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Duo Buckle Combat Boots

Duo Buckle Combat Boots

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Perfect for this summer's music festival, stomping around town, or just chillin' like a villain. These knee-high boots feature a crinkled faux leather upper, adjustable buckles, and a lace-up front. Combat boots are finished with a padded lining for comfort and a zipper along the side for an easy on and off.

Shaft height: 12.5"
Heel height: 1.25"
Circumference of opening: 12"
Finished with a slightly padded faux leather insole
Measurements are for a size 5.5
Man made materials

Questions about this item
Janasia L asked: Are they true to size \
Regina W: Yes, I wear a size 10 & they feel comfortable, not too tight. I wore them one day to work without "breaking them in" & had brought my tennis shoes to change into, but didn't need to. They never hurt my feet. I would say they are a nice roomy size 10. Not too big or small. I think you will like them. The only issue I had with them is it has taken a bit for the "newness" smell to go away & it is kind of strong. Enjoy the boots
michele d: Yes they are :
Jeannette E: They run a half size big. I'm usually a 7.5 but I had to exchange for a 7 bc they were too big.
Rochelle L: They're perfect! They're not all the way knee high but the perfect height. Fit amazing, and so many compliments! Recommended
Sheri T: I bought a larger size so they would last on my daughters growing foot--they were a little big, so I am guessing yes.
Michael G: Yes
MIRANDA C: Im usually an 8, they fit well just a bit big. I put an insole in which helped alot! Now they are perfect.
Jeannette E asked: I am 5'2"...will these boots go all the way up to my knees I'm looking for ones like these that go up to an inch or two below my knees. Help please
Sara L: Hey Jeanette

I am 5'1" and these boots sit about an inch under my kneecap. They don't come up too high and don't rest in that uncomfortable place half-way on the knee. They will sit right below, and work for thick calves too. Overall I'd say these boots are about as versatile as they come for ladies of our height. I love mine, get them!

I hope this helps :
Jeannette E: Yes! Super helpful! I don't buy many boots even though I love them b/c of the awkward knee placement. Thanks so much!
michele d: I'm 5'9" and the boots are 2 or 3 inches below my knees. I think they will sit higher on yours...:
Stephanie J: Hi.

I have these boots and I'm 5'3 they don't quite come up to the knee. Mine are a few inches below the knee.
Regina W: Probably because they come almost to my knees, & I am 5'9".
Mary S asked: My daughter wears a size 3.5 girls shoe. Will these fit her?
Kristin J: They fit pretty much true to size! They feel perfect to me
GoJane S: GoJane items are listed in Women's US Sizes and range generally from size 5.5 - 10.
None N asked: Is there rubber on the bottom of the sole or is it a hard synthetic?
Dana J: This boot has rubber on the bottom of the sole.
Sara L: I would categorize it as rubber. Firm but pliable. It's not like the hard material used in most boots with a high heel. And its not too thin either. I love my pair. Hope this helps!

Ajia F asked: How true are the to the shoes size I wear a 9. But there are only 8.5 and 10.
Michael B: I bought the boots for my wife. She normally wears size 8 and I bought these boots for her in size 8. She says they fit her well, so the boots seem to be accurately sized with most women's shoes.

Regina W: It's pretty true to size.
michelle k asked: Is there actually a tongue on these boots so u can loosen them or is it sewn down\
Sara L: These boots are very adjustable and can work for all heights and sizes. I am 5'1" and have thicker calves and they fit me great. Very versatile and adjustable.
Anna B: Yes you can loosen them
Alyshia S: Yep there is a tongue and you can adjust the laces to suit and then use the inner zip to get them on and off
Lorita M: there is actually a tongue and yes you can loosen them
Danielle C asked: Would These be able to fold down nicely to a plain black I've been looking for some with plain black and cant's seem to find any and I also want them to be taller if I wouldn't want them to fold down.
michele d: The uppers are rather stiff , I don't believe they would fold well. However , they are a tall boot. I have long legs and they sit about 3 inches below my knee.
Sheri T: These are already taller than the standard combat boots. With the zipper and buckles I think it would lay awkward if you folded them.
Kim J: How far do they go up Do they go to the knee?
Sheri T: Below the knee Like top of calf.
Alyshia S: These are quite stiff so wouldn't fold down at all. You will have to adjust the laces as well as doing up the inside zip. Hope that helps.
Peggy B asked: Does boots come in wide width sizes Need an 8 1/2 wide boot. Is boot shaft roomy for a wider calf?
GoJane S: Our shoes do not come in wide widths at this time. Generally the average size around the calf area for juniors boots is around 14 inches.
Nicole R asked: I have wide calves, does it accommodate bigger legs and still have room for pants to be tucked in?
Regina W: Yes, it will accommodate larger calves as I do have then as well, but I don't know that it will allow for pants to be tucked in. I did not try that. I was a little disappointed though by the faux leather as it is not a smooth leather, it is a textured leather.
Helen A: No, that's why I had to return mine. Unfortunately
None N asked: I have thick you think these would fit alright?
Sara L: I am 5'1" and they go up about an inch below my knee, but my calves are also thick. They may go up higher with slender calves.
Kay S: How far up do they go To the knee?
michele d: At its fullest the boot measures about 14" ..I have skinny calves and I still have extra room, even with my jeans tucked in.
Sara L: Hey there. I have thick calves as well, and these give you a good amount of room to tighten/loosen. Having thick legs was a concern of mine as well, and the combats fit just right. I would recommend picking up some hood ensoles though :
Sheri T: I think they world be fine. They expand wider at the calves.
Rhea L: I ordered a size 6 and they are quite roomy on the calves. I have fairly slender legs but I could for sure wear thick pants and leg warmers in them if I wanted to. Hope that helps!
Kim J: How far do they go up Knee?
None N asked: Does this fit true to size?
Alyshia S: I'm normally a size 7.5 to 8 and these are a snug 8 with socks on. Hope that helps :
Rhea L: Yes! I ordered a 6 and they fit nicely. I wear a size 6 normally.
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Nefertiri C chose this because: Loved it
Racquel M chose this because: Its stylish....and I needed a black boots... :-
Latanya V chose this because: VERY COMFORTABLE, LONG LASTING
Andrea R chose this because: Cute style
Canda C chose this because: Love the boots
Sandra T chose this because: What my Daughter wanted for her Birthday.
Becca E chose this because: they were cool
Andrea C chose this because: I liked the style
Erin D chose this because: looked trendy
Lisa M chose this because: Needed them for a performance
Carol P chose this because: God child wanted this for her birthday
Melissa D chose this because: They were really cute! I've been wanting a pair of combat boots
Michael B chose this because: My wife wanted these.
Sara L chose this because: Sleek style and tough-chick look! Interchange the color of your laces to add a nice touch :
Anna B chose this because: need them for everyday
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