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Harem Pants RUST (Final Sale)Harem Pants RUST (Final Sale)Harem Pants RUST (Final Sale)Harem Pants RUST (Final Sale)Harem Pants RUST (Final Sale)
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Harem Pants

now $$4.95
Harem Pants RUST (Final Sale)

+ Details

Wearing pajamas in public may not really be socially acceptable, but these harem pants are the next best thing. They are soft and stretchy, and they feature a super stretchy folded waistband that can also be worn up. Pants feature oversized pockets on the hips, and they don't include any closures.

Model is wearing a small
All measurements are for a small
Length from waist to hem: 40"
Inseam: 28"
Waist: 23"
95% Polyester, 5% Spandex
Hand wash cold, hang dry
Made in USA
Final Sale

+ Questions & Answers

Questions about this item
Prim M asked: so if my jean size is usually a 28 would I get a medium in this style?
Denaro M: A medium is good if you have a flat stomach, if you don't have the flattest of stomach's I'd go with a large Harem Pants are styled to fit loose so having a larger size isn't a bad thing. I'm a size 30 and I got a size L. Hope this helps
Anny T: Yes that would be best
amanda r: Yes... I'm smaller than that but I've gotten a M. So def get a M
None N asked: How does the fit compare to other similar pants?
None N asked: I can't really tell what the Rust color is. Is it more on the burgundy side Or more of a dirty orange color?
E M: I bought the blue so I have no idea how the color really is. Sorry
Rachel N asked: What fabric are these pants made out of?
Adrienne M: They are made out of two fabrics.I cant remember one, but the other one is spandex. I didnt like the fabric so I sent them back!
Ana M: It's like a heavy jersey material it's heavy but a lil see through :/ the darker color are probably better because I got the peach ones and I have yet to wear them because of that, the fit is just like the picture though!
ramkumar f: Im not sure but it feels nice. Doesnt feel cheap feels sort of silky. Im glad i bought it super comfy & I recieved conpliments on it.
None N asked: I'm between 5'7 -5'8 . . . 143 . What size should I get \?
Ie'Monei B: im around that same weight and height & i got a medium and they fit perfect so i would suggest to go with a medium!
K S: for your waist, you're a size small, but in terms of length, it will probably come up as capris, rather than pants because of your height. i hope that helps!
Briscoe P: The pants stretch alot so take a small
Jonae P: I got a large. We're about the same size.
T P: 5
Ayana C asked: I'm 5'3" about 130 And I want these to fit loose, sort of, but tight enough around my waist... what size should I get?
Denise M: I would go with a medium.
Miqua H: They are a loose fitting pant. You should probably go with a they just a little big.
Rosemary I: I would say a medium.
amber j: I ordered a small for myself at 5'2", 120lbs and the fit was somewhat baggy. Not super baggy, but not too snug either. They fit perfectly.
M Z: Small
tiara j: It's has a tight spandex at the hips so a medium or a small would b fine
Christina E: I'm 5'2" and 125lbs and a size small fits me perfectly! It's tight and loose at the same time! Very comfy as well.
None N asked: I'm 5'2 and 155 lbs. I'm confused on what size to buy based on prior reviews. It's my understanding that a size small would be best for my height but a medium based on my width. I'm afraid that a medium may be too baggy and long. What size would best fit me?
Olivia R: I recommend a size medium... They suppose to look a little loose not tight.
K A: Stick with your size small it stretch's and true to size
Khai P: The medium the small won't go past your thighs we are about the same and I have a medium plus you can wear them high waist of you want
None N asked: Can these be worn down to the ankle also?
A N: Yes, that's exactly how I wear mine
Briscoe P: Yes they can, but if ur real tall get a bigger size.
siereeta w: they do come to the ankle
Jonae P: These pants come right to my ankle. I'm 5'7.
None N asked: i am 5'1 and weight around 95lbs i have a small waist of 22-23 inch do you think small is to big i have a lot of trouble finding these pants i need some for work.
Landon M: Yea they might be a little big because im a 26'27 in the waist and there loose on me
Elizabeth O: Yeah I think they will be to big because I'm 5'3 and I'm around 123lbs and I got a small and there's just right a little big so for sure go for the xs
