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Cut Out Slit Maxi Dress GREYCut Out Slit Maxi Dress GREYCut Out Slit Maxi Dress GREYCut Out Slit Maxi Dress GREY

Cut Out Slit Maxi Dress

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Cut Out Slit Maxi Dress GREY

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You'll feel like the most stylish Power Ranger ever in this super soft maxi dress. It features cut-outs on the chest, a metallic waistband, and double slits that show tons of leg. Dress is finished with a mockneck and short sleeves, and the stretchy fabric doesn't include any closures.

Model is wearing a small
All measurements are for a small
Length from shoulder to hem: 55"
96% Rayon, 4% Spandex
Hand wash cold, hang dry
Made in USA

+ Questions & Answers

Questions about this item
danielle c asked: Okay so am about 5'6 and weigh about 175lbs, with a little pug not too big though & I have sort of wide shoulders, will a medium fit How does it fit up top?
Amy S: I ordered a Large and it fits fine. I'm 5'5 and weigh 168.
April P: This dress fits as measured. I am a size small 5'6 135 pounds. The fit is perfect. The shoulder area is firm fitting. I absolutely love this dress!
FIONA J: It fits perfect no shoulder pads
danielle c: Is it realy tight at the top?
Danielle S asked: hello I am a size 0 will the small fit?
B L: Yes, I think it will fit perfectly. I am a size 10/12 I ordered Large and it fitted perfectly and sexy!
Stephanie B: Might be a little big on you. I am a size 10 and the medium fit me perfect.
D A: i actually think size small will be too big for you. I generally wear small/medium or size 5 and I had just enough space. you may get swallowed unless you are over 5'4 in height. that could make up for the size
A N: I am a size 0 jean size, small size of Double- slit warrior cut-out Dress is fit perfect for me. So, I think size small will fit perfect for you.
Cherrell J: Its form fitting on the top, and flows on the bottom so if your a size 0 it shouldnt matter if you wear a small in shirt size it will fit
crystal w: i am a size 11 juniors curvy i bought two of these dresses one in a small and one in a medium
Jillian M asked: Hi I am 5"8 and weigh 140 and I ordered a small. Will that be too small or is a medium better?
irene s: No that will be a perfect size
Ann C: The small will be fine
Darra K: A medium will most likely fit good in length but will probably fit a little loose I think a small will fit like how the model looks in the pic so it all depends on your comfort.
donishia P: You should order your regular.size. It runs true to size
cheryl j: Hi Med would be better, I am 5'3 120 pounds and the small fits perfect
None N asked: if i normally wear a large, will i be able to fit a medium\
L A: I wear a small and the small I got is a little big in the breast part of the dress. So I believe that a medium will fit perfectly if you usually wear a large. It may hug you, but not squeeze you! lol
A L: You should be able to because the material stretches.
Cherrell J: Oh yeah it will fit the only thing that is fitted is the top
LaKyra F: I'm between a large and medium and i purchased a medium and it fits perfectly
Darra K: You will most likely be able to get away with a medium because the material is very stretchie
Crystal M asked: It seems that you won't be getting this dress in Alarge so I'm abt 210 5'5 on the thicky thick side can a medium be ok and I have big I really need this dress for a all black party\?
Maria-Elissa J: Because the slits are high I just wear black nylon short shorts underneath and not worry about my underwear flashing out. Its pretty stretchy fabric but if you have a very large chest than I'd go a size up.
kenyatta b: You will need an large I'm bout your size also..It also runs small I haven't even worn it yey cause my hips to wide and the spilts shioes to much..
Sachet F: No..
andrene P: no u need a large
None N asked: Is this dress see through I just want to know if the material is thick or is it thin that it looks cheap?
K A: The dress is pretty see-through. It's a very light material. I got the navy and can see my skin through it.
raven P: No, the dress isn't sheer but it does flow with the wind.
cheryl j: its really cute on, the material is not see through, but not too thin. Very sexy
