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High-Waisted Acid Wash Jeans DKBLUEHigh-Waisted Acid Wash Jeans DKBLUEHigh-Waisted Acid Wash Jeans DKBLUEHigh-Waisted Acid Wash Jeans DKBLUEHigh-Waisted Acid Wash Jeans DKBLUE
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High-Waisted Acid Wash Jeans

now $$27.95
High-Waisted Acid Wash Jeans DKBLUEHigh-Waisted Acid Wash Jeans LTBLUE

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Not only will these stretchy, high-waisted jeans totally flatter your figure, but these acid wash jeans are majorly on trend. These jeans are finished with front faux pockets, open rear pockets, and a zipper and button closure. Wash may vary.

Model is wearing a small or size 3
All measurements are for a small
Length from waist to hem: 40"
Inseam: 34"
Waist: 24"
73% Cotton, 14% Rayon, 11% Polyester, 2% Lycra
Machine wash cold, hang dry
Made in USA

+ Questions & Answers

Questions about this item
nefertari h asked: 5'6 138lbs
what size do you recommend

Thanks in advance
felicia j: i really dnt wont to misguide u with out knowin the with of ur waist but il probably gom with a 10 if ur kinda thick in thighs and if ur waiste is not that small
T A: Size 8!! I love them and need another pair!
ANNETTE C: They're actually true to size. I wear a 10 & bought an 11. They fit perfectly! I'm 5'3"
veronica e asked: I really like these jeans but from reading the reviews I am afraid they wont fit right. I usually wear a size 1 but I am pretty petite. Will a size 1 fit and/or will they shrink?
Ciera M: I have worn mine once and washed once and they havent shrunk. I feel they are true to size. So if you are a 1 then get size 1
Patrinna G: I like them I wear a size 9 and that's what I ordered they stretch also
None N asked: How stretchy are these jeans?
Patrinna G: Very
Ciera M: Pretty good stretch
T A: Very stretchy
None N asked: I wear a size 4-6 depedning on the wash in American Eagle Outfitters high waisted denim- so what would my size in these pair be?
Patrinna G: They are the stretch material so you can get your actual size the only thing is that I thought they would be thicker jean material but they are thin
Kharmen P: These jeans run pretty true to size.
Anna A asked: I am 130, 5'5 and I have a 37in hip, 26.5in waist. I am in between a 5-9, which is a crazy range. What size should I get them and do these jeans stretch?
Kharmen P: Yes, these jeans stretch. I would get a size 9 if I were you.
Ciera M: Size 7
Dimitria W: We are about the same size although I'm shorter. I would get a size 7. Mines fit perfectly in that size, no gap or anything and yes, they do stretch.
L E: Hi Anna I weigh 125lbs n I'm 5'2 in height I I got a size 7 n I wish I gotten a size 5 b/c they kinda sag a little in the middle but waist the fit n all a little bit too long but nothing my heels couldn't fix n yes they do stretch i would say get a size 5 n my sister could wear them and she weighs a bout 20lbs more than me so this help
None N asked: I need help! I have 31 inch waist and 41 inch hips and I'm 5'2! Usually wear size 9/10/11 depends of the brand but never under 9 and'never above 11! what size should i get for this one\?
w M: Thank you all for your replies! I ordered size 9 and they fit perfectly! It still has a lil bit of extra room too!
Marie S: I would say get a size 13 just to be on the safe side. I had to go 2 size up. I wear a 12 /13 depends on the cut. I had to get a 15.
Kenya A: I'd say get the nine they stretch real good I'm an 8 and 9 feels great.
NaSheena G: Ummm I don't know what size my hips and waist are but I know in retail stores I wear a 9 but when I order from here a 7 fits me more comfortably and I don't have the extra space like I do in a nine but I prefer not to wear a belt either and a nine fits me legs and hips wise but it's gappy around the waist....so I hope this could be of help to you! They're really great pants!!
Cynthia H asked: I normally wear a size 7 will I need to get a smaller size or it's true to its size?
Roxie F: True size is good.
Nakiema W: It fits true to size. I'm normally a 0 or 1 and I purchased a size 1. They fit perfectly.
Shundrae P: Are you thick because if not get a size 6. I bought a 7 and they are a lil loose in the waste witout a belt. They stretch enough so that you have room. So I recommend a 6
Chandrall f: You can get them in a smaller size i wear a nine but bought a seven
chandra f: I purchased a size smaller just so they can fit all over. They are very stretchy though. A size smaller would fit just fine
Robin B: These are comfy jeans. You can probably order a sz down from your normal size because they run big. Great purchase!
None N asked: Are these jean true to size?
Patricia N: Yes
Tashaniyi B: They are cut kind of small, get one size larger.
Jamila H: They run kind of big
jamila c: Yes they are but they fit perfect I Love them but they are true to size
Star G asked: I am 117 lbs and my waist is around 29-30 inch I do have big thighs and a butt. I'm 4'11 to. What size should I get I'm real short so i'm scared these jeans will be to long.
monique b: Umm I can't tell you what size you need whatever size you usually wear in jeans only thing I can tell you is that they are true to size. So get your size...
Ariane T: Whatever jean size you are get them in that size because they do stretch. However, they do run pretty long, and the waist may fall down a bit once the jeans get used to your shape. Hope this helped.
Courtney J: I think they will be kind of long either way because you are really short. But I have large thighs, a butt, & my waist is 29 as well. I ordered these in a 9 and they fit. They are very form fitting, almost like jeggings. However I think an 11 would have fit me too. I suggest going for whatever size you normally wear. I was skeptical when ordering these too. Good luck!
None N asked: i forgot to mention im a size 8 in australian sized jeans, and im 154cm... im still confused on which size to get as i dont knoww the conversion well. thes are my measurements .
waist 27.5 inches
inseam 27.5 inches
hips 31 inches
can anyone recommend me a suitable size
HELP as i love these to death
GoJane S: All sizes on GoJane.com are US sizes. You can reference our size chart here for sizing guidelines: http://www.gojane.com/about-us.html#size-section
Gabriella C: I have a 27 in waist and 34 in bum and the size 3 was quite snug and the size five were a bit roomy in the waist. I would recommend the 3
Alaysia T asked: I wear a size 32 in jeans what size should I purchase?
Fabiana D: size 11 - 13 will be good . remember the jeans have stretch to them. so you will eventually break into them the more you wear it. i wear size 11 and they fit perfect .
Shandorean J: .i wear a 28 && i purchased a size 7.... They're stretchy but fit perfect
Talpha H: You should get an 11, these jeans have a lot of stretch.
Dairius F: These jeans r truly high waist so if u r going to order them b more concerned about the butt area if u have a big butt order a size up which is what I did I ordered a 13 the waiste fits right because theyre stretchy don't b concerned with that it's only a concern if your stomach is big lol
None N asked: im normally a size 8 in jeans and im about 154 cm tall what size should i get?
Fabiana D: 9
Kalaya S: I'm not sure about height, but size most deff get an 9... I'm 5'6 1/2 142lbs I wear size 9.....
tatiana o: you should be fine with a size 8. i got my regular size and was fine. they are very stretchy too!
Abigail S asked: After reading reviews, I am totally torn on what size to get in these jeans. I have another pair of high waisted jeans from gojane in a 5 but they definitely stretch out. If I'm normally between a 4-6 in jeans, should I get the 3 or 5 WIll I suffocate in the 3 PLEASE HELP. I have a small waist and moderate booty!
Fabiana D: a 5 , trust me, they will fit just fine .
Kalaya S: Size 5
Diane R: These jeans are stretch and I think a 5 would be fine if that's what u normally order. I got them in a 5 which is what I normally order and they are perfect.
Nataly C asked: Hey I'm 5'5 and my waist is around 27 and hips are about 32-35. I usually get size 4 or 5 in jeans. Which size should I get I don't want it to be too lose on my waist. Thanks ?
monique b: These are kinda tight fitting so I say go with the 5 because they are really SKINNY and fit
Glynneisha P: I don't know if my size was mismarked or if they were cut wrong but they don't fit me well.I ordered the size I bought before which was a 9 in the distressed high waist but this pair fits saggy in the crotch but too tight in the thighs
Yolanda F: They fit pretty snug as they are stretchy so if I was you I would get a 5.
Patrcia C asked: Hi everyone, i still cant understand well this size chat so ihope you guys can help me!!! i have 107 lb, my waist is 27inch and my hips is 34 inch. so what size should i get 1 or 3 ?
Fabiana D: hey i purchased these jeans and they are very stretchy.but it depends what size you wear more. which ever size is good, trust me you will break into them after your 1st wear.
Talpha H: You can get away with a 1. These jeans have a lot of stretch.
Erica T: The jeans are true to size. Get the size u would normally get
Fanta w: Whatever size you normally buy! If you have a petite bottom then a size smaller because they stretch
Janet a: Get a 1. It should fit like a glove
