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Faux Leather Harem Pants BLACKFaux Leather Harem Pants BLACKFaux Leather Harem Pants BLACKFaux Leather Harem Pants BLACKFaux Leather Harem Pants BLACK
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Faux Leather Harem Pants

now $18.81
Faux Leather Harem Pants BLACK

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We've been loving the faux leather craze lately, so we were pretty excited to see faux leather harem pants come in. They're super stretchy, super versatile, and we're loving the classic cut. Pants are finished with pleats on the waist, hip pockets, and a folded waist that can be unfolded. No closures included.

Model is wearing a small
All measurements are for a small
Length from waist to hem: 41"
Inseam: 28"
Waist: 24"
97% Polyester, 3% Spandex
Hand wash cold, hang dry
Made in USA

+ Questions & Answers

Questions about this item
None N asked: Je fait du 38 quel taille prendre?
GoJane S: All sizes on are US sizes. You can reference our size chart here for sizing guidelines:
pascal p: je ne sais pas ce que la taille 38 est peut- re un moyen t asked: Were can I find those yellow high heels \\\ Please help! I need them NOW!!!
GoJane S: Unfortunately we are currently sold out of those Pointy Toe PVC Pumps. However, we do receive restocks daily, so keep checking back!
None N asked: Do these run big I usually wear a 9 in jeans so was wondering if I need to purchase a medium but I also 5'11 so want to make sure they are long enough.
Idalia S: i wear a 9/10 in jeans as well and i got a size Large. Fits GREAT!!!!
Taylor H: I wear a 9 also and i ordered a meadium and they fit great! im 5'4 and they had enough room for my legs, so maybe you can get the medium and they'll be fine
Suzette L: No, they run small due to the material. There is no give in them.
shantanique J: I'm about 4'9 so they were more then long enough but I have a lot of hips and thighs so they didn't fit like the picture but they were still comfortable and looked very nice on. I wear a 7 so and I purchased a small so a medium would probably fit great
Alexandra D: I wear around 9 as well, and I order a large. Faux leather materiel sometimes can be tighter so I recommend a large!
Amanda D: Hey girl. I'm normally a size 9 too and I got them in medium, but they were too tight and you couldn't really tell they were harem pants because my curves filled everything out. I think you should get it in a large. Even an XL would give you the look and flare you want and it would be long enough. Good luck!
None N asked: I wear a size 0 to 1 in jeans would a small fit to big?
Lestwanis R: I dont think so because the faux leather does not Stretch that much and their kind of fitted so I think a small would be fine
Chalya R: I really think they will fit
Brittany E: I got a large. I could of fit into a medium, but I've been gaining weight lately, so I chose a large instead. I'm a size 11 in jeans if they stretch and a size 12 if they don't stretch. They're not to big and not to small. Plus they're super stretchy. A 0 to 1 is usually a x-small, so a small would fit perfectly because you want to give yourself some room. The waist is stretchy, but not as much as the legs of the pants. Trust me go with the small !!!
Miriam M: I think so. If it comes in x-small i would get that.
None N asked: Is the fit true to size?
Parisa C: Yes I believe so hope this help I wear a 13 in jeans an an 11 in some pants so I order an large I luv the way they fit
Brenda L: Yes and they also have a great amount of stretch so they can fit a wide range of sizes!
Laura F: No they run big I had to get a med I wear a 13/14 in jeans
ENESIA F: Yes it is. I love mine
Leslie C asked: I normally wear a size 3 in jeans. Will a small be too big?
Amber W: They will fit just right. The waist band can be folded down to
Angela T: I got a small and I'm usually a small, but the waist band part was so tight! I suggest a medium
Manuela R: I'm a size 3 & the small fit me perfectly. Especially since it's somewhat high waisted & my waist is really small.
Kandis J: A small will work but they r so hard to get on because the threading around waist is tight... but I wear a size 5
Shaquasia M: No they will fit perfect. The pants fit to size, you'll have a nice little curve
None N asked: Where can I get the shoes this model is wearing!
GoJane S: Unfortunately those Cap Toe Pumps 82648 are currently sold out. However, the single sole style is very popular at the moment and we do have a lot of items that are similar. I would suggest searching for "Ankle Strap Heels" and seeing if there's anything you fall in love with!
Lory R asked: I wear a size 7 but I want these to fit on tighter side, I have a butt and thighs what size should I get?
unknown : Get a medium!
Brenda L: You should get a size small.
Ashley P: Medium would be your best fit
Shaitece T: I would get your original size because they are tight fitting
Miriam M: Small
Princess W: Love these fit true to size!!! I am bottom heavy as well.
Raven R: Medium
Lesley E: Hello I still have not worn prob will be good on you with a M. I dont have any butt and thighs so its kinda big looking but maybe that is the style.
None N asked: Does this site sell these shoes\
GoJane S: We do sell all the items modeled, however that item is currently out of stock. We do get restocks in daily, however, so keep checking back!
None N asked: I'm on the plus size, I usually wear a 16 in women with a little bit of a belly. Would a Large fit me well?
Jasmine M: I wear a 13 and a Large is fits me pretty snuggie. I have big thighs and a huge butt.
Monica C: I think a large should fit
Ebony B: No
Shaquasia M: No sorry they fit to size. They might be too tight in you
Idalia S: i usualy wear a medium but i got a large and fits perfectly. I suggest u go one size up
GoJane S: We do ship to Australia! You can reference our shipping chart for here for more information:

