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Slouchy Faux Leather Boots

Slouchy Faux Leather Boots

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Every girl needs the perfect pair of slouchy boots and we think that these round toe boots are a great option. These faux leather boots have a pebbled texture, a cuff accent (that can't be unfolded), and don't include any closures.

Shaft height: 11"
Circumference of opening: 14"
Finished with a slightly padded faux leather insole
Measurements are for a size 5.5
Man made materials

Questions about this item
None N asked: Is the color stone quite a grey color?
Christina M: Yes it's pretty grey.
brianna p: Mine boots are a brown color. Not grey at all
Jai'-Mye S: Hello there. Since stones aren't all gray colored I can't really answer that precisely. However, I am enjoying the style and comfort of the boot itself. I chose black because that color is always safe with any outfit. Hope this helps.
None N asked: I was just wondering if I should measure from the heel of my foot up or the ankle up, it says 16" but I don't know where to start the measurement?
GoJane S: You can reference our size chart here for sizing guidelines:
None N asked: need size 8 wide color black before christmas\
GoJane S: We do not know if a size or color will be restocked but we do receive restocks and new styles daily so keep checking back!
None N asked: wide width size 8\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\?
GoJane S: Our shoes do not come in wide widths at this time.
aaida y asked: Hi GoJane. do you still have black colour I want a black colour pretty please.
None N asked: I am a male with a size 8 foot and was wondering what size I would need and if you think these are too feminine for me to wear under jeans?
Elena A: I would get an 8.5 :
Andreia O: I had to return the boots because they fit me too big and did not have my size. Sorry I couldn't help.
YESENIA P: I don't know what size you would need. I would assume a whole size bigger. They are comfortable. I think that they are too high to wear under jeans.
Jessica G: I would get a size 8 1/2 because they are a little tight but they are a little feminine. Under jeans, though, they should be alright.
Vy N asked: I'm about 5'5 and I have pretty big calves so I wanted to get boots that fit a little over my lower portion of my calves. Are these tall enough for my height?
Elena A: I would try another boot, they arent very wide at the top. My sister and I usually share shoes but she has slightly bigger calves then I and she its kinda tight on her, BUT it is slouchy so they could slouch on the lower part. HOPE THIS HELPS!
maria a: I thinkThey should be tall enough for you
Jessica G: These boots go about mid-calf. I have big calves also and these fit fine over them but they do not go as high as I anticipated.
Ruthanne T asked: I have a wide foot and usually get a bigger size because of that. Is this boot narrow or widish?
maria a: It is on the narrow side.
Elena A: I would, I have the same problem so I got a 8.5 and it fits perfect! hope this helps!
Heidi Y: So do I. I went with a size up and they are comfortable and the sides of my feet don't hand over the edging.
There aren't made narrow.
D E: This boot is very comfy and cute. Ive bought 3 pairs and like them alot.
The size is more narrow and the fit is pretty right on, really no xtra room. I would suggest you go up a size. Hope this help.
Ruchi C: The heel of the boot is narrow and pinched my foot so I ended up having to return it--hope that helps!
Hilary S: I would say somewhere in between. I am able to wear my custom insoles in them, so they're not super narrow.
M E asked: i have thin legs are these wide on top?
Hilary S: I have really skinny calves, but do not feel as though these boots are too wide. I really like them with leggings.
Heidi Y: There pretty good boots for the price and the style. You should be fine the tops aren't overly wide. There like wearing slippers. The great think about Go Jane is if you son't like them you can exchange them at no cost.
Adrienne H: No fits my teen legs perfectly
Sade V: No I think there just fine
Christina M: Yes they are very wide And short the came just over my ankles
TiYana B: Yes they are wide on the top
Ruchi C: no they're not too wide on top. they really hurt the side of your heal though so beaware. i had to return them b/c they kept pinching my heel.
William L: not particularly. They aren't tight but mine down' slouch down.
Hermanda P: yea they wide on top
Tonya L: Eh not really. Pretty average.
None N asked: does this go all the way to the knee?