None N asked: I am 4'11 and I was wondering if I should get the size 1. because most of the time it depends on the jeans IDK what to get?
Ariane T: If that is the usual size that you wear, then yes get that size. Gojane sells jeans that are true to size so you should have no problem with your original size
Karen B: yes get a size one, they are really stretchy! so they will cling and make them shorter... I'm 5'0 and have to fold them over...
ashley b: Jeans are stretchy, a size 1 should be great!
Ngozi O: The fit is pretty much the size u are. I am a size 11 and was scared the jeans would run small,but fortunately, they were a great fit and I really am looking forward to wearing them.
Andrea A asked: hi im 5'10 my waist is 29", my hips are 35" and i usually wear an inseam of 36" comfortably. i really love the jeans here and am scared that i wont be able to find some that fit me nice and tight. i was wondering what size i should try to get please help I'm in love with these jeans
KEYONDA P: These high waisted jeans are deceiving because the material is not really jean and are very thin and stretchy. If it's cold outside you would feel like you do not have on any pants at all. So they will fit tight because they aren't really jeans. Also I purchased an 11 and could have purchased a size smaller because they are almost like leggings. Hope this helps.
None N asked: I'm 5'9 my waist is 29", my hips are at 35", and i usually fit in jeans comfortably at a 36" inseam. its pretty much impossible to find jeans at all . would these high waisted jeans fit me at all and if so what size should i get please help i love the jeans here
KEYONDA P: It seems like you are really small. The material of these jeans are barely even jean and are more stretch than they are jean. This jeans are very very thin so I think they would fit anyone because they aren't really jean. But other than that I purchased a size 11 but because of the material feel that I could have purchased a size down because they get loose as soon as you walk in them. Hope this helps.
Kaia P: Yes they would get your regular size if you wear a 29" then get 29"
None N asked: I wear size 14 in regular women...what size should I order for this jeans..normally I get 15 in juniors. Does the jeans really stretch?
Whitney G: 15 stretched quite well I am the same size with hips and booty!
Ariane T: Yes these jeans are true to size. Whatever your fit is in jeans, you can purchase the same for these as well. They do stretch also, but when you put them on, and the jeans form to your shape, if you have a small waist you will have to pull them up from time to time but not bad though. Also they do run long, I am 5'5 and they were a bit long but I like the layered look at the leg. I hope this helped
Janet a: I'm confident that a 15 would fit on you well. And I would dare a 13 would fit perfectly as well. I'm normally a size 3 in jeans but at the time of order they ran out for me so I took a chance and ordered a 1 and it fits like a glove, perfectly. Hope this helps! Xx
Latisha P: I would say get a size 15 if that's what you usually get it juniors but they are really stretchy so I think that whether you get the 14 or 15 they will fix fine.
Becky G asked: is the material so thin that it stretches in an unflattering way and I'm worried they are very white a everyone is saying, how light are they I want the blue to be there
CEOLA R: True to size, great fit. I ordered the dark blue jeans and they look just like the image on the computer. The light blue jeans image on the computer looks like too much white.
monique b: There light acid washed jeans if you don't want light ones you should of cousr get the blue color and no mine fit perfectly they stretch to shape I love them
Diane R: I got them in dark blue and they are blue. They look exactly like the photo. The stretch isn't unflattering.
Carla M: The material is pretty thin and stretches but they fit perfectly. They're pretty light colored so if you are looking for a darker color you should probably get another one. But they are very pretty, they're my favorite jeans!
None N asked: I'm 5'11. Are these jeans going to fit in length in a size 11?
Rena O: Yes I'm 5'10 n I love the length on these
Glynneisha P: These jeans fit really tight. They were not true to size when compared to the other pair. I bought the high waisted distressed pair and those fit perfectly true to size.
Demetria S: Yes
Naisha H: Well they fit at about ankle length, I consider them to be quite long. I'm 5'11 as well and the length is good for me!
None N asked: are the jeans true to size, or do they fit small?
Roosevelt H: They're true to size.
shakeria s: I usually wear a size 13 in jeans but I have big thighs so I had to get a size 15. It really depends in my opinion.
adela v: They fit pretty true to size. They are pretty stretchy so if you're off a little it shouldn't be an issue esp if you're on the small to medium size. If you're a large it epends on how snug you want them...
shantay b: Very true to size
shykita h: No they run big go down a size
None N asked: Does it go over your belly button without giving you "camel-toe" lol....?
Karen B: Yea u can hardly even notice lol
jesscia P: They fit great! I didn't have an issue with camel-toe.
Ariane T: the jeans are true to size.. I am 5'5 and wear a size nine. I do have a small waist so I do have to pull them up occasionally. As far as the crotch area , no they do not give you a camel -toe. They are quite comfortable and fit your body. A camel toe is the least of your worries when it comes to these jeans. I love these jeans and I hope you will also, hope this helped.
Tia L: Lol, yes.
Whitney G: No camel toe but they do fit quite snug.
Latisha P: Yes they fix great!
Kalaya S: Yes Mam!
Janet a: Lol funny question. But I'm pleased to say that none of the high waisted jeans I've bought on Gojane give me camel toe, even with the jeans pulled over the belly button area. That's a good question because I've never noticed until now how good of a quality that is.
Kahya C asked: my waist is a 25-26 at most and my hips are a 33'-34' at most and in 5'4. I want these to be fitted... should i get a size 1 or 3?
Chyna H: Girl get a 5. They'll shrink & every pair doesn't stretch
Jamie M: Yes! You can go down a size, I wish I would have I bought two pair one in black one in the light wash, the black are tight enough but the light ones fit kind of loose around the waist so I would say yes go a size down there really stretchy so they should fit perfect I love em' !!!
Gabriella C: Im about a size 4 and i prefered the size 5 over 3! So i would buy the size up!
Linesha B: Thank u
Kaia P: Wear your true size
Alexis S: Nope get your size or a 9
Linesha B: so If I get a size 8 they will fit perfect right I ask because I'm a type of female loves to show my nice shape
Alexis S: The 8 will fit nice & right!!!! :
Linesha B: Thank you sooooo much \?
None N asked: Are these stretchy Im thick and i need them to fit over my thighs and butt.. i have a small waste and im short 5"3 so want to know before i buy
Ashley J: Yes they're stretchy. I got regular in pants n they fit. Im about the same height n the only down fall is they are lil long bt I jus cuff mine under..hope this helps!
Brinisha D: yea im short also they stretch and fit just right !
shakeria s: I am the exact same way and yes they hug your thighs and will define your shape and they stretch!
Whitney G: Yes they are very stretchy. I have the size 15 cuz im 5"8 and I have a big butt and thighs and a small waist and they fit very snug.
K I: These jeans are stretchy, now I'm wide and about 5"1 1/2 140lbs and ordered a 7 they fit tight.
Kirah T asked: Have either of these colors ever been sold in a size 15\ Which color is most popular?
Kennedi H: I love this wash, I ord'd the high-waisted skirt in this wash.
mellissa b: dark ble acid wash
shakeria s: Yes I have these in a 15 and I have the dark blue
GoJane S: If a size or color is not available on our site it is currently sold out. We do receive restocks daily, so keep checking back!
Mariah M asked: I usually wear a size 3 or 5 depending on the manufacturer, usually 5, anyways I would to get these but they only have a size 7 left. Which that be too big HELP!
Brittany H: No because I bought a 7 and I usually wear a 5.. Fits perfectly I was glad I bought a dice up
Ashley B: No they run true to size so I think size 7 would be too big for you
Samantha W: I also wear a 3 or 5. But I bought the 5 in these and they fit perfect. So the 7 will be too big.
shakeria s: I usually wear a size 13 in jeans but I had to get a size 15 in these jeans because I'm guessing they run big. BUT because you're more average I would think that the pants would be true to your size. I would wait until they restock on a 3 or 5 to try but I believe a 7 might be too big. BUT also to be honest it really all depends once you try them on because they don't provide as many details as they should. I got mine size 13 and had to send them back for a 15 because my thighs a bigger than my waist. I suggest wait for 3 or 5 if you really want them try the 7 and return if they don't fit which is no extra cost. But shipping may take a minute so that's the frustrating part. Hope this helped you!
Alisha F: I don't think the 7 will be to big because I wear a 11 but I got my pants in a 13 because the waist part of the pants is smaller than regular jenas
