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Faux Leather Skater Skirt REDFaux Leather Skater Skirt REDFaux Leather Skater Skirt REDFaux Leather Skater Skirt REDFaux Leather Skater Skirt RED

Faux Leather Skater Skirt

now $12.94
Faux Leather Skater Skirt REDFaux Leather Skater Skirt BLACK

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Ya know what they say, "birds of a leather, flock together." Wait, did we just totally mess up that saying? Well, one thing we definitely have right is the fact that this faux leather, flared mini skirt is super boss! Made of a very stretchy material and finished with a side zipper and button closure. Skirt is unlined.

Model is wearing a small
All measurements are for a small
Length from waist to hem: 15"
Waist: 22"
97% Polyester, 3% Spandex
Hand wash cold, hang dry
Made in USA

+ Questions & Answers

Questions about this item
Donna E asked: is 22' the biggest size they have?
GoJane S: The 22" refers to a size small, and is the sample size given. Generally our products run true to size but may vary depending on the style. You can reference our size chart here:

Any available sizes will be posted on the drop down menu located on each item's page!
GoJane S: We do not know if a size or color will be restocked but we do receive restocks and new styles daily so keep checking back!
Kiara W asked: I'm 5'3 about 150 lbs i have hips thighs and butt . i usually wear a size 9-11 i planned to get medium . So will this skirt be too short for me and would a medium be too small ?
SheKenya W: To safe I would go up to lrg for length and so that you would be comfortable enough to move around in it
A N: I usually wear size 2 and I had to get the medium because the small was way too tight on the waist. I'd suggest going one size above what you normally wear!
Jasmine D: The skirt is pretty short. I'm about 5'1. I wear about a 2 & I got the small. The skirt actually became kind of a high waist skirt because the top is smaller than I thought. So you might want to go up one size from your usual size
Lequanda A: I am a 5'3 160 lbs 9-11 hips and thighs and got a large.
Brittany M: I suggest u go up in size. the waist of the skirt is small and it is very short. im 5'5 134lbs and I ordered the SM but def should have gotten the MED. j/s
Biljana T asked: I am 5'4 and usually a size small, esp in the waist area for high waisted bottoms. I also do sometimes have problems with skirts because the butt area gets shorter. I am torn between getting a small or medium. HELP!
Shalia J: Get the medium I got the small and I'm the same height and I wished I would have got the medium the skirt is extremely short in the but area
bri l: I think the small would be fine ! I have it and I love it
Brittany T: I have a similar problem; My butt is 40" so I'm usually a large in pants/skirts. But if the item you're getting is high waisted, think about your waist. My waist is a 29" so I usually get a small. For these skirts, they are going to hike up a bit anyway, so go with what fits your waist.
Casharee S: Well I'm 5'2, 126 lbs and I wear a medium and it fits perfectly. Hope that kinda helps.
Lakendrea B: Medium
Sumyr B: I'm 5'2, super tiny, got a small, and it still rises in the back a little. You may be better of getting a medium.
None N asked: I have a 24 inch waist. What size should I get?
Brittany M: for a 24in. waist a small should b fine. i have a 27 inch waist and i ordered the small... I COULD'VE GOTTEN THE MEDIUM \
Sumyr B
Yemi E asked: I am 5'2 and a size 4 in juniors, the only size left for black is a large is it worth getting because i dont want the skirt to be long
Krystle P: I think the skirt would be absolutely to big.
carline d: I'm 5'0 and a large would be fine and it won't be long at all.
Yanet L: I'm a size 5.2 too and I got a black faux leather skirt in an S that fits perfectly , so I think an l would be way too big, mine still new I haven't wear it never , just In case u would like to have mine. Hope it'll be helpfull.

