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Canvas Sneakers BRGHTCORALCanvas Sneakers BRGHTCORALCanvas Sneakers BRGHTCORAL
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Canvas Sneakers

now $8.28
Canvas Sneakers BRGHTCORAL

+ Details

Sometimes a girl needs a pair of kicks that work with anything in her wardrobe. Our suggestion? These lace-up flats with a canvas upper.

Man made materials

+ Questions & Answers

Questions about this item
Anonymous S asked: Can you draw on the white one?
None N asked: Do these shoes have an arch?
Taylor C: These shoes have about a 5% arch, if that.
destiny b asked: mmmmhh, does this shoe size run big or small\

shameka m: I wear a 6 and ordered a size 6. They fit well. So I would say true to size.
B R: My normal size is a 6 so that's what I ordered and the shoe fit was just right...not to big or small :
J O: They run small
Dianne B: Its a small fit...therefore purchase a size bigger
Erica G: They run a little small
Monique S: It runs actual size....and it fits perfectly with just a little wiggle room
Anika P: I bought my exact size and they're comfy.
None N asked: Are these shoes narrow in the toe I don't like my toes to feel squished.
M I: If you have thick socks on yes if not your fine
Erica G: Not too much. They're super comfy!
Carissa D: I guess it depends on if you have wide feet or not. Mines are sort of wide so my toes are squished in them.
NiEshea G: They fit normal. No discomfort
None N asked: why don't you have white in size 9?
GoJane S: We do not know if a size or color will be restocked but we do receive restocks and new styles daily so keep checking back!
None N asked: Will these ever come in a size 9 or 10?
GoJane S: We do not know if a size or color will be restocked but we do receive restocks and new styles daily so keep checking back!
Willow V asked: If I order a pair of shoes and they don't fit can I send them back in exchange for another size?
GoJane S: You can always return or exchange an item within 30 days! Check out our return policy here: http://www.gojane.com/about-us.html#returns-section
None N asked: If I wear a 6.5 , what size should I get Do they run big small?
alexis m: You should get a 7 they run small
shameka m: True to size.
None N asked: Does this shoe come in wide ?
Kari W: no its not wide...instead it felt as if it was suffocating my foot
GoJane S: Our shoes do not come in wide widths at this time.
L A: Yes it does! I got size 6 in white - fits perfect & its so cute! :
Beatrice M: Yes it does
Lauren C: I wear a size 8 and I bought a size 8, I think it ran a little smaller for me.
Annika P: buy it a one size bigger
Dymohnd P: I wear size 9 and it fitted me snug at first but after a few wears it stretched.
None N asked: Are these shoe sizes in UK or US measurement?
GoJane S: All sizes on GoJane.com are US sizes. You can reference our size chart here for sizing guidelines: http://www.gojane.com/about-us.html#size-section
None N asked: i am a size 7 and i have wide feet should i get a size 7.5 or 8?
Arlene F: 7.5
Dianne B: yes you should... they give a small fit.
Amanda C: I wear a 6-6.5 and mine are are too big at 6.5 :
But I don't have wide feet.
Annika P: 7.5 should fit. A 7 would be a little bit close
Keyana P: A size eight or even a 9 should fit.
None N asked: im a 5.5, do they run big or small?
Sabrina A: They are true to size
Roshunda P: True to size
Louise P: They are small...
Meeka D: They are true to your size.
alexis m: Small
Megan B: They run pretty true to size. I normally wear a 6 and they fit perfectly.
JESSICA c asked: I want two pairs but in different colors. How would I be able to still get them for 2/$19 ?
GoJane S: Simply add both sizes and colors to your cart and the system will automatically adjust the price for you! It just has to be the same item number, but doesn't have to be the same size/color for both pairs.
Catron B asked: My feet are long but narrow I can wear some 9 sized shoes but normally I'm a size 10 would getting the ten be safe or would they be too small?
Selene B: I think they run true to their size, so you should get a 10
Anita W: I purchased a size 8.5 in two colors and the fit was perfect, normally I wear a size 8.
Morgan F: The 9 would probably be snug, but once you break it in not uncomfortable.. If you normally wear a 10 they should be fine though, pretty true to size.
None N asked: Is the mint colour of sneaker true to the colour in the picture I wanted to find something a bit more lighter.
Kendra L: Yes it is
None N asked: Do these shoes last long?
Cait D: Surprisingly, yes! I actually wore them when i went hiking a couple weeks ago and not only did they hold their own in the mud, but they bounced back RIGHT to good as new after only a few scrapes in the grass. I've been impressed!
Jonique H: They should if you take care of them. I still have mine, but I don't wear them everyday.
shameka m: Probably not. They are not great quality. But perfect for casual wear.
Beatrice M: Yes they are strong. I have worn them several times and they still look new