Chiquita F: Yes, that would be to big for you. The jeans do run big so either or 3 or a 5 depending on your waist.
Angela D: That would probably be too big. Also the pants are a lot lighter that they look in the picture, at least the ones I got were basically just white pants :
None N asked: stretch ?
Kayla G: Yea a little
Darnice T: Yes they stretch
Andrea E: Super stretchy like leggings
shykita h: Yes! Go down a size also
None N asked: does the pants fit true to size i can wear some 15s and some i cant fit
MELANIE B: I would go a size down. I ordered my regular size 9 in light wash, and they are stretch, but they start to get loose throughout the day. I love the jeans, so I am going to have them taken in. I later ordered the dark wash in a size 7, and they fit good!
Alexis A: I normally wear a size 11 but I went down a size for these pants and they fit perfectly. These pants are stretchy so you should be able to go down a size of whatever is your true size.
KEYONDA P: It is hard to say if these jeans fit true to size because of the high-waist and their ability to lossen up while your wearing them. I brought a size 11 and that is my true size and they fit fine. One thing you have to remember when buying high-waisted jeans is the fact that they are not like low-waisted jeans that you button and have to worry about your hips fitting them. Because they are high and come up close to your bra line you only have to worry about buttoning them around the smaller part of your stomach. But beware because if you have a lil stomach these jeans can actually make it look bigger. Hope I could help:
Tamieka r: I would get a size down....like I got a size 13 but they didnt fit quite right
kesha m: The pants are true to size....however the material is not a jean material its very stretchy so I say go a size down to get the perfect fit. Hope this helps.
None N asked: What brand makes this jean Are they made by Vibrant?
GoJane S: GoJane sells merchandise from many different manufacturers. Unfortunately, our system does not show the brand names. Any information we do have on the item is listed under the item description.
None N asked: How do ichange the size of my jeans i just ordered?
GoJane S: Generally we are not able to adjust orders once in processing, however please contact us directly via telephone, LiveChat or email and we will do our best to assist you! Our phone number is 818-581-4652 and we are open Monday - Friday, 9 am - 4 pm PST. You can also contact us on the website via chat Monday - Friday, 9 am - 5 pm PST, or by email at service@gojane.com.
bria b asked: I am a 148 pounds and Idk if I should get the 5 or 7.. what do y'all suggest I have a behind and a larger waist. do these fit tight?
Gabriella C: Im about 130 and I bought a 3 and they are a little tight! I would have preferred a size 5!
Fanta w: There stretch jeans so buy them in your normal size they will fit.
Whitney G: Yes they fit quite snug and those are not real pockets by the way on the front. I have a bigg butt and small waist so give ur booty some room to breathe! Hope this helps!
Kathryn R: I would go with a 7, they're very tight with little stretch, one of my favorites though!
michelle m asked: are the pants true to size I bought some from another store and I wear an 11 but the 9 fit better . I guess bc of the spandex .. has anyone said they could wear a size smaller?
Tosin O: Definitely go a size up from your normal size. these run extremely small.
Courtney J: These are pretty much true to size. I ordered these in a 9, which is what size I usually wear and they fit fine. They kind of fit like leggings/jeggings because they are so stretchy. However I do own a pair of size 11 pants and I think a size 11 in these would have fit fine also.
Alexis S: Get your original size
tierra w: Yes u could get away with one size smaller they are very stretchy and form fitting but FYI these jeans are very very light they are not like the pic as as color the pic looks more blue my jeans look closer to white with a lil blue but there still cute none the less im a 9 and I could have did a 7
K I: Hi, these jeans are semi stretch material but I bought the size I normally wear. If you order a size that's not satisfying you could always return them.
Kalaya S: Yes Mam Go With The 9 I wear 9/11 The 9 Fits Real Nice, and Comfortable
Yolanda F: I don't think I could wear a smaller size. It would be too tight. I got a size 15 because I'm thicker than most lol. I absolutely love these jeans!
Judanny M asked: Are they actually jeans or spandex Is it jeans in material because I ordered something similar last week and the high waist "jeans" were spandex and very hard to put on even though it was in my size. Thanks in advance <3
Rosemond A: they are actual jeans, with a bit of stretch, love how fit, fit like a glove and really extenuate my curves
Sidmekia B: these are actual jeans
katrice a: Well this item is the exact same... I ordered my size and they still did not fit
Kaia P: They are actually jeans not spandex. But do have spandex material so try wont be so stiff. But they are jeans
None N asked: so i wanted to buy these and i usually wear a size 13. would i need to get the 15 or just get the 13 instead or should i get maybe a 11 Im 5,5 and have thick thighs.
Kara A: Get a 11 or 13, the jeans tends to get a little loose through out the day.
chan w: Get your normal size. There true to their size.
Kierra M: Yes, i would go up a size thats what i did. Usually i wear a 9 0r 10. So I ordered a size 11and they fit perfect!
Delachade E: Get the 13. Since its high waist it'll come up on your stomach . So your normal size will be perfect
None N asked: if I wear a size 12 in women's what size should I get in these jeans?
K M: Get a size 13 but if you have hips and butt get a 15 these are more like denim jeggins and they stretch
Tamieka r: I wore a size 12 in women's at the time I bought tgem and I got a size 13...they fit well but I wish I could see how the size 11 fit
Whitney G: If you have a big butt and thighs 15 if you are less curvy 13 :-
Whitney G: If you have a big butt and thighs 15 if you are less curvy 13 :-
Colleen O: For a more snug fit get an 11, but to be safe get the 13. It is stretchy material so it hugs your body
Naisha H: I would get an 11, they have a lot of stretch too
Tamieka r: I wore a size 12 in women's at the time I bought tgem and I got a size 13...they fit well but I wish I could see how the size 11 fit
Alexis S: A size 13
Ariane T: A large
Kathryn R: These jeans are very tight, I usually wear a 9 and got a 9, but they're painted on! I would go up a size if you like a looser fit.
shykita h: Go down a size in these jeans! I wear a 13 but I got an 11 & they fit perfect
None N asked: My waist is 34" and hips is 26". What size should I get. Btw I'm 110 lbs?
Kaia P: Try a 7, what size do you usually wear will be just right for these jeans
candace s asked: im a 29 in the waist and 31 in ther hips what size should i get?
Chinwe N: mmmmmm probably 11 because I am around the same waist and hip size as ypu
Lechit T: Medium
Sydnei W: I mean lol like a 7 or 9
Sydnei W: A 30
Kendreia J: 5
None N asked: Will these jeans fit me in length. I am 5'7" and a half . and will they cover my belly button i really want them for back to school.
Chinwe N: Yes definitely, I am 5'6 so you will have no problem.
Brandy B: It will cover your belly button. Its about 2 inches past mine and I'm 5''6'
Farrin D: I'm 5'3 and they go over my belly button but I dont know if they will for you. You can definitely tell they are high waisted. They fit me perfectly. So comfortable, probably my favorite pair of jeans.
Shaquendes D: Yes they will I'm 5'8 & their still a great length on me, & yes they also come over your belly button
janae d asked: do these jeans fit strechy?
Chinwe N: Sorta of stretchy but not like there other high waisted jeans. Just purchase your true jean size and spandex will come along with the jeans.
Jaunda B: Yes
Caressa P: Yes!
Colleen O: yes they do fit strechy. Kinda like jeggings but they are still jeans. :
Mia C asked: The last skinny high waisted jeans i bought suffocated my calves and ankles...do these run tiny in the leg?
Courtney O: I actually brought these jeans and wish I would have gotten a smaller size . But no these jeans are actually comfortable and donor run tiny in the leg .
Julissa H: No they fit perfectly!
Ciera M: They should not as they do fit true to size. They arent to tiny in the leg in my opinion. Although if you have large calves you may want to go a size up but they are very elastic and will stretch
Whitney G: They fit skinny but are very comfortable and stretch well. Im a size 15
Naisha H: No they aren't tiny in my opinion
Darnice T: I have small legs but they are tiny on the legs
Colleen O: i have abbig bottom so it was kinda hard for me to get that in these jeans lol. But if you are okay with squeezing get your size if not get a size up
None N asked: whats a uk size10/12 in america sizes.. i dont no what size to get in these jeans?
Brianna J asked: I'm usually a size 14. my waist is 34 1/2 inches. would a 15 fit?
Marie S: I am a 12 n got a 13 n was too tight so I went up to a 15 ... I am very hippy so I would say give it a try n get the 15 .
Keirra B: Yes
sara p asked: i'm a size 3 and 5'11" do you think these will fit?
Anesia F: Yes just go up a size
Sade M: Hey,

