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Acid Wash Shorts

Acid Wash Shorts

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Show off those stems in these stretchy, high-waisted jean shorts. We're loving these acid wash shorts 'cause they have a super smooth fit (thanks to the two faux pockets in front), as well as a classic cut. These shorts are finished with two rear pockets, as well as a single button and zipper closure in front.

Model is wearing a small
All measurements are for a small
Length from waist to hem: 10"
Inseam: 1.5"
Waist: 25"
77% Cotton, 21% Polyester, 2% Spandex
Hand wash cold, hang dry
Made in USA

Acid Wash Shorts
3.5 Stars based on 7 Review(s)
los angeles, CA
3.5 Stars

July 2, 2013
The other high waisted shorts fit great but these are no good :( I got a small because that's what I always order from this site. These are just an awkward fit... And whether you have a big butt or no butt, it is not flattering. They're short but also loose and just not cute in my opinion. I just wear these around the house.

storrs, connecticut
3.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

May 18, 2013
Just got these in small, love them, and barely any of my butt hangs out (but my butt is small so this may not be the case with everyone), however I have NO idea what to wear them with? Any suggestions?

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
3.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

So cute but SO short!
March 19, 2013
Fit great and look awesome, only problem is they are really short and kind of explicit.
Fit, looks good
too short, too much exposed

Palm Desert, CA
3.5 Stars

Not what I expected
March 6, 2013
They'd be cute if they fit right but the crotch part is really long and I can't see how these would fit my legs unless I had really thick thighs. The everything fits perfect except the leg holes.
color, design
the fit

3.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Soo Cute
February 11, 2013
I loved these shorts. They were exactly as the picture described. Tight, high waist (almost a little too high) and still with some stretch. I have to agree with the other reviews that they are kind of revealing, like they really leave your booty cheeks hanging out, but it does show that on the model and I think it's something sexy, I mean it made me look like I have a booty when I really don't which was for me a plus :) BTW I'm 5'6 1/4, 114 lbs, Size 0 wearing the small that fit like a glove but it was too high past my belly button for me...
Stretchy, Sexy, Comfy Material, Tight
Too High-Waisted

3.5 Stars

Too short
January 11, 2013
I'm going to return these shorts because they are so short and revealing that I wouldn't have known where to wear them to. I love the high-waisted acid wash style so much so I'm pretty sad that I'm returning them. They're tight and comfy and soft and stretchy, which I love. They are even more revealing than my underwear. As someone said below, they feel like a thong almost. My butt isn't even that big. I will be buying the gray high-waisted denim shorts instead because they are not as revealing, but I really wanted some blue jean shorts. If GoJane made a pair like these but a few inches longer, I would definitely buy them! For reference, I'm 5'4'' 120 pounds 27 inch waist and I got the small, which fit fine.
soft, comfy, stretchy, perfect amount of high-waistedness, tight
too short and revealing

Baton Rouge, LA
3.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Cute and hoochie
January 2, 2013
I love the shorts, they are exactly how they appear. If you have a big butt, it will hang out, but if not, they will just look like short shorts.

