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High-Waisted Faux Leather Leggings BLACKHigh-Waisted Faux Leather Leggings BLACKHigh-Waisted Faux Leather Leggings BLACKHigh-Waisted Faux Leather Leggings BLACKHigh-Waisted Faux Leather Leggings BLACK

High-Waisted Faux Leather Leggings

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High-Waisted Faux Leather Leggings BLACK

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Love the look of leather? These leggings feature a vinyl material that's super stretchy and comfy, but they totally look like faux leather leggings. They feature an high waisted foldover waistband, and they don't include any closures.

Model is wearing a small
All measurements are for a small
Length from waist to hem: 41"
Inseam: 29"
Waist: 24"
97% Polyester, 3% Spandex
Hand wash cold, hang dry
Made in USA

+ Questions & Answers

Questions about this item
None N asked: Hi I usually take size 10 would medium still be okay because they stretch when you wear them or will it be too so tight that its uncomfortable
S A: Yes,the medium will fit you just fine !!
Felicia L: Yes a medium should still be ok
B L: Hello yes a medium will fit fine
M A: I think they may be a little too tight in the waist for you
Aliz E asked: I'm wondering if this is shiny or more on the "dull" side like real leather?
Marinet D: Dull
Felicia L: They are more on the dull side like real leather and definitely a great purchase choice
Camille S: More dull, but it doesn't resemble real leather.
None N asked: I usually where large in leggings bc my thighs and booty . Should I go with that bc that's the only size left in stock!\
Keiona P: Yes you should stick with a large because I got an extra large in which was too big.
P I: I probably would. I think they run a little big. I'm 5'5", about 145 lbs and got a large, and it was too big for me.
Felicia L: yes.... they run true to size and lots of stretch
Valencia D asked: I am 5'4 170lbs thick thighs and a big bottom I want them to fit snug I'm not sure if I sure get them in a medium or large?
kim t: I suggest a large they maybe a little long though because I'm 5'4 also and I got a smal but there kinda long they bunch up a litte on the bottom but they are so cute on good luck
Maurika H: Sorry. I meant to say medium.
Maurika H: Large.
Sara N: Medium!! They bag out, love them, but get them tighter!!
None N asked: would a size small fit me I'm 5'1 and weigh 90 pounds and just ordered a size Small
M A: I feel like they'd be too big. I'm 5'4 and these bunch alot at the ankles. Try extra small if possible
Jessica P: Actually mine were too big. I'm 5'2 92lbs. Hope this helps.
Kyle A: Maybe an extra small it's really loose fitted and stretchy.
Marion B: Yes it should I'm 5'5 snd weigh 165 pound and medium-sized fits just right.
None N asked: Does this still look good if you have a small/medium sized tummy I am 5" and I weigh around 135-138lbs and I have a 29" waist and 39-40" hipsLarge bum. Would these look good on me?
Juliw N: Rock em' confidently and anything will look good. It just depends on how you style them.. I'd say for the best look a loose fitted tunic rather than a tight fitting top. Hope that helps!
Keiona P: Yes, they will look nice! Mines were to big I got a extra large but I needed a large.
Tyler E asked: I'm 5'7, 164 lbs. What size should I get so these pants will fit snug...
Thanks guys
B S: I am about 5'6 160 with a really round bottom I got the medium and they fit great. The first time you put them on they will be very snug. After about an hour they stretch to your body shape and maintain their form. I love these leggings they are a fallwinter staple.
None N asked: Can you fold over the top or does it have seams/tags?
yanique d: Yes, you can fold it over. Wish i had bought a medium because the large was too big
Tajuana H: Yes you can fold these down without the tag showing. They run a little big. I Love These Pants!
Angely C: Seams show when u fold over
Kia J: You can fold them over, no tag. But looks better unfolded
None N asked: What is inseam for med?
None N asked: I normally wear a size 4-6. How do these run And do they suck you in?
Bre'Anna H: I wear the same as well get the small
Tiera M asked: I usually get my tights in a large elsewhere and they fit fine i ordered a large from this site before and they didnt fit should i get an XL?
Estelle B: No, if it didnt fit as in it was too small then get a larger one. It it was big, get it in a smaller size
Brandi B: If they didn't fit absolutely get the next size up :-
None N asked: If I wear a size 5 & I'm 4'9 then what size should I get?
Monica G: I think you sould try the small one!
Sonseeahray M: Well i wear a size 7 and I'm 6'0" and i got a Medium. So I don't know how your figure is but if your small in the waist..maybe a small. But a Medium could be good too. Just exchange it if it doesn't work.
Abril B: i would go for a smal, because i wear a siz a size 7 and brought a medium and that's a little big
Jenelle H: Small would b great
Ramona C: I would definitely get a small
Takisha S: The legs are fairly long and stretchy. I would recommend small or xtra small.
Quiana C: Definitely a small they run a little big
Karen P: I would say get a small they stretch great I wear a 10 and I bought a large and they r not tight they fit great so I say get a small or even a x-small
kirsen h: You're a size 5, everything you get should be small lol
Bre'Anna H: If they have a x-small get that but if not get a small. I'm 5'2 an also I can wear some fives but I got a small
lola l asked: If I buy an XL will the inseam be at least 34''?
