference of the boots...Does the circumference get bigger with the shoe size?
None N asked: Do boots ever sell in a size 11 I noticed that they only go up to a size 10 in every style.
GoJane S: Currently our shoe sizes range from 5.5 10, whole and half sizes. Occasionally, size 5, 11 and 12 are included as an available option, but these sizes are not stocked on a regular basis.
None N asked: can I get a larger circunfrence I have big calves
GoJane S: If an option is not available on the website it is currently sold out. We do restock daily, however, so keep checking back!
Jessica S asked: Is the "taupe" color more of a brown or more of a gray thanks!
Kris P: Definitely more brown. They are really nice.
MAURISA W: dark taupe
None N asked: Does the material have stiffness/integrity Will they stand on their own or does the material flop over and get wrinkly?
Kristine G: So far they don't get wrinkly but they do not stand on there own
Nadia G: The material does fold over, so I choose to lay mine on the side but they are great boots for the winter! The have a nice layer of soft fur on the inside!
None N asked: does this fit true to size?
Andrew W: They fit perfect.
Elisha T: Yes
Michelle L: yes
Comments From people who chose this
T M chose this because: love the zipper
Miriam L chose this because: My friend has the brown ones and they are so cute :
Valeria S chose this because: I love the studs in the back!
Brianne W chose this because: Love the red zipper detail.
Victoria P chose this because: My daughter loves this boot
Kim N chose this because: I am in love with the back design
Pamela S chose this because: love them
paula m chose this because: This is what my granddaughter wanted for Christmas from me.
erin n chose this because: loves the black, golden brass and red. looks native.
Nick F chose this because: a gift for my gf
Kirk L chose this because: gift for daughter
Sandie S chose this because: LOVE THE LOOK
Chantal S chose this because: Perfect gift for my daughter! Wish they had my size!
tenesha b chose this because: cute
Kimberly S chose this because: Christmas gift for my daughter. Studs on the back are awesome!
Gloria H chose this because: Like it
Ashly E chose this because: Super cute and can match just about any outfit
Erin S chose this because: cute and cheap! love the details!
Brandi D chose this because: Red zipper, circle studs
ANGELA L chose this because: Because my daughter wanted them.
Sarah S chose this because: cute!!
Marty R chose this because: The style and color are what lead me to order these and a pair for my sister with my BOGO card. I love the full length back zipper, you can tuck even if you are not wearing leggings!
Rebeca M chose this because: they cute
susanne p chose this because: LOVE THEM
Elizabeth B chose this because: Unusual
Aubrey P chose this because: Gift for my sister :
Cori O chose this because: Love the back zipper and stud detail
Louise R chose this because: great price
Emily C chose this because: Similar to pair of boots I own
Faith M chose this because: Style
Deborah O chose this because: My daughter found them online and will give them to her for xmas
Jennifer P chose this because: Love the back of the boot
June D chose this because: requested birthday gift
Tami B chose this because: Loved the style!!!
ladonna l chose this because: they are so cute
Rachel B chose this because: pinterest
LATONYA A chose this because: I am hoping they match a jacket I bought.
Jeroen H chose this because: Love the knee length!
olivia v chose this because: LOVE THE ZIPPER IN THE BACK
Nicole B chose this because: I wanted riding boots
Veronica B chose this because: I like the studs around the zipper personally but I haven't seen them in person yet. Can't wait to get them!!
Tyesha N chose this because: they HOT!
Tanya B chose this because: loved the red zipper, added a lot of character
Jacqueline L chose this because: Love that these look like Steve Madden's for a fraction of the cost! Hopefully, they will be decent quality as well.
morgan b chose this because: BECAUSE I FREAKING WANTED IT
Courtney T chose this because: They are very classy boots and are versatile with my wardrobe.
Mary H chose this because: My daughters loved them and I decided to get them. They are very nice winter riding boots
Kellianne H chose this because: They were just too cute to pass up!
Jehadi R chose this because: I liked the embellishment to the back of the boots. Plus I was looking for this color of boots.
Kaleigh Y chose this because: They're perfect fall boots
Taylor G chose this because: Love the back zipper
Melissa L chose this because: liked the studs on the back and size choices
sabrina j chose this because: prefect for the fall !
kenna k chose this because: CUTES THINGS EVER
Erin J chose this because: unique details
great color
Yashmina U chose this because: Love the red zipper very different
Solvae G chose this because: Color, zipper detail, and length
Sasha H chose this because: i wanted riding boots
Jennifer L chose this because: amazing look!
Morgan P chose this because: Studs and colored zipper.
Michele C chose this because: there cute!
Mandi W chose this because: Color, calf size 15", almost flat heel, price
Kamela H chose this because: Since I'm going off to college and my sister wears a lot of my clothes and shoes, I decided to leave my riding boots to her and get myself a new pair, I absolutely fell in love with these with I saw them!
Kazzandra T chose this because: I've been waiting for these to go back on sale ever since they ran out of my size in black! If I love the black and they fit perfectly, I plan to purchase another pair!!

+ Reviews

Metal Stud Muffin Riding Boots
4 Stars based on 7 Review(s)
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Metal stud muffin boots
February 8, 2014
I love these boots, the grip on bottom is great, I wouldnt really reccommend them for deep snow and ice though. If you just have a light covering or few inches, should be ok, but i dont really consider them snow boots. they are comfy and so stylish. I would suggest a more all waterproof wintery boot for your area, at least until spring, or not real deep snow.

Alysha M
North Hollywood, CA
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

October 20, 2013
Boots are soo cute and comfy.. they run true to size and the colors were so cute!! I bought two colors and i think i may buy the other two!!

South Dakota
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

October 15, 2013
They are much more slouchy than the picture makes them seem. I have worn them twice and they are already getting comfortable. True to size! Great purchase

4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Would recommend!
October 9, 2013
These boots are great. I was concerned that the metal studs would make them look cheaper but they don't at all. My only complaint is the the zipper is a little cheaper and is hard to move up an down (when they're on your leg and not).

dahlgren virginia
4 Stars

so disappointed
October 8, 2013
I couldnt wait for these to come in. When they arrived they were not knee highs, they were over the knee boots and me being 5'2 they looked to big for my frame now I get to spend $15 to ship them back which could have bought me another pair of shoes. Color was nice but for the price don't waste your money!!

New York
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

September 25, 2013
I love them but the inside is very hard so when you get them you have to put some soles or something in them to make them more comfortable to walk in. But they are nice. I get alot of compliments.

United States
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Great boots!
August 21, 2013
I ordered the brown pair and I love them!! I have nothing bad to say about these boots. They fit perfect, not too big, not too small, so make sure to order your exact size! They are tall and sit right below the knee cap. They have a warm soft lining inside which makes them great for winter. I would definitely recommend these.

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