Questions about this item
None N asked: is there a size 15?
None N asked: if i wear i size 27 in jeans what size should i get in these?
andrea P: If you don't want your butt hanging out you should get a size 29 also they ate very tight and I got the largest size
C H: Med.
Devon k: You should get a medium they are very stretchy like a jegging material . Warning they are very short and your cheeks will show a little .
Bailey G asked: im a size 25 in urban outfitters shorts, would a size small fit?
luanda t: yes
Aricka K: Yes I wear a 28 and they were tooooo small. A small should be good for you. Cheeks hang out a little behind tho. Very stretchy
silvia P: I'm a size 27 and I gain a couple pounds and the small I bought fit me perfect now.. before it was a little loose.
None N asked: I love these shorts but I will not wear them if they expose the bottom of my butt cheeks. I was wondering if it is possible to avoid butt exposure if I size up I am not tall and I have a tiny butt. AND what is the length of waist to hem for a medium and would it look awkwardly big on someone who usually wears a small?
Ashley T: These show your butt, A LOT! I didn't expect it until I got them in the mail and tired them on. I have a full bottom and my butt cheeks fall out of these I personally like them a lot to wear with some fishnets so it hides it a bit because they are a comfortable short but I don't think upping the size will do anything for you cause that's the point of the shorts. My advice is to not buy these of that's your concern.
silvia P: I dont think sizing up will do much ,it might or might not cover ur butt i cant know that ,but being a stratchy short i dont think it would look all right if too big on you.. i order size small so i dont know the lenght of a size medium but my small one is 9.5 inches from waist to hem .. hope this help
margoolyator m asked: Hi! Iam interested in getting this shorts, but iam hesitating about size. my waist is 66sm and hips are 88sm. i do not want to be them too tight, neither hanging down as a bag. what would you advice me i did not get as well about size charts, why each S or m sizes have two references of inches to them?
Robert s: Hey,
If you are normally size small, small will fit just fine. Just the same for medium. The sizes are accurate.
Maxine U: Hi,