Yes I'm also 5"11 and the length is great, they do run a little small so I bought a size up. Hope this helped ;
Diamond F: Sure. I would focus on body type also. A lot of people can't pull off the "high waisted denim look". But I would definitely go for it. You have long legs also, so that's a plus!
Samantha M: They would probably fit in the waist, but far as length they are going to be too short. I'm a 4'10" and a size 3, and my pants fit perfect
Shaneice A: Yes, the fit is perfect.
Melody C: Imma size 1 And 5'3 so i'm short the high-waisted jeans are pretty long so yea I'm sure they'll fit you well.
sara p asked: i'm 5'10" and all legs. do you think these will be long enough?
Colleen O: yes i do believe they will be long enough for you
Ariane T: Yes, they are not only true to size, they are also long. l'm average height but have strong calves, so if they fit great for me they Will be wonderful for you
katrice a: No
brianna m asked: My waist is a 31 my hips are a 36 what size should I get?
nakita S: I would suggest a size 8 because I am a 27 waist and I got a size 5. I love them.
GoJane S: You can reference our size chart here for sizing guidelines: http://www.gojane.com/about-us.html#size-section
None N asked: Fit?
Marly P: They fit great! It really accentuates your curves!
Tiara S: These jeans fit perferctly and hug your body to show off curves
Yasmin A: It's pretty much true to size. My waist is super tiny and the "Small" fit me :
Dana N: they feel like jeggings...true the the size
Shala D: They fit true to size and they make your butt look great. ..they have a little stretch to them as well
Mia W asked: Can I wear these with a belt Are the belt loops real or faux?
lenecia a: Yes a belt can be worn with them...I think a belt bring the jeans out!
celethia j: Yes you can wear them with a belt & the loops are real
celethia j: Yes you can wear them with a belt & the loops are real
Fabiana D: yes the loops are real &Yes a braided belt or the really skinny ones go well with these jeans.
Tamieka r: Yes you can wear them with a belt
Darnice T: Yes you can wear a belt with them
MELANIE B: The belt loops are real
debrah s: Yes the belt loops are real although they are a bit small in size. I bought these jeans a couple of months back and you will love them!
Rhonda M: Yes you can wear skinny belt with these pants. The belt loops are real.
Miaarka L: Yes you can wear a belt.
Kara A: Yes, you can wear a belt with these the loops are real.
Mia W asked: I wear a 10/11, would a size nine be to tight or loose seeing as they are stretchy?
crystal D: It would more be tight than loose it barely stretches
Sydnei W: Probably but not really I wear a 5 but I got a 3 they fit but they're a little tight if you like your jeans perfect and not super tight I suggest you stick with the 10/11 but the 9 would fit too
Fabiana D: go with 11 for a more better fit.
crystal D: It would more be tight than loose it barely stretches
Aliyha C asked: Is there anyway to get a longer inseam I'm a size 5 and I'm 5'11 and I love these jeans
Janet a: I'm not too sure about a longer inseam, but a size 5 should be okay for your height. I'm usually a size 3, but I ordered mine in a size 1 because at the time, that's what was left. And I'm 5"8, and it came out perfecttttt. Just give it a try.
None N asked: what size should i order my jeans if my waist is 35 inches\?
Shanee E: Get the 13 mine is a 30 n the 11 fit could have prob did the 9 but my butt would prob get smash
Kalaya S: Medium
None N asked: Are these jeans true to color my sister i.n law ordered and said they were very very light blue and nit true to cor at all!!! anyone find this to be true?
Sandra V: these jeans are true to color, if anything a bit lighter. but essentially when i first got it in the mail i wasnt surprised whatsoever. i'd say it looks exactly like the picture. only thing is that its very thin and not jean material, so beware that it hugs your curves very tightly. Comfortable non the less!
Aleah L: I do find this to be true. They are very light, a little lighter than the picture - pretty much white with very light blue blotches throughout. However, they are VERY cute and I love them!! Though they were a little lighter than expected, I don't regret my purchase at all.
Kara m: Yes very true to color. Just be mindful of the size you purchase the denim is very stretchy.
trinidad m: Yes they are
Jasmine A: Yes
Kaitlyn F: I ordered the light blue ones too and thought they were very true to color.i wear them often and they haven't faded or shrank.I love these Jeans!
Camille S: Yeah they are sure to color they look like a denim acid washed jean and they make your bottom look nice lol
None N asked: Do these jeans cover your belly button I'm 5'1, looking for high waist denim jeans that go above my belly button.
Colleen O: yes they really do. very high waisted
Giovanni A: yes , I am 5"0 and the go above my bellybutton , im sure they'll fit just right for you
nicky d: Yes it covers the belly bottom
Delachade E: I'm 5'2 and they cover mine perfectly !
Troy H: Yes
Teela R: Yes they do... I am 5'5 and they cover my belly button!!! I am also all legs!!!
Alexis S: They stop below it not so much over it
niema t: Yes!!! The have spandex material and they compliment your rear end! #BuyThem
Lashundra L: Yes.
Aleah L asked: My size is about a 10, but I wear an 11 in most jeans. my waist is 28 in., my hips are 39 in., & I have thick thighs. What size should I get Thank you.
Chenise J: They are stretchy and true to size
Fatima a: get an 11 the fit pretty snug but in a good way i hope this helps
adela v: I would go with 11! I like this style pant on the tighter side....hopefully this helps! I love them..so I hope you do too!
Kaia P: I wear a size 9 in most pants but some pants I can fit a 7 so for these pants I got a 7 and they fit perfectly so I think you should get a 10. They didn't fit to tight either, but they did fit comfortable!
Princess H: A 9 i wear mostly 13 and i bought an 11 and even they weren't as snug as i would have liked.
Christian B: 13..... I normally wear a 13 I went up to a size 15 that worked great for me!
nykeitha m: I would go with your normal jean size they have great stretch but are a thick material and less of a jegging material
A'juna W: My size is 11-13 I have thick thighs as well dont buy a size too big, if you wear a size 11 perhaps you should buy the size 11 due to the stretchy material or buy a size 12 for they won't be too tight.....I hope this helps.
K H: Hello. These have a lot of stretch. I purchased a 13 and I normally have to wear a 17. They are a great fit around the waist.
None N asked: im usually a 9/10 29 waist 42 hip would the 11 be fine?
Karis B: Yes ma'am these jeans are pretty true to size. And they stretch really good.
Tyanna D: Yes
ANIKA B: Just wanna say love there high wasted jeans!!! But to answer ur \ I think a 11 will fit just fine if ur not looking for the super tight look.
Princess H: No they will be to big
Christian B: Yes... 11 will fit u perfectly!!!
Ashley M: Yes, I have the same measurements and an 11 fit perfectly.
Bre C asked: When will more sizes be available?
GoJane S: We do not know in advance if a size will be restocked. However, we do restock and receive hundreds of new items every week, so we may get something similar soon. Keep checking back!
None N asked: stretch ?
Mayra R: Yes ! I'm usually a 14 in regular jeans . I ordered these in a 9 and they fit perfectly.
chan w: yes, these jeans are stretch.
Emily K: Yes they stretch
Troy H: Yes, but if you have a butt and a little tummy you should go up a size. I ordered a size 5 and I have a butt my stomach is flat and I weigh 139, my friend has a butt and a bit of a tummy but she wears 135 and she orders a seven. Good luck I love there jeans.
Coreyona R: Yes, they do stretch.
Amani B asked: What size should I get in these high waisted jeans, because I typically wear a size 11 in regular jeans, but my waist is smaller... so what size should I order?
Ciera M: You should order according to your hip size so i would get the 11. The waist will still fit perfectly. I wear a 9 usually and and i have a tiny waist also but the 9 still fit me perfectly in the waist...hope this helps
Karis B: These jeans are pretty true to size and the stretch really good. I usually wear a size 9 in jeans. I ordered these in a 9 and they fit perfectly. I got alot of compliments too :
Vanessa W: Well these jeans are true to size. I'm a size 0 or 1 and I ordered a 1 and it fits great. They're a tad bit stretchy also. Hope that helps
None N asked: do you have any size 3?
GoJane S: If a size or color is not available on our site it is currently sold out. We do receive restocks daily, so keep checking back!