Megan B: I wore them when I went to London for a week. Had to throw them out after the week because there was a hole in the bottom. Definitely not made for constant wear, but they are very nice, comfortable, cute shoes. Would be better for occasional use.
None N asked: this item is sold out in my size. will there be a restock ?
GoJane S: We do not know if a size or color will be restocked but we do receive restocks and new styles daily so keep checking back!
None N asked: how do i put down my size for shoe?
GoJane S: You can select your correct size and color from the drop down menu! Then, when you have selected the correct option, click "Add to cart"
nyah b asked: i wear a size 9, but there sold out should i get a size 8.5 or 10?
Tanya C: 10 they run small.
Paloma M: I wear a size 6 and it fits me perfectly. I think it might be a little tight or big if you buy a different size
shantall s: I think a 10 would b too biig...but a 8.5 is good..you can break into it...
shanelle e: You should get a 9, they are true to size.
Lauren C: I wear a size 8 and I felt like they ran a bit small for me. Going up a size might be a good idea
Leeza A: I think you should wait til it's back in stock, because the fit is a true 9. If you we're to get the 8.5 or 10 you will definitely feel that the shoe is either to snug or to big.
Danny L: 10. They are a bit snug fitting.
TAMIKA R: I brought my daughter these shoes a size 5 which is her size & she couldn't even put her foot inside
kay b: 10
tricia g: I got these and they run small so I would get the 10's and you can always wear thick socks if they're a little too big, but you can't do anything about a shoe that's too small.
Linda S: If u take a size 8.5 it will be tight but the 10 be ok but with allowance
None N asked: I wear a 7.5 should I get an 8 instead?
Jorde' H: No because they run big
WANDA T: These shoes fit true to size, if not bigger! I'm a size 6 and I ordered a size 6 and they fit pretty well. But I feel like they have gotten a bit looser around the ankles.
alexis m: Yes definantly get an 8 they tend to run small.
brianna r: I got my exact size and they fit perfect
Alexandra B: Im an 8 and got an 8 they fit tts
Lola A asked: I ordered the mint 8.5 ones, and I love every thing about them, but the sizing is very exact and my toes are at the very edge. Do they stretch out enough that the wearing becomes more comfortable, or should I just exchange for the nines instead?
Marie P: I had that same problem, it takes a while for them to become comfortable so I would advise you to exchange them
Tanique L: Exchanged they don't stretch :
jamille b: I have the same shoes in a 7.5 and at first my toes were also at the edge but they do become more strectehed amd comfortable the more you wear them. I hope this helps.
Ashley O: Do the exchange .
asalaa g: Yes please exchange them cause mine were like that
Serena G asked: I my size is an 8.5. I was thinking about buying it in white size 8.5, but should I order these in a 9 instead?
Ranee S: I am a size 9 and there a little snug but wearable with thin socks, so going up half a size wouldn't be a bad idea.
Jonique H: They fit very exact so if you want a little more room get the 9.
zurwa k: Order the 8.5 ones.
Mandy T: No they're pretty true to size and will stretch out a bit after you wear them :
Kristine C: Hi Serena. I'm size 6, but I ordered 6 1/2 because I want to make room for socks, other than that..I think it is true to size.
Louise P: Yes you should.
Santerri B: A 9 would be good if you are unsure, yet do fit tight because they are slim.
Meeka D: I bought them in my true size and they fit perfect.
Kendra L: If u like a little extra room in your shoes then yes I would suggest 1/2 size bigger. But they fit perfect!
Cheri S: They're true to size so you should order an 8.5 instead of a 9. My size ranges from 8.5-9 but I should have gotten a 9 because the 8.5's were a little snug. Nothing I can't handle though and I have really wide feet.
Amanda G: I would order your normal shoes size, they fit true to their siz?
Callie H: I wear a 7.5 and I bought a 7.5 they were a little tight but I have wide feet. So I'd say just get an 8.5.
Rick C asked: Do these come with the wedge to make you look taller?
Morgan F: No. They don't make you any taller.
Renee M: No
M I: No they are just the regular sneakers
asalaa g: No but they are comfortable
Anika P: No. These are retro 50s style tennis shoes.
None N asked: Do the shoe sizes run true to size?
Alexa G: Yes they do I am a size six and I order to of these shoes in different colors and sizes one in a 5.5 and one in a 6 and the six fits way better that the 5.5.
Simone M: I usually wear a size 8-9 shoe. I ordered these in a size 8.5 and they're a bit tight..
bre j: Yes I just recieved mine today. They fit perfectly. I wear a size 8 and it wasn't too tight and although it fit like a glove it was flexible and able to give me comfort and space. Do order:
Morgan F: I swear an 8 1/2 or 9... If I wanted a little more room I could've got a 9, but I didn't want them to be big when they break in.
DeAnna W asked: do these shoes run small or big what color is the best seller?
