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Piece Of Me Cut-Out Maxi Skirt WHITEPiece Of Me Cut-Out Maxi Skirt WHITEPiece Of Me Cut-Out Maxi Skirt WHITEPiece Of Me Cut-Out Maxi Skirt WHITEPiece Of Me Cut-Out Maxi Skirt WHITE
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Piece Of Me Cut-Out Maxi Skirt

now $$6.95
Piece Of Me Cut-Out Maxi Skirt WHITEPiece Of Me Cut-Out Maxi Skirt BLACK

+ Details

Taking a piece out of this skirt is probably the best decision we've ever made. Stretchy maxi skirt features an elasticized waistband and a large rounded cut-out on the side for an asymmetrical look. No closures are included.

Model is wearing a small
All measurements are for a small
Length from waist to hem: 42"
Waist: 24"
95% Polyester, 5% Spandex
Hand wash cold, hang dry. Do not bleach
Made in USA

+ Questions & Answers

Questions about this item
aysha C asked: Hi, I wear 8/10 in pants and i was just wondering what size to get in this skirt?
JEFF M: medium
Tasha C: a medium
Kay C: I would say a L. They run kinda tight
Joana O: Medium
None N asked: I wear size 8/10 in pants i was wondering what size to get?
erica h: Will I were a size 13 some times a 15 and I got a large so if I was you I will probably go with medium
Maya V: They run small. I got a small and it fits pretty tight, and i wear a size 3 in pants.
RONA H: large! I wear a 6 and a large was perfect for me, it its very stretchy but also extremley will need a slip.
Brittany H: I'm a 10 and i got a medium but i probably could stand to have gotten the large. The material doesnt stretch how i thought it would and the waist band is tight.
None N asked: When will you have dark orange When will there be more options to choose from?
GoJane S: If an option is not available on our site it is currently sold out. We do receive restocks daily so keep checking back!
Jessica G asked: I was wondering if anyone could help me please. I have the checkered one and I wanted to wear it with a black crop top. I don't wear heels mainly because I cannot walk in them. Is it ok to wear sandles with this Or would it look goofy?
Jasmine W: yes sandals will be ok
Maria-Elissa J: You could totally wear sandals with that skirt
D U: Yes you can there are plenty of nice flat sandles you can dress this skirt up or down with. I wore thong sandles with a very low wedge heel I don't
wear heels that often either. Hope this helps
Joana O: It'll look fine! :
Mia W asked: Is the coral color the same in person I love pink so I really liked it! Just wanted to be sure it was really this color.
latasha s: yes i lov pink myself and the picture is pretty accurate
Nel M: Yes it's true to color on this item I love the coral one . My fav
None N asked: I bought this skirt in red and its cute and all that ..but the martial is really really thin you see everything.

