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Southwest Cuff Combat Boots

Southwest Cuff Combat Boots

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Get ready to rock 'n roll with these lace-up combat boots. These faux leather boots have a round toe, a stacked heel, and the cuff can be folded down to reveal the printed interior.

Shaft height: 9.5"
Heel height: 1"
Circumference of opening: 12"
Finished with a slightly padded faux leather insole
Measurements are for a size 5.5
Man made materials

Southwest Cuff Combat Boots
4.5 Stars based on 8 Review(s)
San Luis Obispo
4.5 Stars

Cute, but not very durable
February 12, 2014
I am writing this review one month after I received them in the mail. I LOVE the look of these boots, the sizing, everything. But a week ago, I noticed the heel had a crack in it! Today, that crack became very large and the entire heel split! I don't wear these boots everyday or even every other day, so I'm not sure what happened. Just very disappointed they only lasted a few weeks before tearing!!
Super cute
Zipper gets stuck sometimes Not the greatest quality

4.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

January 10, 2014
I got the boots in Natural. They are completely adorable and look just like the picture. I am normally a 7.5-8, but ordered a 7 and they fit perfectly. I get compliments every time I wear them.

Woonsocket, RI
4.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Super Cute!
November 21, 2013
Great shoes! Exactly like the picture, I would just say get a half size smaller!

Edmonton, AB
4.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

So cute!
September 30, 2013
I just received the boots and they are so cute! Good quality, just as seen in the pictures, cute both up and down~~ I'm so glad I purchased them !

4.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Love them!
August 9, 2013
I had ordered these combat boots in 'Natural' size 7 and they are great! True to size, pretty good quality and look exactly as pictured. 5 stars!

Los Angeles
4.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Love the shoes
March 24, 2013
I Absolutely Love these shoes I got them in the lightest color and I literally get compliments everyday. There are very compfortable and the sizing is perfect I got an 8.5.
Durable, Stylish, Comfortable
Nothing to not love

Brooklyn, NY
4.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

March 19, 2013
Love these boots so much! They're even better in person! & I found them to fit true to size :)
color, fit, height
nothing! love love love

Banff, AB
4.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Good Style
March 6, 2013
I just received these in the mail today, I was a bit bummed because I have to exchange them because they are just to large. I was excited that GoJane had half sizes, because I am usually an 8.5. I also wear orthodics. I am exchanging for a 8. I hope they will fit better, I am even debating a 7.5. They look great though, and the quality doesn't look cheap at all. I highly recommend these!