krystal o: A small should be perfect! Hope you love them!
Avital L: Hi I am the same measurements height n weight as you. My hips are abiout 36 n the small looked huge on me.
Mai Shoua V asked: i'm 5'7-5'8, and i wear a size 16 in jeans. if they are stretchy what size should i get?
M F: A large so they are comfortable and not too tight! You don't want camel toe! LOL
tava r: They run small I woulda get it for your size
K A: If you wear a size 16US then get a Large...
amber j: I'd say a medium
Aliyah J asked: I have 34 inseam, i would like to know what size would fit me best length wise?
Elizabeth O: A medium size will suit you best
Mfon G asked: I wear an 11/12 in pants im 5'7 and weigh 175 what size should I get. Im not sure if I should get the medium or large?
Elizabeth O: Large they fit pretty tight on the waist
amber j: Large
Courtney H: I wear a 7 and I got a medium. .. so you will probably want to get a large
Tanisha S: A large.
None N asked: I'm 5'6 weight 135. Im a size 5. What size should I order medium or small?
Nicole R: Small!!! They are very stretchy and flowy...I'm about a size 5 and I feel as if they are too big.
Jynnah R: Most likely a small.
Nicole B: You should get a medium. These pants a very stretchy but stick close to the skin as well. So to be safe get a medium.
Roxanne e: Small.
Miqua H: Small. They run a little big but are very comfortable!
Olivia P: I'm 5'7 and weigh between 160-170 lbs. I always buy a large in pants so I did with these and they fit perfectly.
MIRIAM C: Hi, I think for your weight you must order Medium!!
tiara j: Small . Medium would too baggy, if you want that .
None N asked: I'm 5'3-5'4 at about 130 lbs. What size should I get!
Elizabeth O: Medium size would work for you
Esstene W: Small
None N asked: I'm 5'5 will these reach my ankle if I wear it a bit high waist I don't want them too short. I like my harem pants long enough to reach my ankles
Shalia J: yes I'm 5'5 as well and they reach my ankles when I wear them high waist
deonna t: Yes they're long I'm 5'9 and they reach my ankles
Evelyn C: Yes, they will.
Khai P: Yes they will In the same height
M Z: Yes. They're long enough
Gabriela S: Noo if u were them high waist no! Theyre made in a low waist style
N A asked: Will you be restocking these?
GoJane S: We do not know if a size or color will be restocked but we do receive restocks and new styles daily so keep checking back!
None N asked: I'm 5'10" and 138lbs. So, fairly small, but very long. I REALLY want these pants, but I'm afraid the smalls or mediums will be too short. Can anyone help me I'm usually a size 6 long/tall.
K S: i'm not sure how long lengths fit, but even if the pants are short, i think the capri look could be cute. but it's up to you if you would want to work that look. the length i think fits perfect for a regular so there's no additional length to hope to work with.
P R: They will both be short, but I don't think you need to really wear them that long either way. I prefer to scrunch up the bottom of each leg . But they are super cute and super comfy.
P I asked: I'm 5'5" and about 140lbs. What size should I get Medium?
GoJane S: Generally our products run true to size; you may want to reference our size chart here:
None N asked: I'm 5 7 and weigh 140 what size should get \?
Crysta C: I'm exactly the same height and weight! I got mediums because they looked stretchy. They fall off my hips a little if I do too much moving around. But I wouldn't go any smaller because they will be too short.
mia y: Medium
Erica M: Medium
tiara j: I'm 5 10 and 160 so I bought the large so get the medium
Victoria T: I would get a medium, i have a large and i am 5'2 and weight 170
Alexes G: A medium or large depending on how tighht or loose you want them.
None N asked: i'm 5'9 & have a small waist, what size should i get?
NICOLE G: a small will fit
azriel s: A small. I have a small but I'm 5'2 with a small waist and they fit high-waisted on me so they won't be as high on you as they are one me.
Alexis H: Medium
Krystal C: I would say a med...
S D: Small they run big
Tanisha S: Small ! A medium would give the baggy look
None N asked: i wear a size 5 in jeans and i have 24 inch waist, so would a small fit fine ?
Shantel C: Yea
Akida M: yes you should be fine
None N asked: Can this be wore out and about or would you recommend it as more of a lounge pant?