Whitley W: It is thin but is made well. It looked great on me and I got a lot of compliments. Love this dress!
SHANNON G: No it not see's thick material and over all a nice dress
LaKyra F: It's not see through but it's thin when I wear the white one I must where a nude bra
None N asked: Really want this dress but unsure which color looks best. I want either the coral or mint.. Has anyone purchased either color If so please give your opinion on these two colors
kenyatta b: That's an pretty color..I choose black though but I like them all..
crystal w: i have both the coral and mint. i think think the coral is prettier
A'ri J asked: I'm not sure of which size to get I'm 5'8 mostly leg but my measurements are 32B 24 waist and 45 hip/butt. I'm inclined to get small bc of the waist and bust, But a medium or large bc of the hip/butt. I'm concerned that my bottom will make the front slits show my goodies
donna k: You can probley get by with a m the top is pretty tight and the slits are very high it will show all leg you will look very sexy!!!
Alisica C: Hi....I bought this dress to wear out in Miami for Memorial Day weekend n I loved it. I received so many compliments from both males and females. Im very small at the top n Im a size 9 in the waist. I bought a mdium and it fitted me just right. Theres no need to worry about exposing your goodies cause with this dress, the middle section always stays in place. If u want to show your legs,you will have to move the slits around yourself. Go for the dress!
Maurica C: I buy to the biggest part of your body and tailor the top
Elisa M: I think you should get a small the material is very streachy and thin it would most likely fit you perfect
Keaira G: U will need to get a size medium I run that Sami sis but just 5,7 your goodies will show regardless not to much but enough to tease
Florencia C asked: Does anyone know if the length touches the floor I see that in the model it reaches her ankle, I'm 5'7. Thanks in advance girlies!
nikki c: I sent my dress back I was too short for it, it looked better on my sister she's 5'7 it reaches the correct length on the picture
Jacaranda F: I'm 5'3 & it reached my ankles. I guess it depends on your size.
Anna M: No, it definitely hits closer to the ankle - not floor length. I'm 5'7 and 1/2" :
patricia b: No it doesnt touch the floor.
Tenisha L: I'm the same height as you and it reaches over the ankle. It does not touch the floor at all.
crystal g: No it doesn't ..It reaches about the same with me I'm 5'3
Robin S: No it does not go to the floor. The picture is very accurate. I'm 5'5 and its stops right above my ankles
Marcella G: I am 5'9 and doesn't quite reach my ankle but its long enough your 5' will be fine.
Laniyah M asked: I wanted to know what size Ciera purchased?
Laniyah M: Excuse me Jessica, my question wasn't directed towards you, my apologies lol. I want this dress so bad but wasn't sure which size I should purchase. Guess I'll be going with the medium! Thanks you guys!
jessica k: My name is not ciera but I purchased a MED. And it fit great and I look amazing in it....Everyone loved it as well,people kept asking me were did I get my dress from...My boyfriend loved it even
Cierra S: I purchased a small in grey.
Naomi J asked: I am 5 ft 3 inches between 110-120 lbs would a size small fit?
Todjela H: Yes . I am the same height as you and weigh 117 and a small fit perfect
Danielle B: Yes a small will fit
Kiera H: Yes it will
Kesia S: Yes it will fit yu perfect!
Kesia S: Yes it will fit yu perfect!
Fredrick G: It may be a little big at the top as I am hippie. I have a big butt and hips, a small waist and top so I ordered a large. Its really stretchy and fits big at the top. However, I love it and got many many complimentary. I hope this helps.
Naomi J: Thanks for the response guys
Toya G: I think a xs if available would be better for u......:-
Tanisha O: I am 5ft 2 inches and weigh 120 and the small fits me perfect.
Olivia W: I'm 107 and it fit kinda snug on me so you might be risking it. And I'm 5'2
Iesha W: The dress came long on me and I am 5'2 because I think it for taller peoplw but other that its a perfect fit! I weigh 158
Jasmine S: Yes i am the same and a small fits perfectly.
Naomi J asked: I am 5 ft 6" 120lbs \ Would a smal fit\
Tan H: Yes I ordered a small and am an inch taller than you and same weight as well!
