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Buckle Zipper Riding Boot

Buckle Zipper Riding Boot

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This boot gives us a bad girl vibe that we simply loooove! A faux leather riding boot that is further embellished with some stitching and decorative buckle straps. The exposed zipper along the outer of the shaft is strictly for looks, but the zipper closure along the inner shaft is fully functional and is what will get your foot in and out of this boot. Finished with a faux fur lining.

Shaft height: 14"
Heel height: 1"
Circumference of opening: 14"
Finished with a slightly padded faux leather insole
Measurements are for a size 5.5
Man made materials

Questions about this item
None N asked: Hi, I'm about 5 feet and for a short small girl is the boot baggy around the knee area Is it snug around the knee?
Rachael M: It is slightly baggy but not as bad as most boots. I'm 5'4 and slim so some boots are way too big around but these aren't too bad. I can wear these with dresses and skirts and they dont look like crazy big around my legs.
Yaffa C: It comes up to the knee and yes it is very loose. Also, I bought this boot one year ago and the sole has almost completely disconnected on both boots. Do not recommend.
jennifer c: It's baggy and I'm 5'3.
None N asked: What is the shaft height and circumference of a size 7 of this boot?
Marlena J: Hi, I bought a size 8 and the shaft height is approx. 14 inches from the bottom of the heel up and the circumference is approx. 16 inches around. They are well made, true to size and very comfortable. I hope this helps!
Tiffany H asked: I usually wear a size 9 sneaker abd can wear a 9.5 heel. Wouls size 10 in these boots be too big That is the only size available.
S T: Size 10 would be too big .They are true to size
Marlena J: Hi Tiffany, I am usually a size 8 and can sometimes fit in an 8.5 depending on the shoe. But in this case the size 8 was true to size. I hope this helps! Marlena
Carissa P: Yes..they would be too big. I wear 8.5 sneakers, 9 heel, and my two pairs plus these ones from
Gojane are all size 8
Katie L: I usually wear a 6 sneaker and 6.5 heel and I bought the boots in a 6.5 but kind of wish I bought a 7 because when you wear socks they get snug. I think a 10 would be fine for you!
G A: If you wear a 9 or a 9.5 a 10.0 may be too big. I usually wear an 8.0 but ordered an 8.5 so I could fit a heavy wool sock in this boot it snows where I live and it fits perfectly. I think you could get away with a half size bigger but a whole size bigger may be too big. A great thing about Go Jane though is they seem to re-order when they are out of certain well selling items. Wait for your size to come back in stock Good Luck!
Amy B asked: Is the grey a dark grey or light grey?
Katie L: I wouldn't say it's really light, but definitely not a dark grey. Maybe light with some darker under tones
Renee B: Light
Mel M asked: I have big legs and wondering is a good idea to get these boots?
Jessica C: Yes! My mom has big calves and tried these on and was very pleased. She ordered herself a pair.
Arianna S: You can adjust the buckle on the boots but not much. They only cover the majority of the calf, so if your calls are big, I don't suggest you get these.
lucy g asked: im usually a size 4. what size would be good on meIv'e never ad some like these.
Deborah T: I received the boots today and they are very nice. They fit snug and true to size so if you are a size 4 and you ordered a size 5 they probably would be okay providing you wore a heavier sock.