M N: I've actually worn it out to the club with some heels and a crop top! I love these pants. I got the red one. Its very comfortable
Monica C: yea, it could be for any occasion.... going out or staying in it depends on what top you wear it with! .. they are so comfy too!
Mallissa M: It totally works both ways , for a grocery run or a casual night ! Very comfy.
Naomi R: I bought a pair of these in black and I find that they are very versatile. I can wear these to go to the gym/do yoga etc, or I can wear them with a nice tunic or tank top.
Amy P: You can def wear them out! The only thing I would say is they are not for winter wear ...
J J: Out and about for sure! Super cute and comfy
Alexes G: These pants can be worn both ways....they can be paired w heels for a night out..or worn as lounge wear...
Nicole R: It's not a lounge pant at's like a stretchy polyester meterial. I also recommend getting a size smaller than normal bc they are stretchy and baggy.
Roxanne e: This can be worn when you go out with some nice heels it looks really nice
Shannon C asked: Do these pants have a velvet texture to them?
M Z: No it does not have a velvet texture
Vanessa B: It's more of a nylon smooth texture. Not velvet.
esther d: not really...though there is a little of it...but its a good pants i would recommend
paige R: No they are more of a strechy work out pant material.
Justine O: nope
S D: Hi Shannon,
No not all...the texture is more of a heavy silk feeling I haven't worn them yet but they fit nicely!!
Gabriela S: Nop theyre completly cotton
Olivia T: No they do not.
E M: No they don't.
Tanisha S: No
Myrtreal L: No they have more of a silk texture
None N asked: Hello, im interested in these jeans but im wondering what the materials like i know it says poly but i cant tell if its that cottony material or like a nice loose fabric. Help\?
Rakel R: Nice loose fabric. They aren't jeans, its more of a dressy pant. Wore them for my birthday and got a lot of compliments.
Marquita J: What color did u get?
Kristen D: its not cotton but its not a bad fake poly blend. its loose at the hips to form the slouchy pockets but tight at the bottom but not in an unconfortable way. i love them and wouldnt steer you wrong! the waist isnt a too-tight band either, theyre perfect
Imani I: Its a loose fabric. The pants are more a slouchy look but they are comfortable and I love them.
Rhyan P asked: I really like these pants but my problems is always in the waist and behind area. Im a Small In the waist and a medium in the hips and behind area. What size would be a good size to get small or medium!
Crysta C: Small, they run loose.
MAGDALENE. A: In my opinion, I think you should get the medium because I am a medium but I wished I had gotten the large .. I hope my review helps..
Rhyan P: k thanks
Jasmine W: Get a medium. Their clothes run kind of small.
ashley m: These pants have a lot of room in them. Maybe a small or if you get a medium maybe you can go somewhere to take them in around the waist.
mia y: It depends on your height.. If your short go with small, taller go with medium.
Nicole B: I got a small. I have a small waist, thicker hips and butt and the small was a perfect fit.
MIRIAM C: Hi, in my opinion size Small is good, because this pant are more big in the hip area, and looks like in the photo.
I used size Large, and is perfect, not to big and no to small, very confortable and I love it!!
Sorry about my english but I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and I don use english every day
Morgan C asked: When are you restocking the smalls for the camel?
GoJane S: We cannot guarantee when an item will be restocked. We do restock and receive hundreds of new items every week, so we may get something similar soon. Keep checking back!
None N asked: How do they fit?
Samantha S: Perfect :
Alexa K: They're perfect! I have them on right now.
None N asked: Are these opaque?
Chantelle B: They are very thick and durable. I love them honestly and I never liked pants like this before. I hope this helps.
RUBY D: yes they are not transparent
Emily S: The black color is definitely opaque- my underwear doesn't show through at all. They're made of a pretty slinky fabric though, so a panty line might show through- I haven't actually checked for a panty line though. Super comfy, totally worth the money.
Michelle L: Yes! Not alot but they are if you were to bend down.