None N asked: Does these jeans shrink when you wash them?
Ciera M: They are a quality jean so prob wont shrink...but i take mine to cleaners and they havent shrunk...hope this helps but if i were you i would hang dry and not use dryer
K M: Just wash them in cold water & let them air dry thats how I do mine.....
PHALON N: I personally haven'd washed them yet but I don't think they going to shrink.. they have 73% cotton, 14% Polyester, 11% Spandex
They really feel and seem stretchy, I think they might be a little tight at first after you washed them but probably become a little bit lose after you wore them a little while.
If it helps: I am 5'7, 130 pounds and the size 5 fits perfect.
None N asked: I wear a 7:8 in jeans but they only have a 7 and 9 which size should i get?
Ciera M: I would go with 7 as they do have a little spandex and can stretch but if you are really hippy get the 9 because if not the waist wont go up as high if you dont get a size up
Jymailyn S: Or wait until they restock them..
Jymailyn S: 9
Nia S: 7
None N asked: I am 5'9 will this be too short for me?
Colleen O: size is definately important
Alexis C: Hi, although I'm only 5'2 these jeans fit perfectly for me.true to size
Delachade E: It depends on what size you get . If you get a size that's equivalent to your height then you'll be fine
elianys a: No the pants are actually long and since you're 5'9 it should be great on you I love my pair
crystal D: No they will fit very well
Brittany S: Not noticeably short
Jessica M: no i think they will be fine i am the total oppisite.. i am 4'11 and they are a little long on me. but still look great :
Alexis S: Nope I'm 5'7 they fit well length wise
None N asked: How tall is the model I am tall and want to make sure they will not be too short.
GoJane S: Our models range in height from 5
None N asked: is it a small fit?
Ciera M: They fit like a glove and are true to size! So order the size you typically wear in jeans...hope this helps
Jymailyn S: They stretch so the are kind of form fitting.
Shanice S: Not too much I wear a size 7 and they fit but not too snug. I thought about exchanging for a 5 but I can deal with 7
None N asked: I wear a size 3 or 5...do you have these pants in that size?
GoJane S: We cannot guarantee when an item will be restocked. We do restock and receive hundreds of new items every week, so we may get something similar soon. Keep checking back!
None N asked: Hi, I'm 5'5 will these be to long for me, description says the inseam is 34 inches Thanks
Jymailyn S: Yeeaah I think they will. But you could always put a cool cuff in them to make them have a different look.
Denise N: No it will not be to long.... I'm 5"2 and it was a little long but for u it will be just right
Tara T: I'm 5'4, they were a bit long, nothing too dramatic, but they fit awesomely so it was so worth it!
Shanice S: No, I'm 5'3 and a half and the length is fine
jasmine h asked: Is this product true to size or do I need to go up two sizes ?
Ciera M: True to size plus they have a little elasticity and will stretch
Jymailyn S: It depends on whether or not you prefer to have your jeans form fitting, if not then you should go up at least one size.
Alexis S: One size up
Nia S: Yes it is mine fit perfect and they stretch
Jessica G asked: do these go above the belly button i am 5'4
Nia S: Yeah girl !
Emily K: I'm 5'2 they come to my belly button
Sasha S: I believed they should be right below the belly button. But also can be worn as high as needed,
Najawa S asked: are these junior sizes or adults?
GoJane S: All sizes on Go Jane are juniors sizing.
Shanice S: Junior sizes
Comments From people who chose this
Pauline J chose this because: I really love it
Alexandria C chose this because: So cute
kiara f chose this because: great
Lynice G chose this because: Im 5'8 and the length is long enough
AnneMarie P chose this because: Love the high waisted jeans on this site. Got this one as a present for a friend.
Steve C chose this because: Love the style
LATOR G chose this because: i need the blue in this
Stefanie C chose this because: I wanted high waisted acid wash jeans in this color and no other site had them without rips
Jacqueline G chose this because: cute and stylish
Mary W chose this because: I love high waisted Jeans in this color..
T A chose this because: HIGH WAIST
Katie G chose this because: Form fitting and easy to dress-up
DAISY D chose this because: The color is fabulous!
Kristin M chose this because: in style
Schnell W chose this because: Sexy and almost fit like a legging.
alana c chose this because: trying new style of jeans
Chanel A chose this because: I like the style.
Roxie F chose this because: sexy jeans.
Kayla R chose this because: Really cute!
Karen C chose this because: color and fit
MONI W chose this because: I choose them because of 1the style high waistedhelps slim your look and accent your curves,2acid wash having a throwback 90's party; and 3 reviews were great!
felicia j chose this because: Because Their Awesome Duh!!!!
Makeba J chose this because: These were my first choice. The first order was incorrect.
Kelsey G chose this because: basic go-to jeans
Crystal C chose this because: Neede a black high waist pants
Demetria C chose this because: My sister has them and they are pretty darn sexy
Nikki T chose this because: yes
Heidi R chose this because: Just what I was looking for and the price was right!
cristina a chose this because: been looking for these
L I chose this because: very good quality jean, got them in 3 different colors ! true to size.
tiffany b chose this because: they look so nice on people i had to get some.
Tera M chose this because: Gift to my sister she love them they look nice on her
Antoniese B chose this because: I love these jeans. I am a 42 for my butt and hips. It is hard to find a jean to fit me, these have been right on!
Teresa C chose this because: Been dying for these
Brielle P chose this because: They reminded me of 90's fashion.
Phylicia J chose this because: I already bought a pair! Very nice fit! I just wanted a different look.
tyanna c chose this because: cute
callie m chose this because: new look in and i love them
Angela G chose this because: already have 3 high waisted jeans from this site. Love them
Ashanti R chose this because: I love how high waist jeans act as a waist cincher
Patrina S chose this because: I love the look and the length is perfect because I am tall.
kwajalyn j chose this because: i have heard lots of good things about these jeans, and they look great on people.
Rukayat S chose this because: concert
Nikia B chose this because: Because I've been looking everywhere for them and finally found em that was actually in my size
September G chose this because: I'll look phenomenal in these!
Jennifer S chose this because: I'm 5'8 and it's very hard to find jeans with a long enough inseam. These jeans have a great look and also are a good price, especially compared to other places.
Samantha G chose this because: I chose this item, because its very beautiful.
Maria O chose this because: Looks good, great for a night out
Debrah R chose this because: My niece did in Trinidad & Tobago, she saw it online and asked me to order it for her which I did.
Conchetta P chose this because: i dont have any highwaisted jeans and they were having a sale and i know gojane has good quality clothes
krista w chose this because: Stylish, love high waist
Mary K chose this because: My cousin purchased them and said they are true to size and they were so cute on her!
Calandria C chose this because: I ADORE THESE PANTS! SUCH A GREAT FIT!
Patricia N chose this because: Perfect jeans, perfect fit and price is great!
Deborah M chose this because: Cute
Kimberly T chose this because: I like the highwaist
Rola H chose this because: I love the high waist and the colour
great addition to my closet!
Tayla P chose this because: I like this style of jeans
Kahpri C chose this because: I love high wasted jeans
Monique E chose this because: I have looking for these pants in black and I finally found them... Hope they fit good
ola u chose this because: It was cute!
Shirley K chose this because: They are cute comfortable and fit nicely..!!
Monica C chose this because: I have been looking for these types of jeans everywhere and have been all sold out so when I went to this site I couldn't pass it up. I had to get them
nakita S chose this because: Sexy love the trend
mirna f chose this because: for a my sister
Shameika C chose this because: Cute
good reviews
Bryonna W chose this because: I needed a pair f high-waisted jeans.
Margaret F chose this because: Wanted to try something new!!!!
Kady S chose this because: they looked amazing to go with my crop tops!!!
Sean G chose this because: I love these acid washed high waist jeans!