so what kind of underwear should i wear for this.
Pr!celez !: Plain Black boy shorts
Tammy W: U can wear anykind of black panties....
Kiara B: Seamless/no line underwear
L A: I don't wear any or if your not comfortable wearing nothing go for a seamless g-string in black or nude.
Jasmine W: Black or a thong
Yasmin S: There are seemless underwear that's sold in places like Walmart. They are thin and you wouldn't be able to see them through the skirt.
None N asked: This skirt looks a lil cheap and thin.. Does it look like that in person Please help
jenny c: It is a little thin but not too thin to be see thru. It look awesome with a black crop top. not cheap at all :
heekyung J: Not at all!!!!! I wore the aqua blue One to a Vegas pool party in marquee everybody asked me where I got them!
Demequis C: No the material is actually good
Tyanna S: It's looks cheap but it fits me well, it hugs my body. I don't like the elastic on the waistband, it twists in and out and moves up and down sometimes but other than that I like it.
Johana E asked: does the blue one have a greenish undertone has anyone bought the blue can you please give me details on how the color looks
Chrisshayla P: The blue one is not as bright as the computer show but it is just plain blue no undertone
jenny c: the color looks exactly as it is in the pictures which I know is rare :
None N asked: i just ordered this skirt, it should be coming in a few days but i wanted to know how does it fit on the body Is it more flowy or fitted?
Breanne' G: It's more fitted in the hips & flowy at the bottom
Angela O: It is more fitted
D U: It is more fitted to your shape. The spandex is a more firm material to me, I have kids and it holds everything in the right places.
Keyonna E: It's fitted
Tyanna S: It's more of a fitted look, it hugs your curves.
Megan H: Its More Fitted.
Natalie B: Fitted. I wish I would have gotten 1 size up since my butt is kinda big. It makes the shorter side really short lol
Ilham B: It hugs the body tight
heekyung J: It's a really tight-fit. Like u have to choose ur underwear carefully kind of tightness. But it's awesome!! :
Keri P: its def more fitted, its tight in the right places
L D: It's more fitted
None N asked: Just wanderingI have a little belly from having kids, will the material hide it or make it stick out?
Simone A: kinda, because I have a lil pudge as well but I used a high waisted girdle and it was great!
Demequis C: It will make it stick out or you can get a bigger size..
Whitney S: It will make it stick out.... The waist band is very tight
Adanna R: you would need to hear spandex or some sorta body toner with this...i have a lil beer belly
brittany P: Stick it out, I had to send mines back due to it sticking my stomach out
Lateesha B asked: when is the size small in black getting in?
GoJane S: We cannot guarantee when an item will be restocked. We do restock and receive hundreds of new items every week, so we may get something similar soon. Keep checking back!
None N asked: I'm about 5'7, 140 pounds . What size should I get \?
GoJane S: Generally our products run true to size; you may want to reference our size chart here:
None N asked: how much is shipping to toronto, canada?
GoJane S: We do ship to Canada! You can reference our shipping chart for here for more information:
None N asked: when will you be restocking to a large in the black?
GoJane S: We do not know if a size or color will be restocked but we do receive restocks and new styles daily so keep checking back!
None N asked: if my wait measurment is 39 and my hips is a 48 in inches will a medium strech to fit me or no?
Tamila k: It should because I got a large thinking that the medium will be too small, but the material is real stretchy.
shiniquia w: I wear a size 5 in jeans and a small fits me perfect!! My hips aren't that big but my butt is.. I dnt kno my waist measurements but I hope this helps
Misharo F: Hey, I consider myself relatively slim I don't know my exact measurements but I don't have hips. The material is pretty stretchy at the hips but the waist might be tight. I bought a large and it still fits tight because the band at the waist doesn't really stretch too well.
jheanell D: Get watecer u normally get in pants size i normally wear 7/8 or 8/9 in bottoms i got a medium and it fits perfect.
None N asked: I have a REALLY big butt, but my waste is pretty small, would i look good in this or would it be too much butt?
Patricia C:'ll hug your curves nicely
Simone S: just the right amount hahaha...except you'll need shorts if you are gonna dance lol I know this from experience
Diamond A: I'm the same. It looks nice on me lol .. I'm 5'3 I weight 146 . I got a large but bc if the material of the skirt it still fits snug..
Joelle J: I personally think it would look fine. I too have a little junk in the trunk and it was very flattering when I wore it! I say go for it!
Alexis W: It depends on the look you are going for but I think you'll be fine, my butt is big also and it looked good! But it does tend to rise when u move around a lot.
shantannah s asked: which side is the leg is out, right or left?
Kanisha B: Right leg. Its really cute in black... I feel like the white will be too see through. Also when washing it be careful, it shrinks
Jasmine R: The right leg is out
Shanice B: It is on the left.
Shatavia L: The right leg
katie f: the left side
E F: The right side.
Taylor H: the right leg is out
cashe p: Left side. The slit is cut really far up. But it looked really cute! Lots of compliments!
Daija M: It's on the right.
catalina g: Right
None N asked: Restock all colors please\ A lot of us girls are checking this place like everyday for this
GoJane S: We cannot guarantee that a size or color will be restocked. However, we do restock and receive hundreds of new items every week, so we may get something similar soon. Keep checking back!
None N asked: Outfit help!
I bought this skirt in black and I just love it but am having difficulty deciding on a top to wear with it. Can anyone give me some advice on what to pair it with?
Shanice B: Crop top will be cuter....
Laura H: I just bought the same skirt a crop top, or a corset looks perfect with it.
Aigner N: since your skirt is black you can practically where any color shirt. you could do a cute tank top or a cut off shirt.
Jasmine s: I paired it with a black and white stripe long sleeve mesh crop top it looked awesome!!
Megan D: A crop top or a tank top?
Ajahia J: I got one of the half cut shirts a long sleeve one. It look very cute together
Harmonie C: I brought the same skirt! I wish I could answer but I actually have the SAME issue. I actually only have come up with two things: a bandeau top or a bustier. ...or even a long sleeve crop top. Almost anything crop. ..but just feel like the bandeau is too "inside the box".
Tierra W: I bought a crop top with mines it was so pretty
None N asked: Which side is the slit on?
Tierney H: right
saffie d: the right side, but the slit is way higher than it seems
GoJane S: With this skirt, you most can most likely wear the slit on either the right or the left side.
Caravella S: Right side
