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High-Waisted Leggings TURQUOISEHigh-Waisted Leggings TURQUOISEHigh-Waisted Leggings TURQUOISEHigh-Waisted Leggings TURQUOISEHigh-Waisted Leggings TURQUOISE
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High-Waisted Leggings

now $19.57
High-Waisted Leggings TURQUOISEHigh-Waisted Leggings ROYAL

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Anyone else reminded of Jane Fonda circa 1981 with these stretchy, high-waisted leggings? Leggings are finished with an exposed zipper. Coral color may vary.

Model is wearing a small
All measurements are for a small
Length from waist to hem: 36"
Inseam: 29"
Waist: 24"
95% Nylon, 5% Spandex
Hand wash cold, hang dry
Made in USA

+ Questions & Answers

Questions about this item
ashley m asked: i cannot load the size chart... if i was to get a Large size pair of leggings, would itr fit 33 waist?
Jiffawni K: My daughter is about a 30 and her Large was too big..she had to pull them up a lot I think you'll be fine with a large ..I can send you a picture of her in them if need be or follow my instagram and I'll tag you in the picture @jiffawniteena
Ashley D: I have a 30 inch waist and they were big on me so I would say they would fit. Plus they are super stretchy regardless.
None N asked: I'm 5'10 I was wondering does these legging seem to be long enough for us tall ladies\
amanda t: I'm 5'4" and it fits me with a bit of room by the ankle. On anything taller than 5'7", it would probably be more like long capris.
Lakeyia D: Im 5'7 with hips and behind they fit me just right with a little extra pull at the ankles. They make work for you just depends on your shape I say go for it.
Tiffany B: It will stop right at or slightly above your ankles, i am 5'6" and it only bunches slightly around my ankles, i bought a medium.
Asha S: I love these leggings, there stretchy not too thick/thin. I'm 5'5 and the medium fit me perfectly. I like my leggings long and there's a little bit of material bunched up at the bottom when I wear it. it looks long on the model too so I don't think your height would be a problem. But it does say 36" long so maybe measure yourself to make sure.
shanelle p: Yes there ok I'm sure u will be fine
Lucrecia S: They should be ok.
julia s: Yes they r am 5'1 and mine kinda of loose am really thick should of got a Med but got ass and hips lol do keep that in mind
None N asked: Does it make love handles stick out a little Im really tiny but I have a little meat so I wanted to know?
Sterling I: Not at all, it proportions your body well
Amina g: that fine is very big size u been fine whit s size because i buy l and is fetme very nice is lance long
Brittany J: Not a lot....I wore a peplum to cover mines up
Karen A: That I would not know but they are true to fit n the fit tight on the stomach
Ashley H: No they literally fit perfectly!
Chentel N: Yes they may stick to you I would get a small
Ashley D: No these are perfect for that actually! They go up super high over your belly button so will hide all of that.
Octavia G: Im small as well, i wear between either a size 3 or 5.and i think the leggins are figure friendly.unless your love handles are really loose and jiggle they may show but i doubt it.i have a Small waist but wider hips and i loved them on me.
robynasa d: No ma'am.... They hold everything in!!!!
Amber C: Well, they are really high.. So nothin really pours out..
But they're also pretty thin material.. So they hug ur body
Raven C: Nope hides everything! I love to wear these on my "fat" days. Covers up everything because they come up so high. I'm also small with a lil meat :
jessica p asked: are these really tight?
Elaina I: yes they are. like any other legging. comparable to the american apparel shiny nylon tricot legging just more high wasted
Samantha V: Yes! But not in a unflattering way. I ain't to skinny minnie but my ass looks fantastic in them lol!
None N asked: Does anyone know how they look/have purchased them in the color navy Because there is no picture and I am unsure.
Nicole J: I love the blue. I paired mines with a pin stripe black & white corset and black pumps.
ITESHA M: They look very nice but i purchase it in red but the navy is very nice too
None N asked: I wear a size 11 in jeans and have a big butt,but my waist is a little smaller. would a large fit me well, like fit me in the waist as well I dont want to order them and them have not fit because they are too tight
Sterling I: I'm a size 11 as Well and very petite, I got the medium and they fit me perfectly... I have a big but with hips and they fit nicely