All sizes on are US sizes. You can reference our size chart here for sizing guidelines:
None N asked: I wear a size 5 in jeans.. would small be okay\
Brenda L: Yes they are stretchy with a relaxed fit.
unknown : A small should fit perfect.
Laura F: These pants run really big I wear a 13-15 pants and I had to get a medium
chante b: Yes. I wear a 5 as well and I got a medium but it was too big. A small would be perfect!
Miriam M: Yes. It will fit perfect.
emily o: i would go for a medium
None N asked: Wear size 8 in jeans. 28/29 in waist, would a medium be ok I want no stomach bulge.
Bianca B: Yes a medium should fit just fine
Marcel M: I wear a size 1 in jeans. 26/27 waist I purchased a small, and it fits like a glove. I think a M for you should be fine
None N asked: I wear an 8 in jeans and 28/29 in waist. Would a medium be ok I don't want any stomach bulges.
Raven R: Yup
Kamilla I: I'm a size 3 and got a small wich is like 24,25 usually and they fit perfect. They are pretty tight at the waste though
None N asked: These are high waisted right?
unknown : Yes on me they are.
Denise S: Yes
Ebony B: You have that option or you can wear them low... They fold with no problem...
Miriam M: They stop about right at the navel.
None N asked: Do these pants have a lot of stretch to them I'm normally a size 9 or 11 in jeans, so would a medium fit me in these pants?
None N asked: do these fit or run like the other harem pants on the site?
Rodneka B: they fit great kinda bulky but cute
tiffany s asked: I wear a 7 in jeans, do i need a Small or Medium I want to wear them out so i want a nice fit to show my shape..and suggestions..thanks!
Ebony B: I wear an 8 so I got a medium and they fit good. Good luck!
Miranda J: I purchased the leather harem pants and they fit me well. I wear a large and that's what I got and they are true to size. I can't wait to wear them out!
Raven R: Medium...they not really fitted cuz they're slouchy
GoJane S: According to the measurements you provided it sounds like you may be a medium. You may want to reference our size chart here:
None N asked: When will this restock?
GoJane S: We do not know in advance if an item will be restocked. However, we do restock and receive hundreds of new items every week, so we may get something similar soon. Keep checking back!
None N asked: Do they run like the other harem pants on the site Did anyone buy these and the other ones as well?
None N asked: How long is the inseam on the large?
None N asked: do these fit tight \ Im a size 5 in jeans , so would a small be fine ?
Samie S: i wear i size 5, and the small fit perfect! i love the pants!
K S: i havent gotten them yet but if you're a size 5 then i def think a medium would be too big on you.
Fredora K: they fit comfortably; almost like a jegging
Denise S: I'm a size 9/10 n got the large I have smaller waist tho and big thighs so fits good just alil loose around waist
None N asked: Im a 5 in jeans should i get a small or med?
GoJane S: According to the measurements you provided it sounds like you may be a MED. You may want to reference our size chart here:
Comments From people who chose this
Katherine V chose this because: super stylish...and comfy.
Justine B chose this because: chic!
SONJA G chose this because: LIKED THE STYLE
Myisha N chose this because: Saw a friend of mine wearing these and I had to have them!
Kera B chose this because: I love the pants
Satorious m chose this because: I love these! They can be worn highwaist as well.
Marjorie D chose this because: so comfy...
Alexandra D chose this because: Love the fit and look of these. Perfect for anyone with big hips!
ENESIA F chose this because: oooo my favs. love wearing these
Ashlie W chose this because: it look good
Marquita K chose this because: just to try the next trend of faux leather. So why not try them in a style of pant that i actually like.
Christy C chose this because: Like
Latwaina B chose this because: They are the new style and cute!
Jalyn P chose this because: very cute and chic!
patricia y chose this because: i"m in love with these pants
mitzy s chose this because: like the look
Eric S chose this because: they are cool!
Logan W chose this because: Harem pants + pleather are this falls HUGEST TRENDS!
Lestwanis R chose this because: I picked this item because leather is very in and I love harem pants they are comfortable and chic I think that is a great combo.
Nafadima K chose this because: Love it
ImSoAmayZzN O chose this because: i love the style, although your prices are higher then other, your the only one with my size
Parisa C chose this because: Trending
Keyana S chose this because: cute
Kristen W chose this because: Versatile..
pascal p chose this because: harem pants are in !!
Hannah J chose this because: Its whats in style right now, and looks great with gold:
Monica L chose this because: Very fashionable. Can dress up or down.
sandy b chose this because: Stylish, cute and affordable!
Ashley H chose this because: adorable
Antravise R chose this because: trendy and stylish
danielle m chose this because: They're so cute and I haven't found anything like this anywhere else!
felicia m chose this because: love the style
justine m chose this because: bc leather anything looks awesome
Christina M chose this because: Very edgy
sholenny f chose this because: Trendy a cute
unknown chose this because: cute!
Aerial M chose this because: Very Trendy
Sandra O chose this because: Loveee leather look
Laura F chose this because: Love the Style..
annette o chose this because: its leather imitation in a comfortable fit
Jade C chose this because: can dress up or down
Brenda L chose this because: On trend and I love harem pants !!!!!
jasmyne s chose this because: nice and sleak look for summer or winter
Raven R chose this because: leather is super sexy

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