Amia M: Idk I wear I size 7 in jeans and they fit me while I have a big butt tho lol idk if that helps but they do steach a lot
shantevia k: I bought an XL and I am a 32" and it a little roomy on me just at the waist but it stretches so it may be able to fit a 34".
None N asked: I am wondering if these become see through like some other leggings when they stretch I am normally a small but do not want to have them skin tight so I'm unsure if I should order a small or Im about 5'2 and 120 lbs
Nikel H: no they dont become see through and they run big
Toni R: I'm about the same size as you just two inches shorter. No, they dont become see through when they stretch. I would recommend a size small, I ordered a medium and they fit well just to roomy in the crotch area. So sitck with the small!
Jasmine B: Medium
Jennifer B: No theyre not see thru i would def get a small
None N asked: do these run small i am a medium but i am only 5'6. should i get a small will they stretch a lot?
Ellen F: Also, for anyone with bigger thighs and a small waist that went with their normal/bigger size, was it loose around the waist?
Ellen F: I am 5'5" and about 145 lbs. I'm pretty muscular in the thighs, though, but I do want them to be snug. Should I go with a small or a medium?
Renice T: Yes get a small if you want them to be fitted tight, but they fit just right at your normal size because they sterch but not alot and im 5.5.
chantel b: Well I'm about 185 pounds and I bought a 1x which was to big! So I say get the small I'm sure it will fit just fine
Veronica H: Medium will be fine they run the same
Vandetta B: sound like we'rethe same size I got a small and it's perfect...and you get a good stretch
Stephanie W: I am the same built 5'6" & wear a medium as well but I ordered a small in these leggings they fit perfect!
Kiara S: They fit true to size but they run long.. I got an xl but I could've worn a lg for a tighter fit and shorter length.. it depends how u want them to fit u... and yes they do have alot of stretch to them... I hope this helps
None N asked: If I wear a size 11 in jeans what size would I get in these leggings?
Jasmine B: Large
Tatianna R: LARGE OR MAY E MEDIUM.. Im 13, 11 from time to time.. I got an XL and they are freaking huge!
Chaquan W: I'm a true 13 an I ordered an XL. They do show ALL imperfections... :
Jennifer B: I would probably go with a large.
Bernice W: I wear a size 11 also. I ordered a large but probably would have done better with a medium.
shantel c asked: what is the dress size numerically in comparison to the medium and large?
GoJane S: Medium is for sizes 5-7, and Large is for sizes 9-11. You may want to reference our size chart here:
Comments From people who chose this
loulou g chose this because: dance floor
brittany g chose this because: Trendy
sukenya m chose this because: to wear out
Katie L chose this because: they look sexy!
Jane L chose this because: sexy without compromising extreme comfort!
Keziah C chose this because: They're like pleather tights. They're high-waisted and very comfortable
BISA H chose this because: Awesomely sexy.....
Tina S chose this because: sexxxy
Leah B chose this because: I bought two pair, size medium one red and one black. The black pair were too big, almost like a large, but the red pair fit like a glove.
Takara W chose this because: They are Hotttt
nana a chose this because: I choose this because it looks like real leather
Anniel P chose this because: It will flatten my abdomen and gives me a better buttock shape, my sister recommended it. She bought the same ones
Brett G chose this because: Because that's what my wife said she wanted.
Natacha B chose this because: Everyone needs a pair!!
Dana T chose this because: I like high waisted leggings, they flatter my curvy shape
mark l chose this because: gift
georrisha b chose this because: the style
Valendina S chose this because: best leggings i have gotten in a while everyone loves them!
Vanessa F chose this because: Flattering
Vanisa S chose this because: Hotness!!!!
Tajuana H chose this because: Every girl needs a pair of high waisted pants in her closet... These are perfect!
Christal C chose this because: I got a medium but I needed a small. They fit big.
Shawntay L chose this because: I was actually diss appointed with this purchase I'm about a size3 and the small was way to loose on me they weren't fitted at all which is shocking based on the reviews,but i had to ship these back & ended up finding a new pair pair i liked even better! Gojane never lets me down:
diana s chose this because: they ended up being too loose on me, have to return them :/
Michelle M chose this because: trendy
Mary W chose this because: Halloween costume; Danny and sandy
Kianna J chose this because: For a GREASE production!
Theresa G chose this because: Look like they'll hug your curves in all the right places...
Efe M chose this because: i need it
Cariebel R chose this because: a must have
Steve C chose this because: sexxxx
Jacquelyn G chose this because: using for a "sandy" costume
Nicholas M chose this because: its cute !
Ms K chose this because: Something different
Desiree B chose this because: I love the way they fit
kayce B chose this because: they were high waisted!!!!!!!
Rachel C chose this because: must have
Michelle S chose this because: I just always wanted this will look great dressed up or down and the high wait promotes tummy control. while looking very stylish and chic.
tina s chose this because: must have for the season!
William T chose this because: I wanted to look like Florence Welsh.
