Strappy Faux Leather Heels
Strappy Faux Leather Heels

Strappy Faux Leather Heels

Style# 84426
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We're in love with the classic silhouette of this strappy number. The faux leather finish looks great, and the adjustable ankle strap has a metallic buckle for a perfect fit.

Heel height: 4"
Finished with a slightly padded faux leather insole
Man made materials

Questions about this item
None N asked: Is this shoe the Anne Michelle brand, enzo-01?
GoJane S: GoJane sells merchandise from many different manufacturers. Unfortunately, our system does not show the brand names. Any information we do have on the item is listed under the item description.
None N asked: I have wide feet. About how wide are these heels\
Margarita M: the are not that wide u might have to get a whole size up from your regular size
Sara H: These are not for wide feet I have tiny feet and they are very uncomfortable but look good!
Nageda J: The strap is a little tight I had to stretch them out.
Bria S: Not very wide at all...
Dimple P: They aren't that wide. I have wide feet too. I returned them.
None N asked: I'm an 8 but I'm sometimes an 8 1/2.. how does this shoe fit?
Cassadi T: The 81/2 would leave a lot of room. The next size of us roomy for me
jemia s: Great u need toe space so get 8 1/2
Rozalyn G: It fits true to size , Im an 8 1/2 . I ordered an 8 1/2 I'm the white and a 9 in the white and the 8 1/2 fits better
Porscha B: Shoe runs small
And very narrow best to get 8 1/2
lisa w: mine ended up fitting big. im an 8.5 and that was to big so stick with the 8 forsure
None N asked: are these comfortable to walk in \
D S: Yes
nakendra r: it depends if you are a person who like to wear heels. Me, i love my shoes and they were comfortable to me
Ika L: Truthfully no. They are nice to maybe go out to dinner in but you do not want to be walking all around in them.
Alana G: If you're going to be standing for long periods of time, no. The strap cuts across the top part of your feet.
Jabria N: Yes, they are comfortable! Like any heel, after standing and walking for long your feet will hurt but the strap is not too tight like some shoes in this style. They are very true to their size so your feet aren't stuffed or slipping as you walk.
Piper K: They are not too bad. Going to have to wear them around the house before wearing them!
Skye B: they are ok.. not the most comfortable shoes to talk in.
ana M: I'm sure they would be if you don't have chubby feet the strap is tight :/
Tiquantis E: I haven't worn mine yet but when I tried them on I could tell they probably won't be the most comfortable, like most single soled shoes. I suggest getting some of those gel insert things for the balls of your feet. That's what I use for another pair of heels.
Jasmine H: Theses shoes are really just for show , not party shoes or walking long distance shoes!
Amanda H asked: I wear a size 9.5 and they don't sell that size what size should I go with a 9 or 10 Because from the reviews this shoe fits true to size.
Leah F: Go with a 10. A size smaller = more pain in heels. I recently purchased these heels a half size bigger and they fit perfectly.
Ashley-Jane P: I think a 9 would fit you just fine. I wear a size 6.5 and the strappy faux leather heels I purchased were just a bit loose. Also consider that it is high heels, your feet are at an angle and kind of slip downwards. Hope this helps.
lisa w: go with a 9
Frenzatta H: I got the size 10 and they fit perfect. I would say go up a size
Chanda L: Go with a 10 i got and wear a 9 and my toes felt a little tight
None N asked: I usually wear a size 5 for heels and they fit perfectly. Would their 5.5 of this shoe be too loose on me?
Tamara H: No it would fit perfect
Bashia P: No, not at all. I wear an 8 but I bought a 8.5 and they fit just right!
Melissa R: Yes. It would be too big. Go Jane's sizes are a perfect fit.
Jennifer W: Hi,