tashaune b: It's on the left side.
Lorraine B: The right side
Mardia b: The slit is on my left thigh and the long piece covers my right leg. Hope this was helpful
Aicha H: It's on the right side.
tatiana g: The slit is on the left
Shantea S: slit is on the left side
Kejerlea B: The left leg..
jessica g: The right side.
None N asked: Does this material stretch I'm 6 months pregnant and I am looking for something that stretches.
Christynah P: It does stress however. IM a size medium. I got the skirt *& it was pretty tight a little bit. So go one size up.
Brittney W: It does stretch. But its a really tight stretch. And also a little butt cheek might show on the side.
Taneisha T: That particular cut is very hard to stretch, but the one with2slits & ddifferent material stretches
Ce'Mone P: Hello, yes this material is stretch able :
None N asked: is the ivory color really see-through?
Brittany B: It probably will b a little sheer I bought the red one and bc it is tight and kind of thin underwear could be seen
Amanda S: Yes, I wasn't expecting it to be see-through, but it is. Actually, it's more opaque, not completely see-through.
Octuria N: NO its not
Nyla H: I don't think so, but if you buy it and you think it is just wear black underwear. t asked: im 5'9 , 160 pounds .. what size do you think ill need to get for this skirt to reach my ankles ?
Osa O: I'm 5'3 150 lbs and i got a medium. it's very tight but I'm also very curvy. small waist, thick thighs, and butt. If you're not too curvy, then it should reach your ankles. mine doesn't because of my curves.
Dianna D: It depends.. i'm 5'4 & it's at my ankles but that when i wear it high waisted plus i am very curvy.. So it maybe would
Breana G: A small waist and tall gon with a medium
CHANDRA S: I'm 4'11 and 130 pounds and I got a Medium. Mine reaches the floor so, you could probably do a Large.
Abigail M: A large itss tight fitting and it rises. You will be pulling it down the whole time you're wearing it. But its a very eye appealing skirt
Brienne J: It depends if you want the skirt to be fitted I would get a M but if you want a little looseness I would get L . I bought a S and its just right I'm 5'5 110 .
Kia F: I want to say you would need a large but that depends on how your waist is. I'm 5'4...130...and iGot a small
ashley m: Medium for sure
Ebony O: I would say maybe a large. I have it in beige and I purchased a small and it reaches a little below the ankles. I am 5'3, 125lbs. I don't know if it increases in height as the size increases. But I know it increases in wight. I've gone to events and all the women with the same style skirt that were taller than me, the skirt reached above their ankles. Look at GoJane's return policy just in case it doesn't work out.
Shakira S: Large!! Im 5'5 and 150 pounds and I order it in Medium it doesnt fit me
Magda C: Im about the same size as you 5.8 160... I bought a Large and it was really tight at the waist... It didnt reach my ankle my but is pretty accutuate though I didnt really like how it look on my i gaved it to my cousin !
Jasmine C asked: What size do you recommend for me if I wear size 3 in jeans I don't know whether to get a small or medium?
L A: get a medium! runs a little tight
Laquita J: Small
Kahadine D: Get a small........i wear 13/14 and I got a large and it fits perfect
Precia H: I'd say a medium. Because I'm a size 1 and it was pretty fitted on me.
michelle f: a small,because its spandex.
Pasha Y: I recommend you get a small.
C H: Small
Justina M asked: is it true to size. i wear a lg/xl in leggings do u think i can pull off a lg being that it claims to be very stretchy?
Jasmine O: True to size
anikkia w: Yes it is I'm bigger than a large and I was able to fit in it with no problem!
Tiffany W: I wear and lg/xl also and i love my skirt it very stretchy so i think it depends on where you are large. if you have a large stomach, it will hug it. my friend borrowed my skirt and she didnt like it because the skirt went around her stomach and hugged it. Hoped it helped.
Natasha B: The band around the waist is very tight. I'm skinny wear a size 3 in jeans and I won't wear it bcuz the band is do tight it makes my stomach bulge.
Diamond H: This skirt is stretchy. I wear a large in most skirts & I've worn this & it fits perfectly. I would say yes, it's true to size & a large would be fine.
None N asked: When will you all have more sizes in mint & peach?
GoJane S: We cannot guarantee when an item will be restocked. We do restock and receive hundreds of new items every week, so we may get something similar soon. Keep checking back!
None N asked: what size clothing is the large for ?
GoJane S: Generally, a size LG fit a size 9-12. You may want to reference our size chart here:
None N asked: I'm 5'3 n 125lbs. What size should I order\\ Help! So confused. I want it to fit tight in the hip n butt area, but not so tight in the waist area that I popping out
Yolanda G: A medium definitely
Simone S: if u usually wear a small ,get a small fits to size. I understand what you mean tho, wen I received mine everything fit ,but the elastic in the waist was cutting my stomach so weird that I actually cut the elastic band out and now it fits like perfection :
Erica M: If ur hippy get a medium but other than that get a x small or small
Tammy W: Hey u might would need a medium in this skirt......
Priscilla M: I am 5'5 and I weight 107lbs and the skirt was tight! I think you should go for a medium I think it would fit perfectly.
Saraann R: Med
Terri M: I am about 5'4''/130lb and I got a Medium in this skirt. I didn't wear the skirt right at my waist cause it kind of made me have love handles that aren't I brought it up to my belly button and that was more flattering.
Diamond A: I'm 5'3 & I weigh 145.. Athletic build.. I got a large because with the material of this skirt it's going to fit tight anyway.. But I have a big booty so I didn't want it to be squeezing.. I suggest you get a M bc you weight 125
Briana T: I suggest medium
None N asked: how long is the skirt im 5'3 and i want to know if the skirt at least touches my ankles..
marie j: This is a very nice skirt. I'm 5'2'' and it hits me right on the ankle depending on the shoe. I've bought four of them and flossed with each one of them. I didn't see all these spring like colors when I ordered. I'll be back!
Dianna D: i'm 5'3 and hippy and it's at my ankle so if u r slender or have hips it should reach your ankle
CHANDRA S: My skirt slightly touches the ground, but I'm only 4'11.
Kia F: I'm 5'4 and it comes 2 my ankles....u'll be fine....get it!!!
Angela H: I'm 5'3 as well, & the skirt stops at my ankles. It's not too long or too short.
Alexis W: It probably will..I'm 5ft and it came all the way to the floor on me but I got a medium
Shaylah R: Yes...I'm 5'9 and I wore mine on my waste and touches right above my ankle ...
Kristen P: I am 5'2 and it touches my ankle
None N asked: Does the dress run true to size?
Diamond A: Yes it does.. But because of the material it is going to "fit"/ show every curve
Ebony J: Yes it does. It is a tight fight
Miya W: YES