KerriAnn C chose this because: I love how they fit my curves
Mackenzie C chose this because: Perfect for what I'm looking for and great price
Jacqueline L chose this because: idk
Brittany M chose this because: Just sexy & slim !
Pamela M chose this because: Will be cute yet edgy for this fall! Loving the pleather trend
Khalilah J chose this because: Hot hot HOT for the price
Tylett J chose this because: HOtt
Iman A chose this because: I love leather looks. this is chic and sexy... In my opinion, high waist anything accentuates feminine curves. This is a piece that you dont have to do anything extra to. Its fabolous all by its' high waisted self.
LATRINA R chose this because: These are very big
Dayana G chose this because: It's Sexy and Comfortable
stephanie v chose this because: u can wear em with anything!!
Jerilee H chose this because: Always wanted a pair
Merci P chose this because: I'm so excited to wear these for cosmetology school. We have an all black dress code. :
Lakendra S chose this because: These are too sexy
Alana Q chose this because: super cute
Keyuna C chose this because: Have been looking for leather bottoms at a great price
OLIVA A chose this because: Because all the clothes are wonderfull!!!!!
ratasha g chose this because: Because it compliments a top that I have been dying to wear on my vacay!!!
Samantha R chose this because: cute
jamie w chose this because: I love the fact that it is high waisted, faux leather and will look great with many tops...
Monica L chose this because: get a size smaller because mine was a medium and a little baggy
Adriana R chose this because: they are so stylish!
Selwyn R chose this because: I like the look and the reviews were okay.
Valerie C chose this because: Comfort
Robyn W chose this because: It looks pretty stylish and comfortable.
Monica G chose this because: sexxxxyrrrrrr
cynthia L chose this because: love the look! and loove that they are highwasted :
Stephanie G chose this because: Cute & great price! :
L O chose this because: to long
Barbara B chose this because: high waist. cool leather look. love.
Kayla P chose this because: Well first of all its high-waisted! Lol and well there leather:
KALEEN B chose this because: Punk rockish
Tamara F chose this because: i liked the first pair that was similar to these.they fit perfect!
LORRAINE M chose this because: been wanted it them
Donna K chose this because: Looked cool. My daughter has a pair and gave the site so I could order a pair as well.
Dustin S chose this because: needed a cute everyday pair.
michelle w chose this because: really nice looking & hard to find high waist
brianna j chose this because: Love that they're leather and high waist...just screams bad ass!
Taylor P chose this because: I like the style
Jocelyn M chose this because: i can see these going with alot of things i own, and the high waist is nice for crop tops at the club
Sharetta C chose this because: Looks cute!
Brooke D chose this because: fierce
Haley D chose this because: for a fun night out !
Latoya W chose this because: because I saw a friend with them on and I loved them
danielle A chose this because: like how they makwe my but look
Crystal C chose this because: hot
Lorraine M chose this because: I always like the liquid leggins look. Can't wait to get these!
chandrel b chose this because: I chose these because they looked very nice and comfortable to wear anywhere a date,work,interview
Marsha G chose this because: The style
TRAMELLE T chose this because: I love the look of leather leggings and I wanted to give them a try for myself.
Jasmine J chose this because: i choose these high waisted pants because they will go great with a pair of heels I just ordered.
Autumn W chose this because: They are very in style, and I've been looking for high waisted leggings for a while. They are so cute!
Cebria C chose this because: SEXY
caitlin s chose this because: looks ultra sleek and very sexy without showing any skin
Kenya D chose this because: Nice look. Great price.
Tyshiea H chose this because: I really needed high waist black leggins
Tangeia S chose this because: High waist hide stomach and still cute
lorrica b chose this because: they are stylish and a great price.ant i love that the pants have a high waist because im very hippie.
amalia v chose this because: I love the high waist and how long they make my legs look, ive been waiting a while for them to be in stock. super happy
Tierra P chose this because: I needed a good pair of high waisted leggings
Lisa D chose this because: every girl wants to be cat woman lol
Gita N chose this because: good deal, vegan
charlene w chose this because: high waisted leggings and jeans fit me extremely well and it helps show off my curves more.
Loren B chose this because: the high waist will look great with a crop to and a blazer
Danielle R chose this because: Love the high wasted look, plus leather= perfection!
chantel b chose this because: love the way they hold my stomach in
Tolulope A chose this because: sexy
Kadejah J chose this because: I wanted some leather high-waisted pants so I decided to give this a try.
shantel c chose this because: a friend told me about u
Michele T chose this because: This was the best price for this style of leggings I've seen so far. The quality in the picture also looks better than the other places I've looked.
Ciella R chose this because: Fits well and I love to show off my curves..
Agnes K chose this because: because theyre so cute & flattering!
dawnea d chose this because: i love it !
Jillian S chose this because: love the high waisted legging and they are a great price !

