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Strapless Plunging Sweetheart Dress

Strapless Plunging Sweetheart Dress

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Bring sexy back in this strapless plunging sweetheart dress. The flirty a-line cut is super flattering, and the strapless, plunging neckline shows off just the right amount of skin. Fabric is slightly stretchy and features a hidden rear zipper.

Model is wearing a small
All measurements are for a small
Length from bust to hem: 24"
86% Polyester, 12% Rayon, 2% Spandex
Hand wash cold, hang dry
Made in USA

Questions about this item
Antoinette R asked: I'm 5'8 & about 130 lbs and my bra size is 40C What size should I get?
ciera G: I bought a small and im 5'4 140 lbs w/ 38c...It doesn't hug as tight around the bust area as you would think. Id buy a small to be on the safe side if you'd like try a medium
Stephanie R: A medium because the dress runs big but I dont recommend anyone with large breasts to get this dress unless they have perky breasts.
JAQUITA G: Im not sure but if it helps im 160 5'2 36c/34d & i ordered a large which fit fine. I maybe couldve bought a medium but i have a bigger butt & it wouldve been too short for me
roisin G: Small
None N asked: I'm 5'6" & 123 lbs . Im thinking about buying this dress in black, but I'm not sure what size to get. I can wear a 36 C or sometimes a 34 D in bra size. So I'm thinking the small of medium would work, but I just don't want it to be too short. Any suggestions?
Rany'a B: It won't be too short. I just want you to know that the picture makes the bust line of the dress look totally different than it is in person. The top is wire and pokes out on its own so it may may your breast look weird. I'm 5'3 and a 34b/c and it almost made me look flat chested because the bust line wasn't fitted enough. It almost made my breast look pointy lol. Aside from that, I liked the way it fit the rest of me and it wasn't too short I wear a small. I got a lot of compliments. Hope this helps! :-
BRIANNA T: A medium would be better it's really low cut
Starr L: Get a medium it will fit cute & pretty :
Starr L: You can get a small or a Mbecause It's depend on how you won'ted to fit at the top I wear
the same size as you but you won't your top to fit a lil tight before It don't fall !
alexandria j: I would get a medium because of your bra size.
Cheryl J asked: I am 5'6 i usually get everything in medium. I believe im a size 6 in dresses. I am 147 lbs, 34 D chest. Would a medium be ok I see people commenting this dress stretches. Would a sticky boob give me a lil lift because my boobs arent that small.
NaSheena G: I believe a medium would be just fine for you as far as the sticky boob im not sure. i would try it without the boob and then with the boob and see how you like it but i have small breasts so my dress just sat on mine lol but with a medium the dress should hug your chest and they should sit up in the dress just fine
Jocelyn J: Yea you should be good with the medium
erica g asked: I am 5'1 and 105 pounds and am a 34 B. Will this dress fit me in a size small Or will it be too big?
Adrienne H: Yes. You should be fine. My chest was smaller so I used double sided tape
Latoya S: Yes. I am 5.4 and 143 and I got a medium
Mari W: Sorry but yes, this dress will be too big. I am 5'7 about 120 and it does not fit properly around my waist. It's unfortunate because it's a very beautiful dress that went to waste.
None N asked: Can you wear a strapless bra with this dress ?
Aleksandra B: not really because it is very low cut in front. you can try to get the bra that sticks to your skin only
Cassandra R: No u can't wear a bra : .. but its a really pretty dress. It has a thin vertical wire along the cup so the fabric doesn't fall though :
Kimberly C: I didn't, the frame of the dress keeps everything in place.
Mark S: No, the plunge in the front of the dress will expose the bra and not look good. I purchased the silicone self adhesive bra on gojane website and I wear that with this dress. However I am a 32b and don't really need to wear anything the dress looks good on its own
jahvene v: No the cut is too low! But you won't need a bra with this because the top has wires to hold the breast up kind if like a bustier! .. Love this dress! ?
Sierra R: No. It cuts too low. I mean, maybe if you find a good one that wouldn't show in the front then yeah but otherwise, where like the fake tits that sit you up a little. I WORE NOTHING AND IT LOOKED FABULOUS THOUGH!
shanika F asked: im 5'4 weighing in at about 130-135lbs i wear a 34 C. I like my dresses to fit nicely would you recommend a small or medium?
Crystal L: Small. I am 5'0, 130 due to me playing sports, and also a 34C, but the small fit perfectly. Very snug since wearing a bra would be a total no no.
SAMANTHA D: Medium. I am 114 lbs and wear a 32a and the small fits me good.
Stephanie R: Small
Shannon R: Small, it is very stretchy fabric and will hold your boobs in better. I am around the same measurements and got a medium and I wish I had got a small
None N asked: I am a 36 A will the top be loose is I get a small and will it flatter my top figure?
Rany'a B: Honestly, I'm a full B cup and I don't like the way it fits me in that area. The material looks different in the picture than in real life. So unless you're planning on padding a little I wouldn't suggest getting it. Hope this helps! :-
Alison s: If you get a small it should be ok. I wear 34b and it's perfect. It has underwires that mold to your shape.
Carine D: I too am a 34 A and it worked fine for me... abit loose on top but it held up all night. And yes I brought a small as well. Love this dress!
CYNTHIA O: I bought the same dress in Small and am 34B. It fits perfectly and holds up too. Definitely flatters the body. Will recommend.
