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Colored Acid Wash Jeans ROYAL
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Colored Acid Wash Jeans

now $$19.95
Colored Acid Wash Jeans ROYALColored Acid Wash Jeans GREEN

+ Details

Acid wash jeans were definitively one of the more awesome trends of the 80s, so we're pretty stoked they're back. This high-waist pair is super stretchy which means they're also comfy and flattering. Pair them with a cropped tee and high-tops for a totally retro look. Jeans are finished with two back pockets and a single button closure.

Model is wearing a small or size 3
All measurements are for a small
Length from waist to hem: 40"
Inseam: 30"
Waist: 24"
71% Cotton, 27% Polyester, 2% Spandex
Machine wash cold, hang dry
Made in USA

+ Questions & Answers

Questions about this item
Gabrielle P asked: I want a pair of these so badly. I just want to know if I wear a size 13 in regular jeans should I get a size 13 or go up a size?
Erica R: There really stretchy almost like leggings so you shouldn't go up a size
Parisa C: Yes the 13 should be fine they fit so good
ashley s: You should go up a size
Omowunmi J: These jeans fit to size, if you want it to be a little loose, go a size up. But I found it fitted to size
amanda s: These jeans are a small fit . Very true to size
Judi C: They are really stretchy. I wear a 5 normally but I got a 3 and they fit perfectly.
Lory R asked: I was thinking of getting the blue but I would like to know if its a royal blue or a navy blue?
Audra P: it's more like a royal blue...I wish it was navy blue though because It would match more with the stuff I have in my closet. I don't understand why this is so costly again because I paid a third of the price for this exact jean a couple months ago. I bought two pairs in size 7. I am 5 ft, 9', 120 lbs.
Armena G: They're royal blue. Love them!!!
Aisha W: They are royal blue, very cute!!
None N asked: HI, I'm 5'4 @ 116lbs..I normally wear a size 5|6 in jeans but I can also fit a 3. Should I get a size 5 or a 3?
A M: They are true to size I'm a size 7/8 so I for a seven and it fits oerfextly!
Anita P: Get the 3
K W: Get a size 3
Ciara A: Hi, I think you should get a 5 in these jeans. They are stretchy though, but a 5 would probably fit the snugghish lol.
Edwina C: Yes they are a bit stretchy but you just need to order a size 5.
T M: 3
omokhogie U: You would need a 5 they are kind of tight
None N asked: does size 1 fit a 5'1 girl whos normally size 0?
Tiffany L: Yes. They are stretchy and cut very small so a 1 should definitely fit,
Cerina H: Yes. I am 5'9" and I used to would normally wear a size 9, but since I have wide hips and a butt I got a size 11 in these pants to be safe. The size 11 fits perfect but they are big in my waist. These pants are also stretchable. I think the size 0 would be just right.
karen e: Yea absolutly I'm a size 5 but I order a size 7 just because they seem kinda tight but their like leggings they fit just right
Layla H: Yes
briana h: Well im 5'9 135 pounds and I gt a size 3. My sister is 5'5 and weighs like 108 and gt a size 1 and thts wat she normally wears! So yes they should fit plus they have a stretchy material and ARE SUPER CUTE!
Briquette S: Yes
Edwina C: Yes. They run big because they are made with stretchy material.
darrien h: Yes they will fit you perfectly. Im a size 15 and i purchased a pair. I was skeptical about them because when i took them out the package thet were very small. But they are so form fitting and hug every curve! I wish i could upload a picture :
mia l asked: im having trouble understanding the sizing when it says 5-green what does that mean , im a size 10 au , what size in america?
GoJane S: All sizes on are US sizes. You can reference our size chart here for sizing guidelines: For "5-Green", 5 is referring to the jean size and green is referring to the color.
Rebecca T: I would get a size 9. I also wear a size 28 and the size 9 fit me very good. Not too tight where the jeans are uncomfortable but they were also not loose.
joy b: your actual regular size is good i wear a 3 so it fit perfect
Gabrielle C: a size 7 they are very true to size
cheryl j: I am sorry I cannot help you at this time. I bought them for my daughter and I have not given them to her.
sheron p: size 9