luis P: yes it will !! i got a small being 5'1 and 129lbs and this fit me perfectly, length wise i have to wear heels for this but for you it will fit perfect
Bria S: It will fit you I have a medium...Im 5'5 & 140 pounds
Kelly O: I think small is perfect for you ! Don't even think about it, that dress is fabulous \?
Maria-Elissa J: If you are a very skinny build it may fit. I am an athletic build and stand 5'0 and ordered a medium and it fit just fine. You can probably get away with a size small or medium easily as its a stretchy fabric.
Olivia W: No way. I'm 5'2 and it didn't even drag on the floor it reached my ankles
Jackeria L: Yes I'm 5' 4" 123
Iesha W: Yes I am 5'2 weigh 158 and the medium fit me well
Alicia S: Yes the small would be perfect,I am 165lbs and i got the red in size small and it fits.
Toya G: Yes it would be perfect, however the dress will more than likely stop at ur ankles .....:-
None N asked: Okay I'm about 170lbs, small at the top, big at the bottom, and have a stomach that sticks out more than I like to admit. Is this the kind of dress that really makes your tummy stick out or does it hide it?
kelly w: The dress is really fitted around the waist area!! In my opinion I think it would probably
make you a little unhappy if you're going for the sleek look.
Cierra S: This dress will show what you want hidden. The material is thin and the splits are EXTREMELY high. You could make it hott by adding shorts highwasted thin material underneath with booties, pumps, or ankle straps
Jonte G: I would say with the right support you should be fine. I am shaped the same way so the only thing I would say is that since I am fuller on the bottom thick thighs and big butt lol my splits are more defined. I love how the dress looks but be prepared to really show some leg!I wore a spanx under mine for my tummy support, due to the spilts you can see a tiny bit of it at the very top of the split. Hope this helps.
raven P: Honestly, I recommend another dress because this dress doesn't have that spandex touch throughout the waist. The gold part is tighter but it won't hide the area well. I would say just stick with a darker color but I don't want you to waste your money.
Jennifer N: This dress is quite flattering. Because it flows, it'll be able to fit well on you!
Alisa R: This Dress has really high splits and will show your stomach as you move around unless you add stretchy shorts that fit tight and has stomach control.
Sachet F: Only suggestion would be to add a belt. It won't conceal your stomach. And it's no room to wear a girdle or underwear of that nature
Patience M: This dress does not hide your stomach at all
ALisa V asked: How is the fit?
Sachet F: Nice and comfortable.
Jonte G: love the fit of this dress. I bought it to wear in Miami. The splits are VERY high.
Patricia L: It is very nice and tight fitting, it enhances all your curves. I just feel so free in the dress line a goddess! I am very satisfied with my purchase .
Ashea A: Fix a to size
Amesha B: It fits true to size.. I got a lot of complements in this dress great review thumbs up!
kelly w: Omg!!! Wonderful . I just wore mine Friday night and I shut the club down I was so hott\
Tanisha O
T B asked: is it true to size?
Fredrick G: Yes
ANGELICA R: Yes it is..
Destiny M: Yes, it is, and it's also stretchy material...
Ana R: yes it is. I got a medium I normally wear a size 7 or 9 in juniors.
Natasha C: I love it
Patience M: Yes it is true to size
K A asked: Again, the picture posted by she wearing mint in the dress Somebody responded saying red, I'm not sure which screen they're looking at but I'm referring to the black girl who made a review and posted the front and back view of her in the dress. What colour is the one she's wearing?
K A: Thanks for responding.
Jessica W: It looks like the Mint color. I order the Mint and Black. I liked the Black best and returned the Mint.
Danielle t: They Have Black Mint Coral red and Grey , that's probably your problem the colors are getting mixed between you two
Danielle t: I'm not sure what dress your talkin bout , are you sure it's the Cut out Slit Maxi Dress your reffering to ?
K A: Night Danielle, I'm referring to the cut out slit maxi dress. 2 ladies posted reviews on this dress, 1 by the name of Cathy and the other Ciera. My query is on the review posted by Ciera...she posted a picture of her in the split dress in her review. I'm simply asking what colour is she wearing in that picture?