I always get a half size bigger in the heels I wear I am a size 8 but for these since they are open toe, I went with a size 8 and they fit great. :
Kelsey D: The straps aren't super sturdy so it might move your foot around too much. I got a larger size and they ended up fitting fine. So I say order them and try it out.
Micoa B: I think they would be a little loose. They're pretty true to size.
Jekayla B: I think a 5.5 would be better. I bought a 1/2 size up in this shoe and it fits perfectly
None N asked: is this heel suitable for someone with a wider feet?
heleena j: no its for narrow feet
loan P: if u have a wide feet this shoe might not for u, cause it kinda hurt my little toe and my feet is kinda narrow but the second time I wore it , I wrap a band aid around my toe and it fix the problem, so it's up to u, orther than that those are nice sexy heels.:
Porscha B: No the shoes Is very narrow. If you have wide feet this shoe is not good for you.
Jessica L: Not really, there's not that much support so the thin strap may hurt your feet
alexa p: Nope its more for someone with slim feet.
Isha C: Yes. I have wide feet, but I would still go a half size larger. My shoe size is a 7 1/2 and I always get an 8 in heels.
M A: I have wide feet and I find these shoes difficult to walk in. It's kinda high for me. I wish I didn't buy it. But there is a similar style available for someone with wider feet. Basically it's generally for someone with skinny long feet
None N asked: SOS!!!! I am a size 7-7.5. What size should I get?
KRYSTLE A: I wear a 7.5 also so thats the size I ordered, and they fit me perfect. They are true to size.
Pamela P: I am a sixe 7.5 - 8.00, but i went for 7.5, and it's true to size.
Rozalyn G: They run true to size
Sara H: 7.5
R R: 7.5 to be safe. They run pretty true to size though.
EVELYN c: Hey same for me. I got a 7 and that one fits better. There's a space left in the back for me between my foot and the back strap.
Felicia B: The shoe is true to size. I wear 7-7.5 Depending on the shoe and the 7.5 fit perfectly ! :
Samantha V: You should get a size 7 for perfect fit
Melissa R: Get the size that fits best. Gojane's shoes are a perfect fit; they don't run to big or to small. I'm an 8.5 & mine fit perfectly.
alexa p: 7
None N asked: I usually would get a 8 1/2 in heels, and sometimes its a little big still. but is the front strap tight at all im worried cause my foot is a tad bit wide
ana M: Yep go up a size the strap is extremely tight I might have to get a new one put on because of it
Skye B: I wear a 10 and the front strap is nice and tight.. The perfect size for me.. I was thinking that I would need a different size because I didn't want my toes hanging over the front.. But the 10 fits wonderfully :
None N asked: I'm usually a size 7.5 in heels what size should i get?
Sahriya D: They are very true to size.
Eugenia K: A 7.5. The shoe fits to size.
namtran n: I am usually a size 7.5 also and I ordered the same size. Fits perfectly!
Samantha V: You should get a size 7!
Bria S: All I know is I am a size 6 and the shoe is extremely true to size and fits very well!
Teyawna S: There true to your shoe size.
Isha C: The 7.5 should be fine
Kelly N: I'm wear a 8 1/2 in heels and I bought a 8 1/2 in these and they fit great
None N asked: Is this shoe comfortable to walk in?
D S: It is comfortable
Naomi O: Unable to answer for this particular shoe as I haven't received them yet however a similar shoe I got in a different colour was very sturdy and very comfy to walk in. Do make sure you get your correct size. :-
Rozalyn G: Yes
None N asked: Are these true to size?
Micoa B: Yep. Pretty much true to size.
Melissa R: Yes. Perfect fit. Im an 8 1/2 and they fit perfectly.
Stephanie B: Yes they are. I wear an 8 in every single shoe I own and I got an 8 and they are perfect.
Comments From people who chose this
Tiffany H chose this because: Cute and comfortable
Christina F chose this because: trending white and black strap, good pricepoint
Ebony B chose this because: simple and versatile
JAYSI C chose this because: I've seen these loads of places but for loads more money. A friend of mine ordered from this site and told me about it. Can't wait to get mine!
Carla A chose this because: very cute and simple, but will defiantly give that extra touch to any outfit.
T'La H chose this because: Cute and simple
mellisa s chose this because: uhh sexxaaaay\?
Stephanie R chose this because: SUPER IN RIGHT NOW! Love them!
Jacquline I chose this because: Simple, Classic, & Goes w/ Everything
Charity D chose this because: Really cute!!!
Asha B chose this because: i love them
Amy R chose this because: I think that this shoe is sexy yet simple and elegant all at the same time and it is a good price.
Rebecca N chose this because: I choose this shoes because it look comfortable and beside, I love leather!!
julia W chose this because: I loved how simple and strappy they are. Very on trend, you see lots of celebrities wearing them!
Vania M chose this because: These are not just a trend , they are an essential to your wardrobe. You can dress them up and dress them down for almost any occasion! They're a must have ' :
Karina Z chose this because: Love this style!
Cynthia m chose this because: The style and price can not be beat!
jeanine e chose this because: great choice for the trend but makes your feet hurt. little to no support
kim n chose this because: goes perfect with dtr's homecoming outfit
Jamoni P chose this because: They are so pretty and they're the "It" style now.
Ophilian A chose this because: simply nice
Briana S chose this because: Simple and cheap
Renee M chose this because: needed a new pair of "dress" shoes
Tenisha S chose this because: I did not like the fit. Too narrow.
Esther L chose this because: trendy and affordable
shauntae H chose this because: Trendy shoe great price
Alexandria P chose this because: Heels that can go with any outfit...versatile!
Mariama B chose this because: Because they are amazing
Leah C chose this because: Classy.
Denaira R chose this because: SEXY
MonaLisa W chose this because: It goes with jeans/skirt/shorts