Great price compared to another popular brand that charged $78.00 per pair.

I saved with the 30% coupon and got two for the price of one.

Cant beat that!
Vanessa T chose this because: I love the color choices
Andriana C chose this because: Because they were hot
Dixie-Ann C chose this because: STYLISH
Bailey T chose this because: Been looking for legit high wasited jeans and couldn't find a good priced pair anywhere else!
Shawnett L chose this because: I choose this because they look great on everyone I saw wearing one.
Crystal G chose this because: Cute Wash, these high waisted pants always fit just right ;
Jessica M chose this because: Order because of my curvy shape. The jeans a have a stretch!"
Jala J chose this because: cute
Ashley W chose this because: very cute and affordable
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Keytahnie J chose this because: I love how your high waisted jeans fit me, and I just had to buy more!
Betty A chose this because: They are super cute and are in trend. So it is a win win! I just can't wait to receive them. I just hope they fit properly.
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Polina S chose this because: form and function
Alondo S chose this because: it was asked for from my daughter
paula r chose this because: Love them
Zoe F chose this because: already bought in another color, i get a ton of compliments on it
Jaelani T chose this because: Because of the acid wash design and color choices.
Kevin L chose this because: high waist fashion is very chic and attractive and the acid look is a popular fad now together makes a good looking and sexy denim for my girlfriend
Bree G chose this because: so cute! and stretchy.
Tameka W chose this because: Looks Niice
Nicole G chose this because: For my daughter!
Summer S chose this because: they're cute.
Ashley W chose this because: I've been looking all over for a pair of these jeans!! Thanks for the restock!
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Deonka M chose this because: I like the style and I have other colors
Comfort T chose this because: I love these jeans because they unique and different kinda like back in the days/old school
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Lakisha P chose this because: looks like great quality and i love acid wash
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Meccadah C chose this because: Everything about the pants were perfect, they had good ratings and I've been looking for high-waisted pants for a while now.
Janira G chose this because: THEY'RE Beautiful ! I love them & they're AFFORDABLE !!
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Elizabeth C chose this because: I bought them for the fall/winter! I want to make my body look curvaceous
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brittney B chose this because: I have ordered other jeans from here; they are very comfortable and hug just right.
Kristine W chose this because: because i have a big butt so i need more space and i desperately needed a really good, nice, comfy pair of jeans and these seemed just perfect!
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ASHLYN G chose this because: Been looking everywhere for a pair of these. hopefully they are a good fit for a girl with curvy hips
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Ravon T chose this because: I am a curvy girl, so high waisted jeans give curvy girls more coverage.
MELANIE B chose this because: I choose this because I am tall and this is the longest inseam I have seen anywhere for high waist jeans
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c d chose this because: ordered the ones with cuts and decided to get a regular high waist jean pair
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Anshenesa M chose this because: I chose these because im into old school fashion
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Karis B chose this because: Order some high waist jeans from GoJane not that long ago & they were fabulous! Can't wait to see what these will be like!
Ciera M chose this because: Popular

