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Faux Leather Zipper Riding Boots

Faux Leather Zipper Riding Boots

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These over-the-knee, faux leather boots have a textured finish that makes 'em feel super luxe. Plus, these round toe boots have a side zipper, slight shirring at the arch, a non-functional, ornamental zipper on the facing out side, and adjustable strap. These boots are finished with a rear elastic panel.

Shaft height: 18"
Heel height: 1"
Circumference of opening: 16"
Finished with a slightly padded faux leather insole
Measurements are for a size 5.5
Man made materials

Questions about this item
Camie C asked: How heavy are these boots I'm thinking of packing them and bringing them with me for my trip in winter time.
Katrina M: These are very light, the material is quite thin and they fold very easily.
Francesca Z: These boots are super light!!
Shainaya H: They are not heavy at all! They are tall I love them very cute!!!
Kim S: They are not that heavy. I love the boots!!
Kelly M: Hi! I loveeeee these boots. The material is so soft and the boots are pretty lightweight! Hey also fold very easily without harming the boots. Very flexible and light. I am 5'2" and they come over my knee. Can't say enough good things about them.
Nicole D: They are not heavy, very easy to fold and pack, you will get the original shape back after they have been pack. I kept mine stored away during the summer, now its fall i jus slip them on nd they look like they were never stored. Good luck
Jennifer C: They're not heavy you will be fine you have to buy them cause these boots are amazing I bought them last winter and still wear them this year!
None N asked: Do these boots come in a grey color?
GoJane S: Unfortunately, this item was not manufactured in grey.
None N asked: Are these tight around the foot I'm not sure how else to explain this but sometimes boots are study so the just stand straight up, and then sometimes I've purchased boots where the material is thin that it hugs your leg/thigh
Jennifer C: The boots fit sturdy around the foot they are very comfortable. The boots hug around my leg and foot snug and they don't fall down at all. I hope I answered your question!
Elise H: I dont want to answer question about this company, because i didnt have a great experience with them
Kassidy K asked: Hi, I have larger calves and wondered if anyone knew what the circumference of the opening on a size nine would be?
shannon p: I have what I thought was normal size calves and they opening on the size 8 are not as loose as I would've liked
crystal F: I have large calves as well from dance and track and there's elastic in the back which makes for easy up and there's also a zipper closure in the inside. Hope this helps.
GoJane S: The circumference of the opening is about 16 inches.
carolyn p asked: I am a 7-7.5, i would like to know which size with fit me best\?
tierra D: What ever size you wear in boots pick that size they are true to size
Marion B: I think they fit very true to size. I usually wear a 6 1/2 or 7 and the smaller size fit me! But i think the calfs are a pretty tight so a bigger size might be good
None N asked: are these boots slip resistance?
Hannah A: not at ALL
Jennifer C: I have never slipped walking in them if that answers your question!
Samantha N: Yes they are!!!
grace h: not really, no
Brandi M asked: do these boots run small\?
Anita F: No I got my normal size and it fits great even by the calf area
grace h: i dont find that they do
L H asked: Do these boots run true to size ?
KENNY J: Yes they are love these boots
grace h: yes
None N asked: Hi, how are these boots different from GoJane Item #75500 Thanks!
GoJane S: The two items, though similar in style, are made from different vendors. Please refer to the product description located to the right of each item on our site as it states there the difference in style and size.
rummi L asked: how do these fit around the calf I have thin calves
grace h: i find they fit pretty non-offensively, i have never thought they fit either tight or too loose, but the opening at the very top is a bit loose because they kind of taper
Rhaegan E: They're pretty tight. I have normal sized calfs, and they're pretty tight. So I think they'll be snug on you also.
None N asked: Do these boots extend past the knees How do they fit and how do you like them?
grace h: yes they doo! and i love mine
Jennifer C: Yes these boots go past the knee. And they do fit perfect, I got a 7.5 they are true to size. I haven't worn them yet but I really do like them and think they are so cute. Im glad I purchased these :
Comments From people who chose this
Kara M chose this because: So cute! Favorite pair of boots
Kelly M chose this because: I love these! I wanted an over the knee boot and a riding boot. They are very soft and are very true to size. Love them!
Christine N chose this because: STYLISH AND REASONABLY PRICED
S A chose this because: its what I have been looking for
Angela Z chose this because: They are super cute! I can not wait to wear them!!
Ashley F chose this because: My sister has been looking for some good over the kneew boots as well and since her b-day is tomorrow so it's a great gift idea. pluse these boots are fur lined so they'll keep her warm and she'll be able to wear them for longer into the winter season! :
Debbie Z chose this because: My daughter wanted them for her birthday.
Betty L chose this because: these are the best flat boots!!
Alison L chose this because: my niece loves them...they are a gift
Rita C chose this because: very nice boots
Taylor B chose this because: TO KEEP WARM
Nata;ie W chose this because: its super cute
Cynthia B chose this because: I needed winter shoes ASAP that were affordable..
Marion B chose this because: boots were super cute! And exactly what i was looking for
Brandi M chose this because: they r cute
Amara C chose this because: over-the-knee boots are great for tall girls! I'm 6ft tall and I am always looking for over-the-knee boots so that they actually hit me at the knee. These are very comfortable and have good traction in the snow.
J U chose this because: classic look
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