Billy D: I believe they run half a size small, so order half a size up! I ordered my size 6.5 and my toes barely have any room to the point where it's uncomfortable. I wanted these shoes in all the colors offered.
Ashley O: They are narrow like really narrow
M I: I got black cause I think they would look cute with anything. But any color would be good. And I personally think they run kind of small
Comments From people who chose this
Ausiana H chose this because: I needed a pair and these were exactly what I was looking for.
Shantia G chose this because: Need a cute summer sneaker
Ramona H chose this because: Something cool, because its getting very warm outside.
Davia F chose this because: Needed a new pair of sneakers and these were on sale for a really good price!
Kirsten R chose this because: These shoes are so cute! Perfect to just throw on with a pair of shorts and a basic tee for summertime :
Gabrielle H chose this because: Goes with everything and super comfy! Wore out my old ones so I HAD to get more!
Omasan E chose this because: Because of the colour
STEPHANIE P chose this because: nice spring shoe
Jabriya B chose this because: White canvas sneakers are my favorite summer shoe, they match everything.
Guadalupe H chose this because: I needed sneakers.
Kathleen H chose this because: Thought they were pretty cute and great for casual wear
Jaskiran S chose this because: need something casual
Amber C chose this because: Comfort
Ashley T chose this because: Hard to find this color in stores!!
Monica M chose this because: needed a pair of shoes for a festival and these are perfect.
Taylor C chose this because: These are a classic for summer! Cheap classic! Jump on these mags say these are a timeless summer shoe!
Allana J chose this because: Can be paired with a lot of items already in and pending for my wardrobe
Dalila B chose this because: needed something comfortable to work in
Jaz D chose this because: because I don't have any shoes like this and also because GOJANE is the best website to go when i need more shoes!!!
Lan N chose this because: I LOOOOOVVVEEEEE canvas sneakers. I have a collection started and I wanted a white pair.
Deesha M chose this because: its nice
anna a chose this because: I needed some cute comfy little sneakers
Coral N chose this because: Bc they were cute canvas shoes
jasmine j chose this because: i loooooovvveeeeeee theemmmmmmm
Jennifer N chose this because: Needed a pair of sneakers :
Destiny R chose this because: Well, these shoes are fairly cheap, and pretty good. I just ordered my shoes, and I'm pretty excited. So I guess I picked them because there pretty awesome. People should really buy on GoJane more often. :3
jorahja L chose this because: comfortable
Melissa C chose this because: cheap and stylish
katavious H chose this because: I been trying to find this shoe for several years especially white. This shoe is very comfortable& go w/ everything. When I was in drill team in college that's all we were plus they are very light on your feet.Thank you for having this shoe in white!!
Joy R chose this because: gift to my daughter - She loved these sneakers in white
Odette L chose this because: Cute, cheap, but size ran a bit small
Wilson B chose this because: Soft shoes
Garetha R chose this because: comfy
ERICA M chose this because: i love flats. comfortable and cute.
Shalonda T chose this because: For my daughter !
Angela W chose this because: comfort and color
Clara G chose this because: Needed a fashion staple.
Carmen E chose this because: winter time; cant wear my heels in the snow
Vanecia W chose this because: i love canvas sneakers, just a simple sneaker that can be worn with almost any outfit
Jenny Y chose this because: Cute & cheap!
Ayomide A chose this because: Simple, affordable
Justice K chose this because: Because it was what I wanted and its simply up to your choice of what fits your style.
Allison D chose this because: wanted vans but these are cheaper!
Mabinty T chose this because: can wear with anything
E L chose this because: halloween
Martha G chose this because: Theyre cheap and cute!
Tia W chose this because: they look cute with any outfit
Paige A chose this because: They were cheap and cute
Lisa B chose this because: For a trip where I will do a lot of walking
Tanisha J chose this because: to cute
Monica K chose this because: good deal.
Sandra T chose this because: For my daughter, she loves them and they are comfy and cute!
sophia t chose this because: need for school and price is great
M Z chose this because: Love this simple casual style. And love the color :
Che W chose this because: good deal
Jessica A chose this because: comfort
Jasmine T chose this because: They are very versatile and comfortable
byrhonda h chose this because: goin on vaca need sumthing for when i goin into the woods
tiffany k chose this because: love the style
tina m chose this because: I got these for my 15 year old daughter
I think she will like them very much
stella a chose this because: cheap and cute
Joanne B chose this because: They are comfortable.
Victoria N chose this because: Always wanted red canvas sneakers~!
Samantha L chose this because: It was cute and affordable