None N asked: I usually wear a size 7 because i have a bigger bum but my waist is smaller, im so confused if i should get a small or medium, help!
Alexa K: Well, I wear a size 15 in jeans but in just regular pants, like these, I wear a large so that's what I got. You'll be fine with a medium!
Theda D: I would get a medium if you wear a seven I normally wear a 4 and got a small and it fitted perfectly.
Kayla J: i say medium. i bought a large, the size i generally wear, and they were a little snug around my butt and my butt is not big, but it's up to you.
None N asked: What color of this product did you get?
Kiara P: Black
Rachel C: Black. They have a nice smooth material that is veeerrrryyy comfortable
melody m: Red
Solomon C: Black :
Shannan R: Red.
Afrika O: Black
Arellano A asked: Will these pants be too long if you're 5'4 And do they fit around the waist?
Jaquetta P: I'm 5'2 & these pants fit me perfectly they wasn't too long or too short so they may either fit a 5'4" person a little bit higher up the leg but just a tad bit. They fit perfect around the waist as well it's like strecth material around the waist.
denise m: No I'm 5'5 and they aren't too long that come to my ankle not the floor
esther d: yeah they will fit very well, I'm also 5'4 and they fit perfectly
Jasmine;Rae P: I'm 5'2 and the pants fit me well.
Arielle D asked: Is the band around the waist fitted, form-fitting ?
Nadine Y: it fits really well.
LeAngela S: Yes , you will love these pants ! Very stylish & confrontable !
Jennifer S: Yes it is! I love the fabric of these pants too!
Krystal W: It is very comfortable and stretches so you have as plenty of room to feel comfortable. Whether you wear it around your waist or below it fits just fine!
Akida M: yes, but its not tight, these pants are very comfortable!
Maribel F: No it gives you room it's stretchy, but not too stretch
taquila c: The band fits your shape !!! Love these ...
Jessica V: Yes
krystal o: It's form fitting
Imani I: Yes they are fitted.
Nanice B: yes it is c:
alyssa L: Yes.
Maiym H: Yes it fits but also stretchy great fit
Yvonne S: It's very stretchy, no zippers or anything. Sometimes it falls off if you walk too fast!
Victoria T: It's fitted...
None N asked: How does it fit?
Crysta C: I usually wear a 9 in pants and I got Medium and they fall off of my hips when I'm walking. So go with a smaller size than you normally would.
Vanessa B: I got a medium and it was a little big.
Aaron S: It's really loose. I ordered a small. i was hoping they had xs but they didn't. I think it's suppose to fit loose. but mines is extra loose. i needed that xs, but overal its worth the price. :
Nanice B: Pretty good. I give them an 8.5 out of 10.
Shombee V: Excellent. True to size.
Artillia F: They are spandex material, so they fit like leggings at the bottom and a little loose at the but
Comments From people who chose this
Adora S chose this because: comfortable and stylish
franshawn L chose this because: Nice casual for the summer
Nikki H chose this because: wanted t try a pair,good price.
sharmeen b chose this because: price and style
R W chose this because: They would look great with a shirt I purchased from gojane
sharon j chose this because: comfortable
Tiarra c chose this because: these pants are just too cute
leontini s chose this because: My daughter liked them.
Tiffany P chose this because: Cute for spring!
DACIA H chose this because: i think it would look great on me
Whitley D chose this because: cute and comfy!
Phoebe N chose this because: Looks super cute and fitting!
Danielle p chose this because: Looks comfy
Kayon R chose this because: great price and the reviews were good
Linda A chose this because: love harem pants
Ashley H chose this because: I've been looking for reasonably priced harem pants for a long time and I saw these for a great deal!
Benaissa J chose this because: i like this color and harem pants design
Angelica A chose this because: Was in need for a pair of dress-pants that could go with a long sleeve crop top.
Ciara G chose this because: love lavender
Sade S chose this because: LOVE IT
Suzanne D chose this because: They're comfortable
Marjorie D chose this because: very nice
Denise M chose this because: I own a dance apparel store operating inside a dance studio. The advanced students love these pants for dance because of their durability, color fastness, and comfort when dancing!
Wanda G chose this because: great and comfortable