Jessica W: It looks like the Mint color. I order the Mint and Black. I liked the Black best and returned the Mint.
None N asked: I'm 5'3 140 would a small be best for me?
Maria-Elissa J: Yes, small is perfect. These are stretchy material. I stand 5'0 127 lbs. If you're not sure order medium unless you are a thin body style. I'm a little muscular and the small fit me fine.
Jene H: Im 5'1 108lbs and a small fits me
Ana R: I weight 133 but I am curvy and I got a medium, It fits perfect
K A asked: In the picture posted by Ciera, which colour is she wearing\
Jessica W: It looks like the Mint color. I ordered the Mint and Black. I liked the Black best and returned the Mint.
Amber R: Red
viviane w: its fashionable and unique.i love my dress
sofia g asked: can the belt be removed ?
LINDSEY B: No its not a real belt it fabric
Crystal R: No
Amanda m: No it's attached to the dress
marissa t: No the belt can not be removed
Dominique W asked: Is there a size large in any color?
Jessica W: Dominique W: It looks like they have a few Large in stock now.
GoJane S: If a size or color is not available on our site it is currently sold out. We do receive restocks daily, so keep checking back!
Mai D asked: Where can I get this shoes?
Maria-Elissa J: Don't know
GoJane S: You can locate the shoes at the following link!
crystal w: Those shoes are on the website
None N asked: How soon will this item restock looking for a large?
Jessica W: It looks like they have a few Large in stock now.
GoJane S: We do not know in advance if a size will be restocked. However, we do restock and receive hundreds of new items every week, so we may get something similar soon. Keep checking back!
tercia j asked: I am 4'11. Will this be too long on me?
crystal w: No not if you get the small
Taprica M: Hard for me to answer that because I am 5'9" and it was a litle shorter on me than seen on the model. I think if you wear heels you'll have no problem, However I kinda wish it would've came down to my ankle
tercia j: Thanks a bunch!
Tanasia F: Yes im 5'5 and it reaches my ankles
Kimberly B: I'm 5'0" and I wear a size Medium. The dress came to my ankles, so it's the perfect length.
None N asked: When will you have a LARGE CORAL DRESS\!
Jessica W: There is a Large Coral available now! Snag it while you can!
GoJane S: We do not know if a size or color will be restocked but we do receive restocks and new styles daily so keep checking back!
None N asked: When will you restock \I need this dress in a large!
GoJane S: We do not know if a size or color will be restocked but we do receive restocks and new styles daily so keep checking back!
None N asked: how does the sizes run?
Kwan S: They run kind of large and are very stretchy. I am a sixe 10/12 an a Large fit me perfectly.
Bia S: I got a meduim, and it fits great, but the lenght is funny on me. The dress stop above my ankle and, I return it for a bigger size, maybe the large will be better in lenght.
rosheka h: Small, medium, large but I got a large because I have hips and thighs
Elisa M: Its true to size but the material is real stretchy and it's hard to wear under wears with it
Latonyia B: True to size
None N asked: Did anybody get the color of the dress that is featured because that is the only one I really liked. That is what made me look at it. How do you show a picture of a dress in a particular color and then not sell the dress in the color that you were displaying?
Maria-Elissa J: I only ordered black but I did like that olive one too
Ashea A: Yes they do have the color of that dress that us feature ick on size and you will see the different color if its not there that means its sold out
GoJane S: If a size or color is not available on our site it is currently sold out. We do receive restocks daily, so keep checking back!
crystal w asked: should you go down a size for this dress?
Maria-Elissa J: I found size small to be slightly bigger than normal for me.
DEE L: @ Amber...I can wear a large to with my size usually being xl but all they have a med. Do you think the stretch is good enough for me to pull of the med. I currently have on a med dress from old navy with the exact same material as this dress and I really want it so Im wondering if I can pull off the medium in this...
