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High Waisted Acid Wash Jeans NAVY (Final Sale)High Waisted Acid Wash Jeans NAVY (Final Sale)High Waisted Acid Wash Jeans NAVY (Final Sale)High Waisted Acid Wash Jeans NAVY (Final Sale)High Waisted Acid Wash Jeans NAVY (Final Sale)
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High-Waisted Acid Wash Jeans

now $$13.95
High Waisted Acid Wash Jeans NAVY (Final Sale)

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We are so excited about the return of high-waisted jeans! These acid wash, slightly stretchy jeans include two rear pockets, as well as two front faux pockets. Oh, and they look awesome with basically anything.

All measurements are for a small
Length from waist to hem: 40"
Inseam: 31"
Waist: 24"
68% Cotton, 2% Spandex, 30% Polyester
Machine wash cold, hang dry
Made in USA
Final Sale

+ Questions & Answers

Questions about this item
Reena M asked: I am about 135 lbs, 29-30 inches in waist, butt and hips i'm 41 inches. I wear sizes 5, 6, 7,or 9...depending on the style of the jean. Recently purchased a pair of slacks in size 6, also jeans in a 6. Really really wondering what size I should get in these jeans. PLEASE HELP! Oh! I'm also planning to lose 3-5 lbs. Any suggestions\
G O: I would get a size 5 they have alot of stretch.
D P: We'll I didn't really like the material because it really thin and it's not really a jean to cost that much
None N asked: if you have slight muffin top, will these jeans give a slimmer look or will it show all flaws\
Jamie M: They show it all!! But when I wear mine I wear control top panties and it looks good...
Te'Meisha J: LOL! I really understand where you're coming from!!!I have a slight muffin top and yes these jeans make me look a little slimmer
Jasmine P: they actually bring everything in I have a pudge and in brought my stomach in the material isn' t jean material its mainly spandex which brings everything in I LOVE THEM!
Racquel T: yes they will
Nadege J asked: I'm 5''11 or almost 6'0 and skinny is there a size for me?
Quay W: They fit small. Im sure there is
L U: This pants is awesome. It has stretch so prob takea small size. Its soft comfy i jus love it. How skinny is skinny. If you take the smallest size available will it work Look at the size chart for confirmation
None N asked: I normally wear btwn 11-13 depending on the make of pants/jeans. Should I get and 11 or 13 Are they very stretchy I have alot of thighs and hips...
elma k: I have 2 pairs of these and theyre both SO stretchy and comfortable! I recommend an 11
ashley s: They are very stretchy so I would probably go with the 11, but since the waist is higher, it will be a little snug around your stomach.
Catherine A: I wear a 7 in all my jeans, I have a small waist not to small, and a little butt. I'm 5'8 I got the size 7 and they fit but I like my jeans just right so I got size 5 as well in another color and I love how they fit. But either 5 or 7 would of work fine for me.
brianna w: Get an 11, they are very stretchy, and they will fit iust right
Lucy W: I would say get the size 11. They have a good stretch and are really comfy!
lissa t: they are stretchy, i also wear 11 or 13 depending on the make but, i dont have that much hips, but the 13 fits great, so i suggest the 13
samantha r: They fit true to size
None N asked: I'm very skinny so I have an issue with my jeans being "highwater" because I have to get size 1, which end up being too short for me since I'm 5'5". I weigh 117 lbs. If I get a size 3 will these jeans fit snug and still be long enough for me?
elma k: I'm 5'7 and have a size 1 and theyre perfect in length
Shalia J: Yeah they'd fit fine my sister is the same size as you and she wears them all the time
S T: These jeans are very stretchy so I would get the lower size if I could. The bigger size might not fit as snug. These are a pretty good length too.
Allison W asked: My waist is 28" and my hips are 42/43"... so would it be a stretch to get a size 7 because that's a 28 inch waist and a 37 inch hip Or should I get 9 or even 11 because that's closer to my hip size I don't want the waist to be too baggy but I also don't want my butt to be squished.