senea t: that depends on how u wear ur clothing,i wear items similar to this item very tight,and i am a size 6-7 in jeans and i ordered a small and my next one will be a medium,because if u get it to fit tight the waist band may squeeze u a little much but i was told on the size chart i needed a medium,so yes i would say it is true to size
Chioma W: No, the material is very tight. I'm 5'4 and usually a medium in bottoms but I got a large in this and its still a little tight. But I should mention that I have thick thighs and wide hips
Yvette B: Fitting wise yes. However, If you're tall I suggest you go up a size.
Rykkia W: Yes. A little tight in the waist, but other then that it I'd true to size.
kanecia m: No it runs small
None N asked: is the slit too high, i dont want it do be rigiht under my butt but a tad bit longer. im 5'4. how long does the slit fit on you guys?
haley b: is the white see through?
Taylor D: Not at all its perfect i love it !!!!
Jasmin M: I'm 5'4 as well, the slit isn't too high.
Shannon S: This skirt runs small & the slit falls right under my butt. I'm 5'3 with curves. It might fit different if you don't have any junk in the trunk...idk
Cebria C: It fits me cute '
I love it , ihad ta keep tuqqin on me but it's a head turner
Erika E: Slit is just right. I dance alot, any there wasn't any peek- a-boo situations...unless your doing alot you might have to pull it down.
michelle f: The slit on this skirt is not under the but, it fits just as shown on the display,i'm around 5ft6inches, weigh 170, and i got this skirt in a large and it fits to my satisfaction !
Simone S: to be honest the slit is pretty high but not like uncomfortable...its like one of ur legs is wearing a short skirt lol
erin m: No its not too high, I'm 5'1 and it reaches me just above mid thigh and I wear it. As a high waist skirt, its super sexy, love it!
briana h: Im 5'9 and I think the slit is perfect it comes exactly like the pic! I gt the skirt in a small and in the color black. You should be fine!
quintessa j: I'm a little shorter than you and when I tried it on it wasn't tha split came around My mid thigh it wasn't as short as it looks so everything will be covered
None N asked: How thick is the material. Is the black skirt see-through?
Aaliyah S: The thickness of the material is decentnot to thick,not too thin .i purchase the mocha and its not see through
Morgan H: The material is excellent !!!!!!. && no it's not see throught
Kia F: Its not too thin and not TOO thick, like just right but not thick enough for you to feel heavy, and no its not see-through
ashley m: Its pretty thin material...but it is not see through
Mai T asked: what kind of shirts would you wear with this?
Erika E: Agreed w/ Yelena
Yelena R: all of those options above are great i personally paired it with the fitted crop top i got from this site and it is very cute put you could wear a loose crop top or any fitted shirt
ashley m: Any shirt would look good with this...but that's just my style
jae r: you can wear those new stylish crop tops that are popular right now, you can wear a sheer shirt, but personally, i got the beige color, and paired it with a white button down shirt buttoned all the way to the top and tied it at my stomach and it was really cute!
None N asked: Is this a high waisted skirt I'm usually a small but I'm curvy so I'm not too sure what size
Precia H: Yes, it's a high-waisted skirt. I bought a small. Fits perfectly. I'm 5'6 & a 23in waist. Very form fitting. If you're very curvy in the hips & butt, I'd recommend a medium.
daphnee w: yes it is an high waist skirt. I wear a small and I'm a lil curvy as well it fits perfect!
andreia r: I'm very skinny and I got a small, so maybe u should try a medium and yes it's high waisted
brittney i: it is a high waist if u have a fairly small waist you should be fine but the cut out comes up high so if ur curvy be concious of how short is or wear with tights
Vorian S: Yes, Its high waisted. I'm curvy as well so I just got a medium.
Quiana B: It can be worn as either a high wasted skirt or a regular one .
Melissa P: I'm 5'2 and I am usually a small; it's a stretchy material also. It's definitely high waisted .
dyita P: I'm a medium and I brought a medium I'm a little on the thick side so the part with the leg out rises up so I have to pull it down some so my cheek won't hang out lol but other than that I'm curvy to and it fits me grate can't wait to wear it
Tammy W: Yes it is a high waisted skirt trust me u will love it like I have.....It really depends on what size u are in your clothes
Ebony J: No it isn't a high waisted skirt. If you have a small waist like size 5 or below get size small.
ashley m: Yes, it can be high waisted or at your waist...either way looks good
Charay B: It can be! Depends on how high u pull it up! But it does look better up high, and it stretches
Olivia H: I'm usually a small too but I decided to go with a medium and it fits perfect and it looks better high waisted
jae r: it isnt a high waisted skirt. the band is thicker, but it can be made a high waisted skirt depending on how you wear it
Comments From people who chose this
Brittany A chose this because: skirt was cute but elastic top did not stretch as much as i would have liked it to
Tina Z chose this because: I bought this to wear to a brunch in NYC since it is flirty and fun. It was perfect.
Catina E chose this because: Love maxi skirts, the split gives it a sexy flare! Had to have it!
Mildred l chose this because: Cute
Felicia S chose this because: love the look and style
Keri P chose this because: I get a lot of comments on this skirt, cute with a crop top in the warm weather, or over the knee boots in the winter
Dianna D chose this because: Better than expected. Loved it.
Bianca R chose this because: Nice shirt
Sade S chose this because: LOVE IT
JaTayvia J chose this because: can match it with any top and add a belt to complete the look
Andres R chose this because: sexy for my spouse
Sharita M chose this because: really cute and shows curves.
kristen b chose this because: cheap
Brittany T chose this because: I love the style of this skirt!
michelle f chose this because: fits very nice
Khayla T chose this because: It is a very sexy skirt.
nitu m chose this because: sexy
Kamari G chose this because: I love the skirt.I would suggest wearing fitted under wear because it is a bit snug and sheer.
briana w chose this because: This skirt is very sexy.
valerie t chose this because: I'll look GREAT for my last homecoming celebration as a senior!!!!!! Wearing with a sheer top, thigh highs and very unique 5" platform heels.
Esther V chose this because: They look so cute
rebecca f chose this because: thought it was cute
ulanda s chose this because: i choose this cut out maxi skirt because it sexy but elagent and i think its suiteable and appropriate for the event i am going to ,i will be very disappointed if i dont receave this in time ,
Jennifer C chose this because: Unique look
Huda A chose this because: Very gorgeous I got a lot of people asking me from where I got it !!! Comfortable and cute \ What else could we ask for you must get it
Janine G chose this because: sexy
Juanique B chose this because: Looks hot
