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Eye Of The Tiger Smoking Flats

Eye Of The Tiger Smoking Flats

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Go ahead, lose your mind over these amazing shoes. These faux suede smoking flats feature an embroidered tiger's head atop the notched toe.

Man made materials

Questions about this item
None N asked: Are these flats true to size Or do they run a little large Or run a little small?
Jonathan B: Well I wear a size 8 and the shoes were a little loose. If I were to redo my order I would get a 7.5. So if you are for example a size 6.5 I suggest you get a size 6.
Natasha F: Yea it's true size
Katie S: True to size
Amara C asked: Are they comfortable Do they cause blisters at the heels?
Amari J: Yes they're comfortable. They do run a bit tight and they definitely need to be broken in before being worn casually. There is a softer material along the heel than there is for the rest of the inner part of the shoe so blistering there won't be an issue. I can't be too sure about blistering on the toes or any other area. Wearing socks designed for flats like these will make them much more comfortable and keep blisters away. Three and a half out of five stars for this chick.
amorielle m: Yes they are comfortable and they fit to size, no blisters, and no rubbing of the heel...
Taya B: Like every shoe you have to break them in and after wearing them the 3rd time you should be fine and as long as u get the right size. I like them
Miram C: I broke them in by walking a decent distance, so I got blisters. Overall, they're really comfortable once you wear them a few times. I wear them for a job that has me on my feet for 8 hours and I haven't had an issue.
Aaron G: They are true to size. If you have wider feet they will fit tight. No blisters for me. -Corrin
Doreen G asked: Does anyone know if these fit wide

My feet are 3" across
Comments From people who chose this
Pikara P chose this because: They are different, just like my style
Shavon D chose this because: I picked this shoe because I have handbags to match, and I love the price and tiger face details.
colleen k chose this because: i liked the color and the tiger face - as well as the style
Abeer C chose this because: looks cute
Javonna H chose this because: Classy AF!!!
hania e chose this because: because i liked it and it was good price :
Charlene B chose this because: the color is amazing and you can dress these up with a cute short or use casual with jeans
Kim M chose this because: I have a Tiger shirt I just purchased and wanted the shoes to go with it.
J E chose this because: Cute colors
Tangy T chose this because: Girly
Alecia P chose this because: Sale
mayria p chose this because: CUTE!
Asia W chose this because: I like the color and the detail
gabrielle M chose this because: Great and stylish for work
Kelly H chose this because: Love the rich "green" color and the fact that the toe isn't too pointed. Also, these can be worn either dressed up or very casual.
roslynn s chose this because: my daughter liked the shoe
F I chose this because: Love this color!
Nhi T chose this because: I love the color and tiger on the front.
Destiny E chose this because: comfy and chic
Glenda R chose this because: They look different and I can't wait to go shopping to find something to match them
Bhagli S chose this because: CUTE DESIGN
Natalie D chose this because: Because theyre hott!!!
Amari J chose this because: Smoking flats for fall. Yes please!
Jennifer L chose this because: cute
Marie P chose this because: ANYTHING CAT FAMILY--- I LOVE!
Allina R chose this because: i chose these shoes because they can go with just about any outfit and i get more bang for my buck.
Sarah P chose this because: Love the tiger it's beyond unique and the loafer style is so classic
Kathleen R chose this because: Loved these shoes, great alternative to similar, much more expensive shoes in style right now
taiwo a chose this because: i have never seen anything like this for a cheaper price
Jasmine S chose this because: love the comfort! chicness!
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