Anna G asked: When are yous getting more of these in the green color I have them in the wine color and I love them! I've been waiting for the green to to come back. Do you know when they'll be back in stock ?
GoJane S: We do not know if a size or color will be restocked but we do receive restocks and new styles daily so keep checking back!
None N asked: can u guys please restock the royal blue in size 1\ pleaseeee
GoJane S: We do not know if a size or color will be restocked but we do receive restocks and new styles daily so keep checking back!
None N asked: im 5 foot and my reg size is a 15 what size should i get and will this color go good with a red jacket\?
Allison D: Get a 14 , and naw i wouldnt wear red with this.. a nice mocha brown, or a green, or even a neutral such as black..
frantzie Z: A 15 they do stretch but if you like them to fit comfortable you get a 15
Shavon W: I am a15 as well and 5foot3 the jeans fit great cant wait to order more of every style as for the red jacket , I think they will match anything if put together well
joy b: its true to size i wear a size three and got exactly a size three
Briena M: I usually wear a size 13 but I went a size up because I have a tummy. They fit amazing and they are really stretchy, they also come up way past your belly button and I am 5'4. And as long as you rock the jeans with confidence they'll look good no matter what you wear it with.
Roxie P: I'm 5"8 and true 11 and I bought a size 11 and the fit perfect with enough stretch for my wide hips if u wear a 15 you can make due with a size smaller..13... Hope this helps
Tolulope A: 15 is that a juniors size i dont get you. It depends on the shade of red
Coriana P: I have these and I'm 5ft too they were a little too long but not to were it bothered me
Olushola T: get a 15 they are true to size and yes the blue color shud go nicely with a red jacket
Isha A asked: do these run true to size?
nyasha j: these jeans definitely fit true to size and their kind of stretchy, i'm 5'7 128 pounds and got a size 5, they fit perfectly on me i feel in love as soon as i put them on ^_^
Gabrielle C: YESSSSS!!!!!!!
Sasha S: Yes. They run true to size and also they have a stretchy jeans material almost as if they are jeggings.
Eric G: Yes. They are true to size. They stretch and are VERY comfortable!!!
Olushola T: yes they absolutely do
None N asked: if i normally wear size 13/14 in jeans what size should i get in this item?
Gabrielle C: Get the 13 they fit like a glove!
Kira S: Get the size you normally would wear in jeans. They fit true to size and they look GREAT on!
Latanya D: get a size 13 the jeans or like spandax.
None N asked: Hi, Will you get the Royal colour size 9 next week or any later thank you
Lydia J: Well I got the yellow ones in a size 7... and I just tried them on today and I love love love them but not sure if Im getting another one.
Terrance H: Yes I would I'm getting all them
jennifer M: Hi, I'm not a size 9 so I can't help you there but I did get the yellow colored acid jeans in size 3 and I love the way they look.
None N asked: i'm a size 38 in europe what size is that in the siez chart 9/11?
Omowunmi J: Yeah i believe so. Cause im a size 40 on the euro chart and i purchased a size 13.
Latoya G: Yup. It is a size 11
shakara o: it's a 9/10 on this website
Courtney J: I believe that's a 8
Parisa C: I don't really no but try Google it
Michelle D: I'm not absolutely sure, but the jeans look great and feel great. I'm usually a 11/12 in pants.because of my hips. The jeans have a great stretch to them and look awesome on. I ordered the 11/12 however I could have fit the 13/14 as well because of the stretch
None N asked: Hi! okay so i used the measuring tape to find out my size & i'll probably be a 17 but they dont have it, so should I get a 15 since its stretchy?
joy b: get your actual size either if u go a size bigger the jeans will still fit good
Olushola T: yes
Anna G: Yes a size 15 should be fine. I'm normally at a size 5 but because they stretch I got a size 3 and they fit perfect! Love them!
Crystal C: Yes
None N asked: Is a size 11 considered a 29 or a 30\
Gabrielle C: 30
Lacee H: Yea jus about they r high waist so if yur waist is small i'd get a smaller size they r Skinny & comfy
