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High-Waisted Shorts NEONPINK (Final Sale)High-Waisted Shorts NEONPINK (Final Sale)High-Waisted Shorts NEONPINK (Final Sale)High-Waisted Shorts NEONPINK (Final Sale)High-Waisted Shorts NEONPINK (Final Sale)
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High-Waisted Shorts

now $2.95
High-Waisted Shorts NEONPINK (Final Sale)High-Waisted Shorts PEACH (Final Sale)

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Show off those gams in these stretchy shorts. The waistband of these shorts can be left up or folded down, and these shorts don't include any closures.

Model is wearing a small
All measurements are for a small
Length from waist to hem: 13"
Inseam: 1"
Waist: 21"
95% Polyester, 5% Rayon
Hand wash cold, hang dry
Made in USA
Final Sale

+ Questions & Answers

Questions about this item
None N asked: If I have a small waist but a big butt should I get a small or medium Want to know if they are stretchy or not
Rachel L: They are stretchy. However, i got a large i'm a size 8 with a big buttand they ride up a lot. my cheeks hang out. I was debating between a med and large, and i think if I got the med they might now ride up as much cuz they'd be tighter. so i say get a small.
C B: Depends on how much butt you want to hang out. But yes they are very stretchy
Darlyne C: Yes, they really stretchy. Just get it on your normal size.
J M: I also have a smaller waist and more of a bubble butt, I got a small and I think a medium would have been too big. These shorts are meant to be tight and they definitely are. Although, mine are incredibly short and show my butt so Im not sure if a medium would have fixed that problem while still fitting tight. When I first received mine I freaked out that they were to small but then tried them on and loved them! Just depends on if your comfortable with them being extremely short I think.
None N asked: If I'm a size 5 in jeans would a medium be recommended or a large ?
Stephanie S: I am a size 13 in jeans and I got a Large and they fit fine. They are very short and show a little cheek in the behind so if you don't want all that showing maybe a large would be good for you.
Arianna D: Medium!!
C B: Medium
Lakeshia C: A medium would be fine because I have a large now & their big on me
Tanesha B: I wear about a 12 and I ordered a medium
Rachel L: Medium.
I am a size 9 and wear a Large. They stretch. However my butt cheeks tend to hang out a bit. I do have a big booty though.
C B: Medium
S H: Maybe a small I'm a siZe 14 and I got a large and they fit so maybe a small
Shequana L: I think a medium should fit you fine
Angela G: I'm a size 5 and I got a medium. It fit but your cheeks hang out
Arrie S: I would go no bigger than a size medium.
tiffany j: A medium should be fine I bought a large and it fits kinda loose up top
stefanie c asked: I would like to order these shorts. I am 5 feet tall, and wear a size 6 in jeans.I have a rather large rump, and big thighs. What size would u suggest?
Emma M: I'm also pretty curvy down below, and I wouldn't recommend these shorts. The ride up really badly, unless you pull them down every time you take a step they end up showing half of your butt cheek. If you're fine with that, I'd say a size six since they're pretty stretchy.
Zullybeth Y: I the same.. I brought a small thinking they were going to be stretchy they run small. I would consider getting a med of large.
Natasha W: I am about an inch taller than you . I do have a big butt but my thighs aren't that big . The medium fit me pretty good . My cheeks were out a little bit but I really like the way they fit .
Jessica H: You might wanna get a large because they are kinda small and if you bend over too far people will see your butt lol
None N asked: Are these more like yoga shorts that can be rolled down or do they fit smooth at the waist like other high-waisted shorts?
maria c: smooth at the waist, really cute on!!!
Kiona R: They high-waisted folded shorts you can wear them up or down and these shorts run small...
Jamere W: They fit smooth
Louise K: it's more of a smooth fit, they are very comfortable. the material has a seersucker, yoga feel. I'm very happy with them.
Octavia G: I ordered these for a friend so i did not wear them, i do think that they were smooth at the waist.she had no problems keeping them up.
None N asked: If I'm a size 3 or 5 in jeans, what size should I get?
rolinda h: You should try a medium because I wear about the same size
Jessica W: I purchased my normal size L and they fit perfectly, also because they are super stretchy I feel I could've also gotten away with ordering a medium as well, hope that helps!
Darcel Y: Well I'm a size 6 and chose a medium... So if you are a size 3 a small will do!
Emily S: I am a 3 also, I bought a small and they fit but it's small on the butt area
None N asked: Does this pants let your ass cheeks show?
Quiana J: Yes ; a lil too much for me ; I still haven't worn them and i dont think i will ; tried them on and it exposed too much so .. Yea
shardai b: Nooo i wish lol they fit to your size if you have a nice butt it looks cute
Ariel T: They pants go up pretty high but nothing too unnecessary. The size I got fits perfect and doesn't let too much hang out.
Karen C: Yes
None N asked: What kind of material are they?
Katy W: Very soft cotton.
wolda G: i dont know
None N asked: Are the shoes worn on this products advertisement being sold yet?
GoJane S: We are currently sold out of the neon pink color for the requested shoes. However, here is the direct link for the item: BLACK, NEONYELLOW and WHITE are still available.
None N asked: How does these fit like I wear a 13 in pants should i get a large or a medium?
Christine C: Theyre tight its best to get a large I wear a medium and my cheeks were out lol
Tyler E: you should definitely order a large. i'm also a size 13 in pants and the larges fit perfectly :