Jasmine P: I wear my waist is 30 so your not that far from me. I brought a size 11 and they fit amazing a size would be definatly reaching but either a 9 or an 11 but strongly suggest an 11
D A: Get the smaller size...there is A LOT of stretch in these pants and they will fit your hips and your waist and make ur butt look fabulous! I got my true size the first time and they were too big.
Shanique M asked: I'm 5'8 and a half, I usually wear size 8 or 9 in pants depending on if it's an odd or even numbered pants, my waist is a 29 and hips are a 39, which size will fit me better a 7 or 9 I see everyone saying these pants are stretchy, but I don't know if the 7 will be comfortable enough or if the 9 will be too loose and stretch even bigger..
Fanta w: If your wear a 9 then that's the size you need to get. Buy the jeans in a normal size that most of your jeans are in.
VICTORIA T: Ok to be honest no matter which one you choose I think it will fit you fine. It's about preference! Do you want a safe 9 or a snug 7. That's what it comes down to!
None N asked: what size should I get I am 175 lbs and 5'7 mostly butt and thighs will a 13 fit me or should I go up a size?
Fanta w: Yes we are the same size and height so a 13 will fit
None N asked: Can someone post a picture of them wearing the denim blue
ones please?
VICTORIA T: I wish I could but I don't think they allow you to or I'd just post pics of everything!
None N asked: I'm usually a size 25 what size am I for this?
VICTORIA T: A 1 or 3. Depends on your thighs. If you are tiny all over, get a one, if you have small waste but hips and a butt, get a 3
keyonna f: I would say get a 3, the material is kind of loose fitting too. so go a size smaller
GoJane S: You can reference our size chart here for sizing guidelines:
None N asked: im 5'4 and around 105-110 lbs, 25 inch waist, which size would best fit me ?
Kalaya S: Small
Samantha L: Those are my exact measurements! Except I'm not sure if I'm a 25 or 26 inch waist. But anyways, I have a size 1 and it fits so perfectly and comfortably! So I think a size 1 should most likely fit you as well. It's also really good quality because I wear it so often and it looks as if I just bought them!
Perease G: a size 3 .. were around the same high and everything and i have these they fit amazing especially if you have a bit of curves to your body ! hope i helped !!
Monique B asked: Hi.. I am 5'7, my hips measure about 35 and my waist measures 29. Should I get a size 7?
Raquel H: I got my size which is a 9 but I could have gone down a size.
Kaicia R: yes
None N asked: If I wear a size 28 in jeans what size should I pick?
T P: 5
Dominique M: A size 5 will fit you.
None N asked: i'm a UK size 12. can anyone advise on the best size for me to buy as i don't seem to understand the American sizing......very confused. Thank you
K I: size 8
S T: I guess a UK 12 equals to a size 8/10 in US size. I ordered these in a 9 and I am 5 feet 3 inches with a big butt and a smaller waist. They fit perfect. Maybe even a little snug on the waist. They stretch pretty well. So I don't know your body type but I would either get a 7 if your not on the curvy side or a 9 if you are.
None N asked: Hi im 5'4 and 117 LBS and i wanna order a size 3 but idk if they high waisted will be too high?
Astra N: Get a size 2 because
Kayln R asked: I am 5'7 and a half, 137lbs - 28 in the waist. I'm tall & fairly proportionate but all the times i've seen these pants they're not long enough. do they come long or will going up a size help the length?
Michelle M: I'm 5'9, and really skinny in waste. There more like stretchy pants, not like real tight jeans. I have your same problem with them being to short. These are actually really good. I have a pair.
Ashley R: Im 5 6 and they fit great they fit me longer from the bottom a bit and on the waist im a 28 as well
stephanie C: I don't think a size up will make them longer I think they are all the same length. But I think you can get them a size smaller because they stretch like spandex and baggy high waisted pants do not look cute.