Jessica W: Old Navy's clothes usually run a little big because I'm able to wear Med in their clothes too. You'd probably be taking a risk, but if you want it that badly, I say try the dress in a Medium. You never know. I'm just really worried about that gold waistline. It really is delicate and doesn't stretch like the rest of the dress. What are your measurements?
Jessica W: I say this dress is true to size. The material is stretchy, but the gold waistline material is delicate and you don't want it to bust from being too tight. I'm 5'6, 38D, 174lbs, pear-shaped smaller top/curvier bottom and the large fit me fine.
Audrianne C: Yes if you want it to fit cute and snugg on your body
Dessence D asked: how high is this slit bc in the photo its very very high?
Maria-Elissa J: I wear swim shorts underneath my maxi dress so I don't need to worry if it blows in the wind or just sitting down for dinner in a public place.
crystal w: very very high it goes up to the gold part of the dress
Taprica M: es very high doesnt show that much only when sitting
Jessica W: The slits are high. I am modest, so I will be wearing black biker shorts when I wear this dress. If you are modest or worried about the high slits, you can purchase a nice pair of gold leggings to match the waistline of the dress and wear that underneath. I think that would be cute.
Renee A asked: Is the model wearing underwear How far does the slits come up?
Jackeria L: I wore thongs with mine and the splits are just as picturedthey come up that far but I loved this dress and so did everyone else:
Taprica M: I wore a G-string and was fine
Sachet F: I think a string thong or none is most appropriate. I've only tried on the dress and slits came up to my pelvic none. Nothing's visible unless you want it to be or a strond gust of wind lol
tonya m: will this be sold in a xl anytime soon i really want this for my anniversay?
Jessica W: I don't think they have XL sizes. Order the Large and see how that fits. I'm usually an XL person, but I took a chance with the Large and it fit fine. I'm 5'6, 38D, pear-shaped smaller top/curvier bottom, and 174lbs and the Large fit fine.
Comments From people who chose this
ROCHELLE S chose this because: very cute
Dalal Q chose this because: nice skirt style
Deanna M chose this because: Sexy
Valencia M chose this because: sexy elegant dress, you gotta love it.
Tori R chose this because: Very sexy..grown woman
Ashley G chose this because: so sexy
Marilyn M chose this because: Love i t, would prefer another color
Tamika W chose this because: It looks like it may be loose in the front and I need a dress I like the split
johanna p chose this because: i choose this dress because, it looks so sexy and pretty at the same time. i got the royal blue in medium. cant wait to get it. I'm planning on wearing it at night.
Emily Y chose this because: it's sexy. I would recommend a smaller size since it's not tightly fitted on top.
Breanna J chose this because: Sexy
sybil s chose this because: I thought it was cute but i don't like this as much anymore
diane c chose this because: different style
sharon j chose this because: SPLITS ARE TOO HIGH! IDK HOW IM SUPPOSED TO WEAR IT
Charita F chose this because: great sale
Cynthia W chose this because: its very sexy and hot. and i have a friend who has the green one
Iris R chose this because: UNIQUE!
Cristina V chose this because: Nice disign,good price
Holly J chose this because: I choose these items because the style and fashion.
Tiana R chose this because: Sexy
Teneil L chose this because: very sexy
Jessica N chose this because: It is apart of my Mardi Gras outfit.
Lawanda G chose this because: This outfit is so ME
Nicole B chose this because: I love the style of the dress
ebony f chose this because: because it my birthday :-
Britney P chose this because: I love it
Latarsha L chose this because: Very cute and sexy !!!
Tierra B chose this because: I really like the look of the dress
Evelyn M chose this because: Love the look
Janie R chose this because: SEXY
Lauren B chose this because: it is absolutely gorgeous and fits my style.
Ikie J chose this because: Super sexy, got it for my birthday
jason g chose this because: my wife made me buy it for her
Calesha S chose this because: stylish
Jillian M chose this because: cute and good price
Marleka S chose this because: I love the splits in the dress.
