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Cut-Out Turtleneck Cropped Top

Cut-Out Turtleneck Cropped Top

Style# 80581
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As a stylish gal, you already know that cropped tops are way trendy. But this stretchy cropped top offers a twist on a classic by featuring a large rear cut-out. This turtleneck top doesn't have any closures.

Model is wearing a small
All measurements are for a small
Length from shoulder to hem: 13"
96% Polyester, 4% Spandex
Hand wash cold, hang dry
Made in USA

Cut-Out Turtleneck Cropped Top
3.5 Stars based on 2 Review(s)
Minneapolis, MN
3.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Cute fit
July 1, 2013
This is super cute, it fit nice stretches to make fit comfortable.

3.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Thin but cute
March 4, 2013
i brought two of these top the black arms wasn't switch had to carry to a tailor to fix but the top is cute never the less , brought a medium which fit me very well even though i am a small .....will purchase again
thin material

Questions about this item
None N asked: I was just wondering what kind of white skirt is that, that the girl with the black cut out top has on?
Yeisha D: I call it a back out crop top
Amanda W asked: will you guys re stock soon on this shirt?
GoJane S: We cannot guarantee that an item will be restocked. However, we do restock and receive hundreds of new items every week, so we may get something similar soon. Keep checking back!
becca w asked: what would you suggest to wear under the top A bra wont work because of the open back. I ordered the top in white.
Kayla C: I would suggest to go to Victoria Secrect & get an gel bra! :
Kellie M: I found a backless adhesive bra to wear with it. It worked perfectly. you can get it from Macy's
Courtney W: At like Macys or JC Penney in the lingerie section they have those little things that can hold your breasts up. I can't remember the name exactly but when you go you'll see what I'm talking about. They probably even have them at Walmart.
darlene b: You can try a halter bra or Victoria's Secret silicone pasty nipple covers although u still might see through the shirt because the white top is super sheer.
shenice w: I haven't worn mines yet but I would suggest a bra with a clear back strap
Nikisha T: I haven't wear it yet but it would look good with a fancy bottom.
Jamie B: I wear adhesive bra cups they work really well
None N asked: The girl in the black crop top and the white skirt, is that skirt sold on this website I would really like to purchase a skirt like that.
GoJane S: At this time we are sold out of that particular skirt. We do restock and receive hundreds of new items every week, so we may get something similar soon. Keep checking back!
Aziza M: The skirt is solid but there is that black "stocking material" on the sides
Eboney B: Yes it is
christina b asked: im tryna find that skirt that is shown with the black turtleneck cropped top. does anybody know where i can find one at?
GoJane S: That specific skirt is sold out, but this one here is very similar!
None N asked: does this shirt fit snug i wear a small but the only size they have is a medium in coral. do you think i can get away with it?
Christian W: Yes it does fit snug so the medium should be ok on you....i love this shirt by the way :
Brianna W: It fits really snug. Im a small and I would not recommend a medium
J'Quilla R: Yes , The Shirt Fits Snug On Me ... And I Also wear a small . And it fit . I mean you can try and see . I don't want to tell you to get it and then it doesnt fit .
Danielle C: the shirt is a good fit but it is VERY flimsy. to the point that going braless is not an option. I honestly wouldn't recommend this shirt
Bria M: You could so get away with it! I bought a medium and it fits like a small!
Marissa J: Well I wear a large in my boob area, so I bought a large and it fit pretty good. I would consider it to be pretty snug as well. I did wear a strapless bra with it as well.
taima r: I did the same thing and it fits a bit loose by the under arms. And I also have a small and it fits good but short right under the breast but I am a 34 C so that probably why its a bit short on me. If you are very slim don't get the Medium if your so, so like me you can get away with it.
LASANA E: Hi, I haven't recieve this package as yet, so I really can't help you.
Tracey G: Yea the shirt fits snug I wear a medium but they were sold out also and I got a large and it fits fine e.
kimi p: It fits very snug I actually do have it in a medium and the material is really stretchy thin. Major spandex I can't guarantee but it should fit u well.
None N asked: Does anyone know if the bra strap will be visible in the back portion of the top?