None N asked: Are the navy ones Really navy colored can someone post a picture cause i don't want them to look grey or black i want a really dark blue Navy!!!!!
Courtney C: They are really dark navy. They don't look grey at all.
Alexandria S: They are a true navy trust me!
Kayla M asked: Hi! I really want to but these jeans to wear to a event later on. But I am confused on what size to get. I and a little over 5'4 and 210 but I am not wide, I actually have wide hips and a muffin top. But besides that what is the right size for me Thanks in advance!!!
Rowena J: I would say an 11, u didnt put your size, but 11 if u have a 30in waist, I have 26in waist 41in butt, but they can stretch pretty far.
Tierra H: Even though you are smaller in height I'd say to still get the size you would in normal pants or jeans. For me they were true to size, maybe a bit smaller, but they had a great stretchy material so you want them to be a little tighter so they dont sag around the high waist.
K M: Get a 13 or a large the material is stretchy so you will fit them fine im 5'5 & 175 & mine fit me well just right at the navel but as always wit us shorties the leg will b a lil bunchy but not much!! I love them I have 4 pair!! Hope this helps!!
Chelsea H: The pants are VERY stretchy but fit snug. If your jeans that you wear now are a little snug then definitely make sure to go a size up to ensure they are not too small.

I am 5'8 and have a tiny waist but a large butt and thick hips. I usually wear a 11 but got a size 13 and they fit perfect.
Katelyn J asked: Is it true to size and also does it hug your curves?
Tierra H: true to size, great for hugging curves.. thumbs up on these
Ashley R: Sure does
Kesley M: they are true to size i wear size seven and they are a perfect fit
RUBEN C: Yes true to size and it sure hugs your curves
None N asked: I am 5'1 and 110 pounds. I'm worried that I might the wrong size. Should I get size 1 or 3?
adalina c: Get a 1 they run a lil big
AVEENA L: i'm 5'0 and i got an size 1 cause the material is very stretchy anyways
Valerie P: They are amazing. They are true to size and stretchy.
D A: Get a size SMALLER than you would normally get. I usually wear a 10, so I got the 9. They fit good, but there was extra room. I loved them so much I wanted another pair. I got a size 7 and they fit perfectly! Go with a size one if u would normally wear a 3...they are super stretchy
Shanice S asked: Do these fade or discolor when washed and machine dried Also do they shrink a little in the dryer?
Kaicia R: they dont discolor nor do they shrink
Janet a: I've washed mine twice and they haven't faded or shrunk. I would say to even prevent that from happening, when you wash/dry it, turn the jeans inside out. That should help future fading! Hope this helped!
Jasmine C asked: What color did y'all get and did it live up to the expectations\ I'm thinking about getting the grey ones as well since I already got the navy but I'm a little iffy. My skin tone is like Gabrielle unions and I'm kind of nervous the grey won't look good on my skin tone... Please help!!!!
K M: Im darkskinned like Venus & Serena with hips too I have the grey pair & light blue & it looks gd on me just pair it with a crop top & fly sandles & u'll b fine
Karla G: I'm brown skin like Kerry Washington and I have grey. I think you'll be fine with either color given you provide a great contrast with colors.
channing p asked: When u go to select you color and quantity there isn't a place to select what size you need?
GoJane S: To select the size and color for an item you would select the option from the drop down menu.
None N asked: The black jeans look gray on here, so I was just wondering, do they actually look black in person?
Brandon E: make my legs look so thinner
bianca w: They are really light grey
Janelle W asked: I'm 5'3 and 120, Will a size 1 be to small for me I'm usually a size 3
linda f: get a 3 b/c im 5'4 and 130 an di got a 5 and it fits perfect
Desiree N: I think a size 1 will be fine because they're super stretchy and comfortable :
Dayna N: These high waisted jeans are indeed true to size. I wouldn't go any smaller then your normal size. I LOVE my jeans...they are so worth every penny!