Savita D chose this because: looked great on a friend of mine
karen s chose this because: sexy
Roenacee T chose this because: I am a slender female, I feel as if this color complements my figure best and will bring out my curves. So hopefully this item will fit me the way I expect it too.
Nakkia b chose this because: i picked this shirt because its different and I like it a lot.
haley b chose this because: Sexy and classy at the same time!
Bria L chose this because: sexy but still classy
Hadja D chose this because: because it,s my style and i love it
Kiyana H chose this because: GREAT SKIRT VERY SEXY
Shirley H chose this because: It comes in multiple colors, it is sexy and I just had to have it!
LaDawndrea P chose this because: VERY SEXY SKIRT. LOVED IT!
Tamisha D chose this because: Different Style than the others. Rather unique
Shakima J chose this because: Its cute!
Ferrin M chose this because: my back side is going to look fabulous in this
Maya V chose this because: This skirt is absolutely the best idea ive seen since the maxi trends began. Love it!
Chabriel W chose this because: i love the fit
Nicole B chose this because: Pretty color!
Ravin G chose this because: Lady Like!
e d chose this because: great for summer
Chavandalyn J chose this because: Very cute
Ryan L chose this because: Leg is sexy
Marvy U chose this because: Its sexy!!!
jessica g chose this because: super sexy
Paula E chose this because: Sexy
T'keyah C chose this because: HOTTTTTT !!!!!! ;
Morgan F chose this because: It's very sexy
Ashley W chose this because: I have been looking for this type of skirt FOREVER & I'm Finally happy That Go Jane had it in my size. Just place my order cant wait to wear it & show out! Its a Must BUY Ladies
Lynn C chose this because: saw it on someone, so cute!
Lydia B chose this because: I chose this skirt because it's different and I loved the mint color!
Marlee L chose this because: sleek and sexy
Chenille R chose this because: Never saw anything like it, very chic.
delia t chose this because: Luv it
Elise H chose this because: love the cut and style of this skirt! <3
shanice w chose this because: cute
Pascale R chose this because: It is a nice looking skirt that seems to be very comfortable.
Regina R chose this because: Initially loved the skirt because of the long cut on the side. Very sexy and different from a regular maxi skirt and perfect for summer. The previous reviews were also reassuring that it was a good buy.
Scarleet E chose this because: ITS UNIQUE
myra g chose this because: I have always liked clothing that is unique and sexy, and this is definitely both!
Nathalie G chose this because: It's so sexy !
Melanie A chose this because: Sexy
elizabeth j chose this because: I LOVE THE LOOK AND I KNOW IT FIT MY CURVES PERFECTLY!
Jessica W chose this because: This seems sexy yet "safe". I'm hoping this will be a winner.
Renante F chose this because: Love it
sashanna d chose this because: brings out a woman's curves and show some legs.
corrin O chose this because: I needed to find a high wasited skirt to go with a few cute crop tops i have! looks great together
Aisleen D chose this because: its different from your usual double slit skirt that is apparently becoming very popular
Aleatha W chose this because: Sexi summer look
L M chose this because: This skirt is very cute! I just love the look of it!
Xavier M chose this because: to attend a beach party
JAMIE P chose this because: sexy, cute, and different
Elaine A chose this because: love the color and shape, also because its a tight skirt and the loose one does not look good on me since i am really skinny
Alisa P chose this because: I've been wanting something like this a long time ago.
cynthia w chose this because: love it
Kevionnah C chose this because: sexy & simple.
Shana A chose this because: its different like me
kelcy p chose this because: saw it on another girl and thought it was cute
amencie m chose this because: red is nice
Wayne V chose this because: I love the color and the the style
Rene M chose this because: sexy
richie j chose this because: i love the color and the style!
Christina G chose this because: sexxy
Sade M chose this because: i love the split in this skirt and the way the skirt fits
Kori C chose this because: i love the look
Lacresha H chose this because: Sexy!!!
Courtney R chose this because: hott
Amber H chose this because: Because it is really cute and I think i could wear it well. Thanks!
valerie h chose this because: I love the style and look. I have been looking for a maxi skirt like this.
Angela H chose this because: its cute and i love how it shows some thigh but still a maxi:
Brianna J chose this because: its in style!
Tyeast N chose this because: I think this skirt is a perfect statement piece. I would wear it with a flowy button or tank. It shoes just enough skin without showing too much
Anna A chose this because: bought the blue and IT ACCENTUATED MY CURVES
D U chose this because: Very sexy
edina b chose this because: It's sexy and it would look great for my honeymoon!
Nia H chose this because: It's super cute!
Virginia E chose this because: I need it for a party
shaunteria t chose this because: the skirt is very classy
caitlin s chose this because: LOVE the cut out
shay h chose this because: it was cute.
NADIA M chose this because: Perfect for summer wear
CHRYSTINA D chose this because: i love this skirt , i saw a few girls on youtube wearing it and i had to have it!!!
Cecilia H chose this because: attractive style for me
dartania w chose this because: This skirt is sexy and i cant wait to see what top i can pair it with to make it even sexier. And it will arrive just in time for my birthday.
Briana H chose this because: The color and style is a plus. I will wear this with a crop top and some high pumps
albriona w chose this because: it is very sexy and fits comfortable
Breanne' G chose this because: for my birthday, its cute and sexy
Samantha L chose this because: Dis is cute n sexy all in one I love it.
Tamika H chose this because: sexy feeling
Thabo M chose this because: love the style
Annie C chose this because: comfortable and classy
alisha t chose this because: I wanted something kind of sexy for going out with friends. Time to start dressing my age
Kamieo L chose this because: It is super cute and different!
Keneisha F chose this because: I love the design of this skirt...cute, sexy yet not too revealing! great for dressing up or dressing down for some cocktails with the girls! Can't wait to get it!
Alexandra D chose this because: everyone once a sexy skirt for the spring time
Kunir M chose this because: it is so in!!
Imani J chose this because: love
bryana n chose this because: style choice
Shantelle J chose this because: This skirt is just way too sexcii!
Kimani N chose this because: Fits like a glove. Very sexy.
LORENA O chose this because: it was nice and different
TAMEKA C chose this because: I choose this skirt because it will show my figure and it was cute
Gabrielle H chose this because: it's cute. duh.
Candice B chose this because: Wanted the double slit maxi dress but the site didn't have anymore. :