Kelmonie S: More of a size 30 but keep in mind these jeans run small.
Vansheika S: A 30
None N asked: I wear a size 14, what size should I buy?
shaleta c: i would say a size under they are very stretchy!! like jeggings almost.
Olushola T: buy a size 15
brittany b: Large
c d: Hey hun!! I'm usually a 10/11 or 12 & I ordered a 9 but mine just came in today & I'm headed home to try then on now so I will write you back after I try them on to give u a accurate answer
None N asked: I got a size 11 in the super stretchy high waste skinny jean . is this the same material or is this hard denim without spandex?
Gina S: Same material not hard at all very soft n stretchy it actully sags after a while it can get that loose
Kelvinesha B: The material of these jeans is a spandex material. These are not hard jeans at all. Fits true to size.
KWANNISHA J: No, it's not at all hard material. Sorta like the jeggings material, plenty of spandex. I love them and I'm sure you will also. I bought a size 11 as well, but I could have gotten a 9 since they r worn high and my waist is so much smaller than my hip and bottom area.
Jade W: The same material
C U: Its soft denim
c d asked: are these high waist\\
Kenya E: Yes they are.
Latasha R: Yes. Love these pants
Maureen A: Yes
Rebecca G: Yepp! super high-waisted and really comfy!
joy b: They are definitely high waisted and truly to size and the color acid jeans are super cute have 3pair
And hopefully more for next summer too.
Judi C: Yes! Very highwaist! & great quality
Coriana P: Yes their very high waist and the material isn't denim its stretchy like jeggings I love mine!
Alejandrina M: They're super high waisted. It covers 2 inches above my belly button.
Antoinette W: Yes very high and fit true to size
JayyRx J asked: im 5'11 and a size 11 lol .. but i have big thighs, and i read they stretch, should i get an 11 or should i go down a size?
Amerrah E: I would recommend getting your usual size. They stretch but they should fit perfectly.
Lacee H: Im 5'10 and hav big thighs too i got a size 13 to b on the safe side & they fit tight a f n the legs and could use a dart n the waist but I LOVE EM!!
lakenya n: Definatley purchase your usual size, stretchy or not.
Jahna G: You should go up a size. I am normally a 7 and I got a 9. I was scared they would be too big because they stretched but thank God I did because they fit perfectly. Also, I learned to order a size up in everything from here. I bought medium tights and they do not fit at all.
Carnischa C: You should go down a size. I am a size 7,and I bought a size 7. I should have bought a size 5 because it kind of loose around the waist part. However, I still love them. I don't regret it. If you do buy size 11, it will not look horrible or anything.
Javonna F: Yes an 11 will be fine.. I have a 13 but they fit really good and they do stretch!
Audrianna C: Don't go down a size. they fit true to size. I actually went up a size because they are skinny leg jean and they fit perfect.
Keilah R: I'm 4'11 and a little thick on the thighs. Not only do they stretch but they fit very nice and extremely comfortable. You need to have a thin waist to wear them or they wont look right. They're extremely comfortable.. hope this helps!
shattney d: Go down one size...I wear a 13 and I got a 11.fits perfect...I have a big butt and
shattney d: Hello..I went down a size..they fit perfect. they are very stretchy...I have big thighs and butt as
tiffany s: Get a size 11 since u have big thighs a smaller size is going to be too tight, but that 11 going to fit on them thighs just right lol trust me I love my jeans!
Celeste B: these jeans are stretchy & true to size, as well. I think you should be able to fit a size 11
Geonel L: Size 11 should be fine
Tierra W: Yes, they stretch but it fits like jeggings so it will hug your thighs just like mines do lol. The 11 is probably what u need... True size!!!
None N asked: i'm 5'9 and i normally wear a size 13 in stretchy pants. It's usually hard for me to find jeans because I'm tall but at the same time i have a small stomach and a big butt/thick legs. don't know whether i should get a 13 or 15! HELPPPP!?
nadege e: I believe you should get a 13...they stretchy yet really solid. And you apparently have a great shape. You will rock them. I love mine.
shattney d: hello,

