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Buckle Up Ankle Strap Heels

Buckle Up Ankle Strap Heels

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A classically styled heel is a wardrobe mainstay, and we love this pair. These faux leather single sole heels feature a wide, adjustable ankle strap, and a toe strap.

Heel height: 4"
Finished with a slightly padded faux leather insole
Man made materials

Questions about this item
None N asked: I usually wear a size 6 1/2 in heels and I have wide feet. I'm undecided if I should get the 6 or the 6 1/2. Do they run pretty big?
Laura K asked: Are these in US shoe sizes or UK?
GoJane S: All sizes on are US sizes. You can reference our size chart here for sizing guidelines:
None N asked: i have small ankles and somewhat wide feet, I usually wear size 7 heels if they are not narrowwhat size should i get?
Cameshia Y: A 7 1/2. Im in the same situation and just went up a half size and they fit comfortably.
Danielle N: I love these shoes!! I was scared at first because I do have wide feet as well but the shoes fits perfect and it's true to it size!
Ashley M: I would go a size smaller
A M: if you have wide feet, you deff would not like these
Berty M asked: I am normally a size 8.5, but I noticed this style in color black comes only in a size 8. Does this style runs big Would it be back in 8.5 soon

Berty Morales
Amanda A: Yes the style is a looser fit which is nice so it doesn't pinch your feet. I just put non slip pads on the sole and inside so my foot stays in place
Crystal B: Hi Berty,
Yes it runs big. I am also a 8.5 and the 8 fits perfect.

