Distressed Acid Wash Skinny Jeans
Distressed Acid Wash Skinny Jeans

Distressed Acid Wash Skinny Jeans

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The 90s called and wanted to compliment you on your awesome jeans. These classic skinnies feature a bold acid wash with some serious distressing, and we love the flattering high waist. Jeans are slightly stretchy, and they're finished with faux front pockets, back pockets, and a single button closure.

Model is wearing a small or size 3
All measurements are for a small
Length from waist to hem: 42"
Inseam: 31"
Waist: 24"
98% Cotton, 2% Spandex
Machine wash cold, hang dry
Made in USA

Questions about this item
oshin g asked: can i get this in size 17 plus size?
GoJane S: This item is not available in size 17 as it was never manufactured in that size for us. However, we do receive new items and sizes every day, so you may want to keep checking back!
Shestoo P asked: does These jeans run long thats why most of these kind of jeans on your website only go to 31 for length ?
shannelle s: For me they are long I'm 5'4 n they're pretty baggy at the ankle
stephanie h: Yes they run long.
None N asked: I weigh about 125 and I usually wear a 7, Do they strech alot Should I get a 5\
Sophia B: Its quite stretchy. I weigh 160 pounds and i got a size 9, it fits perfectly. I advise you get a size 5
Cherese N: Yes they stretch get a five ! Cause if you have a skinny waist like me and you weigh the same as me so yeah 5 would be snug! Unless your thicker in the stomach area get a 7. But I love them!!
Brenishaq M: You should get the 7
Tynisha F: They do stretch enough. They hold very well i love these jeans. No you can wear your normal size. You can dress these jeans up or down.
Cherley G: Yea u should get a 5. There's a great stretch to these
NICOLE R: They do stretch alot!
Desiree D: I'm 115 lbs & a 5 fits perfect. Get a 7 hun!
Rendreka h: I have these jeans ans I got them in my exact size, they are not that stretchy either. Fits me very tight
Makala G: Yes they stretch, I got a 5 too.
b a asked: I'm 5"1 with a 28 waist and 40 hips should I get a size 3 or 5 I normally where a 5, but I want them to fit TIGHT, but at the same time I want to be able to breathe.
Shanee' S: Get a 5. These fit true to size and they are a jegging-type fit.
Karry C: I'm 5'6 127 pounds and I wear a size 28 in jeans. I bought a size 7, which fit tight but its a comfortable fit because the material is stretchy.
Valerie D: They run small
None N asked: does this product fit true to size?
angela M: There is a lot of stretch in these jeans. I ordered down a size I usually wear a size 10 for my hips but I was worried about my waist singe it measure 26" the 7 fits perfectly.
Tamekia G: Yes, I'm hippy and I have a butt, these fit like a glove
Cecily G: Yes it fit me perfectly. I was nervous at first. Love the jeans!!!
Nikki T: Yes. They fit very well. I purchased my size and was scared, because I thought they weren't going to fit. They almost fit perfect.
Georgette D: I love this pants, it's a great fit!!!
Yisa P: Yes and it has stretch
Tasia R: Yes
marie b: No the do not bc I am a 15 and the 13 actually fit me well
Clarissa M: They Fit Too Size. perfectly
Jessica E: Yes
None N asked: do these run small?
Mollie S: I felt that they ran pretty true to size. They are made out of a thinner material that is pretty stretchy as well so they tend to stretch out during the day. I think they were a good buy! Definitely happy I got them.
Deanna M: Around the ankles...but stretch and are form fitting. Ideally they run to size. I bought a five and they for perfect.
Runie T: It's true to size, but the material is similar to a jeggings jeans
Licelda M: They actually run kind of big I wear a size 13 an I sent them back for a size 11, that's if you want them to fit how they are supposed to fit. And they are pretty long since they are already high waist jeans but they fit pretty good, you might want to get a size down from your regular size.
Jillisia J: Whatever size you are in regular jeans get that size.
Jonice W: Not really. They stretch pretty good
None N asked: are these pants high waist?
Nikki T: They have a pair that is high waist anda pair that is not.be sure to look at the description...or name of pants.
Ceara S: Yes these are high waisted and they are so comfortable and cute you ate going to love these
Yisa P: Yes
First Name L asked: ive never ordered from this site, do they fit true to size or should i go a size up?
Rosani S: Yes they are true to their size.
Alexia H: They fit true to size
shannelle s: True to size they also stretch so you could even go a size down if you want it really fitted
kenisha e: They fit true to size they were perfect
None N asked: Are these high waisted I need to know before I order !!!
donnishia w: Yes, they are.
donnishia w: Yes, they are.
Jillisia J: Yes they are high waisted jeans
angela M: Great high waisted jean with a lot of stretch. Im 5'6, my waisted measures 26" and my hips are 40" so i usually have alot of issue with the way jeans fit in the waist. I order down a size and was I little nervous that I was only 2% spandex but they have a lot of stretch and fit perfectly. Great jean. In love.
Shalanda M: Yes and they are a great fit!!!
Jen W: In the description it says high waist.
Jessica H asked: Are these jean high waisted?
Rosani S: Yes.
Sky H: Yes they are I LOVE them I got them in dark blue and grey and I have hips and a butt usually high waisted isn't high waisted on me because of that but it's stretch so they're great
Kimberly R: Yes
Jonice W: Yes
Comments From people who chose this
Katia J chose this because: Thanks to a Super Girl om IINSTAGRAM her nickname is @AMREZY

Love love love HERRR
Shanice D chose this because: they're cute
bertina j chose this because: I wanted some high waist distressed jeans and thought these were cute. Although they were my second choice, i hope they are cute on!
Raven P chose this because: love the look!
guinan n chose this because: cute & fit like a glove im really small
Camille H chose this because: i wanted high waisted distressed jeans
Jalia P chose this because: They are so cute!
Michele J chose this because: This is the closest I could find to the original jeans that I wanted that is no longer in stock!
Sabrina J chose this because: Love it
Brittany B chose this because: 80s fun
Sahkeysha E chose this because: they are cute
Claudia G chose this because: the cuts on the denim are so amazingly placed and the high waisted style is perfect for me
cristina a chose this because: high wast and they make them my size
Jerilee H chose this because: In love with this
C/O K chose this because: love the look
Jennifer H chose this because: Love them!
Sharre C chose this because: Found on other sites for $20 and $30 dollars more
Nikki T chose this because: Purchased the dark blue pair..they fit me so perfect I wanted them in all colors
Amber H chose this because: always wanted a pair
JEREMIAS H chose this because: I've been searching for these for months and finally found here in your website, I am so excited to wear them!
Tyese R chose this because: they were exactly what i was looking for they are so cute and trendy
adilene r chose this because: the look so nice and adorable
anakaren z chose this because: IN STYLE
Sky H chose this because: very vintage and i love high waist jeans
Lavesa N chose this because: beauty
Candace D chose this because: love the distressed look. can be worn in warmer seasons as well as winter with tights underneath
Myriada T chose this because: love the distress look
Jillisia J chose this because: It was easy and I enjoyed looking
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