emilcia S: I just got these recently and i got my actual size which is a size 7of and they fit perfectly.
Ieshia F: They are true to size so a 4 would probably b fine.
Shirley H: I bought them for my daughter-in- law for x-mas, she wears the same size as me, a 7 and 1/2, and they were true to size, I tried them on, and they fit me just fine. They were also very comfortable.
Ashlee J asked: Does the shoe size run a little smaller or bigger than usual I'm a size 8 and all they have is 9 and I want it SOO bad, I'm just wondering if a size 9 would make too bad of a difference?
Griselda G: I bought these for my daughter whose a size 8. They fit her perfect, so they are true to size. I would not recommend you go up in size.
Rachael M: They seem to run true to size.I wear 6 and half and ordered 7 and they fit well with socks on
Kelly N: I wear anyway from a size 8 to a size 9. I ordered a size 8.5 and they fit pretty well. I could have ordered a 9 and been just as happy I think.
Shanice B: I am a size 8 and I got an 8.5 and its a bit roomy
Anna L: They run true to size they are so comfortable and don't look cheap.
Breanna B: I think the 9 will be to big.
KALEIGH M: I am a size 8.5 and got a 9. There is definitely some extra room in my shoe due to the size difference. I think a whole foot size difference might be uncomfortable.
Tonya V: A 9 would be too big, they run true to size.
Karna C: I usually wear a 10 and I got a 10 and they're a little right. I'd go up a size! They're comfortable and warm though.
None N asked: Hello I am 5ft tall will these boots hit me right below the knee or right on the knee?
Sara T: I'm 5'1 and they hit me about an inch below the knee. They look really good with skirts, tunics, and dresses.
Jacqueline A: I'm 5'4'' and the boots are slightly below my knees. Most likely, they will hit you on or slightly above the knees. The sole of the boots to the top measures 17 inches. You could use that measurement and see how far they will come above your knees. The material is not very stiff, it's soft and pliable. Hope this helps.
Jane C: The boots were actually for my daughter...have contacted her and she says it will hit below your knee. Good luck!
Barbara C: I am 5' 1" tall and these boots fit me perfectly - falling just below my knee.
Tarrah E: I am 5'3 and they hit me right below the knee, maybe less than an inch below the knee. Great boots.
Chelsea J: Well, I am 5"7', and they are about an inch below my knee. I have pretty Long legs too. I'd guess they will probably hit right at your knee.
Yaffa C: I'm also five feet. They hit right at the base of the knee.
Jess A: I an 5"4 and they sit right below my knee.
Niki K: I'm 5'7ish and they come under my knee so they will probably come to your knee!! Very cute boots!
Jess A asked: I'm 5'4 and I'm wondering how high the boot would be?
Heather H: Im 5ft 3" and I have since returned the boot, but it comes almost to your knee cap. A nice length.
GoJane S: According to the product description, the shaft height for this item is 14 inches.
Lorie V: They come to the bottom of my knee cap and I am 5'4 as well. I love these boots!!!!!!
Joann L: I'm 5'8 and it comes to about 2 inches below my knee. They're super cute!
Leslie W asked: if it dont fit can i send it back?
GoJane S: You can always return or exchange within 30 days! You can view our return and exchange policy for more information here:
Rez A asked: Will this look good if you have skinny legs and will it slide down\
Kelly N: Yes! They look great with skinny jeans and they don't fall down at all.
Heather H: Not sure. I don't have that skinny legs, but personally I think a boot would look best if it DOESN'T slide down.
Arianna S: It will look good with skinny jeans. I haven't tried to fold the tops down but folding them might look tacky .
mineuve s: no, u can just pull it up your jeans.
None N asked: does this run small?
Lorie V: These boots are true to size
Karli P: I found this boot to fit to size, maybe a little larger even.
Kim L: yes, I ordered 3 pairs of different boots all the same size and this particular boot fits best and runs true to size
T R: No I Dont think so. I have a little wiggle room but would rather have that then too tight
Comments From people who chose this
Anita H chose this because: The low heel and color
Tina S chose this because: it is a Christmas gift my niece picked out for herself.
Paige H chose this because: bcuz its fancy and plus i already had it in chestnut
Stephanie O chose this because: Love these boots!
Ashley M chose this because: gift for mom
Lauren H chose this because: They are so cute!
Eileen S chose this because: Gift for my daughter-
Sara S chose this because: These are too cute!
Anna N chose this because: It got good reviews and they're nice looking boots!
Katie L chose this because: my favourite boot i have boughten from here! loved the colour
Rodeline J chose this because: wanted the brown ones but didn't have anymore so i just got black
Clair R chose this because: I have been wanting a pair of riding boots for awhile and have been searching everywhere for the exact look I have in mind for the right price; I found it!
Kailey Y chose this because: Super cute! i love the strappy boots without the zipper
Brittany H chose this because: I loved the stitching and detailed zipper. I just couldn't resist buying it.
Mamie D chose this because: I like it
Deborah T chose this because: I liked the style, zippers and buckle
Trisha S chose this because: Love em!
Trisha S chose this because: Been looking for boots like this!
Karen S chose this because: daughter likes this riding boot
Kelly N chose this because: I liked the color and the buckles
Stephanie R chose this because: loved the side zipper
Tomica g chose this because: LOVE THE COLOR AND STYLE
Allison L chose this because: needed black boots!
Sue D chose this because: love the colour and style
Raveen G chose this because: Because they are super cute and a great price!
Rachael M chose this because: casual and will match everything.also it hits below knee
Catherine W chose this because: needed riding boots, cute design and not too pricy
Rebekah M chose this because: Must have boot
Tasche J chose this because: stylish
Bianca G chose this because: very cute
Lindsey M chose this because: I choose this boot because of the color. I feel that this color will go with several different items in my closet.
Lorie V chose this because: love them so comfortable
Angela F chose this because: Love the heel...look comfy
Kimberly C chose this because: for fall and they were a good price
Tonya V chose this because: the color!
Heather H chose this because: kinda cute
Camille F chose this because: for my daughter
Yaffa C chose this because: They're so in right now
kelly m chose this because: stylish
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