Im gonna post on my blog when it arrives please check it out:
Chanda L chose this because: simple and cute hot right now
Alana G chose this because: It's stylish, plus it's a cheaper version of the Steve Madden Real Love shoe!
Michelle M chose this because: perfect staple shoe to have in your closet!
Jabria N chose this because: For my bridesmaids - This shoe is so simple but yet elegant and will be perfect with their dresses!
Noelle C chose this because: They are a must have for the summertime!
jessica r chose this because: love that they had a white pair
loan P chose this because: need the color
Jennifer N chose this because: It was a must have!
Skye B chose this because: This shoe is really on trend!
Kelly-Ann W chose this because: The style for this season and a good price.
EVELYN c chose this because: i feel like this is a nice summer heel. and ive been seeing them a lot more lately. old trend coming back:
Shira G chose this because: Staple item and a trendy shoe right now. Goes with practically any outfit, dressy or casual.
Thomasina L chose this because: trendy
Adanna G chose this because: Looks Nice on my Feet
M A chose this because: Classic black sandal. In style right now. Low price and goes with pretty much everything
leslie P chose this because: How could you not want these\ I mean...
Sara H chose this because: Just bought a long sleeve black romper and think these would go perfectly with it.
K A chose this because: Because they are classic- and sold out on every other website... get em while you can :
Teyawna S chose this because: I love strappy shoes.
Cassadi T chose this because: they are gorgeous :
KRYSTLE A chose this because: This strappy styled heel has come back and really become a hit this season... I want them in every color I can find them in!
Angelique P chose this because: Cuz I Gotta Check! & they're sleek and sexy
Priscilla l chose this because: sexy, fun, and affordable
Emily P chose this because: I really like the look of the shoe and I think it has a classy but simple look to it. I think it's a great shoe to wear with anything, I wish I can order the black also in my size but it's sold out! :
RAQUEL R chose this because: These are trendy and almost $100 at Steve Madden...cant beat this price!
Melissa R chose this because: It's a trend right now. They go with everything! day and night outfits!
Melissa n chose this because: THEY ARE HOTTTT
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