Oshin B: No, there are true to size. So unfortunately that 8 would be too small.
Auja B: I would suggest the 8.5 or a size up. Not down. Hope this helps.
Valencia S: Style runs true to size. It would be best to wait for an 8.5.
Berty M: Thanks Valencia, and I think I will do that :
ashley d: Yes get the size 8 I brought the 8 1/2 and it's too big and my size is a 8 1/2
Berty M: Ok Ashley, wow now I really don't know what to do LOL!
Candice J: I have these in Black & Brown! I wear a size 5 but I get a 5.5 and they are comfortable... They do run a little big but not to where it's uncomfortable to wear. I love mines!!!
Berty M: Hi Candice, in this case I will get the tan in 9 then. Thank you so much for all of your help, and for giving me that extra push LOL
Berty M: Thank you so much for all of your help, Go Jane & Kendra. I guess I am out of luck until the next time LOL ;
michelle n: Hi Berty I recently purchased and I wear an 8 and the run true to size.
Kendra K: You can get a 9 I think it will fit you just right
Kendra K: It's true to size I wear an 8 in heels and shoes I bought a 8 in these in they fit perfect
GoJane S: We do not know if a size or color will be restocked but we do receive restocks and new styles daily so keep checking back!
None N asked: How comfortable are these I've been wanting the thicker ankle strap look for a while now but this would be my first time getting them. Are they hard to walk in Does your foot feel like it's slipping out xx
timu f: It's very comfortable and your foot doesn't feel like they are slipping out
Courtney S: The strap on the heel is very comfortable I love them I would for sure recommend these heels
None N asked: Do these shoes rub the backs of your ankles?
Tiffany L: No they don't.... Very comfy!!!
Temily W: Nope! But they are hard to walk in. There is no support for the ball of your foot. However they are a great shoe! I loveeee to wear them. It costs to be cute!
Shauntell M: I haven't worn them as yet, but when I tried them on and walked around in them a bit they didn't seem to rub on my ankles. They were very comfy
Jennifer G: No, they did fine on my ankles. My straps were not that tight around my ankles.
Angel M: Not mine. Normal wear! Actually very comfortable.
Brittany S: Yes but not as bad as the patent leather ones I purchased from here. A little irritation on the inside and outside of your ankle and the back.
None N asked: I have wide feet, will these fit properly?
Indira S: no they will not very narrow
Camie D: yes I have wide feet too , they fit comfortably
Nerlie J: These are really gorgeous, very true to size and fit really nice but i don't think i would suggest these if you have wide feet..
None N asked: true to size?
Terrysha W: YES!
Danielle N: Yes, they are true to size. I LOVE THEM!!!!!!!
courtney r: If u have wide feet u should get a size in a half.. because the front is kind of tight. But I wear a size 8 and have wide feet but they fit perfect
Melissa W: Yes they are true to size .... Love them
Keilla V asked: want to be sure of the size before order. the sizes are not the same here. How can i be sure of the size?
Terrysha W: true to size and gorgeous
Brenda B: The shoe is true to size, I wear 8.5 and it fits perfect. The only thins is they are very high, I don't think is 4"
Latisia N: There heels are true to size I wear a 10 in women they fit perfect
Grashula P: Well I wear a size 8 and that's the size I got and it fit perfectly fine. Love them!
Sarah R asked: Does anyone that have these shoes think they run big, small or true to size thanks!
Jessica N: They run true to size.
nathalie d: Well I bought these for my mom and she loves them and yea they do fit true to size , the only thing she said was the heel was a bit to high for her but She loves them
Maya C asked: Do these shoes fit true to size My feet are pretty small like really a 5 so I was just curious to see if I'd actually be able to fit them.
Jennifer G: The shoes fit true to size. I wear a 6 1/2 and that's what I bought and they fit perfectly.
Ula C: They are wonderful. I love them! They fit perfect!!!
Angel M: True to size. Comfortable.
None N asked: true to size or can i get smaller?
Tiffany L: True to size and makes your legs look great!!!!
Jessica N: It fits true to size.
Homayra K asked: true to size\\\
rachel c: Well I bought them and I always get an 8 1/2 in open toe shoes so I feet wont slide. So its whatever size you wear in open toe shoes. I love them !!
Ula C: Yes
Comments From people who chose this
Lauren P chose this because: It will go cute with my graduation dress!
Gabrielle W chose this because: I love the red color and it will look great with my jumper!
Latasha C chose this because: These are one of my favorite pair of heel. I love especially how comfortable they feel on my feet. Great buy!
ANA T chose this because: AMAZING!!!
KIMBERLY R chose this because: The color is gorgeous
Jermaine L chose this because: Looks gorgeous and trendy!
Christina C chose this because: simple and classic, yet stylish and sexy
Kevin L chose this because: sexy yet classy with the heel size and style very fashionable and attractive shoe for my girlfriend... better than the other styles that were similar but different with heel size or toe and ankle straps
Brittany S chose this because: perfect ankle strap shoe and affordable. a little tight around the toe area
Sahony B chose this because: I chose this for everyday wear to work. These heels look nice with skinny jeans and a Celine top. Can be worn with anything I love it !
Alicia U chose this because: Went great with a dress I ordered
Crystal G chose this because: A friend recommended them to me.
Georgia V chose this because: pinterest
kim n chose this because: i liked the style
Danielle N chose this because: Goes with everything
lara e chose this because: sexy
Gloria R chose this because: Good to cover small ankles
Lynissa N chose this because: very comfortable.
Merced G chose this because: Love the ankle strap heel right now!!
Liz L chose this because: the buckle is SO CUTE and love the color
stephanie a chose this because: cause they're sexual
Eugenia A chose this because: I love shoes like this
Victoria S chose this because: Found shoe through "hello gorgeous" blogger website
Daisy V chose this because: looks gorgeous! and I love the fact that its only 4' heels so then you can wear them on the daily.:
valarie b chose this because: Reasonably priced
Meinka H chose this because: love at first sight & on sale
J A chose this because: replica gucci shoes... fake it til you make it
tambra B chose this because: cute with destroyed skinnies, boyfriend tee, and leather moto or blazer
Valencia S chose this because: Good reviews. Also, it's a simple yet classy look. Every woman needs a pair to dress up or down.
Chelsey C chose this because: Love this look & needed black heels
Simone B chose this because: very very sexy.
Vanessa S chose this because: heel is comfortable for long walks, specially at work..look sexy and comfy
Ashley S chose this because: i needed these shoes to go with a dress i have
Eric e chose this because: so chic
sandra f chose this because: i like is very much
Amber F chose this because: LOOOVVEE these!
Asiff G chose this because: The structure and style.
Stephanie S chose this because: Gucci Knockoff
timu f chose this because: its too cute i can wear it many ways with different outfits
MeyLing C chose this because: Simply elegant. Needed this color shoes to match a purse I just purchased. These are perfect.
Sophie L chose this because: its sexy!
amra s chose this because: big buckles are so in right now !
Julie R chose this because: fabulous shoe for a great price!
Sergio G chose this because: Because my girlfriend says these are trendy shoes, she dies for them, and she would be happier.
I buy her shoes and she gives me love.
Opal J chose this because: I've been looking for a shoes this color for a long time
Tiffany L chose this because: Love the style!!!
sara m chose this because: that strap!
Shonnah P chose this because: These shoes compliment your legs.
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