I recommend getting a size that is just right for you. These shorts are not designed to be loose at the hem, they should be form fitted and they definitely show off a bit of you buttcheeks at the bottom. These shorts are high waisted AND short, so if you're not comfortable with the shortness, dont buy these. Trust, I don't have a voluptuous behind and it still shows my butt. As for the size chart, if i normally wear a 6 in pants and dresses, i got the medium. The material is slightly stretchy and true to size so i wouldn't go up or down a size if that's what you're asking. hope this helps.
None N asked: I typically wear a 00 will these fit perfect or a little loose?
dorothy t: If you dont have any butt they will fit loose they are a lil loose on me because they are stretchable i wear a size 5 and i bought the small
Shay J: They should fit perfect.
daneke h: Ummm I think a size 1 would be just right for you because they fit alil snugish....
silvia P: They will fit loose i wear size 1 or 3 and these short i bought a small they are not thight on me .. hope this helped you
L I: They will be loose unless u get an extra small
Frank P: Loose. I wear a size zero and I had to adjust mine.
None N asked: I am around 5'4 and weigh around you think a small will fit?
Sophia A: Yes it will. They stretch but be prepared for your booty cheeks to be exposed
joy f: i would try a medium.
krista d: I ordered a size small and had to return them- I'm 5'2 and 100 lbs. they were waaaaaaay too short on me to the point I wouldn't feel comfortable wearing them out- and I definitely don't shy away from dressing risky. cute shorts but..super super short.
Devriel Z: No, get a medium. They also are extremely short! Your cheeks will be out.
Mahogany M: You may want to try a med or large! I have a size med & some of my cheeks are out, and I'm only 5'2"!
Zachia G: Yes the shorts are stretchy
Cerna C: NO.. you probably need a medium,if not a medium maybe a large.
turquoise c: A medium
None N asked: I usually wear a xs or 24 in bottoms. Since theres NO xs bottoms on gojane, will these be too big?
Keyonna H: no they will be fine. they are a stretchy material
Shanette H: it would definiately be too big unfortunately its a bigger fit and super short
Rosalie E asked: I know this question was asked plenty of times, but I want to confirm one more time! I wear a size 1-3 in forever 21 shorts I wear a 27 but they're a bit loose, so Would a small be a good fit And! I'm pretty short, about 5'1 I don't have a big butt, but its not small haha. Would my butt cheeks hang out And if its a yes, is it, how do I say, skanky or Risqu\ I'm 19, and I like to dress a little sexy, but not... everything hanging out.
David L: Ahh, the butt cheek conundrum. If its tight, you'll be ok; if not, pass. On the size, a small should do, they do stretch
Michelle D asked: I am usually a size 25 in F21, so would a small fit me or a medium because i have high waisted shorts from a thrift store that measured as a size 3 yet i bought something similar from charlotte russe as a meduium
Zainab S: I'm a 24 at Forever and the small fit great for me.
silvia P: hi I wear size 26 or 27 in most denim and I purchased a small of these shorts they fit actually they are a little big.. hope it helps you
None N asked: If i wear a 9 in jeans which should i choose from s,m,l ?
GoJane S: According to the measurements you provided it sounds like you may be a LG. You may want to reference our size chart here:
None N asked: Do these shorts go above the belly button?
Coreatha T: yes
Tymesha S: Definetely, however they fit a bit loose around my waist. They're no terribly snug because these are quite strechable.
Shari C: I'm 5'2 and they do on me
Zachia G: Yes
Queenya L: Yes they do and they are really stretchy so u may want to go a size smaller than usual
Samantha L: I would say it depends on your height. Mine hit right at the belly button. I'm 5"5 and I got medium since I'm a 27 at the waist.
Christina C: yes they do! they are vey high wasted and fit amazing although they kind of show your bum cheeks a little! but i still love them
Gretchen S: Yes they do
Kathleen J: Yes they do but their super cute especially if you wear a cute bandeau
None N asked: Are these shorts tight like displayed on the model?
Christina C: yes they are i got mine in a small I'm 5 foot 1 and 112 lbs
nikki h: they are very stretchy
John K: Yes, but very very tight :-
Chrystal M: Ok i know your probably thinking they look tight but honestly they strength so if you were sizes 3-5 get a small and maybe a 7 too but their great
nyuma w asked: Im a size 5 in jeans should I get a small or medium ?
Zainab S: I'm a 0 and the small I got fit like a glove.. ass cheeks out and all so I think if you normally wear a small that's fine but if you're not sure medium it will fit fine.
Jaszmine B: Im a 3 i got a small but i probably could of did a xsmall so if i was u i'll go with a small.
brittany j: If your going for a extra sexy look get a small however they are very revealing cheeks
Kiara J: You should get a small... Also you might want to wear sheer tights under them because it will show your butt cheeks if nothing worn under...