Questions about this item
None N asked: how tall the are boots when they are not folded they seem very tall in the picture, and i have short legs.
adriana n: about 6 inches from your ankle they zipper in the back is poor quality.
olivia n: They are below mid calf. But I have long legs. I love these boots I've already had so many compliments.
Katheline L: I'm 5'3 and they are up past my claves. The laces are really long. I like them better folded
None N asked: I am buying for my best friend. she is always a 5. she can even wear kids sizes.. im wondering if i should get a 5.5 or a 5. usually you go up a size in boots?
Kellene C: I recently just bought these in a size 9 and they fit perfect and are true to size!!! I wear them with socks and leg warmers and they are still perfect!!!
Cynthia W: Mine were actually a little larger than I expected. I got the size I usually wear and found my toes had more wiggle room than I thought. Nothing major, but I wouldn't really go up a half size.
JANICE M: I usually wear a 7.5 and that is what I bought in these boots and they are perfect!
kiara u: They run kind of big. I'm an 7 1/2-8 in shoes. I bought the 7 1/2 and they are still pretty roomy
Brittney D: I wear a size 5 and also kids sizes because my foot is very small deff get her a size 5 because if you get her a 5.5 they might have some extra unneeded foot room. hope this helps :
ENOLIA n: I wear a 7 and it fits just fine
Isela V: Noooooo......Don't get a half size up. As is they run big! I got my normal sz & they were still too big. I usually get a half sz up in boots to be comfortable with socks but with this I got my sz bcuz I read the reviews & they were still too big. if anything a sz down but I don't think they make 4.5 :
sarajh p asked: I wear a size 11 BUT IT ONLY HAS SIZE 10 IN STOCK WOULD IT FIT \?
Patrisha R: I only sized down 1/2 a size and the fit was perfect. There is some space but a whole size down might be tight.
Nicollette G: I bought a half size smaller than what I usually wear and it fits perfectly.
atur n: I thing so caz I got my size wich is 6/5 but it came a littl bet big so I thing 10 it will fit
Castellia P: I doubt it. They are pretty true to size.
Kim K asked: I need these in black 8.5, any idea if you will have them?
GoJane S: We do not know if a size or color will be restocked but we do receive restocks and new styles daily so keep checking back!
juulia l asked: Are your shoe sizes the US sizes Just to make sure I'll order the right ones later. So, when will you have those black ones at stock in size 9 Love them
juulia l: Ok, thanks! My European size is 40 and I guess 39 will fit well too if it starts to get wide.
Jannelle M: U can get in a .5 above ur size but get ur size they'll start to get wide after a while.
Latasha R: Yes.
Alexis W asked: i wear a size 9, should i buy a pair thats a 8.5 because it will stretch\?
samally r: I'm a size 6 & the size 6 is perfect but it doesn't stretch. If you get a smaller size then it probably tight .
Nicollette G: Yes, I went a half size down and it's perfect
Antoinette C: I would say no...but I don't wear mine that often so they aren't really broke in all the way. They are comfortable and very true to size. I hope I helped.
Christine I asked: I'd like to buy these, but there's only a size 7 1/2 in the color I like, and I am between an 8 and 8 1/2. Would the 7 1/2 be too small or do these tend to give a little room?
Laura M: They do tend to have more room than an average boot would have, but I think you would be uncomfortable always have to squeeze your feet a little bit just to get into these shoes. I'd recommend finding another pair of boots that you like and hopefully find the right size to match. If you really want these boots though, go with the 7 1/2 because they are comfy and have some room for your feet as long as you're willing to deal with the size difference.
angie b: yes. they come in exact sizes so if i were you i wouldnt take the chance.
Matthew S: They are true to size. I wear a 7 and bought a 7. There's a little room in the toe.
Jannelle M: They fit true to size but if you want a little bIt more room get the 8 because i wear 7.5 and i got the 8.
Elisa M: Hi Christine, I am a size 8 1/2 & I bought size the size 8. My feet are short & fat so I size 8 1/2 would be too big for me... Everyone's feet differ so if you really like the boots, then buy it... if it doesn't fit, then return it. Best of Luck :-
Latasha R: I think the 7 1/2 would be too small. They run pretty true to size.
Mechel'le D: Depending on if your foot is wide like mine. I have an 8 n it's pretty comphy.
Emily V: it would be your chose, but I would go with the 8 or 8 and half because the a 7 wouldn't give you so much room.
chelseee h asked: are they really big around the top of the shoe on your legs because i have small calfs so im worried. Also are the shoes wide inside Please respond so i know! Thanks
