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Firearm Printed Leggings BLACKCREAMFirearm Printed Leggings BLACKCREAMFirearm Printed Leggings BLACKCREAMFirearm Printed Leggings BLACKCREAMFirearm Printed Leggings BLACKCREAM
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Firearm Printed Leggings

now $15.87
Firearm Printed Leggings BLACKCREAMFirearm Printed Leggings BLACKPINK

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We're pretty sure these are Lara Croft's favorite pants, and now they can be your favorites, too. They feature a handgun on one side and a rifle on the other, perfect for raiding tombs. Leggings are stretchy, and they're finished with an elastic waistband. No closures included.

Model is wearing a small
All measurements are for a small
Length from waist to hem: 36"
Inseam: 30"
Waist: 22"
95% Cotton, 5% Spandex
Hand wash cold, hang dry
Made in USA

+ Questions & Answers

Questions about this item
None N asked: could these be kind of high waisted?
Sharon R: The pink and black ones look like they could but my black and white ones are not high waisted.
Sheena R: Yes, they are. Just a bit.
kristen y: No they are not
Shanese K: No especially if you have a butt
Jasmine H: Depending on your shape. I have a big butt and hips so mine fit right on my hips. If you are a smaller female then yes.
andrea b asked: Are these opaque or will they show your underwear?
Chantel K: Hello, I have the white pair...and the material is similar to that of a white T shirt. I wouldnt wear printed underwear, but the material is not see through. I wear white boyshorts, due to the pants fitting how they do you can see the outline of the underwear but no the pants are definitely not see through.
Kendra W: They will definitely show your underwear. I advise wearing black underwear.
jada y: No they don't show
Diamond A: No , they are cotton
Sheena R: They show your underwear. Wear dark one's!!
Brittni T: they are not opaque and are thick, however they did still show my underwear, unfortunately. So, I just wore a shirt that would be long enough.
patrick A: No they are not see through at all. I love them!
None N asked: Are these true to size or should I size up or down?
Isha G: Yes! They are beautiful!
Leighann C: I think they are true to size. I'm 5'7 and a double zero in pants and they fit perfectly : overall I love them! And they didn't shrink or fade in the wash!
patrick A: The legs fit fine but the waist band was a bit big, but fine. Also the but was small.
Comments From people who chose this
Jessica L chose this because: Hot!!
constace m chose this because: Love it
sheriffa n chose this because: love
Sharon R chose this because: I been waiting for these FOREVERRRR they are so cute.
Courtney S chose this because: These leggings are Bad ass!
Linda C chose this because: Daughter would love these
Breea F chose this because: I love guns
Diasha B chose this because: These are really cute! I have them in White.
Cherase M chose this because: Fire arms are awesome on leggings.
Janill M chose this because: LOVE LOVE LOVE the gun detailing.
prunella P chose this because: fits perfect
sara s chose this because: super cool, i love these leggings!
Sherence L chose this because: These leggings are in trend right now, and I love the design. It's very different.
Isha G chose this because: its a badass piece
salena j chose this because: I love you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Claudia A chose this because: love
Leighann C chose this because: They're so hot
Dulce L chose this because: I like the leggings, they are badass

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