Natalie P: you should get a medium i'm about the same size and i got a medium and they fit well
D U: Depends on your butt size but they do have a lot of stretch to them
Kimberly J: Medium
None N asked: what size are these shorts in regular pant/short sizes 0,1,2 etc,etc
GoJane S: You may want to reference our size chart here:
None N asked: I know everyone is asking this but I want to make sure before regretting my purchase- is there anyone who bought this whose butt cheeks do not hang out These are so cute and I really think they are the perfect denim shorts except I know I won't want to wear them in the daytime if my underbutt is another customer mentioned- some of the models' cheeks are not showing in the pictures. Is this giving me false hope?
Tymesha S: Yes, your butt cleavage will show, and these fit comfortable. I suggest wearing them with stockings or with garter leggings/stockings, if that's your style and you want to keep warmth. I'm 5'4 and wear size 1 to 3 therefore purchased these in a size small.
Jessica F: I wore these shorts with stockings but yea your butt definitely hangs out
Kimberly G asked: Would my butt really show In the other photos there cheeks don't show. I don't wanna get them and have my butt showing since I'm only 15
Mercedes H: It wouldn't really show since you're small. I suggest you get a small. I got a small and I am kind of thick and they fit really good.
Devriel Z: If you have a big butt then yes it will show. Mines show alot! Mines also have a little space in between my legs. Really don't like the way they fit.
nelly P: Yea your butt will hang out
shanae c: Yes your butt cheeks will show if you are a curvaceous woman. A small will fit you because these shorts are TRUE TO SIZE. I have my pair and my butt cheeks does show. So keep in mind if you are slim or petite they probably would show a tiny bit of cheeks but not as much if you are a curvy woman. So I think you should get a small sweetheart & Yes! Yes! Yes! they are extremely comfortable and stretchy. A must have :
Renardo W: Small but I wouldn't suggest u getting it since ur only 15.... But yeah ur butt would be exposed.
silvia P: I don't have much butt but it does show with these short .. what I did was getting the lace short leggings to put underneath it to cover up.. me personally I bought a small and I'm 5'4 per 130 Lbs they are not completely thought on me.. hope this help you
Tamara O: - lol! Good question, my butt did show, I hate that, I wore fishnets under mine, I wore them to a night club..I'm also 21 though ;/ lol
None N asked: my waist is around 24/25 and hips 33, do you think a small would fit?
GoJane S: According to the measurements you provided it sounds like you may be a XS or SM. You may want to reference our size chart here:
nikki h asked: has anyone that wear a size 13 or 14 ever bought these shorts and if so how did they fit?
Kiara P: Tight!!! The booty pops out a little at the bottom but overall, I LOVE THEM!! Will be ordering more!
Deanetta W: I wear a size 11 in juniors, which is a large and the shorts fit perfect. Mind you that they're pretty short, but I love them! They're fitted stretchy material
None N asked: Do the shorts show off your cheeks like in the do in the picture?
Kanira W: Yes
Leticia Y: Yes!! they're pretty short! But still super cute!
Jessica C asked: Iam an size 14 will a size large fit me\
nikki h: i also wear a size 14 and they fit nicely but ur but will hang out and it will be even better if you have a flat stomach
brandi g: I'm normally a five and got a medium. They fit kind of sung but they stretch.
Constance R: Hi jessica i would say yes a large would fit perfectly cus im a size 7 and a medium was perfect for me and they are stretchy\ Only to were they fit you tho. So they would fit you just rite! And plus if you get a smaller size they probly gone be to tight up in your front area but its up to you and how your body is too.
None N asked: How does these shorts run Im usually a "large" in bottoms but I have wide hips. If I wear a 13 in jeans, can I fit a large in the certain shorts?
Alexis R: i think a large would fit! these are pretty stretchy material..only problem is that they are extremely short. quite a bit of my lower bum shows so i'm saving these for summer for sure.
rosland s: dont have them
nikki h asked: i wear a size 14 would a large fit me?
Amber M: Yes...! The shorts are stretchable, PERFECT fit, &' it enhances your curves :
Mar M asked: I am using a size 5 in other Gojane high waisted pants, which size do I have to choose in these Medium thanks
Danielle D: I am a size zero and fit into the small. I would suggest large because they also Shrink
chasity J: Small
None N asked: When will more arrive in Med
GoJane S: We do not know if a size or color will be restocked but we do receive restocks and new styles daily so keep checking back!
None N asked: I normally where a size 28 or 29 in forever 21 jeans or just a normal size 7.. what size would fit me best in these shorts?
Erica O: I think a large would fit you best.
Keishae R: I wear a 29/30 in forever 21 jeans. I got a large and they are a good fit