I wear a natural 13 as well. I was told to go down a size. I bought three different pairs.. I got a size 11 and it perfectly. But I am very hippy and I have a big butt as well, lol. I honestly could have done maybe a 9 but my weight goes up and down a lot.. but the 11 will be perfect for you
Chinenye E: Get 15 even though they are really stretchy if u want it to still look highwaisted go a size up! I am 5"9 also but I am slender with lil curve I wear a 5 on a regular but I got a 7 so it won't flood on me and still look highwaisted at my abdomen. Also it's stretchy fabric it will still hug ur body!!
jaime p: I think that you should go with the size 15 because it actually is slimmer around the waist band and so it hugs you snugly without being tight and since you have a big butt and thighs then it will really hug you like a second skin. I have thick thighs too and I got mine in a 15 and they fit wonderfully
None N asked: Am a size 15, will it truly be a size 15?
shattney d: no u need to go down at least one size. it is very stretchy.. very stretchy
jathiyah g: the size is true to fit with some extra room
Berneice L: yes,remember most clothes now have some form of elastine and or spandex so you should be able to wear a smaller size, because they do expand once they are on the body
Lakenya R asked: super skinny or no what is the length like?
Monique B: Super skinny yes. Nice length, not short.
jathiyah g: im 5'8 and the length is perfect they stack up at the ankle jus how i like them!
Lakenya R: thank you Jathiyah! Great description. I'm 5'7 but have REALLY long legs
Kia M asked: I am 5feet1 1/2 inches tall and I weigh 145lbs and I want to know what size should I get my jeans in because I see there is so size chart available\?
GoJane S: You can reference our size chart here for sizing guidelines:
dimonique j asked: how is the color in person?
Jessica R: The color is basically just like it looks online. I ordered a gray and a burgundy pair and both of them looked just like they did on the website!
Nia P: Very pretty , I loved it and got lots of compliments on them this weekend. :
dimonique j asked: Im 5 foot 6 . are they good for my height?
Ceteria P: Yes I'm a 5'6 also , they fit very well on me
Gloria J: Yes, they are very lengthy and stretchy I wear a size 3 I am 125 ibs.
K E: Most models are 5 foot 6 and taller that company's use for display ... You should be fine
dimonique j asked: how is the color in person?
NAMIBIA M: I got the teal & mine looks just like an actual teal
Geonel L: The color is exactly how it looked on the screen! Great!
C U: Darker in person
Tauntaun, M asked: How tall is the model wearing these?
GoJane S: Our models range in height from 5
Ivie I asked: Does the color wash off?
Kyesha C: I'm not sure if the color washes off, I haven't work them yet. A great way to prevent color lost is to wash your jeans inside out. Hope that helps
jathiyah g: I havent washed my pants yet alone wore them, but i do advise you to turn the jeans inside out, use cold water on a hand wash cycle and let them air dry
None N asked: I am 5'11 before I purchase a pair I want to know would I be wasting my time lol, its hard for me to find jeans that are long enough and won't have me looking like Michael Jackson! lol
Cherron S: I'm just 5' 5" but these jeans are really stretch and snug and only rise from the ankle if you tug at them. So I don't think you have to worry about that.
Tatihana C: I just got mine today and while i am 5 9 there is still some pant left at my ankle they appear tiny but i slipped right into them they have a lot of give. Good luck!
Myoshia H asked: Are these jeans true to size Or should I get the next size up?
Chrishonda H: They are to size in my opinion. They stretch a lot. So I'm pretty sure whatever size u wear would b fine.
Chinenye E: They are true yo size and plus very stretchy actual feel like leggings but as you can see looks like jeans! But if u have hips/ass I suggest u go a size up do it comes high waist! But if u are not over flowing in that area get ur regular size
Stacey C: True to size with a great Stretch....
None N asked: is a size 5 a medium?
Michele W: It's more of a small- medium size according to the model wearing a small which is a 3
Michele W: It's more a small medium fit according to the model wearing a size small which is a 3
Michele W: They are a kinda more stretchy jegging sort of fit and I guess there considered medium, they are more fitted feeling as well
Keliah J: You probably should get a size 7. I ordered a size 5 & it's fitting me. I don't know if I'm gaining weight or what. But I weigh 141 lbs!
Tatiana M asked: why is it that these jeans just hit the site and their only size 3 left in every color! im very frustrated.
GoJane S: Hi Tatiana,