Tyesheia T asked: I'm 5'1 about 130 lbs 36b cup size would a small be okAy?
Bryan M: Yes a small is great. I got a small am 5"3 127 and it fits perfect love how my boobs look lol
Konstantina P: Yes,
a size small would be perfect.
Laverne F: Yes it should fit fine it is a stretch material
Chanele S: I'm about 5 ft even and I'm 102 ' and a small fits perfect ' I'm pretty sure a small will be okay ' or even a medium ' . Just depend on how you want the dress to fit your body
Alisha B: Yes it fits a bit loose so a small should be fine
Joy G: What size do you normally wear in dresses The dress zips in the back but does stretch a little so if you normally wear small I would get a small.
Laura D: I'm 5"4 and I weight 139 and the small fits me great
eghan a: Yes
Jamillah H: Yes it would be okay I'm 5'2 and about 126
Asia L asked: my breasts are very big. i wear a 36DD but im 5'2 , weigh 160 lbs & have large thighs. but my body seem small just no booty but big breasts. I would purchase a large, but how will the dress hold up my breasts without a bra im pretty heavy chested. ADVICE PLEASE?
Mari W: The large will fit but this dress will NOT hold your breasts up without a bra. We are very opposite, im a 32 A. 5'7".. Because of the material and lining of the dress, it wont do anything but keep them as is. It doesnt have that pushup feature in the wiring. But it is a gorgeous dress! And it'll look great on you if you got one of those bras cut like the dress. Hope this was helpful!
Asia L: Thanks !
Brittanie B: So, I have a hour glass shape, big breast small waist and big hips and butt, I never go bra-less always scared someone might get a show. Try using bra tape or the no bra bra its an adhesive that gives support.
None N asked: I am a 36c and I am 45 inches around my butt what size would you prefer?
Stephanie R: Medium
Latia D: I got a size small and it was a bit small lol although it looked nice because of the way the dress is made at the bottom but yu should try a medium or large
Dontenae P: medium
None N asked: Hi,
It will be available for sale dress strapless plunging SWEETHEART DRESS mint color size small
If so please inform me!
Waiting for reply
GoJane S: If a size or color is not available on our site it is currently sold out. We do receive restocks daily, so keep checking back! We also suggest signing up for our newsletter to get the most up to date information on our website! You can register today at:
Ladeja R asked: Im a 36 B, I have booty, but I'm only 5'1. Is a medium a decent size to get?
Stephanie R: No it fits kind of small is better.
Stephanie R: No. It fits kinda lose. So a small should be good.
Adrienne R: I'm 38 c n I got a large it fit good so medium would be good for u but I returned the dress it fits funny cuz of material it looked like a tennis outfit :/
None N asked: Does the dress support your chest without a bra, like does it sit up well?
swilan n: yes it does
Jennifer E: Loveeee this dress on a hanger but as far on me not so boobies arent that perky n I used one of the bra pads that I purchased at Target n I was pulling up my dress the whole time im a DD btw ...very cute dress very Marilyn Monroe think I spelled it right I would recommend for ppl who are not bust or have very good support bras...hope this helps someone !!!!
shondelle a asked: hello... i actually preferred the white/cream colored one and i was just wondering would you be getting anymore in stock i surely hope you do
GoJane S: We do not know when an item will be restocked. We get restocks and new items daily and I recommend checking back soon!
None N asked: Are you guys going to get this dress restocked in red I loved the red one!
GoJane S: We cannot guarantee when an item will be restocked. We do restock and receive hundreds of new items every week, so we may get something similar soon. Keep checking back!
Lola D asked: I have smaller breast a cup. Do you think this dress is better suited for larger breast Did anyone purchase that had smaller breast?
Kevon A: Definitely not fit for smaller breasts
C B: I'm an A too and the wire in it made it look kinda awkward, but I managed to make it work. It depends on your rib size too. I'm really small so I just wear it higher up than the picture and it looks really cute.
None N asked: I'm 5'9... Size 6/8 and wear a 34dd. How short do you think this dress would be if I ordered a large?
roberto M: I do not recomed you a Large! I but a large and it fit well. The dress is very short I'm 5'4 And it short the v neck is low I wear 34c... I think it will be to short for you...
Vita A: Mid calf or 2 inches under butt line
bria s asked: I have a small chest, 34 A but I would usually wear a medium dress. would a medium be fine or is the stop for someone with a bigger chest?
Starr L: Yes it would be because at the top of the dress it's set up and it's fit a little tight
Rosanna S: I would go with a small. There are wires for the tatas so it will look bad if you can't fill the top of the dress. The material is stretchy and soft so it will be fine for you
roberto M: I'm 34 C and I normaly use M I bought it in L and it fit well... In my opinion a M will fit you well..
None N asked: will you please restock in red in a small need this dress?
GoJane S: We do not know if a size or color will be restocked but we do receive restocks and new styles daily so keep checking back!
None N asked: does the dress fall really short i'm 5'7 ish but a slim build. Im afraid a medium will be too loose, but will a small be showing my butt?
None N asked: will a size small be too tight if im 5'1'' 130lbs?
janelle c: A small is perfect
Lauren W asked: Has anyone with a fuller chest bought this dress is it too much boob cleavage I have D's. thanks
roberto M: I'm 34 C ... Yes it has low cleavage... But it look like the picture... Since it has wire it holds like a bra.... I love it... It looks sexy chick...