Michelle C: I wear a size 8 1/2 and if fit perfect, my legs are kinda small too I think and there's a little space on top but I still looks good. I like to wear them with high socks...I love the boots though!!
Anonymous T: They fit perfectly and are true to size. The strings allow you to tighten them as you see fit, me calfs aren't that big and I got a size 7 and they fit just fine. They have room inside as well
Antoinette C: These boots are very fitted. You would only have a problem if your calf is huge! Lol. They are narrow, I have a wider foot and they are still comfortable. I hope you like them.
samally r: It's gonna be probably loose on top , cause this shoes it's loose on me also , the shoe lace comes off the hooks & it made me trip more then 10 time .
Tanvi S asked: will there be any sizes between 7.5-8.5 coming in soon?
GoJane S: We cannot guarantee when an item will be restocked. We do restock and receive hundreds of new items every week, so we may get something similar soon. Keep checking back!
Alex E asked: Are they tight around the calves?
Tamesha H: They dont go that far up stops right before the calves.
Rachel L: I have larger calves and they weren't tight on me
Kiley S: No they aren't tight around the calves! They come up to your upper shin, so they aren't cutting across the calf at all. They are very comfortable :
angie b: You can loosen them if you wish but not on me they arent loose.
Emily V: They are a little right around the calves, but it isn't life threating. You can move around and feel comfortable
Jessica T: I have pretty big calves cause I'm very athletic and they are not tight around mine! Hope this helps!
Jacqueline W: I dont have those shoes.. these REMIND me of Breckelles.. but I dont personally own THESE shoes in particular. .just some very similar.. good cute fit by BRECKELLES...
Aliii T asked: Does anyone know when they're going to bring more sizes i really want the "Natural" ones.. I'm an 8 or 8.5 in most shoes. But i heard these run kinda big.. so I wold need maybe a 7.5 But any's I want to know when they get more sizes in.
Davetta B: I'm an 8 and that's what I purchased and they fit perfectly.
miranda b: I am a size 7.5 and that's the size I ordered. They fit perfectly!
sylviw y: i'm usually a 7-8 in shoe sizes and my mom decided so i can wear them for awhile to get an 8.5 and they fit just right with about an inch or less to grow :
None N asked: Are these mid calf or to the knee?
Davetta B: Mid
Paige P: These boots are mid-calf and I am obsessed with mine. So comfortable and cute too!! You can wear the flaps down or keep them up for the classic combat look.
Mary I: Mid calf
None N asked: Do these run small or large?
Castellia P: They definitely run true to size. Perfect. I love them!
Mechel'le D: They ran True to size for myself and I wear an 8 with a semi wide foot but they are still very comfortable.
Nisha M asked: Do these boots have good grip?
Davetta B: Yes
Uymekia G: Ok grip slippery at first
Emily M: Yes! I absolutely love them and they do have a nice grip!
None N asked: are these boots mid calf\
Fatima S: Kind of yeah
Lavesa N: yes, when wore without cuff
None N asked: do they fit true to size?
Kendall G: I have several other pairs of combat boots and I do believe that these do fit true to size. However, I do think that they are bigger from the ankle up to the calf, as even with them laced up they are not very tight. If you plan on rolling them down, then no worries!!
Victoria M: yes
None N asked: do these usually fit true to size?
Samone R: yes they do...very comfy walked all over nyc with no problems
Charlotte B: Yes they fit true size.
Julia D: I got the size I usually wear and they fit perfect
None N asked: Are the soles slippery Do they have traction?
Antoinette C: The soles are no sliding!
Kathy T: Hi, the shoes are quite slippery but thats because where I live we've been having snow storms and ton of ice..the soles on the shoes are decent but if you live somewhere where there isn't a lot of ice currently I think you should be fine.
Dawn N asked: Do these boots run big?
Nancy R: Dawn these boots run true to size and are very comfy to wear all day
Tyiesha P: I just bought them a couple weeks ago and because I have wide feet I went one size up and they're perfect.
Lavesa N: No, they run true to size
Lorinda G: No, they are true to size
Jacqueline S: They were a tad big on me I ordered a 7 1/2 but not nearly enough that i'd need a half size smaller, it's perfect for wearing thick socks and airy enough for regular socks. Hope this helped!
Jannelle M: I usually wear like a 7.5 but I got the in an 8 and they still fit , so just get it 1/2 a size up.
Natasha F: It don't run's wide thou
J A asked: Do they fit true to size?
Laura M: Yes! They're even a little roomy, to be honest. I ordered them in a 7 1/2 just to be sure that they would fit.
Rachel L: I ordered a half size smaller and they are still a little big on me. Im usually an 8 and i ordered a 7.5.