Krista W chose this because: needed some comfy, lightweight shoes for summer
Miriam A chose this because: Needed them
Denesha B chose this because: I needed a basic sneakers. Its a decent prize and look pretty nice too.
Mary G chose this because: I thought it'd look cute with some dresses, make it more casual
Selena R chose this because: Two for twenty bucks. I got the black and white ones.
Nahesha P chose this because: Because I love it
avis f chose this because: i like them
Mia R chose this because: these are comfortable but also very stylish. they go with just about anything !
Amber B chose this because: Cheap and cute
Victoria G chose this because: It had a great deal!
Morgan F chose this because: Daily. Look like keds.
Dymohnd P chose this because: I like flats, they're cute.
Flashbox 4 chose this because: Simplicity
Sarah H chose this because: i purchased these shoes because they are very affordable and similar looking to some brand name shoes
Ashley J chose this because: Perfect shoes for summer.
mariah p chose this because: cute and affordable
Cliff G chose this because: Needed these to complete my sheer striped Contrast tank look. Perfect, and love the price!!
Rebecca H chose this because: This can go with many outfits and can be customized easily for a low price!
Pauline M chose this because: SUPER CUTE, GREAT PRICE
michelle p chose this because: Cute everyday shoe. Great price, came in 1/2 sizes and better price than other stores
Amanda W chose this because: i just needed some pink shoes
Beccy M chose this because: This is the cheapest we have found white canvas sneakers. We want to color them with Sharpies. Wal-Mart has them for $5, but we can never find my daughter's size.
Laurene F chose this because: it's your everyday tennis
King T chose this because: Love Pumpkin Seeds !
Zonia J chose this because: classic pair of flat... easy access. makes your feet look very small
Akeem B chose this because: Must have for any girl
Renee M chose this because: cute and comfortable basic run around shoes
leandra R chose this because: These are a staple & cheap
Jasmine S chose this because: wanted the color.
jasmine e chose this because: cute and stylish for your anyday wear
Sway-Anne R chose this because: I am going on vacation and need something light for my feet that can wear locally.
Ke'Amber M chose this because: holiday
brittney s chose this because: needed a simple sneaker.
shameka m chose this because: I needed some nice comfy yet cute shoes!
Ashley A chose this because: My size great price look just like keds
Kishona L chose this because: Simple slip on sneakers, comfy relaxed footwear thats cute
Julianne T chose this because: affordable but cute.!
nyah b chose this because: cute. classic. comfy. :
Cassie P chose this because: They're a must have for a college girl!
shunita t chose this because: Comfortable
Alliyah L chose this because: nice color
Maria M chose this because: love clasic
Tammy H chose this because: rock festival
Anne A chose this because: BeC@use I luv th3m.
shanelle e chose this because: perfect little running around shoe
jasmine y chose this because: theyre swaggish
Sydney P chose this because: These are super cute, I love the color.
Danny L chose this because: Nice causal inexpensive sneaker
Santerri B chose this because: cute style
Eboni H chose this because: Plain & simple and great price
Lloa B chose this because: Cheap, and look like they will do the job for every day walking around sneakers.
Jessica R chose this because: very cute
Erika L chose this because: Cheap and comfy
jamille b chose this because: cute
Jamika D chose this because: Love a cute girly sneak...The fact that they are comfy was also a screaming get it! Couldn't beat the price..
Chelsea C chose this because: Cute sneakers that can be worn with something laid back and casual or something cuter!
Teko H chose this because: simple with style
christian d chose this because: nice
Alenna O chose this because: so cute and casual!
Ebony F chose this because: I needed shoes for everyday wear plus the color is awesome and trending.
caitlin s chose this because: CUTE COLOR SNEAKER
Linda S chose this because: ALWAYS WANTED ONE
Francisco 0 chose this because: Confortable for me,,, you can go everywhere. School, work, park, beach... I like this.
Jennifer I chose this because: cute and simple
Abolore J chose this because: i love to wear sneakers, come shop with me on the gojane
Aretha B chose this because: need more flats
Angel R chose this because: there cute
ERICA T chose this because: its hard to find this particular color and they look comfortable
Ashley W chose this because: cause its cheap and cute
Billy D chose this because: Been waiting to bump into these cheap, basic sneakers ever since I saw them at F21 a few years back. Buying them in three colors - more if my size was available...
sarah s chose this because: I really liked the red sneakers, they looked comfy and were vibrant in color.
NiEshea G chose this because: classic shoes that will never go out of style
Jamel M chose this because: love the price i'm IN LOVE with this website
Monica M chose this because: - Gift for my sister