+ Reviews

High-Waisted Acid Wash Jeans
4.5 Stars based on 36 Review(s)
4.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Perfect High Waisted Jegging
August 7, 2015
These jeans fit like a glove! They have they perfect amount of stretch and are long for tall girls. I bought this jean in the light and dark acid wash and I love both. Unlike some others my pair of light washed jeans looked exactly like the model's pair which I was very pleased with. Overall great high waisted jeans and definitely worth the $60 bucks.
stretchy, long, comfortable, as described
tight around the ankles

Jade Allen
4.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Super cute and make your booty look good!
October 1, 2014
I like it when high waisted pants can make your bum look nice and these do it! They are not incredibly stretchy but they will stretch a little bit and they fit nicely.

asbury park, new jersey
4.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

loveable denim
June 12, 2014
Their very comfortable and they fit like a glove. Ordered them in a size 13 , best investment I've ever made.
Perfect fit, looks and feels amazing!!!!
The length of the jeans is to long, and im too short :)

New Orleans, La
4.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

I fell in love!!
May 16, 2014
These jeans are awesome! I'm 130 lbs with small waist, thick thighs, hips, and bootaayyy lol! I'm usually a size 6 in jeans so I got the 7 thinking the 5 would be too tight, and I chose wisely!!! The 7 fit perfectly and they arrived in 5 days! Very happy with the purchase! I got the dark blue and they look as pictured, but even better on me! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!! U must buy them! :)

Chicago, IL
4.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Worn out easily
May 12, 2014
Love the fit and fabric, it's thin and stretchy. I ordered the acid wash and black. Unfortunately the black has stretched out and faded way more than my acid wash ones and I've worn them the same amount of time. Overall, good jeans but be careful with the black pair.
Stretchy Fits well

4.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Very happy
April 7, 2014
I love these jeans they fit perfectly I ordered a size 15 but I think I could have gotten away with a 13 because of the stretch very happy with my purchase... Oh yeah and their shipping is A1 living in Guam things take a while but these came in exactly a week ! Major plus will be purchasing again from this site
Stretch nice color great length true to size fast shipping

los Angeles
4.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

very happy :)
April 4, 2014
Perfect stretch.. love the color... very stretchy. Material n goes high to cover your gut lol very nice pants

MiMi Howard
chicago, illinois
4.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Must Have For Spring/Summer 2014!!!
March 1, 2014
I love these I usually wear a 13 in all of my jeans, but I ordered a size down because when I previously ordered a 13 in another pair they were loose in the waist a sagged a bit, im very small in the waist and stomach area, so I constantly were pulling them up! But I ordered these in a 11 they fit perfectly the waist is still kind of loose but the butt area is perfect & snugged just how I like them!! These are must haves
-stretchy -form fitting -stylish
Dont have any

4.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

These are my new favorite jeans!
February 21, 2014
I loooovvveeee these jeans! I got the light acid wash ones in a 13 and they fit so well. They make your stomach look smaller and your butt look soo good! I am usually a 10/11 in jeans but i got a size up and glad i did because the tops a little tight. 13 fits like a glove for me! Must buy ladies! Some people say it doesn't look as the picture (the light acid wash ones) but i think they are closer to a light blue than white like some said. they do have this stupid gold belt loop with the brand name on it that bothers me so bad but, they are good pants so i can tolerate it.
nice fit comfortable stretch nice color
gold belt loop

4.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Loved them!
February 18, 2014
First off, they arrived 2 days scheduled to so I was happy about that. Second, I love them. I literally slipped into them with not much trouble. im a pretty curvy girl so I wear a 13. I was worried that they wouldn't fit around my thighs and butt bu it all worked out. and they fit perfectly and they're stretchy . They fit like jeggings. The top didnt fit as half as tight as the other reviews insisted they did. Overall, I loved them. They were worth the money.
Stretchy Emphasize my curves
Kept falling and having to pull them up.

New York
4.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

February 17, 2014
Im actually in love with these jeans...like real love. There so comfortable, I love the style of the acid wash and they fit really good on my body. Im 5'8 and roughly 125 pounds and I got a size 3 in light blue. Don't hesitate just buy a pair!

Dallas, Texas
4.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

February 6, 2014
These jeans are great! I have wanted them for a long time and finally got them. I purchased a dark blue and they look awesome. I wasn't sure about what size to get. I wear 9/10/11 but decided to go up to an 11 and they fit great. they have a nice stretch to them and I feel like a 9 would have fit fine also. You will not regret your purchase!
Nice stretch, flattering to size and shape
If you are short like me you have to know how to wear them properly so that the zipper doesn't take over your abdominal.

alysia helm
Jackson, Ms
4.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

January 30, 2014
Nice stretchy material enhances curves!!! So comfortable!