DeVonda O chose this because: Lovely color
nakeysha d chose this because: The dress is sexy, flirty, and fun.
Chartarra H chose this because: ill look fly in it.
Melissa D chose this because: I love the daring slits! Fun and flirty. I can't wait to try it on!
Terah E chose this because: Very sexy! Ladies buy this dress! I tried it on and I LOVE IT! I'm ordering the black one now!
Brenda C chose this because: The style is nice and the price is good!
April P chose this because: Sexy
Roshonda H chose this because: sexy and different
Shuang L chose this because: slits were way too high, had to return it. And I'm only 5'3 so I don't know how other girls are managing to wear it
Sharlene M chose this because: cute, wish it was in blue
lindsay s chose this because: Beautiful
Alicia U chose this because: Boyfriends birthday
Robyn G chose this because: dance costume
Lybbia C chose this because: Different style
Liza B chose this because: I'm attending a Chocolate Party in Feb. 2014 and this Olive dress is very sexy! I do not have to be in brown you can wear earth colors! The black one I purchased for my niece for the ALL BLACK AFFAIR Nov. 2013!
D E chose this because: Loved the fits great
Shanai D chose this because: Style & price
Stephonia J chose this because: its my Bday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
kendra m chose this because: Its my style and the price was really good
Audria C chose this because: I like it
Alyssa R chose this because: I like the style of the dress.
Renetta K chose this because: Because its my daughters 20 birthday and i wanted her to look like a queen!!
November S chose this because: This dress is sooo CUTE! My homecoming is Oct.18 and I had to get it!
Carmen K chose this because: Halloween costume but will most likely order in other colors if it looks fly on me. Can't wait to get it
Paige C chose this because: Halloween costume!
Elisabeth B chose this because: Because its really sexy and i'm getting back into dance
Tattianna W chose this because: I absolutely love this dress.
Sydney S chose this because: its gorgeous and i love the slits in the front!
Jessica S chose this because: I love the slits in this dress. I love the fact that it has the look of a top and skirt because of the belt, but glad that it is one piece so that I do not have to keep adjusting the bottom.
Chenoa M chose this because: Fun, flirty and conversational!
Esther K chose this because: flawless
Edith R chose this because: edgy yet cute
mayra l chose this because: Love the cutouts but slits are very high.
Debbiesha B chose this because: This dress is feminine & very seductive>
LaTasha D chose this because: Very sexy
Tawana J chose this because: for my daughter
Darcy M chose this because: Xanadu costume.
alexandra m chose this because: I think it's feminine and sexy!
Alison R chose this because: it was exactly what i was looking for. Im buying this for my Birthday party. Its everything I wanted two high slits with a party at the top. I cant wait for it to get here.
Ayanda F chose this because: cute for summer lounge
Jennifer C chose this because: sexy looking
CHELSEA S chose this because: needed it for photo shoot
Geneva P chose this because: love this dress! can't wait to show some legs in this goddess style dress.
Brian S chose this because: cute
MAKEBA P chose this because: veryyyy hot
Peita-Gaye C chose this because: I'm Jamaican and my persona would speak volumes thru this dress
carlette d chose this because: price
Judith R chose this because: looks sexy
Evelyn I chose this because: This dress will go perfect for my b-day theme.
Chada H chose this because: Trendy and sexy !
carshawna d chose this because: I LOVE IT..!
Beatrice B chose this because: I love maxi dresses and I love dresses with slits..this has both!
patricia b chose this because: for my bday
Shady L chose this because: I just love this amazing dress to die for
lashondra c chose this because: sexy
Brianna S chose this because: It caught my eyes it's beautiful
Maria R chose this because: Because the moment I saw it I felt that I had to have it
jacqueline g chose this because: ITS SEXY
MICHELE C chose this because: EXTRA CUTE
Lamaesha G chose this because: It's sexy !!!
Zindziswa P chose this because: The slits give it a sexy yet sophisticated look. Either way I love it
Navarone L chose this because: beautiful