This was second best so I decided to go with this
Alexandria Y chose this because: Great reviews and every lady who posted a picture of herself in it looked amazing!!!

Really a must buy!
Marquilla J chose this because: Love it
maima s chose this because: Its sexy
Cebria C chose this because: sexy
sabrina b chose this because: a real head turner
Nneamaka N chose this because: The exposure of the leg is pretty sexy to me
Marnesa L chose this because: i luv maxi skirts
LAURA L chose this because: unique
Maya S chose this because: Soo sexy!
Sukari M chose this because: i love the way that skirt look
Beverley S chose this because: I like the style
Estorious S chose this because: Very sexy
Brianna W chose this because: versatility
Sade H chose this because: trendy
jennifer c chose this because: it is not only classy but sexy
tamiko r chose this because: sexy. love that the guys will love to see all the legs that are exposed and the females will be in the back hating.
Essense c chose this because: its adorable and the price was fairly resonable
Pr!celez ! chose this because: I love the slit! very sexyy
Ashley M chose this because: it's sexy and can be styled nicely and add a seductive mystery leaving the eyes wanting more.
saffie d chose this because: its so cute/orginal
Lidy E chose this because: looks sexy as hell
Lyn P chose this because: omg in love it's different
melindy d chose this because: because it will go perfect wit ma outfit i am wearin for feb 8
shelia r chose this because: its different
Emily B chose this because: very cute. very high slit
Allegra J chose this because: this skirt is whats in so i had to have it!!
Marneekwua C chose this because: needed a trendy skirt
EVELYN D chose this because: i love it
Chelsea J chose this because: love the skirt
Octuria N chose this because: I WOULD ROCK THIS SKIRT HARD
Ajahia J chose this because: i love this color
Megan D chose this because: I am not really a skirt kind of girl, but I absolutely love this one!
Brittney J chose this because: birthday
Jernier C chose this because: It was a gift picked out by someone else
Michelle M chose this because: cute skirt
Natricia K chose this because: colour
Latoya D chose this because: sexy
Mardia b chose this because: Love the style and the cut very figure hugging
Chloe M chose this because: i LOVE the idea of this skirt. it's so different and i could totally wear it to work with some cool tights and heels on. super excited to try this style out because i'm so done with the high-low skirts.
Brittany A chose this because: It's exactly what I wanted! It shows enough skin without being trashy!
lashunda d chose this because: i love theslit.. i plan on wearing this with my fu vest and fur booties i have.. this skirt will show off my curves
Nanu s chose this because: sexy
Stacia H chose this because: Both sexy and classy.
Zullybeth Y chose this because: I Loved the skirt. I got a small. For next time I will get a medium. They do run a bit small.
brandi g chose this because: love it!
Antonette W chose this because: A youtube I watch had this skirt and I found in love with....
Janeirah J chose this because: I wanted this style skirt and in this color. I like to be different since everyone has black. Plus I'm a dark-skinned, skinny woman so this color and sleek style looks good on me.
Alvarine W chose this because: Cute and super sexy!
Brittney S chose this because: I love the unique style and color
annika h chose this because: very sexy and chic
PeggyAnn D chose this because: very different and sexy.