We're sorry for the confusion! We received a limited size run, but we will definitely have a full size run available on the website next week. We would recommend keeping an eye on the website for an update after Labor Day!
Comments From people who chose this
Denise B chose this because: The colour is very unique, especially with that acid wash TWSIT!
Yejide O chose this because: My first pair of high-waisted acid washed colored jeans, I can pair it with a bodysuit.
Clara B chose this because: one of my friend bought the same jean, she looks pretty when she got it on her, i really like it
Laura C chose this because: the pants fit very nice.
Vanessa T chose this because: I have a pair of the high waited acid wash jeans and I absolutely feel in love. The next day I wore them I went along to see about getting another pair and here I am!
grace M chose this because: I like this kind of jean
Quianna D chose this because: Needed high waist jeans in my wardrobe.
jessica m chose this because: Sexy owned a pair of similar ones a year back and loved it.
Ayopo A chose this because: because they look cool
Catianne N chose this because: great fit, trendy color ... wished the red wine color was still available
Shirley J chose this because: Looks cute and got good vibes from previous reviews, so gave them a try.
Rosemond A chose this because: high waist jeans trendy flatters my figure
Dianna D chose this because: Fits great.
Joanna T chose this because: I chose this because I love the high waisted style look! It had great reviews and it came in just the color I was looking for. I also bought is because of the 30% off sale.
Ciara G chose this because: good reviews, fits nicely on the booty!
Treshauna W chose this because: Love the color and love all things high waisted.
Asia C chose this because: I always wanted to pair of this because its shows how curvy women are. Its old fashion cute at the same was at a reasonable price.
Brenella M chose this because: they are very pretty
jazlyn b chose this because: its pretty
Brittney S chose this because: Been looking for these jeans everywhere, and I finally found them for an affordable price.
Anastasia K chose this because: I have ordered 2 other pairs of jeans from this website and im in absolute love with them. I get compliments from people everywhere i go and many people ask me where ive gotten my pants and i always say "The best place to shop for jeans, Gojane" haha
Kenya N chose this because: Loved them, for whatever reason I ended up returning them. Oh I couldn't quite get my size right.
Ronajia P chose this because: I love the jeans they fit me great!!
Kamaria C chose this because: They were edgy and went with a pair of boots
Roger j chose this because: I am pleased with where the high waist hits me, i have a bit of a big booty and big hips so if you are flatter and more slender in built this may be too high waisted for you
turkesa c chose this because: Great price...great item....
amencie m chose this because: no love handles
Parisa C chose this because: My all time fav have six pair
Derravia F chose this because: loveeeee these jeans! makes my butt look great!!
brandy v chose this because: i love them i wish u guys have more in
Carla C chose this because: The price was awesome and it fits great!
Shavon W chose this because: fits a full figure
Shynequa P chose this because: Color and style very unique
Natalie T chose this because: cute!
Zabrina M chose this because: Love the way they fit me
wioletta h chose this because: want to try something new
Tiffany C chose this because: They make my waist so small are very figure flattering.
Jada J chose this because: They were a great price!
unknown chose this because: They are cute!
joi m chose this because: on sale
Victoria T chose this because: birthday gift, love these pants
patrice m chose this because: really like the color
B D chose this because: i want more high waisted jeans
Judy U chose this because: they are so retro and my style
Risha R chose this because: I Wanted the blue ones but they were sold out so I decided to get Wine.. but these jeans look cool to wear
taisha b chose this because: the clothes have great selection and price
veronica m chose this because: HIGHWAISTED IS A YES IN MY BOOK
Loy B chose this because: its very high waist and stretchy and it also brings out your waistline shape
Simone S chose this because: hot
Deandra H chose this because: cute
Ashley M chose this because: I like high waisted jeans. Nice and fashionable
carol w chose this because: its really pretty and feels comfortable, and its a different style and color jeans
Zinaida A chose this because: The Royal color is amazing
Cindy E chose this because: affordable and cute
Tatyana H chose this because: Very stylish & chic!
Esther D chose this because: I'm a 80s type of person and these jeans are exactly what i was looking for, can't wait till i receive them:
Shantell D chose this because: stylish
Zanil L chose this because: cute with crop tops and tall boots.
Raeya P chose this because: Love hi waisted jeans.