Rachelle D: The pants run true to size, getting a size one will deffinately not work to your benifit. If your a 3 get a 3.
Catherine D: Yeah most likely, I'm the same but 4'11 and I got the size 3 and it fits great.
Dewanda P: they stretch really good so a 1 will be fine
Chelsea H: yikes, im not sure...the jeans are very stretchy so you could get away with it.. but to be on the safe side i just went with my size that i would usually wear and they pants fit perfect!
Jeeranan A: Get size3 I'm 4'11 and 105 size 3 fit me per!!
None N asked: my waist is a 26 and hips are 36, would a 5 be too big?
K I: yes, it might be a little big
Alyssa F: I ordered a size 5 with a size 24 waist and 36 hip and they fit perfectly
Ra'Kela N: yess thats too big get a 3
Adanna E: No
Ashley W: No I'm a 28 and the size 7 fits perfect there very stretchy though
None N asked: im 5'6 i weigh about 200 and i always buy a 14 or 16 in jeans what size should i get and what color please help me
april l asked: im a usually a size 7-9 my waist is a 30 my hips are a 38 . i have a pair of thin material jeans that are stretchy and those are a size 7 fits me nicely should i go with a size 7 or 9 i dont have a chubby stomach.
Rowena J: These jeans are ver y stretchy, honestly the 7/9 probably won't be a difference, since your waist is a 30, maybe go with size 9.
Magdeleine S: Go with the size you usually wear, since these jeans are kinda stretchy for you that would be a seven. I usually were 11-12, so I got the 11.
Sonjia G: size 7, these are quite stretchy and true to size, so you should be fine
Shanice S asked: I wear a 7 in Levi's "jegging" style jeans and most other jeans. What size should I get in these jeans?
bianca w: I would say a 5 because of the stretch and when your wearing them they loosen up. I hope this helped:-
L A: Purchase the size you wear, I wear a size 11 in Levi's jeggings 535 and I ordered an 11 and they firt perfect.
Lakisha B asked: What is the difference in color between the black and gray I have a black crop top and want to know which color to purchase.
Melinda G: the grey looks grey & the black looks black but just both are faded wash
Rachelle D: I bought the grey acid wash & wore it with my black leather shirt, I think it looks great together :
Christina T: The base color is the difference. I have the gray and I love them! I say go for the gray. They're a little different frm the normal ol black!
misha L asked: im 5'1 130 pounds and i normally wear a size 5 do i need to go smaller or bigger with it being high waisted pant ...i have a small waist if this helps
Melinda G: just get your regular size
Stephanie M: I'm 5'4 n weigh 130 I got a sz 3 fits great because its a stretchy material
Leigh D: You should totally get a size three to fit you perfectly
Stareisha E: I say stick with the 5 I'm the same way... Happy jean hunting \
Shetoria F
None N asked: I really want these jeans but I hate returns, I'm a size 4, with a 27/28 waist and a 40 in hip. Im really trying to figure out which size to get?
stephanie C: They are super stretchy so order a size down!
Zenobia C: They are really stretchy...they are more like jeggings material. You should be fine with a size 5 or 7. I am a 27/28 waist and 38 hips...I got a 7
Tiffany G: These jeans are super stretchy, get your normal size or even a size smaller.
h w asked: when will you have a size 7 in stock in the navy?
GoJane S: We do not know in advance if a size or color will be restocked. However, we do restock and receive hundreds of new items every week, so we may get something similar soon. Keep checking back!
None N asked: Do these jeans run big or small, and do they have any stretch to them?
kenya m: they fit differently on everybody, but they run a little big one me & they are stretchy, but not too much
Jazzimen P: They are true to size but also stretchy
Olivier L: They are true to size. And yes they do stretch
Michelle L: They run true to size & they also stretch
Monica T: They actually run big.. I'm normally in a 11 and had to order a 9..