Hope that helped
Camille C: Maybe size median
Mai T asked: do your butt cheeks really hang out like the picture i like them but im scared they're cut too short.
ruby v: they do. if you are taller than 5'3 your cheeks will show!
Renardo W: Yes it does.....Its like a thong smh....but it still looks gorgeous
Camille C: Yes girl it really hang out, when i got it i tried it on and my butt cheeks was saying hello lol but it fit really good!!!
None N asked: How do these run?
John K: Tight :-
daneke h: Well i just bought one and i got it in a size small and it fits me perfect.and my waist is a 26/27
Constance R: These shorts are so sexy! And very stretchy so if you want them to fit really good make sure you get your rite size I bought a medium because I didnt want them to be to tight and the medium is perfect, they do show your booty\ Also they came really fast in the mail so enjoy and be prepared to have ALL EYES ON YOU.
Camille C: It runs true to size, i usually fit size LARGE and it fit great.
None N asked: If I'm a 8 in jeans what size would I get?
Camille C: I think you should get large
claudine f: A medium but beware your cheeks will be hanging out.
unknown : Depends on how you want them to fit. I'm a 12 and very bottom heavy and the large are fitted but breathable. so if you want a loose fit, large, a fitted fit, medium
None N asked: do they have pockets in the front were u can put
Peter L: No, they are fake pockets in front. The rear pockets are real.
Jaszmine B: they have pockets in the back, but the pockets in the front are closed in.
unknown : No, just the back
Comments From people who chose this
Derranisha K chose this because: good price
Danielle F chose this because: love shorts
Tory R chose this because: cute
Ashley W chose this because: I chose this item for the color. It complements fall while still staying cool outside in the summer weather in Texas.
J A chose this because: LOVE
Jalecia F chose this because: love the way these shorts fit
Ashlee N chose this because: I have been looking for high waisted shorts for awhile and I love the color selection.
Queenya L chose this because: I love the high waisted look. These jeans are similar to Rihanna's
Endira E chose this because: I love high waist shorts
TRACI B chose this because: SEXY
alexandria l chose this because: LOVE THE SHORTS <3
marqueta m chose this because: super sexy for the beach
Alvina G chose this because: They are cute
Krystle H chose this because: sexy shorts for a concert
Simone M chose this because: These shorts are summer essentials! I don't really like to think too much of my outfits especially when its toasty in the summer. You can just throw these on with a muscle shirt, crop top, bandeau etc
jessica r chose this because: i chose the jade one
Valerie A chose this because: I love them so much. i already have a pair black and i just purchased the teal and the orange pair. they are my favorite shorts
Merlange G chose this because: Need for a show.
Zamaris H chose this because: loved these but they are too short and im 5'2
Sharika R chose this because: They are cute
Tracey S chose this because: Badass. Must haves.
Terretia G chose this because: love the shorts fit great the small has a stretch to them so if your unsure about what size to get the small will do very stretchy.
Kathyanne W chose this because: Acid wash short shorts are this summers best friend. Girls look hot and the boys love us in them. Fashion forward and edgy.
natasha c chose this because: going for a specific look
Jeska T chose this because: I've been looking everywhere for these!
Tiffannee R chose this because: summer time!
Rhiannon W chose this because: o so summer sexy!
Sharmain S chose this because: im a freak for high waisted bottoms
Shemichiko M chose this because: I wanted to try some shorts this style
Chinyere E chose this because: cheap and cute
krystle c chose this because: i want to see how they fit and they are cute for spring and summer
Jasmin S chose this because: Sexy shorts for a sexy summer
chiquia p chose this because: love them
victoria m chose this because: different in color and style
Maki B chose this because: I mean....
Catarina T chose this because: I LOVE that new tops and high waisted shorts and skirts style, totally addicted to it and this short is very very cute!! Purple color is SO awesome!!!
Shanqueta F chose this because: because they are short and sexy !!!!!
chantel t chose this because: i love the highwaisted look and im so glad i purchased the shorts because there a great fit i love them
kim G chose this because: FOR ME
joy f chose this because: There so cute! I love them.
Tymesha S chose this because: I'm sexy and I know it. Trying to wear booty shorts..I purchased this in a small, a little lose around the waist area. Trust me your butt cleveage will show so wear tights or leggings underneath if your not endearing enough.
PeggyAnn D chose this because: trending
Shari C chose this because: They're so perfect. Ive looked everywhere for high waist shorts and they were really expensive. Theses are good price and they're not just plain denim.
Coreatha T chose this because: I seen someone with them on ....very cute
Ebony H chose this because: cute
bill y chose this because: to early to tell
demisha s chose this because: love they way they fit...
shanae c chose this because: i have heard sooooooo much about these shorts and how comfortable they are, and also how they fit true to size. they are sooo stylish. cant ever have enough high waisted shorts. my friend have a pair and they look fab-u-lous on her!!! cant wait to see how they fit on me !!!
Donisha T chose this because: I love the way the fit her and I hope they fit me the same!
Julisya T chose this because: Because I like it.
Monica J chose this because: I love the acid wash trend, plus you can never have too many high waisted shorts. I like these because they seem are a tighter fit than the ones I usually get.
Mercedes H chose this because: sexy
Jaszmine B chose this because: sexy
Kelisha G chose this because: I JUST LOVE THE COLOR AND STYLE
haile r chose this because: i like them
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