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Butt Lifter Boy Shorts BLACKButt Lifter Boy Shorts BLACKButt Lifter Boy Shorts BLACK

Butt Lifter Boy Shorts

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Butt Lifter Boy Shorts BLACKButt Lifter Boy Shorts BEIGE

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If you're looking for a little more junk in the trunk, then we've got you covered. These stretchy boy shorts instantly give you a boost with rear circular cut-outs that lift and mold your booty with tummy control. They can be worn underneath your favorite outfits, and the shorts do not have closures. Shorts are finished with lining on the front, and a semi-sheer mesh rear.

Model is wearing a small
All measurements are for a small
Length from waist to hem: 8.5"
Inseam: 3"
Waist: 22"
85% Nylon, 15% Spandex
Hand wash cold, hang dry
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+ Questions & Answers

Questions about this item
None N asked: Does the bottom part roll up a lot?
Clarissa C: Yes, they do roll up
Mary P: No. It is tight and very form fitting.
Amber B: No it doesn't. It is super tight...i wear a 7L in underwear I got a XL and it is still tight. Because of this you see it through thin material like a dress etc....i wore it once with jeans. It works because for people that have a lot of "fat" in their rear...if you really have no butt at all this product will not work for you!
carol B: Yes!
Paola P: YES!
carmella B asked: do these create "muffin top" Since they ride low and are tight fitting, i would think yes. I don't want to buy and see that they make more body issues & there's no returns....
E X: If you any fat or loose skin above or below the shorts it creates a puffy look, or indentation. The more you have the worse it makes it.
Nicollette M: it actually doesn't create a muffin top reluctantly so you should be okay
kim a: They do create muffin top a little bit but they deliver on making your butt look bigger and lifted so i think they're worth it !
renaye s: They do ride up the leg and are a little tight but if u slit the sides a little it will look more natural
Alice Z: Yes and no. If the proper size is purchased you won't get a muffin top. If you do get a muffin top then it's too small. Also if you have bigger legs I wouldn't buy this. It's tightest in the leg areas
None N asked: I wear a size 0,1, or 2. Should I get a small or a medium?
meika F: you should get a small... i wear a size 1 and small was perfect
angelique P: small..
Y I: A medium they run really small
renaye s: Small
samantha d: You should def get a small
None N asked: Do these really work I mean , do they make any difference . pls help
Dianne P: Yes, it takes a flatter butt and makes it look nice a round. I was surprised!
kim a: Yes I notice a difference it lifts your butt and makes it look bigger! Especially under jeans
breana c: To be honest it really didn't do to much for me and I don't have a Butt.. It gives it a little enhancement to me just a little Much bigger... Also the bottom part kept rolling up and you can see the lines through tight dresses and skirts and I wear a Size Med so I got the large to be safe side but they run small I should of got the XL... But I mean what can you expect for $16.. Hope this was Helpful...