KEZIAH T chose this because: COMFY
Jennifer S chose this because: for a dance show
Cierra C chose this because: They looked comfy
Nesa T chose this because: comfortable
Ayomide A chose this because: Cute, always wanted one
April C chose this because: I like this look, b/c all the others ones I picked were SOLD OUT :
taronda h chose this because: Comfort
nikki l chose this because: Love these
Michelle L chose this because: Very Comfortable
Andreina V chose this because: I want to try the harem trend and these looked pretty cool
Tanisha J chose this because: just luv it
ShaVon M chose this because: Cute fit - for a hip hop dance team
Asia K chose this because: A basic that is a definite must have
Kenza A chose this because: it's chill.
Nedra M chose this because: For my daughter. She is a freshman in college
Ayana C chose this because: you can wear these anywhere; dress them up, dress them down... anything! :
Maria F chose this because: They fit really nicely and they really slim you down.
Jennine R chose this because: its simple and cute
Alexis B chose this because: They cute
Jonacye O chose this because: can go with many things !
Mark H chose this because: Dance Team Performance
Kiki A chose this because: Sweg
Natalie B chose this because: Cute
robert s chose this because: everyday look
Ashia S chose this because: love them . good for during the day and a night out
Shalia J chose this because: comfy
selma b chose this because: BECAUSE
Alyssa T chose this because: My roommate bought these pants in navy and they were tooooo naturally i decided to buy a pair or two myself =
Natori G chose this because: very dressy and casual at the same time, i love wearing my navy blue ones from here.
Elsie H chose this because: Look comfortable and basic. Easy to pair with, and flattering!
Ana M chose this because: look like they are comfortable, wanted to try something different than just leggings and jeans, hopefully they look nice, plus great reviews.
Colleen R chose this because: They look comfortable and there are good reviews on them
Courtney T chose this because: COMFYY and at a decent price
Marquisha P chose this because: cute
Ayomide G chose this because: bought a black harem pant before and absolutely love it, so i decided to get more.
Pamela M chose this because: Comfy and fashionable
Bridgette D chose this because: Fashionable and comfortable looking, can't wait to try.
Olivia W chose this because: I had a crop top that i wanted to wear with something baggy but girly at the same time...perfect
Arielle C chose this because: super comfy. I bought the white ones!!
Chajaira C chose this because: harem pants in style love it.
Danisha G chose this because: i like the way they look
Joan S chose this because: I am looking for a cute pant, that is casual, on trend and not tight. I have MS and restrictive skinny jeans are no longer an option. But I refuse to look "frumpy"!!
Afia Y chose this because: love these
Contessa H chose this because: Love Harem pants..
Arnetta P chose this because: reasonable price & cute
Nikki N chose this because: comfy and stylish
Brandon E chose this because: comfy and cute!
Courtney H chose this because: I love the fabric.. Very comfortable and nice color
Floree H chose this because: like it
Elizabeth O chose this because: comfy
Briscoe P chose this because: Cute
Michael S chose this because: Looks Good
Rosa B chose this because: It looks soo comfy
Natalia C chose this because: love the style, looks comfy
Michelle M chose this because: I love these pants they are breathable comfortable and stylish.
Aerial M chose this because: comfortable low price
Naomi R chose this because: Chic
Evie A chose this because: They are different, and I don't have anything like it.
Ashley F chose this because: I love the style of slouch pants. They are comfortable, yet trendy. Very versatile, dressy, or casual look.
Claire E chose this because: I've been wanting to get a harem pants. Hopefully the color that I chose is not to bright.
vera e chose this because: i love the colour
Tiffany W chose this because: harem pants are very comfy and these specific ones fit just right! you can wear them with heels or casually with a pair of flats!
ineza n chose this because: it is verry cute
Toni H chose this because: adored the parachute effect
Tamaria L chose this because: I wanted to try something Unique so I hope these Don't Disappoint me... Fingers Crossed....

