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Lace Up Gladiator Sandals IVORYLace Up Gladiator Sandals IVORYLace Up Gladiator Sandals IVORYLace Up Gladiator Sandals IVORYLace Up Gladiator Sandals IVORY
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Lace Up Gladiator Sandals

now $$10.95
Lace Up Gladiator Sandals IVORYLace Up Gladiator Sandals CAMEL

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Oooooh-weeeeee! These shoes are fierce! But before we get started, we must decide on what we will call them. Are they gladiator sandals or cut-out, peep-toe boots? Whatever you want to call them, they feature a faux leather upper and include some shiny, metal hardware. These shoes are finished with a front, lace-up design and also feature a zipper along the rear for easy on-offs.

Shaft height: 11"
Heel height: 0.50"
Circumference of opening: 10"
Finished with a slightly padded faux leather insole
Measurements are for a size 5.5
Man made materials
Final Sale

+ Questions & Answers

Questions about this item
Cindy L asked: I'm a size 5 would a size 5.5 be too big ?
Chelcia F: 5.5 would be perfect. This sandal runs small
Dana C: No .. I wear a 7 1/2 and I brought and size 8
ciara e: And it might be more comfortable if you have enough room in the front. I wish I got a bigger size, nevertheless I love these sandals! I always get compliments..:-
ciara e: Probably not. They fit exact to size so I would go for a bigger size.
Tiffany M: They run small so yes that would be perfect
Bia S: It's true to size, it would be to big. I personally send mine back not because of sizing, it was looking weird on.
None N asked: Do they fit true to size?
Antoinette P: Yes they do. I was not disappointed in these sandals at all.
N E: They run a little small recommend getting a half size bigger
esther P: I wear 8 so I bought a size 8 of those sandals it was too small for me u have to choose a bigger size than your regular size .
Erica L asked: When will they ever restock the sizes I was looking for these in a size 10?
GoJane S: We do not know if a size or color will be restocked but we do receive restocks and new styles daily so keep checking back!
None N asked: Calf size?
Lonyea M: These are perfect for women with larger calfs, I have big calfs you can adjust the strings for a perfect fit.. I Love them!!
Marie B: I'm really not sure about the calf size on these but coming from someone that use to run track and have thick legs and bigs calfs this was a no go for me. I wasn't able to zip these overs my calfs so I had to end up selling them because I wents pass the time frame to return. If you have pretty big sized calfs I wouldnt recommend these.
Dana C: What the about calf size do you wanted to know
Erica B: It runs small..I recommend getting a size up. ..
Sasha T: This did not fit on my calves at all, I had to return them, I have muscular calves and they are huge and it was no where near close to fitting. If say skinny calves only on these
carol s: get a size bigger because there uncomfortable
paola m asked: do these shoes run big?
Jennifer T: No they don't. I wear a 7 comfortably and the size I ordered was a 6 1/2. Also, you can adjust the laces like you would with sneakers so they're not so snug around the calf/lower leg area. Hope this helps :-
Brianna J: No. They don't run big. But they are narrow so if you have a big , meaty wide foot..don't buy you will not be happy...meant for long skinny feet.
Dane H: No. They are pretty true to size.
AYANNA R: Fits to size
Chelcia F: They actually run a bit small. I wear a size nine, and that's what I ordered; my toes are kind of hanging over the front of the sandal not cute at all. I did want to exchange for a bigger size but they have been out if stock in the size I want. My advice to you, get a size bigger than what you would normally wear.
Malika H: No true to size
Charlotte G: No. I normally wear a 8.5 and got that size. I couldn't imagine going down a half size.
Amanda A: They definitely don't run big. I have thin legs and was scared they would be too big but they fit perfect! Love them!
Antoinette C asked: I wear an 8 or 8 1/2 how do this shoe fit should I go a half size up or get the size I normally wear Also how long does it take for shipping?
Linda G: Hi Antoinette:

I got a half size bigger than what I normally wear and it gives more room and makes it more comfortabel. I find that they are very nice and they also fit nice. I recieved alot of compliments on them.