MATRISHA B chose this because: I luv it!
Taleen K chose this because: On sale and isn't too long so fits well on a shorter person
Thiennga T chose this because: its different and the latest style
RENEE R chose this because: This definitely compliments my long sexy legs
Deborah D chose this because: love the dress
Tenesha A chose this because: It is gorgeous on the model and got great reviews.
Shannon E chose this because: It's Sexy...
chantale a chose this because: pretty
Everette S chose this because: Sexy
Christine d chose this because: It's just my style
Sherlande A chose this because: Classy .. Had to have it :
rhonda P chose this because: love the sides
Shakelvin W chose this because: It's a beautiful birthday dress for me.... I love It....
Angie B chose this because: love the oufits! sexy n Classy
Oprah K chose this because: ive been wanting this dress for the longest and I couldnt find it for a while until i ran into it on this site and I am so happy. My only reaction was to buy this beautiful dress
Star D chose this because: Fits great!
Latonya M chose this because: HOTTT!!! cant wait to wear it
Christian J chose this because: Because it was beautiful
chantae r chose this because: too cute
Shonntrell A chose this because: Very sexy! Double-splits are in.
LaBraile M chose this because: Sexy!!
Nekeita B chose this because: classy and sexy;
Nicole S chose this because: I chose this dress because it is sexy
telicia y chose this because: i think that it is very pretty
Stanton c chose this because: fun and sexy and nice party/club fit, or date nite speacial, a multi- purpose piece of material
Coretta B chose this because: Very Sexy - Perfect for my upcoming b-day trip to Miami!!
Sylvin B chose this because: Love the dress
Kim H chose this because: Very sexy but classy.
Kenyah S chose this because: Because i thought it was cute and sexy
Laryncia D chose this because: Because the shit was cute.
Tara B chose this because: I've seen it several times before and always wanted to purchase it.... it is edgy, daring, sexy but still classy. I can't wait to see how it will look!
shaneka l chose this because: So sexy in the summer
Mary W chose this because: Perfect for date night with my babe!
OTTISA R chose this because: Fell in luv wit at first sight..gorgeous
april c chose this because: Because it is fresh the color is beautiful and I will be stunning in this out fit
maliakia r chose this because: i like red
jaleesa p chose this because: Its sexy
Kathleen P chose this because: Gift For my Sister In-law Elegant 18
Jonte G chose this because: I am going out of town and this is the WOW dress I was looking for cant wait to get it!
LaToya D chose this because: cute!
B L chose this because: It's sexy!
amy b chose this because: it so classic
Jennifer N chose this because: Trendy
Aja W chose this because: Dress does not fit well
Launica J chose this because: to go to a comedy show
Dominique W chose this because: looks super fun, sexy, classy & cute for summer.
tasha b chose this because: this dress is sooo sexy OMY
luis P chose this because: it looked different
Janice L chose this because: Because it's gorgeous!
cheryl j chose this because: sexy
S P chose this because: looks fabulous
Cynthia W chose this because: perfect dress for my 21st birthday. Classy but yet sexy.... plus something a little different from what i usually wear
Latanya S chose this because: Cause it is very sexy but in classy way
ruthie P chose this because: VERY SEXY
lineeka t chose this because: FOR A FRIEND SHE IS OBSESS
tanaeya A chose this because: I love style. Was a suggested purchase from a friend.
Kelly O chose this because: is a sexy dress ! perfect for the beach!
Dominique S chose this because: I choose this item because i love the two slits.
LINDSEY B chose this because: VACATION
Olivia W chose this because: I wanted something i've never seen before to wear for my 21st bday dinner and i found it!
Fredrick G chose this because: Very unique
Jessica W chose this because: I love the cut out detail and the gold around the waist. I also like the slits.
Tiffany C chose this because: the style, the stretchy material and the colors are perfect!
latisha w chose this because: i really love the style
Marlon P chose this because: Love the spilt
Maurica C chose this because: It is edgy, trendy, and sexy!
Sachet F chose this because: For my birthday