These are so comfortable.
Sharetta C chose this because: Looks cute and comfortable at the same time. You can dress them up or down.
India t chose this because: it very trendy for this year and can be dressed up or chilled out!
Jasmine W chose this because: CUTE! Different!!
Timothy H chose this because: I chose this because my sister asked for it and, as a male, I think they look very nice.
Kaelen C chose this because: I have been looking everywhere for the perfect harem pants and I finally found them!
ronika l chose this because: HOT
CHELSEA S chose this because: always wanted a pair
K M chose this because: Too cute!!
Amanda C chose this because: like the style
Kelly C chose this because: Comfy
Alexandria Y chose this because: Always loved harem pants. Comfy and easy to dress up or down. Love he mint color btw:
Nkema C chose this because: I love the color....cant find these pants and color anywhere else
Solinda R chose this because: reasonable price and great look with raving reviews
Luis O chose this because: I love loose pants to go out, very comfortable looking & chic at the same time. You can dress down or dress up these pants.
amber m chose this because: got my fingers crossed! they look so cute
Sierra S chose this because: I wanted to see what the hype was about and they look very comfortable!
jessica p chose this because: Love the style of the pants.
Abby C chose this because: comfy & cute
Josephine D chose this because: It seems very comfy and fashion forward all at the same time..almost like fashionable pajamas! Can't wait to get them and rock them with heels and flats!
Mardia b chose this because: Its hard to find harem pants in such a wide color range very flattering fit
Alice M chose this because: MY STYLE
Kristen D chose this because: i wanted the black, but it was sold out and hasnt restocked yet. why wait\?
MIRIAM C chose this because: becouse I need it and I like it
Lora S chose this because: cute yo
Nicole B chose this because: very nice fit and comfortable
Keila L chose this because: comodos
JASMINE G chose this because: Unfortunately black was out of stock, so I'm hoping this color is the best 2nd choice and that it will match. It looks comfortable yet fashionable. I'm excited to pair this up with numerous tops.
Tanaeja A chose this because: great casual pants
Alexis B chose this because: cool
janice t chose this because: very cute
Chantelle B chose this because: They look comfortable, but having the option to pair with a crop top to make it not too heavy was my selling point.
Diaka B chose this because: Basic long legged pants, I love the style, I'll see how much I like them when they get here :
Kiara P chose this because: Needed comfy cool clothes for dance class.
lamonica r chose this because: been wanting some pants like this for the longest. hot, year round look
zina D chose this because: style
zina D chose this because: choice
Victoria T chose this because: something different, fits cute.
Ashley M chose this because: They looked very comfrotable and I loved the color
Dameyettia D chose this because: For my college color.
Sadie L chose this because: if mc hammer got to wear them, why can't i\!
krystal o chose this because: cute!
A S chose this because: I love harem pants, the navy pair I got from the thrift store was falling apart, they had pockets, and the inseam fits my height 5'3. also the colours are awesome- I got navy and mocha, which ill be easier to match with than red
JACQUELINE W chose this because: Requested by my daughter
Chloe M chose this because: i've been searching everywhere for these! but they're never skinny enough on the bottom.
Kyla P chose this because: They are so different from anything I own.
debra b chose this because: style
Bria M chose this because: I've been looking for these type of pants FOREVER! & the best part is they are on sell. I just hope they are what I expect when I receive them!
MAGDALENE. A chose this because: Its looks casual but classy...
Manie C chose this because: Because they're cute!
ERIN K chose this because: i havent been able to find them on any other sites with such a good price