samantha d: Yes they definitely work... And it doesn't make your behind look fake... And there true to size...but they give you a nice lift... Not too little not to much...
Demetria S: Yes my butt is already a little big but it sits at the bottom but it makes it look perfect whenever I wear my butt lifter
None N asked: Im a small, i wear a size 3 in pants.. should i stick to small or medium?
montoriya B: Small
Crystal L: I say get a size up. The shorts are true to the picture, so they come a little down to your thighs, and if you know you have bigger thighs than booty, go a size up. I am a size 6/7 but I usualy wear a medium in underware, but this is tight around the leg area. I am reordering a large.
Jazmine E: It runs really small. I'll go a size up than ur normal underwear
Liana S: R u tiny Far as your weight isn't wishy washy Bc if you true to size basically yes get a small but if not get the medium I bought the medium nd it was too small but it did fit
lawana w: Yes u probably should stick to the small size cause I'm a size 8 med and mind are super tight but it's still working great.. the results are unbelievable
Brittney L: We're the same size & I had purchased a small, but I recommend for u to get a medium
Rhonda B: Medium
Nadirah A: These shorts really work but If you are a small I would definently go with the medium the small is to tight.
cristina b: I wear a size 5 & I got a small & it was too small so a small should be good for you.
Iranisha W: I think you should get a medium,because they run small and tight around the thighs..Hopes this helps...
None N asked: what size is a large in numbers?
GoJane S: You can locate our size chart here:
Trenae G asked: I wear a 9 in pants, so what size should I get?
Jazmine E: XL
Philana F: I wear a 12 in pants, I purchased an XL
Atoya J: large
Jeetika J: If you wear a size 9 then get a large. I'm between a 4 & 6 and I got a medium it fits me well.
Vegas V asked: does this help to permanently to lift your butt, or only while wearing them.?
samantha d: Only while wearing them... But if u wear it often and do butt exercise it can lift your butt permanently
Desiree G: I've had mines for a couple weeks now and I actually use mine to work out in and I can honestly say its been a great difference.Especially in firming and toning.
Lisandra H: Only when you wear them. They slightly lift your butt. I would suggest going a size a size bigger because it runs small n tight. Hope this helps.
Winter H: Only while wearing them
Stephanie A: No to little
Lorraine D: Pretty sure it won't do it permanently, although your butt stays in that position for a little bit after you take them off.
Houa V: It doesn't really help lift. I bought a size small and it is way too small. It's super small right underneath my buttcheeks which gives me a super weird line because it's too tight. It give me a bigger butt look but it does not lift.
Janine G: Only wearing them
None N asked: I wear a size 15 what size should I get a large or xl?
Brigena B: I'm not sure because I wear a size 9 and I got a L, even with the spandex they are tighter on my legs than I expected them to be.
cordillia h: I wear a 7/9 and bought a med. Which was to small i would say an extra large cuz they run kinda small hope dis help u
Sharonda S: I suggest going a size up in these because i think they run a little small. I normally wear a small but the small in this item was extremely too small so i got a medium. If u think u wear a large go with the Xl.
Annie W: L cause you don't want it to be too big for you and it will not end up doing the job
Janice C: I got a medium, thinking it will fit because I'm a medium in my underwears! But when I received the shorts they were literally cutting my circulation I think I could've easily got a XL and I'm a 7/8 in pants. But than again I'm a medium in my underwears! But I'm specifically referring to Victoria secret underwears.
Brianna R asked: If you wear sizes 9-13 in jeans, what size should you buy for this?
samantha d: A large
GoJane S: You can locate our size chart here:
Brya P asked: does the lining show through thin materials Such as leggings, dresses, skirts?
Lorraine D: Yes it does, but only if it's a really tight material. Doesn't show through a relatively tight skirt.
Philana F: Im not sure but the leg part of the shorts rolled under my butt and I had to constantly pull em down. Keep in mind that leggings or any type of thin material will reveal what you are wearing underneath.
Maritza D: Yes
None N asked: I am 5'3" and weigh 140 lbs. What size should I get in this item?
Alexarae V: Im 5'4 200lbs and bought an XL. I just sent them back because I think I had "too much" butt to lift so when I was in some leggings and walked my crease under my cheeks look deformed and the straps on my thighs rose up. My side silhouette wasnt smooth at all. It looked too weird. They are true to size so if you're usually a M then i would go with it. Hope you have better luck then me...
Arleen F: The sizes are junior so a XL
None N asked: I am 5'8 and 120 pounds so I am quite slim. I got this in a small and unfortunately it is too small on me. I need a medium! when will you be restocking both colours?
GoJane S: We do not know if a size or color will be restocked but we do receive restocks and new styles daily so keep checking back!
mika r asked: i wear a size 15 in pants should i get a L or XL\?
Philana F: XL
Annie W: Your welcome
Annie W: XL will fit you very well cause I also do wear size 15 too so let xl
mika r: OK thanks
None N asked: I'm a 9/10 with big thighs what size should i get\ L or XL
Gabrielle P: XL, i had to return mine to get a larger size .
michelle h: XL
None N asked: Does this REALLY work well?
Annie W: Yes it do work very very well
NYANDA D: absolutely, i love it....
carolina z: im size 5 , which size would choose?
Comments From people who chose this
Thelma J chose this because: I like the way it look
LaTonya D chose this because: Been looking all over for this and this is the cheapest Ive seen. excited to try it on!!!
Inna Y chose this because: need extra lifting lost weight
Brittany B chose this because: I wanted my butt to look lifted
Dalal Q chose this because: i want to try it
Gilma M chose this because: My friend
angela p chose this because: works amazing i already own a few referring them to my friends
Victoria W chose this because: To help lift up my booty :
Maria G chose this because: Want a little lift
shante h chose this because: i need a butt lift
Kannika C chose this because: My Daughter purchased one and I love what it did to her bottom!!
Tanese H chose this because: i like it
jazmine d chose this because: I read review and hopefully it lifts my bootyyy \\\\\\\\\\\\?
nicol c chose this because: To help train my buttocks to stay lifted
LaMeika D chose this because: Like to see if this really works.
Lana E chose this because: I am curious to know if it works.
TENESIA B chose this because: i want to work out in these to keep my butt up
ANTOINETTE W chose this because: Just want to make my butt look more full.
Kera B chose this because: Need more bioty in my pants! Lol
Shearon W chose this because: Need a butt lift.
Naadira M chose this because: A friend told me about it.
M S chose this because: truly works...I ordered a size bigger...& it gave me a nice lift:
Aminat I chose this because: To give me some junk in the trunk!
MELANIE B chose this because: This will be good to workout in.
Mahagony P chose this because: I needed a new one
Mesha M chose this because: because my but is small and it actually helped lol.
dinee r chose this because: to enhance butt
P R chose this because: To make my butt look bigger
DETANJA S chose this because: cause i have no ass and wish like hell i hope theses at least help look like somethins back there..lbvfs...
Anjanette S chose this because: I wanted a little more lift. I can't wait to see how well it works
Marsha c chose this because: I just love the products
ashley m chose this because: needed it for a party
Pamela S chose this because: interested
marquita p chose this because: to enhance my glutes
Ranika W chose this because: just experimenting. I want to know how natural it looks
Amber B chose this because: to see if it worked
tess b chose this because: plumper butt
Damon S chose this because: do give my friend a lift
Gary P chose this because: I used to have a booty....but now that I'm older things have started to move south. Wanted to see if these worked.
Jackie R chose this because: Well, if my ass can look bigger, why not\?
jhadia g chose this because: Cus i need a booty cuh.
April C chose this because: Wanted to try it out!
Clarissa C chose this because: They look fun. Lol
Philana F chose this because: To tone my legs.
Kelvin R chose this because: for a butt
Shawntelle J chose this because: Because I want some definition and lift to my buttocks.
Monirh l chose this because: amazing
Nesa T chose this because: the lift
Toshia H chose this because: Tyring it out to see how it works on my butt
shayla m chose this because: I have absolutely NO BUTT! I need something to push it u back there lol!
Hniang B chose this because: seems real
Angie T chose this because: Because I want to look firmer and younger in my clothes.
Emlyn B chose this because: It lifts the butt and gives it a more toned look which we all would love to have.
S I chose this because: The reviews were positive.
Christy C chose this because: Like
Navia M chose this because: i would like to have more curves... everyone on this site swears by this... I cant wait to receive this!
renee b chose this because: I have thick legs a big chest and no butt so this is perfect do give me that extra curve where I need it.
Michelle W chose this because: bc i heard the results are amazing!
Carlisaia F chose this because: For more lift!
Lorraine D chose this because: Butt lift
Jeetika J chose this because: to enhance what I already have.
Amanda A chose this because: Have the beige, work well!
W H chose this because: Wanted to enhance my butt. lol Hope it works.
Tamika D chose this because: I chose this item to help lift my butt. I've used them before and it puts everything in the right places.
Janine G chose this because: shoot i needed this!
Tanya T chose this because: self explanatory
Arleen F chose this because: Look sexy
Pamela P chose this because: Holds in the tummy while liftingbutt two main ares of concern
Atoya J chose this because: his really works great