melekia s: no you would have to get a bra with sticky straps on the side you can find at wal mart
Theosha W: Yes it does. D;
Aisha W: I believe so haven't worn it as of yet
Camry P: Yes. Don't wear a bra if you're small up top. If you're large try to get the invisible boobs.
bianca w: Yes the back of the bra and also bra strap will be visible. That's why a bra shouldn't be worn with this top unless you plan on wearing a jacket to cover the back. I would recommend buying the nude silicone free bra for $3.00 in the accessory section or anything else similar to that to act as an invisible bra.
Torrqueria B: Yes but I bought a bra that has a clear strap in the back.
sierra j: Yes the bra strap will definitely show right in the middle of the opening. It's a nice shirt and fits me perfectly. My advice to go bra less or wear pasties.
Comments From people who chose this
Aminat I chose this because: Thought this was really cute!
Leslie H chose this because: perfect for casual and party wear
Nakeita T chose this because: To go with a pencil skirt I have
Ariatu S chose this because: Quality was nice
Jaylin C chose this because: Although this is used for a dance costume i find it a two in one because it is great to wear once i have used it during the season!! Can't wait to wear my new cropped turtle neck with cut out back!!! :D- Jaylin and Lyna
Heather W chose this because: I think this will be cute with the high waisted jeans
Myesha S chose this because: love the back! very different
Brandi M chose this because: I'm bringin sexy back!!!
Morgan F chose this because: Cause I'm tatted dennabit.
Asia L chose this because: Own the red and love it!
melissa l chose this because: sexy cut out back view
Renee M chose this because: not sure but wanna see how it goes with my body
Cliff G chose this because: I needed this type of shirt and color for a skirt i already have. I also needed one in royal blue and it was two for $20.00 sale.. soo! of course!
Lyn P chose this because: cute top
Lorna S chose this because: It was on sale
Kimberly S chose this because: It look very unique from other crop tops I have seen on the internet
kyla b chose this because: SEDUCTIVE
brittany g chose this because: love
Ka'Neysha G chose this because: SOMETHING DIFFERENT
Cuneria F chose this because: its just so cute
Ellarose R chose this because: Kinda smaller than expected but still very cute. Nice touch to simple top
tericka d chose this because: red is my color
tericka d chose this because: i just love tha style
Brittney P chose this because: Its trendy
brandie f chose this because: I love bright colors so happy i found a turquoise crop top!! already in love it and its not even here yet=
brittany d chose this because: it matches perfect with my lime green skirt with black waist band . and also its a must have!
Imani C chose this because: i love it
Kimberly R chose this because: Cheap & Chic
deprea J chose this because: SKIN IS ALWAYS SEXY
Courtleigh W chose this because: Because my back and stomach are some of my best assets
Tenisha M chose this because: Such a versatile piece.I bought the black to I can make it edgy w/ a moto jacket or black & white striped bottom.
alexandria A chose this because: super cute
Chante W chose this because: its different and cute
darlene b chose this because: Sexy!!!
darlene b chose this because: Hot!!!!!
Kayla B chose this because: it's cute and can wear it a lot of ways
brittnie h chose this because: to wear with my double slit skirt
Myesha L chose this because: ITS DIFFERENT
Chisom E chose this because: The back of the shirt is unlike a lot of shirts I see nowadays. A very unique piece.
Sara M chose this because: Love tops with the back missing!
Shameka H chose this because: Cute and sexy
kimi p chose this because: cause theyre hot!!! :
Brandi P chose this because: I picked it because it went with some pants that I have recently bought.
Stephanie F chose this because: A Party.
taima r chose this because: love backless shirts
Bria M chose this because: i love the cute out.
melekia s chose this because: cute shirt to go under blazers without being to thick
Darryna S chose this because: nice simple tops are always good to have!
NiEshea G chose this because: crop tops are super trendy right now and I love the cut out back
NiEshea G chose this because: crop tops are super trendy right now and I love the cut out back
Jazzmyne M chose this because: This shirt is very stylish and original. Plus, it's cheap too! You can't beat this deal :
Rudari W chose this because: its different
Theosha W chose this because: cute
Theosha W chose this because: cute
Theosha W chose this because: cute
RACHEL L chose this because: sexy
Jillian S chose this because: love the open back of the crop top
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