I have since gotten my order and was not very impressed by the material or this skirt aas I thought I would be but I will still rock it.
Shauna W chose this because: Simple but sexy!
Yolanda G chose this because: It was different and sexy.
Precious W chose this because: This piece is so versatile,it can be dressed up fora night on the town or dressed down to a casual mall outing look. I love the options it offers
Estephany D chose this because: unique!
Kiera P chose this because: I figured it'd hug my shapely body perfectly!
Jameelah T chose this because: its sleek and sexy
Meghan B chose this because: It's so cute and different. Wearable in the summer and winter nights...
Laura S chose this because: Iam Different!! And its sexy!!
senea t chose this because: SEXY SEXY SEXY
Kimber H chose this because: Sexy yet classy! I love this! When i saw it, I just HAD to have it!
Uvonne A chose this because: different look. in your face type of skirt
Kiera S chose this because: Its high waisted and fashionable
Ariele M chose this because: legs is in
Sabrina l chose this because: new style of a skirt
Arianna S chose this because: Wanted to show off my legs
Simone S chose this because: different
Michelle A chose this because: looks great
Shane H chose this because: Friend
lynsey k chose this because: sexy sexy sexy i just had to have it !
Anna R chose this because: diferent style
Angela H chose this because: very sexy meets classy! true to size. love this w/ thigh high boots!
Brittany B chose this because: This skirt is so different than anything I have ever seen I have to have it
marie j chose this because: sheek and sassy. I can dress down or dress up
mastoffa P chose this because: looks great
Alexis R chose this because: very sexy.
Charlotte H chose this because: cheap and cute
Tennesha S chose this because: I cant wait to feel the breeze on my legs when I wear this gorgeous dress. Can we say all eyes on me\ lol
Sika A chose this because: it's very different from anything i've seen
Lisa B chose this because: sexy
Ashley F chose this because: classy
Tammy W chose this because: EYE CATCHING
chante j chose this because: I needed one because,its so cute a all season skirt
chante j chose this because: A Birthday Gift
ashley m chose this because: staple black cut out skirt
Chartarra H chose this because: 90's fly.
diondra r chose this because: It's cute and sexy. This skirt complements my legs.
Jazzmin H chose this because: Cute, going to wear it when it gets warm again.
krystal b chose this because: my style