+ Reviews

Canvas Sneakers
4.5 Stars based on 9 Review(s)
Brooklyn, NY
4.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Comfy shoes
April 18, 2014
Fits true to size. Very comfortable.

Ames, Iowa
4.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Size Up
February 27, 2014
I am a size 7 and let me say these shoes run a bit snug so size one up i should have gotten a 7.5 they fit but they just feel a little tight around the toes.
comfortable, good for dancing in
size is a bit small

Chicago, IL
4.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

December 24, 2013
I love these. I bought a size 10 and they fit perfectly. They're very comfortable and makes my size 10 look like a size 8.
I only wish i got a laces were as long as it looks in the pic.

Burnaby, BC
4.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Canvas Sneakers
September 24, 2013
They fit true to size, and are very comfortable! I got mine in navy, and they go well with a lot of outfits.

Doral, Florida
4.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

White Canvas Sneakers
September 17, 2013
Loved it! So cute & comfy, I bought them to wear to this huge festival I'm attending next week - I know I'll have no prob in them! Woop! :D

Sarah Hoang
Harrisburg, PA
4.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Great shoes!
July 25, 2013
I just got my shoes today, right on time and everything, i am very pleased with them! They are perfect! and they are true to size for me! Absolutely wonderful! Thanks Gojane!
true to size, and awesome
the only thing i don't like is the fact that you can see my socks, even though they are ankle socks

Swedesboro, NJ
4.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Not what I expected
June 20, 2013
I'm a size seven so I bought a seven because the reviews said they are true to size. But they are really snug right now so hopefully they will stretch. I think wearing thing socks with the will be okay. They are also SUPER narrow like wow I was not expecting that narrow but its all good because they are still cute so yeah. I think I am going to exchange them though
Cute Lots of colors
Tight Too true to size No room for socks Super narrow

4.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

*:・゚✧ (◕‿◕✿)
April 1, 2013
Awesome color and very comfy.
comfortable, matches with almost everything

4.5 Stars

RED Shoe
February 1, 2013
These shoes were great but they stain your socks...
Comfy Cool color
Stains your socks the color of the shoe

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