+ Reviews

Harem Pants
4 Stars based on 18 Review(s)
Toledo ohio
4 Stars

loved then ehhh
May 24, 2015
So I bought the black ones a while ago. Absolutely wear them out. so I figured I might as well get a white pair. I should have probably known that being that the material is such a see through kind of a satiny type feel. this whole white idea was probably not the best choice. wore them to school in a rush with a white blazer and a comic book style bodysuit underneath and I had so many people comment on the fact that they were completely see through. I even had a guy ask me if they were bathing suit pants because you could see my ass right through them.
Very see through

Keizer , OR
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Love these pants!
March 10, 2015
They're very comfortable and they fit great! I'm 5'4" and a size 9/10 in pants usually. So, I went with a size M and they fit perfectly. However, they're long enough if you're taller than that, so they are slightly ruched at the bottom when I wear them. Not a problem for me at all. Also, of course they're a little baggy at the hips, they're harem pants, Duh! That's how they're supposed to be haha. The high waist fits great and they do not slide down when walking, like some other materials tend to do. I'd get these pants in every color, I always receive compliments when I wear them and they're able to be worn casually or dressed up.
The material is comfortable, non transparent, yet lightweight.
The colors on the pictures appear to be slightly brighter than the actual item, but still nice none the less.

United States
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Great Pants!
January 23, 2015
These pants fit amazing!! and they are very comfortable. I got a pair in white, the only issue with them is they are completely see-through!! =\

United States
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Comfy pants
January 9, 2015
I bought these in, blue, rust, black & white. I'm a size 9 & 5"11 so it's really hard for me to find pants I'm happy with. These are comfy & I love the bagginess! They would've received 4 stars but the royal blue was not the color I anticipated!
Nice length, comfy material
Color may not be as bright as picture shown

4 Stars

Decent, but not amazing.
October 30, 2014
The fabric is decente though not as sturdy-looking as in the pictures. In person, the fabric is more floppy and hangy. The pants fit surprisingly well length-wise (I'm 5'10"), but are a bit too baggy for my hips (I'm a size 8 and got a size L in black). I wish I had gotten a medium instead!
Fabric structure

Conroe, TX
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

August 1, 2014
Comfortable, great material.

Dallas, Texas
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Very Comfy
February 6, 2014
I just got these pants in teal and light purple (lilac) they are really comfortable. I have not worn them out yet and I am a little nervous about washing them. Other than that they are really nice, flattering , and easy to pair. I wear 9/10/11 and I got these in a large. They look really awesome and I am happy with my purchase.
Good product, even better price.

Sacramento, CA
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

i love these pants
October 31, 2013
these pants make me look thinner in the right places and it also makes my butt look really nice and bubbly. highly recommend these pants with a long sleeve solid crop top
great fit
the material snags in the wash a little so i recommend flipping them inside out when washing

4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

So comfy and cute!
October 16, 2013
I really like these pants. They are very comfy. They are a little see through, but I go the navy blue and wore soffe shorts under mine. I would definitely but them again. I am pretty tall and thick so I purchased a large. Definitely defines my hips. I would definitely buy again in a different color!
similar to leggings very cute
see through

Da'Ria Sears
Hot Springs,AR
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Too cute!!!
September 29, 2013
I both these and they're are real cute only thing is they're see through so I haven't worn them yet but I got the flower garden pair also and I love them.
Comfortable since I'm preggo, and cute
See through so its hard finding what color panties to wear.

Bronx, NY
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Love Them
August 22, 2013
I'm 5'1 and weigh 114 lbs. I purchased a size small. These pants fit great on me! They go all the way down to my ankles and they're really comfortable. Only thing is they're a little see-through but all in all I love them. I'm gonna purchase more.

Atlanta, Ga
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Different materials
August 18, 2013
Due to the 2 for $28 sale, I ordered a black & a grey pair. To my surprise, they are the exact same cut & style but two completely different materials. They grey pair is a lot like a thin, stretchy sweatpants material and the black pair feel very silky, thin, & stretchy. Personally, I'm ok with both materials but they are very different. Both are comfortable but if I had to choose, I'd prefer the material of the black pair. They aren't AS baggy around my thighs as I thought they would be, yet still sort of baggy. If this helps: I'm 5'6, About 155 pounds & ordered the Large

Columbus, MI
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

April 6, 2013
i got these in black, size small, and they fit perfectly. i am 5'1, and i believe the size small would be fine for anyone up to 5'5. the material is so flowy and airy, they're like baggy, unscratchy softbal pants.
comfortable easy to match

4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

April 4, 2013
I didn't purchase these I purchased the faux leather harem pants. They arrived in the mail today and when I first saw them I thought they were going to be way too small, the waist looked so tiny. But when I put them on, they do stretch a LOT. I purchased the medium. The length is a little too long but everything is long on me since I am only 4'11. The only real complaint I have is that they have an awful odor. I've purchased tons of faux leather items before, and none have ever had an odor like this.

4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Love love them
February 15, 2013
I got the mint and the peach and they fit perfect. Soft and comfortable material. I'm usually a small but I got the mint because I wanted them to be a little baggy and it's a great fit. Must buy!
Comfortable Good fit Versatile

New York,NY
4 Stars

February 5, 2013
i really wanted to like these,i bought the black and the red. however the shiny look to them turns me off. not for me at all.
looks shiny and cheap

Poughkeepsie, NY
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

January 24, 2013
These are amazing! I bought a small and they fit perfectly.. I'm 5'2 & 114 so small was just right. The fabric is great; you can definitely wear them high waisted too. They also look nice on the butt ;-)
Comfortable Fabric Style Stretch

Corona, CA
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Great every day pants for work or play!
January 10, 2013
I got these pants in size large and I was worried about the length, but they fit perfect. I'm 55 and they are right at my ankle. I love the style and I really like the quality and comfort. Want in every color now! So far I got black and mint. :)
Comfortable Style Quality Fabric

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