+ Reviews

Piece Of Me Cut-Out Maxi Skirt
4.5 Stars based on 24 Review(s)
Bronx, NY
4.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Runs small
March 6, 2015
I'm 5'3 125lbs I ordered a small and its super tight not flattering. Wish I wouldve ordered a medium. I usually wear small for all my skirts and shorts.
Same as the picture
runs one size smaller

Schoelcher, Schoelcher
4.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

open up skirt
February 8, 2015
Really Loved this skirt! such a head turner & fits perfectly

United States
4.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

runs small
August 8, 2014
nice skirt but runs small

Bronx, NY
4.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Love love love !!
July 7, 2014
I really loved this skirt. I whore it for a a dinner night out. I got it in black and it was a bit see through but it was only truly visible in pictures (i had to edit them so it wouldnt show my underwear). Other than that I think it was a perfect buy.

Marshallville, Ga
4.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Love It
June 27, 2013
I love this skirt.... It fits perfect !

sac, ca
4.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

June 21, 2013
I love this style of skirt, I had the black one I actually bought in the store but I've been wanting red! Finally found it. The only thing I STRONGLY dislike is how thin nd sheer the material is. I got red and its very see through. I'm very curvy so id have to wear black underware or spandex shorts. Other than that cute style (duh) just the material is poor. At least for red idk about any other color.
Style Color Slit

4.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

cute but thin
June 17, 2013
While I do like the skirt, Which I ordered in yellow is very thin virtually see threw. I'm 5"1 126 and I found the skirt to be tight even for me. Will keep, however in my opinion its only acceptable for the club.
Very thin See threw

Corpus Christi texas
4.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Super cute skirt!
June 11, 2013
I baught this skirt in medium it was the checkered one I wore it with a simple black crop top and some white saddles I got many compliments today. I wanted the red skirt but imseemthey are all out again!
Fits perfectly around the waist Enhances curves Nice material

Jackson, Mississippi
4.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

June 10, 2013
I so love this skirt. It fits tightly and makes my butt look nice! the only thing I don't like is that it is so sheer. I CAN'T wear anything but black undies with this. Other than that, this red skirt is a keeper!
Had to go a size up and it's sheer

4.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

May 19, 2013
I love this skirt! I am 5'1" and 111 pounds so I bought a small in the peach color. The skirt fit awesome! The only thing I disliked was that the peach colored skirt which I believe is no longer in stock was very sheer. I don't mind but I definitely would have preferred for it to be a but thicker material but overall I would definitely buy this again!

Aja Niara
Buffalo, NY
4.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

love it!
May 13, 2013
they skirt is gorgeous and sexy shows the leg perfectly! it rides up when you sit down but that's with mostly everything! if your wondering if you should buy it or not YOU SHOULD i wore it to the Rihanna concert and got so many damn compliments love it!

4.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

March 29, 2013
Received this skirt in the mail today. I'm very short-- 5 feet. I was worried the skirt may be too long but it was perfect! A very unique design that you can dress up or down. Comfortable material. And can I add: GREAT PRICE! If you choose this skirt, you will not regret it!!
Versatile Comfortable True to color on site Fashionable

4.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

March 3, 2013
I'm 5'2 120lbs...I got a small in the coral color. This skirt hugs me in all the right places, and omg your leg/thigh will look so sexy!! I will get a medium if I purchase again to give myself a little breathing room!
Nice stretchy smooth material!
If you need a little breathing room consider a size up.

4.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

March 1, 2013
love love this skirt very sexy nice stretchy material , i am 130 lbs and brought a small by accident but let me tell you that it was not a accident cause this skirt fit very well not tight at all and i have butt
sexy can dress up and down nice material excellent fit and design

Willie grove,Pa
4.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Love it
February 26, 2013
I just want to say all tall people don't be discouraged I am the living proof that you can be over "5'7" and still rock this skirt. I'm 5'9, 133 pounds and every single time I wear this skirt I get so many compliments I can't even count how many I have received. I don't think height has to do with anything when it comes to this skirt it's just the way you style it and make it work for you.Also I had gotten a small because I wanted it to fit like a glove and it did and i got the small in the color Coral.

New Jersey
4.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

In Love ♥ ♥ ♥
February 19, 2013
I was in serious debate when considering to buy it. Since i'm 5'3 I thought to buy a medium, but I'm very curvy with a rather large rear so I decided to size up and I was NOT disappointed. The skirt fit a big large in the waist since I have a small waist but other than that it's perfect &#9829; Very sexy. I can't wait until it's restocked so I can buy at least one more in a different color

4.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

i love my new skirt
February 16, 2013
i have it red im 5'3 and 120 and i got a small it fits great i wore it on Valentines day to longhorn stake house it can also be worn to a club or party but not for school
color style fit
its a bit short so i have to hold it down when i walk in heels so it dosent ride up n show to much but its not a big deal

Montgomery, AL
4.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Sexy, Sexy, Sexy!!!
February 5, 2013
I am in love with this skirt. I bought the red one in a size large because I have a big butt, but it looks amazing! so happy with my order. Thanks so much, will order 4 more colors.
Colors, slit, and price

Franklin, tn
4.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

February 1, 2013
Love this skirt!! I cnt wait to wear it, super cute!
Material, cut out, length

4.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

A must have skirt !
January 31, 2013
I'm 5'3 125 pounds and bought this in a size small. This skirt is very sexy, flattering and hugs my body in all of the right places.If you want a head turning piece this is the skirt for you. Bottom line: I would highly recommend this skirt !!
Form fitting Side slit Comes in a variety of colors

4.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Knowing you COLORS
January 29, 2013
I think this is this is the perfect skirt for any woman body type ranging from 120- 160 pounds. If you are very tall this is not the skirt for you. I am 5'7" and it works perfect anyone taller then me the skirt would not be long enough. The color of the blue is very off it looks green/ blue when you actually receive it.

Lady Laura
4.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

I feel sexy in it!!
December 28, 2012
I love this definitely turns heads!! I paired mine with a tan crop top, a chestnut belt and thigh high chestnut boots!! And matching bangles, necklaces and earrings!! couldn't tell me I wasent the 'ish in

Mary M.
New Jersey
4.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

December 19, 2012
these are so sexy ! Lol, they are really cute & good material, i bought the beige/tan ones with white and blue stripes. LOVEEEE!
The deep slit

baton rouge, la
4.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

cut out maxi skirt love!!!
November 30, 2012
i picked this particular item because it is different and i am known for rocking different thiings all the time. I LOVE IT!!! i just got it in today and CANNOT wait to rock this.
I love how different it is. it isnt your average maxi skirt.

miami, FL
4.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

November 27, 2012

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