+ Reviews

Butt Lifter Boy Shorts
3.5 Stars based on 14 Review(s)
3.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Love it!!!
July 12, 2014
I wear a size 13. I am 5'3 170 lbs. I ordered an XL. I was worried at first because I have big thighs and butt, so judging from the other reviews I didn't think they would fit, but they did. They only problem is they do roll up at the bottom, but that's a minor problem. They definitely lift my bottom and makes it look good in my pants. It's a must buy. My sister wanted a pair, but she was a little skeptical because of the reviews, but she's convinced now...

3.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

So far so good
April 19, 2014
I bought these boy shorts because I already have a "butt", per say, but it always needed that extra "umph". These shorts are great for my lunges/squat exercise routine and to give me that confidence that I still got it back there. I absolutely love these boy shorts and hopefully after a couple weeks I will see some improvements
Really does lift you up
You can't wear leggings (fitting clothes in general) because the bottom indent is noticeable

Kingshill, VI
3.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Does the job
March 28, 2014
I bought these boy shorts so I can give my butt a bit of "wow" factor when i go out. It looks nice in a dress, skirt, shorts, or loose fitting trousers. HOWEVER, I don't recommend wearing it under anything like jeans or leggings, unless you want a very noticeable crease by your booty cuff. It does do what it's suppose to though--with the right article of clothing.
Lifts butt
Does not go with every outfit

Plantation, FL
3.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

really lifts the butt
March 18, 2014
Really works, but will only work if you have a lil butt to begin with. Can't be flat and expect it to lift. Get a size up from your regular size so that it is not too tight. I wear a L and i got an XL. Can see the lines if worn under a dress so maybe wearing with jeans is better. For a smoother look i put on my hight waist tummy control tights to help lock in. Only flaw is bottom under butt rolls up. Other than that, it works for the money.
Really lifts the butt.
Bottom under butt rolls up alot. Suppose to help in tummy control as well but I don't know how. Guess ill find out.