Elizabeth C: It's a perfect fit! I wear size 8 and that's what I got.. And I expedited the shipping .. Got them in 2 days!
Anna S: Stick with the size you normally wear and as for shipping, its always on time. I wanted mine a little earlier so I paid extra.
CRYSTAL T: Get the size you normally wear. The laces are adjustable, I usually wear a half size bigger, but the 8 was perfect..... Shipping doesn't take long, I needed them for an occasion so I did the 3 day delivery. Hope this helps!!!!
Sebrina O: I would actually go a half size down and allow about 2-3wks to receive order if you do standard shipping.
Antoinette C: I love this style!
Tiffany G asked: Are these tight on the calves or adjustable I fit all the boots on GoJane with no problem, but wasn't sure if these run small around that area.
Annie T: The shoes fit fine. I usually order a 9.5 or 10 in shoes but they didn't have that size in the camel, so i ordered the 9 they fit perfect. They are a little tight in my calf area but i have big calves. My legs are big also. You shouldn't have a problem. Love how they look.
Amanda A: They are snug around the calves but I too have skinny legs so they are perfect! I loveeeee them! Finally something that fits!
Braishna D: I just purchased these sandles in a 7 1/2 & they are too small. I have to send them back & order a size 9. To answer your question, yes they run very very small but I can't wait until I get my correct size because these sandles are hot! LoL
Jacqueline C: Totally adjustable in the front where it ties. Super cute too I get compliments everytime I wear them! :
tafferney p: they're adjustable depending on the siz of your legs
Tiffany G: Thank you all!!! :
Katonya G: Hi Tiffany G, these are pretty snug around the calves. I have super skinny legs so to find something that fits is rare! If you have dancers legs that are full and defined these may not work for you. There is a zipper in the back so there's no room to adjust...they are kinda uncomfortable on the top of my foot where it begins to lace up, and it's kinda tight around the pinky toe area, but they are really cute and stylish! I love em!
Tiffany G: Thanks so much! Very helpful! I had a feeling they wouldn't work so well as my calves are defined. Thanks for your help! :
Amira P: There adjustable! You can make them as big or as small depending on how you tie them!
Sandra D: It's not adjustable. But it fits nice
Joanne m: They are adjustable with lace and fit really good
Sienna B: no they are not tight and you can adjust them to make them looser
Cherry D: I wear a 81/2 in all Go Jane shoes & I couldn't even get my feet in these, I was gonna return but I sold to a friend. I don't think you'll have a problem with the calves because they are adjustable but the actually shoe part is a bit tight!
GoJane S: Generally the average size around the calf area for junior sizes is around 14 inches. However, you should be able to adjust that with the laces.
None N asked: how does it fit around the calves my legs are skinny and the last pair of high gladiator sandals i bought didn't fit around my calves. are they adjustable with the laces?
Brianna J: Yes they are adjustable.
Angela C: They do adjust with the lace and fit perfect around calves
Kristen T: Just got my pair today and for me it squeezes the calves but not to much. and the lace pulls the front which tightens it slightly
Jacquie G: My calves are skinny also but they fit good and they are adjustable . The only issue is the front part I'd recommend you to get a half size bigger . It's kinda tight
None N asked: does the sandal run big cause me feet varies with each sandal\
Angela C: No
Kristen T: I bought a ten and it fits as if i had them tailored.
Lissa V: Honestly I thought it ran a tiny bit small I mean I got a 7 1/2 and it does fit it just feels a little bit snug so I prob could of went up half a size , that's just me though
None N asked: Will you be getting these in stock again Need a size 9 in black. Love these.
GoJane S: We do not know if a size or color will be restocked but we do receive restocks and new styles daily so keep checking back!
Lissa V asked: When will more sizes be in Love the camel color but I need a 7 1/2 !
GoJane S: We do not know if a size or color will be restocked but we do receive restocks and new styles daily so keep checking back!
China R asked: Do these fit true to size or how do they run I normally wear a 9 in shoes
Marcela T: They fit true to size i bought a 6 and theyre perfect! I get compliments alll the time
tricia W: Just got mines today and it fits perfectly love the way it look its a very sexy sandals for that price
GoJane S: Generally our products run true to size but may vary depending on the style. You can reference our size chart here:
Regan C asked: do these look cheap pros/cons?
Valerie D: Yes they were paper thin
Meredith S: I have the white ones and yes they do. The "leather" is thin and the thick band over the foot looks awkward with the more open sandal feel of the upper half
Regan C: Thank you. I have a brown pair from urban outfitters for 60 dollars and I really wanted a black pair too
Keaunna H: I only got complements
Debbie H: They do!
None N asked: are these made for wide feet?
GoJane S: Our shoes do not come in wide widths at this time. So it may be snug if you have normally wear wide widths.
Comments From people who chose this
alesia j chose this because: Liked the style
sharon r chose this because: rebel look
ZINA G chose this because: PRETTY
Kayla D chose this because: They are BEAUTIFUL! versatile and will go with lots of colors
Candice J chose this because: The price could not be beat. The shoe is so cute you can't put it on mute.
ginette e chose this because: love it
JONEL B chose this because: There Cute
Nichelle S chose this because: I like the style
Petra R chose this because: cute but runs narrow
Brianna M chose this because: Adorable!
Mariana N chose this because: Very modern
KARI R chose this because: i was drawn to these because of the gladiator trend. I must say every time I wear these people stop me and ask where i got them, they are so different I just love them!
Susan H chose this because: Different
Ashley S chose this because: i thougt it was cute
DEBRA B chose this because: because it beautiful and in my price range
Adebola K chose this because: Hot hot hot
Ann H chose this because: homecoming snadals
tayler c chose this because: had to have
c S chose this because: the style is nice but the fit was horrible
Othello S chose this because: It's pretty
Kimberly L chose this because: GORGEOUS!!!!
Deandra B chose this because: I love gladiators and this particular sandal is less revealing of the foot. It gives me a high top, open-toe sneaker style.
marvelina n chose this because: i love it
michelle p chose this because: Sooooo cute goes with everything in my closet!
JASCENTA G chose this because: i love it
Jennifer K chose this because: bad ass sandals
daneisha h chose this because: tall and cute what i was looking for
joan g chose this because: cause they are cute
Cherry D chose this because: Trending & unique!!
April J chose this because: I Love the look of this style Gladiator sandal.
Lakisha W chose this because: Its sharp
jasmine N chose this because: trendy
alethea p chose this because: its cool
Chelcia F chose this because: Gladiators are back! Great trend for the summer.
laticia l chose this because: so cute!!!!!
grace m chose this because: yes
Braishna D chose this because: Unique style for this summer.
Sonya H chose this because: I think that is sandal is sexy
Kimberly T chose this because: Been lookinf for them everywhere and the price is right
Angela C chose this because: Because they are hot like the style!!
Katonya G chose this because: I love the style of Glatior shoes, these look hot!
shalain g chose this because: i love the fierce look..its hot and i cant wait to rock it
Anna S chose this because: I have been wanting an inexpensive tall pair of gladiator sandals. These are great. Everyone liked them.
JaKayla J chose this because: becuse they're really cute and fashionable
Linda G chose this because: Love the high lace ups
Kira T chose this because: They are awesome and different.
nakeysha d chose this because: Cute
Amira P chose this because: Gorgeous and unique ! Love the camel color

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