Courtney B: No!! Actually my shoe sizes are 8- 9!!! So I got a 8 1/2 in this southwest boot and its too big!!! So I'm going to have to send it back to get a smaller size!!! My other combat boots that I didn't purchase from gojane are a 7!! And they fit fine!! I just think combat boots run big!!! I purchased a pair of sandles from them also and they fit fine n their an eight!!
Emily V: Yes, they do.
Comments From people who chose this
Yolanda L chose this because: my daughter loves them
Shannon W chose this because: They're so cute!
Sonyi O chose this because: this shoes is comfortable and convenient and soo pretty
Anita I chose this because: LOVE COMBAT BOOTS
Rebecca A chose this because: My granddaughter picked these boots for her birthday gift
Jasjot K chose this because: needed black combat boots. i cant wait to get them, i hope they fit!!!!
Tracy G chose this because: dey cute
Dennis H chose this because: Daughter's Christmas present
L A chose this because: Comfortable and weather proof
Maria T chose this because: I choose this item because combat boots are so in right now. I also like how you could use it for all season.
Liang C chose this because: because i like cheese
paige t chose this because: there pretty
Crystal S chose this because: Two words: COMBAT BOOTS!
hasha v chose this because: they sexy af
Lynne V chose this because: On my daughter's Christmas list
Emily W chose this because: cuase its hot
ANN H chose this because: Cute
Geralyn S chose this because: My daughter wanted fold over combat boots but not with the plaid lining. she liked the southwest print.
Rebecca T chose this because: For my daughter
Zel F chose this because: Daughter asked for combat boots. Pray this is what she is speaking of....
Leigha C chose this because: My 17 year old niece wanted them
melva f chose this because: they are the ones my daughter wanted
Cortney P chose this because: ordered in black Christmas gift
Jessica H chose this because: Popular style at school, cute design and color.
angela f chose this because: they are cheap
Virginia C chose this because: Christmas present for granddaughter
Arielle S chose this because: I LOVE anything with aztec print and I needed new boots so these seemed like a great pick!
J A chose this because: little sister's been searching for combat boots!
Linda A chose this because: Granddaughter Christmas list
Chelsea L chose this because: The're edgy without being overly so, look warm and comfortable. I love the options of wearing them laced up or folded down and think the whisky brown color will go great will all fall and winter clothing. Can't wait to show them off!
Michele B chose this because: Chosen by daughter-in-law
Ruth S chose this because: My niece wanted them for Christmas
Ikie J chose this because: I picked this boot because of the detail when you fold it down, cute.
LaShawn W chose this because: These are some cute combat boots
Robert A chose this because: Great prices, easy website
Jeff M chose this because: Christmas gift
Laura C chose this because: Because they are cool.
Simone M chose this because: Great style for a great price!
Anna B chose this because: xmas gift for daughter. she picked them out.
Ayinke D chose this because: I liked the color
Lindsay W chose this because: Everyone needs a pair of combat boots. This will be my first & I love that you can wear them tall, or fold them over for a fun change!
Loribel M chose this because: I wanted combat boots and these are so cute
Jazsmine K chose this because: AWESOME BOOT!!
Heather D chose this because: My little sister's birthday present.
Sophelia Y chose this because: Comfiest n badass
Mehek F chose this because: looks nice n comfy
Carolina D chose this because: They're super cute.
Bernadette G chose this because: These are badass
Cindy B chose this because: Granddaughter liked them!
Mallory D chose this because: These boots looked cute and got good reviews on comfort and function. I hope they're great!
Susan T chose this because: love the style!
Sophia M chose this because: Needed a new pair of black combat boots and the pair I previously purchased from GoJane is SO cute and has gotten me so many compliments!
Lisa L chose this because: versitile
Hayley P chose this because: they look comfy
natale v chose this because: has 2 different styles! i like that!
Leziel C chose this because: love the lining
Ashlie W chose this because: my style
victoria c chose this because: they are super cute and very good quality for a deal very very affordable and the print is amazing
Martisha H chose this because: I needed a long pair of boots and a short pair. This was two for the price of one.
Nahomy G chose this because: Needed some real cute combat boots and these are the ones.
Brenda W chose this because: Its super cute!
Lakshmi S chose this because: it was hella cute
Megan M chose this because: I Love the inside and the price is awesome!!
Tayla P chose this because: Because it was cheap.