Jessica W: I just bought these, I'm a 9/10 pant and grabbed a large, still run a little tighter than preferred also they're almost like hot pants bottom of my bum cheeks hang out slightly. So definitely not a medium.
Comments From people who chose this
Shervonder K chose this because: Sexy
Elizabeth D chose this because: needed pin up style shorts for a photo shoot
Kadora J chose this because: Thought it would look cute with crop top.
Lucero T chose this because: I was looking for a wicked cute pair of high waisted shorts to wear to several music festivals this summer.
Denny B chose this because: high waist
A P chose this because: cute for vacation
Darcel Y chose this because: Tummy control
Martha Y chose this because: muy lindo
Leticia W chose this because: Looks cute and comfortable.
Zullybeth Y chose this because: These run small. I had to wear tight under them
Hilary B chose this because: Using for Miley Cyrus Halloween costume
Melissa Y chose this because: Purchased these shorts to wear at a music festival. are cute and comfortable
E L chose this because: for halloween outfit
Zainab S chose this because: Love high-waist anything :-P
Anthony J chose this because: great fit!
Elizabeth D chose this because: halloween costume
phebe c chose this because: love them
Caitlin G chose this because: i needed them for a concert and thought they were the perfect material and the perfect neon colors.
Chada H chose this because: The latest trend !
Karen A chose this because: they are so cute
Tyler E chose this because: Shows off my curves!
Reneshia T chose this because: Because they'd look cute on me and show my nonexistent curves!
Empress W chose this because: Because I have long legs, and they would make them look longer!!!
Thomasine L chose this because: I needed some shorts to put on under this real short dress that I have and because these look like undershorts I thought they would fit perfect
Brandi B chose this because: very affordable
Erica S chose this because: cute & affordable .
Dawn R chose this because: My daughter has been searching everywhere for this style of shorts... you were the only one to have these... it's all about the style!
Myra C chose this because: In love with trend! Worried about fit, but fingers crossed!
Danielle F chose this because: I LIKE THEM. I WANT TO WEAR THEM:
Briana C chose this because: Because I'm going clubbing and I wanted to shake my rump and get out the dresses
Danielle G chose this because: I love and need some high waist so I felt as though these would do just the trick.
Brittney K chose this because: They're cute and I need clothes to go out in besides jeans and jean shorts
Brianna B chose this because: Have to be summertime fine ;
Sanchez F chose this because: cute
TRACI B chose this because: SEXY FOR WORK
Imani P chose this because: I'm going to college and will need clothes that are cute and flashy.
Carmen R chose this because: Uhm.. I think these shorts will flatter my figure.. we shall see.. *fingerscrossed*...
lacandra j chose this because: i choose these shorts b/c i love the way they flatter my body and latest thing in the fashion world also.
Everton H chose this because: My Daughter Likes
Arielle C chose this because: bought the black ones, and Loved them..the look is on point and they are super comfy...of course a girl needs a white pair
shalain g chose this because: i got a big booty and i love to show off my curves, i love high waisted bottoms
marqueta m chose this because: cute and a great price
Danisha G chose this because: they were cute
Heather M chose this because: Super cute, great price!
S H chose this because: trying it
nametha h chose this because: love the style
LaQuasia R chose this because: these show my butt a little but i guess thats ok. im 136 lbs 5'7 and normally wear a 3/5.
Samira C chose this because: CUTE
Shelby M chose this because: Because I did.
Carly M chose this because: These are a summer staple that I can use for many different outfits
eLYSE B chose this because: Good price
Octavia G chose this because: Love this shorts cute and simple
Jessica P chose this because: stretchy doesn't look uncomfortable. Pimps/Playas party here i come!
TANYA P chose this because: Super cute for the summer.
Tracey S chose this because: I've been looking for plain, black high waisted shorts and here they are!
Veneisha b chose this because: i been looking for high waist shorts and they are cheap
Angela G chose this because: I need to stop borrowing my room-mate's high waist shorts so I got my own
Jennifer I chose this because: appears to be comfy, lounge wear at its worst
Deniqua M chose this because: I'm Gonna Love These!!
Jamere W chose this because: Love high waist
M E chose this because: It's chic and sexy
Mari C chose this because: cheap
derione B chose this because: i love higwaisted things it fits my figure and help me look good and hide the love handles at the same time
Courtney M chose this because: love high waisted and price
jamiaherring" h chose this because: i love these shorts"

+ Reviews

High-Waisted Shorts
3 Stars based on 2 Review(s)
3 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Good for the price
July 31, 2013
These shorts are for casual wear around the house and near the beach or pool as a cover-up. They are extremely short, so I keep them under control by folding them down around my hips. I have the black, white, mint and red in size small, and they are all quite loose unfolded all the way on me. I read that the waist on this style was 21", so I thought they would fit better, since my measurements are 31-22-32. I am also surprised to see that the shorts are just as short on me as they are on the model shown online, since I am only 5'3".
Just way too short if you have long legs! Very cheeky!

Decatur, IL
3 Stars

Cute but bad fit
March 21, 2013
Theses shorts, are cute but they run way small (0-2), I wear a extra small, and I probably need a large for a comfortable fit.

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