Alysa S chose this because: loved my first pair so had to get more!
Nicole L chose this because: these high wasted pants reminded me of the amazing Selena Quintanilla.. so i just had to have them!!!
Jess R chose this because: high waisted is sooo in
monae s chose this because: LOVE IT!
Courtney B chose this because: I liked the look.
Briena M chose this because: excellent price!
cheryl j chose this because: i bought for my daughter she always loves the acid wash
Hawa F chose this because: hight waist
Tywanda R chose this because: this is apart of my retro style i like to look for.
Alexis B chose this because: just a different color to add to my closet
Gabrielle C chose this because: super chill cute jeans!! reminds me of the 90s
Rohan H chose this because: classy and can be worn at any occasion
Agnes A chose this because: i bought these because i have been searching for high wasted jeans for so long and couldnt find i hve gotten them at such a good price!
Allison D chose this because: dey cute
shakera m chose this because: I like the look of acid wash jeans and the fact that they are high waisted is a plus.
Kera A chose this because: high waisted jeans are a hot trend and i had to have the acid wash in yellow
Trumaine C chose this because: who doesn't want acid wash!\!
Terra S chose this because: They are adorable and high waisted!! my style!
Jazzmine C chose this because: love high waisted
Lydia J chose this because: I LOVE HIGH WAIST JEANS
Kourtneigh-Michelle M chose this because: super cute
Samantha S chose this because: I have a pair similar to these, i absolutely love the way they fit. hopefully these will fit the same
Shana G chose this because: funky
taquila c chose this because: acid washed jeans are in style currently
Eriele T chose this because: HIGH WAISTED
Latoya D chose this because: love how the jeans fit
Latoya D chose this because: great choice
Farrah T chose this because: trendy
Audra P chose this because: gorgeous fit..i'm 5 ft, 9 inches, 130 lbs and the size 7 fit amazing and they were't short
Aerial M chose this because: Loved sale price.
Mouniratou S chose this because: I wanted the green ones but you ran out of a size 11 : , my cousin loved the green also so i got it in her size.
Philomen g chose this because: High waisted jeans, need I say more!!!
ASTRID L chose this because: loved the black friday sale!
ASTRID L chose this because: had to get a second pair.
Brittney B chose this because: They were super cute!!!!
SHARONE B chose this because: Trendy
Michelle D chose this because: too cute and you cant go wrong with high waist! praying they fit my body perfectly when they arrive in mail.
Michelle D chose this because: absolutely love this pants, im praying all goes well and they fit correctly when i get in the mail
Alysa S chose this because: super adorable
Latoya G chose this because: I love that they are high waisted, and I can kind of only get that on this site. Plus the price was unbeatable
Keichelle S chose this because: It is very different and it will shift my style from cute to rock star a bit.
shaleta c chose this because: i love high waist anything :
Diamond S chose this because: Its an attractive jeans.
Diamond S chose this because: I love the color of this beautiful jeans.
Paola P chose this because: I love the retro 80s Looks...This is ideal for that era
Leslie S chose this because: I love this jeans, I am so into highwaste and these were really nice
Nicola L chose this because: thats what i like
Donita T chose this because: Affordable! Super cute!
Parisa C chose this because: i luv high waisted pants jeans whatever period
Jesus A chose this because: bc im fat
Jahna G chose this because: Skinny jean plus acid wash plus high waist .. there is nothing else to say!
Genevieve P chose this because: look like the coolest jeans ever!
Syteria R chose this because: i ordered the green high waist pants and i love high waist pants because they make my shape really show
SWILAN M chose this because: cause i love it
Gina S chose this because: i lobe high waist jeans as a skinny girl they accent me a little bit any way
Ciara A chose this because: They're dope
Jaala S chose this because: I wanted to try something new so Im trying the acid jeans! I want to be more oringnal then just wearing coral jeans. I wanted to have something not everyone else had! It better fit!
tiffany s chose this because: Love the color and GoJane high waisted pants always make the booty look great
jaime p chose this because: Unique and the color will go with everything
lakenya n chose this because: FIERCE
Anjelicia R chose this because: The color is hot and stretch
Jade W chose this because: They were different
toya L chose this because: Love the colors!
Jacqueline B chose this because: HOT AND EDGY
Michelle M chose this because: cute!
Keilah R chose this because: They are so unique, I want all the colors :
K E chose this because: rockstar
Cherron S chose this because: Love this COLOR!! High waist is a ++
Ty'Resha W chose this because: cant find these no where else
Stacey C chose this because: different