Nibe N chose this because: because it looks really good and comfortable
Cherish S chose this because: They are must have for the Fall
Jean B chose this because: awesome, adjustable to calf size.
Thao N chose this because: Cute
Mary G chose this because: they're adorable
Itzel S chose this because: mew
Shayna L chose this because: So cute! I'm so excited to break these out in the fall with skinny jeans and cute scarves! :
Kelly M chose this because: Looking for a light colored combat boot for pre-fall outfits.
Rebecca F chose this because: good price, always wanted combat boots
Marie B chose this because: Love these.. so cute> I hope they are as nice in person
Rocsan w chose this because: I own the the ivory colored ones and get compliments on them all the time. They go great with leggings and baggy shirts.
germaine b chose this because: my daughter borrowed them from a friend and she loved them
Mayah P chose this because: I liked the flaps the boots had
Jennifer C chose this because: Because they are nice.
Candace J chose this because: they looked good online,dont really like them on my feet
Joselyn G chose this because: Have been looking for combat boots in the natural color.
Sydney P chose this because: I love the fact that these fold down! That's one of the main reasons I chose these boots.
michelle A chose this because: love to dance in these boots
Ishani G chose this because: Recommend
Emilie P chose this because: I chose these boots not only that i like buying what no one i know has but tere perfect for all seasons and theres 2 ways to wear them
Linda D chose this because: my daughter wanted them
helen c chose this because: because my granddaughter wanted them.
Antoinette C chose this because: I needed some everyday day casual boots.
Angela B chose this because: Needed black boots and these were perfect.
Carolina P chose this because: i needed combat boots for a performance. these were cute and afforable.
Regina T chose this because: I finally found a pair of black combat boots for my daughters recital! They are super cute and way cheaper than most. I highly recommend them!
maggie j chose this because: they are cute and stylish
Chavon C chose this because: Style, versatility and price!
Marika B chose this because: Had been looking online for a good pair of combat boots. Found these at this price and quickly purchased. Can't wait until they arrive!
Justin R chose this because: daughter liked it
Megan B chose this because: they were so perfect for spring!
Cierra F chose this because: Idk how a person can miss place a whole pair of shoes, but I did in fact miss place my combat boots, that I loved so dearly. So I had been looking for the perfect pair of combat boots but couldn't find any that I liked like my old ones. But one day my best friend had on her combat boots, she told me she got them from Go Jane, and I haaaaaaddd to order a pair of my own!!!
Hayden C chose this because: Super cute! And LOVE LOVE LOVE them!!!!
Stella K chose this because: i like it
Stephanie L chose this because: Combat boots are very in style. I own one pair in black. Want more colors, so I bought one in a cognac brown and the taupe/sand which is a very new and different color! Western/Tribal/Aztec patterns are in so these boots make perfect.
Kiara M chose this because: to step in a step show
sharron W chose this because: think there are nice
kiana b chose this because: cuz theyre awesome
Davetta B chose this because: Need to conquer in my combats!
Emily A chose this because: I wanted combat boots and these seem great and at a great price!
SAHAR n chose this because: love them!
sylviw y chose this because: they are in style and very affordable!
Kerri O chose this because: so cute
Jasmine S chose this because: i love these kind of boots
Charlotte N chose this because: I need non-snow boots, simply that.
chelsea c chose this because: their cute
samantha c chose this because: I wanted combat boot's for a while now I got 'em
Angelica S chose this because: I love the style and color of these!
kayley N chose this because: i love that i can wear the sides both up and down so they can go with different styles! also, they're perfect for casual wear and most seasons!
William C chose this because: I like the style
Samone R chose this because: combat boots are really cute and a must have this season
Maria H chose this because: Very cute!
shaveda r chose this because: really cute
Danielle R chose this because: Great style.
Lindsey N chose this because: Love the pattern
AShly D chose this because: I've seen a lot of people wearing them, and I thought I'd give them a try. These caught my eye.
Shirley B chose this because: style
Lavesa N chose this because: I decided to choose these particular boots because I love the two toned color that the boots have and they're also versatile you can wear them all the way up or rolled down
Laverne M chose this because: its cute
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