Courtney M: Not sure, I'm typicaly a 27/28 or a 3/5 and I got a small, they are super stretchy so you should be good with whatever size you typically wear!
Desiree R: I wear a size 5 in jeans and I have a medium size butt, but the leggings are very Stretchy. I had got a small/medium size and they feel really comfortable on me. I also had got another pair, but a different color.
Ashlay L: I would try an extra large but you may be able to do a large b/c they are stretchy
amanda t: They are super stretchy and comfy. I'm a 11 but large waist small butt. I love them.
Daeisha V: They are stretchy. SO you could probably get away with a medium. But a large would probably work fine for you.
Keiosha A: I wear a size 9 in pants & I got a medium in these particular leggings so I think a medium would be fine for you also these leggings Are very comfy & stretchy & fits your curves.
Carlissa K: Yes. They are stretchy.
Quiana W: I absolutely love these tights.. Mine are not thin at all and very flattering for thick women
Quiana W: I would suggest a medium... I am 5'0 159 and shapely with a big butt small waist and the small fit me just right! My jeans I wear a 8-10
ADRAUNA M: I am a 2 in women and between a 5 and 7 in juniors depending on the jean, I was debating on ordering a small or medium but I ended up ordering a medium. The medium I ordered fit pretty snug on me, if I would have got a small they would have had to send them back.if you own other leggins i would use that size as comparison. I can't tell you what size to order but it may be in your best interest to go one size up to be on the safe side.
chandrel b: They will fit you perfect they are stretchy I ordered a large too and I have a big bottom too they are really cute
evelyn c asked: how stretchy are these pants?
donnishia w: Oh! I love them. It has a nice stretch to it. Not too tight or not loose.
geraldine d: Very stretchy but the run 1-2 sizes small in my opinion
jane d asked: i wanna get a large but im scared its to be too small but sometimes when i get leggings i either need a med or large.. but im not sure bout these.. are they tight?
Tymesha S: These leggings are very light and strechy, getting a medium would be fine. If you normally wear a medium legging then I suggest you to purchase these in a medium, if you normally. They're great.
nikeisha D: No they are stretchy and I bought a med thinking they'd be tight but I returned them for a small. So id say they are true to size I like my leggings fitted and comfortable with no wrinkles...why I got a smaller size. Good luck their hoooot!!
JAZMIN C asked: im a size 15 will the large fit?
Genesis V: Probably not there really tight
S Y: I'm a size 5/7 and the medium fit me perfectly
None N asked: Do the pants drupe down in the crouch area?
Daeisha V: Im not sure about anyone elses. But mine fit perfectly. I got a large because I have a larger butt and thicker thighs if anything I though they would be big at the waist. But not that either.
If you order a size bigger than you wear then they may slouch.
Tamala M: No they don't! They fit perfectly.
Carlissa K: No
Christina C asked: Are they see through at all And I'm quite tiny, only about a 1, would the small fit me?
Krystal W: They fit great! Im a size 3 and they are very fitted and tight. So they will be fit u perfectly. The material is not see threw at all. They look amazing and i get tons of compliments wen i wear them!
Ashley H: They're a little see through nothing really noticeable and I wear a 9 and got a medium the legs are really tight but the top is loose...
jamie v: small will fit..they are pretty snug in a good way, and no not see threw.
None N asked: Is it a shiny material?
jamie v: its a little shiny
Tyra S: It is not shiny like metallic. But it is similar to leggings.
None N asked: what size do i get if i wear a 11 in there high waist jeans?
DeNajah P: A large
robynasa d: I got a medium.... They fit great
Kwanisha J: A large bc I wear a 12 or 14 and the fit really good I have room.
Tyra S: Large
None N asked: I wear a size nine in jeans .what size would best fit me?
Tyra S: Medium. I wear 9 also.
J O: If you like them tight get a medium. I wear a 9 also and the medium fit perfectly!
Celine M asked: What's the leg measurement for a small I have a somewhat athletic bud but have a waist of 25". Just don't want the leg part to be too tight.
Tyla J: I ordered a medium n I'm a size 7 n have a athletic body as well but I could still wear a small if I wanted it I just got a medium just to be on the safe side.