4.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Good enough...
January 29, 2014
I got the black one and dark blue one and they both have a beautiful color to it...but ! I got a size 1 and they fit me a bit lose I am 5'3 and I weigh 117 lbs... my hips measure and 34 inches and waist at 25 inches ... so I would of thought 1 would of fit me tight. Oh well. It's not really saggy . Hopefully if I put it in the dryer it will shrink alot ;)
Beautiful color
Smallest size still fits me a bit loose

Miami, FL
4.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

I love them
January 24, 2014
I have them in a size 9 in grey/black.
Must have

4.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Alright Jeans
January 23, 2014
I absolutely love the color of these jeans and I love how high they are. But if you want jeans that have a thick denim fabric these are not the jeans for you. They're made out of a sorta thick jegging material
Nice color, super high, shows off curves
Not really denim material.

lyndhurst, ohio
4.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

great pants ! a curvy teens opinion
January 20, 2014
well i wear a size 10-12 and i am 5'71/2 so i bought these in a size 11. they are a little tight up top but not too the point where i cant button them. they flatter my figure very well. i have thick legs and they make my legs look long and flattering. i am a twin and my twin sister LOVES go jane pants. i got these cause i loved them so much on her. she has these as well as 3 or 4 other pairs. for anyone that loves these and wants to try another pair then i would definitely recommend getting the same size that you got in these for other high waisted pants from go jane. my sister has not complained once about the high waisted pants from go jane and i am pretty sure she is gonna be buying a lot more. OVERALL these pants are amazing. everyone should have atleast one pair from go jane
stretchy soft flattering
little tight up top

New york, new york
4.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

beats american apparel!
January 17, 2014
I love these high waisted jeans from go jane. They are so affordable. I bought some from American apparel that cost 80 dollars!! I needed another pair and was not trying to spend that much money again. I never bought anything other than shoes from this website, but I decided to take a risk and it was well worth it. My size 5 fit perfectly. I have very long legs and the pants came down just where I wanted it to. I say if you are thinking about shopping in the store for anything look on go jane first!
The price was phenomenal! They covered my lengthy legs!

ivy White
Wilmington, Delaware
4.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

love them!!!!
January 13, 2014
I bought the dark denim in a 3 fits great im glad i didnt go with the size five cause they would have been to big. they fit just right perfect length im still trying to get the light colored ones always sold out in my size
the have an awesome fit, with the perfect amount of stretch, and they do not smash the booty!!

Chicago, IL
4.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Exactly what i wanted
January 7, 2014
I'm 5.8 and about 170. i'm usually a 12 in everything so i didnt know what size to get. i went up to a 13 and i'm so glad i did. they shape me very well. they're a little tight at the top though, especially if you have a little gut. sometimes it shows, but you can probably stretch them out or wear bigger crop tops. in actuality i prob could've got a 15 but i was afraid it wouldnt fit everywhere else. all in all, i'm very satisfied and i'm glad i got them on sale.
stretchy, long enough, stylish
thin (like leggings), top near buttons is really narrow/tight

My City, America
4.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Fit and Size
December 21, 2013
I got the dark blue wash in a size 7. I'm 5'4.5 measure 34,27.5,38 with thick athletic legs. I wasn't sure to get a 5 or 7, so looked at the measurements on the jeans i have and compared them. The measurements came out to be in between 5 and 7 so I picked the 7. I normally wear 5 or 6 depending on the designer and material, but the jeans fit GREAT. hey don't smash your booty. They hug my curves just right :) and cover my belly button. The only thing is the waist is a little roomie so I have to pull them up every now and then and no front pockets.
Color is not too dark matches the picture pretty well Comfortable fit, high waist covers belly button
Waist is a little big and no front pockets.

United States
4.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

I love them!!!!!
September 30, 2013
I absolutely love my jeans.... they r perfect. Make my booty pop fa real
Stretchy material which fits to ur curves

Brooklyn, NY
4.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

August 28, 2013
I just got these in the mail today and I LOVE them. I bought the dark blue and I'm definitely getting another. They're true to size and the compliment your curves nicely. Definitely a must have
Compliments figure Stretch True to size

toronto, ON
4.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

high waisted goodness
August 8, 2013
i have 3 pairs of high waisted go jane jeans now - i am consistently a 3! waist is 26 hip 36 - these ones i love as much as the others - they do stretch out a bit so if u get them and they are quite tight they will stretch out half a size. Overall good purchase so i say get em girl!!! they r a little lighter then shown.

new westminster, BC
4.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Acid Wash Jeans
August 8, 2013
Super good fit, true to size. Color is more lighter than the acid wash shown however, which I was not expecting. And they're a tad too tight around the ankles. But they'll make a good staple come fall and go with everything. Great stretch and fit on the bum!
Fits true to size
Lighter than picture

florida, tallahassee
4.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

in love
July 28, 2013
Best jeans I ever bought from gojane. I love the fit, color and style! they fit true to size and appear as shown! Not too bleached, just enough!
high waisted

Jackson, MS
4.5 Stars

Not what you think!
July 28, 2013
Bought these pants and they look almost white no acid wash design in them at all, they look nothing like the picture more like the plain $39 pair high waist light jeans on this site. highly disappointed. happy with the fit, disappointed with color will be sending them back.

OKC, Oklahoma
4.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Back to the 90s
July 18, 2013
These are cute, but they're kinda baggy. They are really stretchy, like jeggings. Although they go up a LOT higher than I thought they would. They go up to the bottom of my rib cage (although I have long legs and a short torso... I am curvy but I would suggest sizing down by one). I probably couldda ordered a size down, I ordered a 13, but they're thin and stuff. But they are super cute. They kinda bring me back to the 90s.
Cute material
Thin-ish Come up way higher than in picture

denver colorado
4.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

July 8, 2013
i bought these jeans a whileee ago and get compliments whenever i wear them. i got a size 11 (iam usually a 9) iam about 155 small waist with thunder thighs .and these jeans make my body so curvasious .theirs still a lil bit of space in my stomach area ,but who cares these Jeans are super cute .Dont hesitate on getting them you wont regret it !

4.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Favorite pair! BUT
June 18, 2013
Received these and first time wearing it was today. The description about the material was completely off, not 73% cotton, its like 30% cotton and 40% something rayon .. etc. These feel more like thick jeggings, not jean material. I love the way it fits though, it hugs my curves and tucks my muffin top/stomach in. Although this size 5 is much tighter than the other size 5 high waisted jeans I've ordered from GoJane. These don't have much stretch compared to the others I own. Overall, love the acid wash 80's style color!
tight fitting, perfect acid wash color, perfect length
no front pockets, not as stretchy

4.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

The best pants ever!!!!
June 9, 2013
Love these babies and I really love how they hug your curves.
Figure flattering trendy

R. L.
4.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Color is not the same but Love!!
June 7, 2013
I agree with the other review that said that these jeans are very bleached out. They do not look much like the picture but rather a very, very cloudy sky. But they are still hott, I LOVE THEM, & They fit like they were made especially for me. I cant wait to wear them this summer & fall!!!!
Fit Look
Color Not as Pictured

4.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

June 4, 2013
I bought them in my normal size three and they fit me so baggy I hope that they will fit better after a trip to the wash and dryer
Great color
Fit baggy

4.5 Stars

June 3, 2013
The wash is very bleached out. They don't look light blue, they almost look white. The picture is not a good representative. They fit well which isn't a suprise but the color is for me. I'm pleased with the fit but not the color at all. A little disappointed.
Fits well.
Not the same color as in the picture. Hardly any tints of blue. Very bleached out.

4.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Great Jeans
April 5, 2013
I got these jeans in a size 11 and they fit perfectly, I probably could've went down to a nine for a more sung fit, but I like to tuck shirts into my jeans so these have that option. I will definitely be ordering more of their high waisted items.
Perfect fit Looks as advertised

Bronx, New York
4.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

March 27, 2013
These pants are great. I am about 5'0 and 106 lbs, so I ordered a size 3. At first I thought they were a bit tight but they are rather form-fitting. It might be worth it to go up a size but if you like your jeans snug, then I think ordering your size is just fine. They look exactly like they are advertised! And shipping was extremely fast!!
Form-fitting Fashionable

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