New Jersey
3.5 Stars

March 13, 2014
Have a butt and thighs already and before purchasing, I read the reviews ao I already knew I had to order a size up so I ordered extra large and it did NOT work. The back constantly rolls up as stated in other reviews, the material is stiff and it is not true to size. An extra large is more like a small to me. Big dissapointment. Dont order it.
Prompt shipping
Garment not true to size, stiff material

3.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Booty Lifter Works Great !
March 3, 2014
Love these butt lifter panties, feels like wearing a thong, while actually lifting the cheeks ! Makes the nice shelf under my butt that helps make it POP ! Went a size up and they fit well, they're tight but no panty lines... I like the boyshort look from the front and the low rise :)

3.5 Stars

January 20, 2014
When I bought them my fat was folding over bc I just has twins and needed to lose weight and I got the lg, after I lost weight it helped with tummy control and lifting but it is not discreet through clothes if you were planning to wear it out. The lines and such show through and you can tell your butt doesn't look natural. So don't wear them out! I also wouldn't recommend if your overweight bc you will be unhappy with the fit, as it cut into my thighs and rolled up until I lost weight. They are designed to maintain their shape with as little stretch as possible. if your looking for something to conceal your shape or lift your butt buy shape wear from spanx and such. However I do recommend using them to lift the butt it does work. I wear for an hour after exercise and my butt looks amazing now after 3 1/2 months
Does have molding lifting benefits
I think my paragraph states all the cons needed

3.5 Stars

Bad bad bad
January 19, 2014
Looks toooooo fake. I don't even have a large bottom and relatively larger thighs and this item pulled my butt out away from my thighs appearing like it was placed there lol. It was terrible. It definitely lifts! Maybe my bottom is too big (not big at all) Do not waste your money. I'm so disappointed. I wanted this to work! :,-(
Does lift
Fake looking, bottom of cheeks are pulled too far from thigh appearing like booty pops (lol), only for flat buttocks individuals seriously not even us med sized butts lol

3.5 Stars

Not a good deal
January 16, 2014
I was very disappointed with the product. First, the material is stiff and doesn't have that comfortable 'stretchy' feel to it. I already have a shapely butt, but let's be honest, we can never have enough lift! As a result, it looked deformed and just screamed butt pads. I don't recommend buying it, the back bottom part keeps scrolling up and the cheek separator is uncomfortable.

3.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

November 6, 2013
I just recieved my butt lifter today & I've always had butt but... it always just needed that lift. After trying the product on I was instantly blown away, it looks great under jeans.. & skirts. When I tried it on with a dress it did not look Ok, the thong part was visible.. I then decided to put it on with a pair of panties & let me tell you.. that really did the job. This product works wonders! It Def builds confidence. I am normally a size medium but after reading the other reviews I ordered a size up & it's perfect!

Columbus, OH
3.5 Stars

September 21, 2013
If you already have an inkling of a derrier DO NOT BUY THESE, The cuff that is positioned at the bottom for "push up" rolls up constantly and does not stay flat to fit like boy shorts. If you are wearing jeans the bottom will look deformed because the cuff that rolls up creates a space making it look like your butt is not attached to the back of your thighs. IT SCREAMS BUTT PAD. No point in returning because shipping is almost as much as the product! Very disappointed :(

atlanta, georgia
3.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

works wonders
September 16, 2013
Love these!!!!!!! it's like a brand new me
get one size bigger than your normal size

Niccole Delmont
United States
3.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Does the job, but go a size up
September 9, 2013
This thing really does wonders! Lifts the butt up and out to give amazing shape. Only thing about this product is that you should order a size up. If you don't, aside from being particularly tight, the fabric right under the butt will roll up and be noticeable if you're not wearing something relatively loose. Thankfully, I won't have to pay for shipping because my friend wants my small so that I can get a medium. Got a size up for my friend already and hers fits perfectly!
Makes your butt look great. Breathable Not super tight
Not true to size - order a size up

Washington, DC
3.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

booty lifter
August 16, 2013
Love this just tried it works perfectly especially under jeans. Gives u that great boost
Lifts butt , create curves

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