+ Reviews

Colored Acid Wash Jeans
4.5 Stars based on 9 Review(s)
Norristown, PA
4.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

another great pant
March 28, 2014

4.5 Stars

Waist size to small
January 17, 2014
They should at least make the waist band stretchy!
They're stretchy
Go up a size cause they run small and they're a low quality material I was a little disappointed when I got them. I mean your paying like $50-60$$ might as well make them real denim..

Tallahassee, FL
4.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

January 15, 2014
I love these jeans!
super stretchy!

St Petersburg, FL
4.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Perfect Pair of highwaisted JEANS!!
January 10, 2014
At first I was nervous that they wouldn't fit but when I got them they fit perfectly I got my normal size I love these jeans
Great fit, very stretchy
No cons

San Francisco, CA
4.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

I was amazed.
December 26, 2012
I have been looking EVERYWHERE for a nice pair of high-waisted skinny jeans.. not the ghetto corseted kind with a million buttons going up the front, nor the retro 80's type that fits the waist perfectly yet drapes your legs like old-ppl jeans.. I wanted THIS. And on cyber monday, i had stumbled upon these and thought i might as well give 'em a try. I ordered them and they were delivered in just a few days. I tried them on expecting the waist to not come up high enough - (i have a long torso), or the fabric to not be stretchy enough to fit my butt and calves, or the waist to be too loose on my stomach. (my waist is tiny). Instead of a cheap disaster of a pant, I found the most PERFECT pair of pants my legs have yet to slide into.
- Comfort: GREAT - Stretch/Give: Great - Delivery: Great - Price: Great - High-waistedness: THE BEST
After much thought.. I realize there is actually nothing I dislike about these pants at all.

Toronto. Ontario -Canada
4.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

December 25, 2012
I LOOOVE THESES JEANS , was very nervous that they would not fit because I got a size 1 while I'm really a size 3 but they actually fit really well . Really stretchy but looks exactly like jeans . Love , Love , Love them !

4.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

December 13, 2012
I have these in yellow and orange and I LOVEEEEEEEE these jeans....I always had a problem finding jeans to fit my body right because my waist is small but I have big hips and butt and I'm 6'0 so I have long legs....but these fit me PERFECT!...I don't have to worry about them being too short or my crack showing because of my big butt lol...and they stretch which is a plus because they are super comfortable...I get compliments all night when I wear them....women want to know where I bought them and men tell me they fit my body just right...I want to get them in every color especially the green so pleaseeeeeeee restock in size the super high waist too...really cute with a crop top
Stretchy,high waist, super cute

Melissa D
Phenix city Alabama
4.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Green pair
December 4, 2012
Can you all please restock the green pair I thought I order a size 11 but I recieved a size 1... I really want that color they actually look better in person than they do online

Owensboro, KY
4.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

December 1, 2012
I just got these and couldn't wait to try them on. I have larger hips so I wasn't sure about buying jeans online - but OMFG these are so stretchy and form fitting. I am in love!
Stretchy Comfortable Super high-waist Amazing color Long length

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