Hope it helps...
katrina p: I bought it in black and im a d cup aslo. Looks good with a jacket over it. Live the dress
Comments From people who chose this
Tasia W chose this because: Sexy plunge, yet not too trashy
Tiane E chose this because: Nice
Summer S chose this because: Great birthday dress
Renia B chose this because: Valentine's Dress..I looked beautiful in this
shondelle a chose this because: i purchased one in ivory and i absolutely love the way it looks on me
Ondreya B chose this because: Its classy
ASHLEY P chose this because: very cheap, the pic does this justice
Jennifer E chose this because: this was for lincoln university spring fling and i wanted something super cute and i thought this was it HOWEVER i am big chested 38 DD and this dress wasnt a good purchase no support i had to keep pulling it up and adjusting my boobies lol i ended up wearing a blazer with it button but maybe if i had a bra that fit that plunge or a better sticky cups purchased at target then it would have been a cute number for me
Yessenia C chose this because: sexy
P R chose this because: birthday dress
Kimberly C chose this because: sexy and classy
Tyesheia T chose this because: all white party think it will be cute, sexy, and classy.
Jessica W chose this because: Sexy but Classy
Mariah M chose this because: just what I was looking for, Marilyn Monroe-esque red dress
Shannah M chose this because: sexy
Tricia M chose this because: cute and fits okay
Jasmine F chose this because: It's flirty and sexy. It's not to revealing and is the perfect dress to wear for my anniversary. Not to mention it will highlight my legs and bust what more can a girl ask for!
Casey G chose this because: Adorable.
Eleysia M chose this because: Because its different and all white
ciera G chose this because: cute fun and sexy
Gia P chose this because: because i love it
Andre R chose this because: it's sexy
Denae P chose this because: cute!!
Dontenae P chose this because: sexy and fun
swilan n chose this because: cause i love it
Adrienne H chose this because: I love the heart neckline
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