Kristina K: Definitely not. Even pulled all the way up, and the top cuff folded up, they fall short of my knees by a couple of inches. And I'm a shortie! Hope this helps.
A I: Depends on your height I'm a 5'3 and its abt 3 inches below my knee
Naana D: no, it goes mid calf.. barely
Tonya L: No, it ends mid calf.
Jamaal B: No, it's a mid-calf style boot.
None N asked: Does this run true to size Small Large?
Heidi Y: I wear 9.5 so I order a 10.
Kristina K: About right, I got a 7 and they seem spot on.
Hilary S: A tiny bit large, but I wear double socks all the time anyway, so it doesn't bother me.
GoJane S: Generally our products run true to size but may vary depending on the style. You can reference our size chart here:
Comments From people who chose this
Mari W chose this because: i like the style i wanted the black boots.
KIMBERLY H chose this because: color & comfort
Milagros P chose this because: They look nice and the color is beautiful!
Gary B chose this because: I really wanted a pair of relaxed, slouchy boots. These seem perfect and the price is amazing!
christopher s chose this because: looking for a fold down top boot with low heel, this is perfect!
Lisa L chose this because: I am buying this as a gift for my sister and it's what she liked in the style of boots. GoJane was having a boots sale and I came during the right time and right place to buy gifts for my sisters.
Caitlin B chose this because: I previously purchased a different slouchy boot, which I loved for as long as they lasted me. Now it's time for something slightly different, and the reviews seemed to make these sound like a good fit for thinner calves, which I have.
Jasmine B chose this because: Taupe is a great go to color goes with neutral colors and you can wear pop colors with it.
Lisa F chose this because: I like slouchy boots to wear with skirts and the price is right!
Evon O chose this because: Like the style and low heel
Kim S chose this because: Cute and not tall
patricia d chose this because: this for me I like this boot a lot
Jai'-Mye S chose this because: My daughter is in to this style of boot
Selma C chose this because: My granddaughter loved these boots, so I am ordering them for her for christmas
Shannon W chose this because: they come in a size 11
L E chose this because: I love to wear black boots
Rebeca R chose this because: I like the style of this boots and the color.
Ashley C chose this because: I chose these boots because they are only 11 inches high and I have short legs. I can't wait to see if the color is how it appears in the site and if the height and fit works out
cara m chose this because: almost identical to a pair from another site but cheaper. They're cute, functional and perfect for fall.
Connie M chose this because: I need a pair of boots.
Jasmir L chose this because: Cute and cheap!!
Katherine K chose this because: To replace my old gray boots-perfect color and height
HANNAH P chose this because: I ride a motorcycle and needed a pair of boots that covered my ankles.
Maribel O chose this because: browing the site
Candice P chose this because: there the color ive been looking for and look very comfortabe.
Tonya J chose this because: love the color and style. This better fit!
Amy H chose this because: look so comfy and cute
Amber F chose this because: Looked cute
Alexa G chose this because: I bought this pair of leggings over the weekend and I have never had shoes to match. These were so nice, came in a great color and were a great price plus 25% off my order of shoes and accessories. Who could resist\?
Jessica G chose this because: I need a nice pair of boots that I won't easily ruin.
D E chose this because: CUTE N COMFY
Kelly D chose this because: they were the only boots that were in stock for my size.
Kristie M chose this because: i needed to replace a pair i previously owned, these seemed like a perfect match.
Opal M chose this because: I chose these Boots because of the Color Stone and again I think that they will look cute with Jeans.
Kristina K chose this because: Flat boots are a staple and my last pair finally wore out. These are a great price and look like they'll fill the bill nicely.
Bree B chose this because: I chose this shoe because it was black and i wanted something that was versatile with my wore robe also something that cute.
Hilary S chose this because: I have a pair of tall black boots, and need a pair of shorter ones.
Terry A chose this because: great color
Terry A chose this because: great color
Heidi Y chose this because: Really flat, no arch support, no grip, they are fine. I got what I paid for.
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