lindsay d asked: I wear a size 2 in american eagle jeans and have a pair of forever 21 jeans in a size 26. I also want to be able to tuck shirts into this. small or medium?
Barbara R: Definitely a medium. I'm a 3, ordered the small, a and has to send it back. It was really tight. If you want a little room I think the medium will give you just enough.
Kathy C: I'm actually the same size as you at american eagle, and the small skirt was too tight on me! I'd go with a medium :
Stephanie D: Small only because it's kind of high waisted, so it rests at your waist more than your hips, and your waist is tinier than your hips on general! Hope that helps :
Sharnayia M: Def a small.
rita a: Medium, the skirt is extremely short.
shaneika p: Get a medium. It's short.
None N asked: Im stuck between red and black! what color does everyone have?
Shalia J: Black
Kiara J: I have seen mostly black.. I ordered black and love it
Jasmine R: I bought black because it goes with everything and you can use it through out all seasons. I feel like red is better for fall. Be sure to order one size up because it runs really tight on the waistline.
Jessica J: Everyone have the black but be different. The red is HOT
Sumyr B: I have black. It's a great choice and goes with anything.
Pr!celez !: Get the red. Everyone has black.
Breanca H: I have black and it's so cute and goes with almost everything!
D N: I have the black one and it's so cute. I dress it up or down. The last time I wore this skirt I wore it with a flannel top and black tights. The outfit turned out so cute.
Casharee S: I have black
Adrielle C asked: When will mediums come in?
GoJane S: We do not know if a size or color will be restocked but we do receive restocks and new styles daily so keep checking back!
Ciarra J asked: Does this skirt have any inner lining and as an overall look, does it look cheap?
Jacqueline M: There is no lining. Ehh not the cheapest looking skirt. Gives you that leather look at an inexpenisve price.
CHRISTINA S: No inner lining. Feels a little cheap, but I promise you, you will get a lot of compliments.
distin a asked: it this skirt true to size my waist is 32. What size do i get HELP
Tyshera H: No this skirt is not true to size, I wear a medium in bottoms and I purchased this skirt in a medium and I could not button the skirt
Shaneka B: Yes, I found the sizes to be right on ! If your a 32, I would probably recommend you get a large . Hope this helps !
Tynisha W: My waist is about a 30 and I got a large. It fit perfectly. You may want to go a size up so it doesnt look too tight
Pr!celez !: I honestly don't know I exchanged it on my order before it shipped.
Ibtisam S: I'm a small. Which I'm either a size 3 or 25 and I got a small in this skirt. I don't know If that helps.
Jacqueline M: I wear a 27 and ordered a small its a little tight in the waist for me.
Tiffini B: Yes! I wear a 27 in H&M and bought a medium so I'd recommend a medium over a small. Hope this helps :-
Amani H: A medium should fit perfectly
Megan o: I have a 25 waist and have a small. It's REALLY short though. The fabric is a little cheap. It's great for a night out though!
nicole h: Medium
deilia j: Very true to size
Raven M: I wear a 28 and I got the medium. It's on the shorter/tighter side.
janeil t asked: what is the waist for an large ?
Tihera H: The waist is very tight
Candice A: My waist is a 24/26
Celine M asked: I have a waist of 25" and I'm 5 ft, what size would be better?
Liz T: Get a small. I'm the same height as you.
Taylor M: A small. I'm a 28 and I got a M and it fits perfectly!
Kiara J: Small
Celine M: Thanks. I really like this skirt
Kiara J: You're welcome.. You will love it
None N asked: im about 4'10 or 4'11 i wear a size 9 but i got some hips and butt do u think a medium or large would work ?
GoJane S: According to the measurements you provided it sounds like you may be a LG. You may want to reference our size chart here:
None N asked: What is the quality like Does it look cheap?
Iris S: I love the quality of the skirt even tho it look leather it feels like cotton on your skin
Casharee S: It does look kinda pleathery. Can def tell its not real leather
None N asked: How is the quality Does it look cheap?
Ana M: I love this skirt ! it's not what I expected from it, it's really thin the best part and short, pleated is good at first I did think it looked and felt cheap but now I love it, I'm happy I purchased it.
Jazmine B: Yes it does look cheap up it come up to high in the back.
Alyvia S: The quality is pretty nice it dosen't look cheap & it flows very nice
ndelwa w: No not at all
Raven M: The skirt doesn't look cheap, but it doesn't look like leather.
Ibtisam S: It doesnt look Cheap, but it is kind of short
deilia j: Yeah it does do not buy
Sherrita B: Yes it does look cheap. I would not recommend this if you're looking for good quality.
kardrese T: No but it is very stretchy but I love it...
Ciara L: It's very good quality. It's doesn't look cheap at all.
Tanesha M: Faux leather is basically plastic so that's something to think about when purchasing. To me it doesn't look too cheap. One thing is that it runs small. So go a size up.
None N asked: I'm 5'2 will the skirt fit long I don't want to look like a granny
ndelwa w: I'm the same height & it works great :
Ciara L: I'm 5'7 and it fit me pretty short like mid thigh! I hope this helps answer your question. My little cousin is about 5ft & will be here later! If u like I can get here to try it on and I'll reply back to you .
Veronica R: Not at all, I'm 5 foot so I feel your pain. But it's short.
Ysel R: Nope, Im 5'3 and its short but not too short. Although, the material is kinda of cleangy so if you got booty it rises more in the back.
Helena A: I just bought the skirt & I'm 5' 9 but I wish the skirt could be a little longer so I think you would be ok especially if you wear it with heels.
deilia j: It's very short but don't buy leather is no good
Kaitlyn G asked: I'm 5'9" will it be very short?
Liliana M: I'm 5'6", size 4/6 and it is very short on me. I haven't worn it yet because when I bend over even just a little you can see my butt.