+ Reviews

Cut Out Slit Maxi Dress
5 Stars based on 15 Review(s)
Orlando, Florida
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Sexy dress!! double-slit
June 20, 2014
I'm 5'2 & weigh 128 a size small is good; fits perfect. This dress does have a high slit, but I LOVE IT!! Didn't wait long for shipping. I would give it 10 stars if it had it. I'm ordering another one hopefully soon. Gojane bring more colors. I ordered the black one & it go good with my gold heels! A must order.
Sexy high slit! Fits perfect and I don't have to hem it
Thin material but not see-thru. Don't put it in dryer. May have to hand wash

Miami, FL
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Stunning fit!
April 9, 2014
I think the slits are too high at the front and will have to fix that, otherwise with a little wind my underwear will be showing. I think I can leave the high slit and perhaps wear cute boyshorts which would look great I believe :) A great fit, comfortable material, haven't washed yet so can't report on how it stands up. A unique piece for sure!

Grand Rapids, MI
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Really cute fashionable piece
January 12, 2014
Really cute dress. I'm 5'1 and 135 pounds I order the medium and it fit perfectly. The material was a little thin and the length was perfect for my height. Follow me on IG for more looks @MsDestinyA

new jersey
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

really sexy
October 19, 2013
This dress is amazing. ...I love it...its super sexy and splits are really high...def a show stopper and all eyes on you...didn't like it plain so added a belt to give it a pop

Brittany Dawn
Greensboro, NC
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Size medium
October 14, 2013
I was worries upon ordering it would be too tight but it's not, it's perfect!! I'm 5'3 130 lbs and it fits like a glove and actually very slimming!
Elongates, slims, enhances breasts
Hiding bra-straps is difficult because of the placement of the cutouts.

saint louis missouri
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

September 25, 2013

5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

August 3, 2013
This dress is soooooooooo SICK!!!!!! I ordered gold ankle strap heels too...PERFECT look

Kiera Monae
United States
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

July 31, 2013
Cute but the material is so thin and cheap
Cheap material

5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

July 29, 2013
This dress is amazing, my friends love it, everybody loves it lol. i've only tried it on, because I'm waiting to wear it to something important. But I also ordered the mint, mainly because I see that ciera , was about my skintone, and just about my size or shape, and it fit her well. It did so on me also. i love the mint, in fact that was my first order placed on gojane, and im on to my next because i loved the product lol. buy buy buy ladies.

Dallas, Texas
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Love this dress!!
July 24, 2013
I just got my dress in the navy color and I absolutely love it! I am 140lbs 5'5 and got a medium it fits perfectly :)) This is just a pic of me trying it on so excuse my face and hair

Brooklyn Park, Minnesota
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

love it sexy !
June 27, 2013
the dress is sooooooooo cute on, especially when you know how to wear it . i got mine in mint.
color as expected slits

birmingham, al
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

June 22, 2013
I love my dress all eyes were defintly on me
Flowy sexy head turner
Slits were a little to high for me

Kim Sue
New York
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Cute dress :)
June 18, 2013
Got my mint color dress today in a small and it fits perfect, so loving this dress. K A the color of ciera's dress is mint ok.
the splits in the dress shows my pretty legs. best dress in my closet

miami beach, florida
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

love it in red!!
June 1, 2013
I got my order in and I must say the dress looks amazing on.I am always a size 3 and weigh 125 lbs and the small fits perfect. The slits are high but it shows when u walk. Standing up, it looks like a long dress. It fits tight on the body as well. I got it in red and looks great. TOTALLY IN LOVE!

5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

May 28, 2013
I love this dress especially on:)
The fit is great!

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