+ Reviews

High-Waisted Faux Leather Leggings
3.5 Stars based on 6 Review(s)
Kansas City, Missouri
3.5 Stars

Show signs of wear very easily!!
February 26, 2014
I love the look and the super comfortable feel of these leggings first off. They're so cute and fit well. I'm 5'0 and weigh 125 and I got a small and they fit basically perfectly. They rise well over my belly button, almost to my boobs- but then again I have a small torso. But, nevermind the look. These leggings are made of probably the cheapest material possible. I've worn them maybe 4 times and the butt seam line already has a series of tiny holes. I'm afraid to wear them because I don't want them to rip. It's almost pathetic how easily they have deteriorated: and get this: I've only washed them once. They're just so cheap. Wouldn't suggest these: go somewhere where they're made of better material.

3.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Pretty good!
August 16, 2013
I was wondering if these would fit or not. I'm 5'11 and most things end up being just a little too short. These were long enough though and stretch enough to accommodate my awkwardly large thighs (I ordered a large). I haven't worn them anywhere yet, just tried them on at home but they look nice so far. I would say $20 is a bit much for them but other than that I'm happy with the purchase.
Fit well

3.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

okay leggings
July 5, 2013
Its true that these leggings are made of a cheap material, but they still achieve the look that they were designed for. Mine have not started to show signs of wear yet however I have only worn them a few times and I wash them carefully. They are very high waisted, reaching well over my belly button. For reference purposes I am 5'9 and I weigh 120. I purchased a size small. I have thin, long legs and the leggings fit very tightly. I have to peel them off and almost jump to get them to my waist. They do fit the length of my legs fully.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
3.5 Stars

March 27, 2013
I was so excited when I finally received these leggings.. I couldn't wait to wear them out with an oversized tshirt and ankle boots but when I tried them on I was instantly disappointed. I'm 5'9 155lbs with big hips and long legs so I ordered a large like I usually do with leggings but these were so loose around the ankles I can't even imagine them fitting snug on anyone. The length and waist of course are great so I don't think returning them for a medium would be worth it. I'm going to just pair them with flats/sandals and chalk it up as a loss. This was my first time ordering from go Jane though and now I'm weary to order from here again truly based on sizing. It sucks cause they are so cute too!

Coral Gables, FL
3.5 Stars

Good but not Great
March 18, 2013
I liked these leggings because the material gives a rocker vibe/ dresses up a casual night time outfit, but the material is dubious. They are thinner than I expected so I personally would not wear these without a jacket or long shirt covering my butt, but I'm a little conservative about these things. Also, the material started to warp when I first wore them, the pleather-ish shiny black pulled apart to reveal a more matte fabric underneath in the thigh area, but it gives it kind of a cool texture so I don't mind it. I'm really worried about how it will wash though. Overall I found them adequate. They gave the look that I was going for, and despite my doubts about the material I will keep them.
look fit
cheap material

3.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Awesome Purchase
January 24, 2013
These are amazing for the price! I am 5'4, 130 pounds and I have big thighs and a butt so I'm always nervous about buying stuff like this. I ordered a Medium and they fit perfect & are so stretchy. The waist comes just above my belly button and is very comfortable. They look so chic on. LOVE.
Comfortable High Waisted

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