Tyra S: These pants actually do fit a little tight around the calf. I have a medium but it fits perfectly. A small should be good though, its stretchy.
None N asked: I'm a size 6 athletic build. small or medium?
GoJane S: According to what you've said, it sounds like you may be a MEDIUM. You may want to reference our size chart here:
Comments From people who chose this
Shervonder K chose this because: Love high waist
Rachel F chose this because: I felt Like these could be a stable in my wardrobe
Chelsea B chose this because: I love this style.
Nicole J chose this because: love the fit! shows my curves and I can dress them up or down.
Krystal T chose this because: gift
Tiffany B chose this because: They have the same look and feel as other more expensive pants. I got navy ones and they fit great, just a little low in the back but that is because I have a small waist and big butt
Jemima P chose this because: Because I have a short torso but large mid-section, I find that high-waisted bottoms flatter my frame more.
LORENA M chose this because: I loved it.
Karen A chose this because: because i couldnt find these any where else at this price
Shalia J chose this because: sleek and stylish
Errine G chose this because: color is fab
Asha S chose this because: They looked cute
S Y chose this because: I loved the beet color of the leggings and loved the shiny texture.
Emily V chose this because: SANDRA D!!!
Ronald P chose this because: contours my body well
Mildred A chose this because: Unique color and very fancy
Jazmane F chose this because: i chose these because i have the shorts n they fit well and I pay $80 for American Apparel disco pants but these are a less expensive alternative with good material
Tanesha B chose this because: Very comfy
LaToya P chose this because: I like it
Tymesha S chose this because: Unique color..loud and nice material
Senia L chose this because: they look like they will keep my tummy in place lol
Dahmellissa W chose this because: Straight Sexy!!!
Audi J chose this because: these leggings are fabulous in bold colors and great for spring
Tyra W chose this because: liked the style, miss the liquid ones though
angel K chose this because: i like how it looks a little different
Jaclyn C chose this because: In style and very figure flattering!
Ciara P chose this because: These leggings are the bomb! They are so comfortable and I can pair them with anything. I have the black ones.
J O chose this because: These leggings are PERFECTION!! The magenta is fire!! Will be ordering red when they're back in stock!
Brittany P chose this because: BC THEY ARE CUTE
nikeisha D chose this because: Ive seen Kimbella from love and hip hop with some similar but could not find any til now...GOOOoooo Jane!!!
Tanya R chose this because: i like
Myya W chose this because: Cute and affordable!
Shonda V chose this because: It looks SEXY! I ordered the beige one! :
Renee T chose this because: high waiated vintage look and chic
Angel D chose this because: Their Really Really Cute And Fittong !!
Courtney M chose this because: love high waisted
Rashenda F chose this because: Looks like it would complimentary to the figure

+ Reviews

High-Waisted Leggings
4 Stars based on 5 Review(s)
Brooklyn, NY
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

My favorite leggings!
August 6, 2014
These leggings are nice and stretchy and cute. I love that they aren't cheap material and they aren't see through. I am a size 12/14 and Large fit me perfectly, maybe even a little loose. Love them!

4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Great buy
August 5, 2014
Exactly what i expected!

New Mexico
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

High waisted Leggings!
June 4, 2013
I'm in love with these leggings! They are so comfortable and I just recently order another pair.

Oakland, CA
4 Stars

Buy only if you basically want stockings
April 16, 2013
Ridiculously thin cheap material. I bought the leopard print high waisted leggings a few months ago, those pants had nice thick fabric, sturdy. These? Like thin rice paper. I was wearing a baby pink thong with beige lace and you could see EVERY detail through the pants. Fabric is VERY cheap, and VERY thin. Wouldn't recommend at all
Nice color (bought yellow)
Cheap Thin Fabric VERY see through Stitching is poor quality

4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Love em.....
April 13, 2013
I love these tights.... Was looking for them everyway!!!! Thanks go jane

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