Kiara J: No I'm 5'8 and I got a small
Kristy F: I got a small & I'm 5'7 and it's pretty short! I suggest you get a medium
Ibtisam S: I'm 5'2 and it is pretty short on me
Quincy B: No, it will actually be a great length. I'm 5'11 and its not too short on me its actually the perfect length and it fits great!!
Kristian S: No it won't. It's mini but not too short. I'm the same height and it was close to the middle of my thigh.
Danielle E: Well I'm 5'2 barely and it's shortish on me but I have long legs. It fits how it looks so if it looks short then yes but otherwise it's not too short or skimpy. Covers the rear end just fine too :
None N asked: What is the small size equivalent to\ Is it the same as say a size 8\
GoJane S: Product measurements are only provided for items in a size small, unless otherwise noted. Generally, a size small fits a size 1-4.
Comments From people who chose this
diane n chose this because: I love the look with my heals, instant sexy
Ryan W chose this because: the leather looks expensive and can be worn year-round
Besnard J chose this because: It was cute
Jaedin M chose this because: A staple for everyone's closet.
Tera M chose this because: Made me the center of attention while everyone had on a black leather my red leather skirt made me stand out a whole lot more!!! Love it
Melisa F chose this because: Gift for god daughter
Adrianne H chose this because: Super cute
miya d chose this because: It fit the model so cute hope it fit me right
Salenia P chose this because: skater skirts are in this spring
Bianca F chose this because: Cause it's cute
Breanna F chose this because: Trendy.
Maria T chose this because: I chose this to make a really cute red cropped top I bought
bri l chose this because: i already have one in black and love it. the red looks cute , so i thought i would try it
teana r chose this because: Looks like it fits reply pretty
Tyvionne V chose this because: I've been looking for one for a while and this was the only site where I could find it.
Rachel S chose this because: I need a skirt like this.
Lequanda A chose this because: I purchased this to match the "Spring Fling floral organza crop" which gave me Flirty!
Lauren K chose this because: IT HELLA CUTE
Destiny S chose this because: Very cute and different color.
Tina M chose this because: Match my bag
Tiffany W chose this because: this skirt looks very flirty and it will go with just about anything since it is a neutral color
Allyah C chose this because: I love the stye
ariel k chose this because: saw it on someone
Cherrell M chose this because: chic skirt thats in trend and im all about new trends
Vieannia C chose this because: ii love the skater skirt.
Claire T chose this because: becayse cyte
janie s chose this because: My daughter loves the skirt
Keesha A chose this because: It's cute and the perfect length for going out.
Ajani T chose this because: It was cute and i could use some red in my wardrobe
Brittany S chose this because: needed a skater skirt the plus is that its leather
frances m chose this because: super cute!!
Jeanette F chose this because: For my daughters birthday....
Clarissa C chose this because: HOt color for the holidays I hope it turns out cute when it arrives
Juanita J chose this because: its 2 cute
Nyla H chose this because: I ordered this skirt before, but I got a different material. I thought the faux leather would be a better fit!
alexis R chose this because: fashionable
Daphne M chose this because: Christmas gift for sister
Zephani I chose this because: 35% off and mostly good reviews.
Carole H chose this because: My Grandaughter wanted it.
Brittany T chose this because: I found the matching shirt; was the perfect match!
baylee w chose this because: shoopdawooopmexico
Melanie G chose this because: leather skirts are very popular now!
Tynisha W chose this because: I wanted an edgy look. I paired it with a bustier and a skully.
Trace E chose this because: current trend
Stacey E chose this because: A must for this fall, will go with just about anything in your closet and it is very trendy!
sarah J chose this because: love the style
Madeline M chose this because: I lyke dis shee-it
Shalia J chose this because: edgey
Karla P chose this because: Fashionable. Very trendy right now.
Alexandria S chose this because: I like the skater style skirts
Lashay L chose this because: Because I thought it was cute and it would go cute with my jean bandoo
Nnga A chose this because: Because its grungy ok
Nai S chose this because: i love the way it looks like a mini skirt makes my legs very long
Esparonzia S chose this because: It's cute.
Clariza M chose this because: Gift but returned it.
too short. and it wasn't true to size.
Zonia J chose this because: i was looking for something that would look great on a night out with the girls that shows skin and yet comfortable where i don't have to spend the hole night pulling down and fixing
Ashleigh C chose this because: Perfect for dressing up or down!
Christine M chose this because: Good deal!
e d chose this because: Cuteness
Anita W chose this because: so cute
Marissa L chose this because: very nice, especially when paired with nice heels, and garter stockings
brandi g chose this because: love!
Eboni T chose this because: I've been searching for one and this one seems to be a reasonable price.
Charmaine M chose this because: Cute. Great fit
Caitlin B chose this because: edgy
Breonna C chose this because: Its cute
briana p chose this because: its cute
Helena A chose this because: I always wanted a skirt like this
Ysel R chose this because: So in, will look great with graphic tees!
Chloe M chose this because: I've ordered the skater skirt from GoJane before and I loved it! I'm really petite, but the skirt fit perfectly. I'm excited to try this in a different material now!
Christine b chose this because: wanted it for so long and found one i liked
Tihera H chose this because: its really cute , & fashionable & you could wear it & style it with alot of things
Tasha C chose this because: I thought it was real girly like!

+ Reviews

Faux Leather Skater Skirt
4 Stars based on 5 Review(s)
Abony J.
U.S. Virgin Islands
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Cute Skirt...
June 4, 2014
This skirt looks very nice out of the package True to what you see in the picture. It is also VERY tiny and tight in the waist. I'm 5'0" and 140lbs and usually wear a medium but this fits like a small. Also it is a little bit on the short side so if you have bigger hips and a booty you might want to go up a size.

kissimmee, FL
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

really cute
January 20, 2014
i love this skirt really stylish can pair with a cute ankle strap heels love love
i love the way it looks really pretty
not really a big con for me but for some with a huge butt i looks really short might have to pair it with some stockings

Surrey, BC
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

September 17, 2013
i'm only 5'2 and im petiete. the skirt fit me perfectly! its so cute and stretchy. The waist on the size small is very tiny but it does stretch. Anyone concerned about the length could easily go a size up because the waist is so small it would still fit good over all.
feels cheap like a halloween costume but you cant tell unless you touch it :P

Clinton, maryland
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

This skirt is CUTE but it's really short!
August 12, 2013
I just got my skirt today! Its a cute leather skirt but its sooo short if I bend over in the skirt you can see my underwear so wear it with cute tights and your stomach has to be small or flat to fit this dress I bought a medium and it fits me perfect. I'm 5'6 maybe that's why its a little short on me but I love it and I'm keeping it :)
Cute Doesn't look cheap Wear with anything Super cute!!
Really short Don't bend over in this skirt

4 Stars

faux leather skirt
February 19, 2013
The shirt is shiny ,material is so/so i wish it had a more leather feel .But the skirt if still very cute if you wear the perfect outfit with it.
it wlll not last long material

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