Lisaira F: Yes they stretch so they hug your body
Marissa H: They run small but they do stretch.
Quenia S: I wear a size 9 nd got a 7 because its stretchy material they fit perfectly , Love em ! Got a lot of compliments.
Earnestine H: They run just right n they r super stretchy don't go up a size unless u have really thick legs
Ra'Kela N: they run regular size nd yeaa they have stretch to them
Shanice S asked: I wear a size 6-8 depending on the make of the jeans. I also weight 113, slim waist/legs, and a but. What size would be a best fit?
B R: I love these jeans, I weight about 120 and im 5"3 and I got a size 3 and they fit perfect.
Dasha C: 6 easily. They stretch a lot. I'm 160, 5'8 & I got the 9 which fits perfect!
Karla G: I wear 126 pounds and I have a high buttocks so I got a size 7. They fit really elastic like leggings. Tight. Maybe a 3 or a 5 for you.
Latoya P: These jeans, I found, to be very stretchy. I actually had to send back my original order and get a size smaller. Hope this helps.
Jasmine J asked: Im 5'8, about 170 lbs. What size will I need 13 or 15?
Bianca G: I'm 5'4" and 155 I got a size 7 hope that helps
None N asked: Hey guys. I 5'8" and weigh about 170. Which size should I get 11 or 13?
nadya e: im 5'8 180, got an 11 they ar very stretchy but have a nice fit, i would go with 11 because 13 might feel too loose unless you prefer them that way. i like mine on the tighter side
Chenell W: They Are Extremely Stretchy and Are Going To Fit Like More Of a Jegging than Actual Jeans. I Would Go With The 11
Shaniece B: I'm also 5'8, I weigh 140 pounds. I bought a size 5 and they fit perfectly. The material is stretch material. I usually wear a size 7 in pants. So go for an 11 if you usually get 13.
Kamilya B: I would recommend the 11 because they are very stretchy and run a little big.
None N asked: I really like these pants.Im only interested in the NAvyblue, size 9. I can never seen to catch them when they are restocked. how often do you restock merchandise?
GoJane S: We do not know in advance if an item will be restocked. However, we do restock and receive hundreds of new items every week, so we may get something similar soon. Keep checking back!
None N asked: I want to order a pair of these jeans but I'm not sure what size to get I'm 5'5 I weigh 190 lbs I have thick thighs in a butt could you tell me what size I should order I normally wear a size 14?
Alisha G: I am usually a size 7-9 and I ordered a size 5 because people was saying they stretch a lot. My jeans fit me perfect because they do stretch and I wanted mines to look painted on. If you want room order your's in your correct size but if you want them tight size down. I have a small waist and a big butt as well.
Nkoshi S: Size 25
Rachelle D: I think buying your actual size would be fine, The pants are really stretchy and a comfortable wear and still keep it's skinny fit. If you buy too big the pants would probably be baggy and if you buy too small it won't be as comfortably. :
Ashley S: These pants are true to size, so if you don't have issues with other jeans being big around your waist you'll be fine. I think a 14 will do
None N asked: im 5'1 and weigh 103 and i usually get a size 25 in jeans and im not sure if i should get a size 1 or 3 in these?
Princess W: 1
ashley m: They fit true to size so I would get ur Regular size
tiona P: A 1 will fit cute I'm 5'9" 130lbs i got a three n it's a little loose round the back plus it's stretchy
Daira J: Get the one if you like them really fitted. They are stretch and they give a lil throughout the day.
Briana C: Size 1 should be fine. The jeans are very stretchy!
julissa h asked: are there going to be a biggersize for the grey like a size 13?
GoJane S: We cannot guarantee when an item will be restocked. We do restock and receive hundreds of new items every week, so we may get something similar soon. Keep checking back!
None N asked: Is the HGrey and the Grey the same color that is in the picture What is the difference in colors?
TAMMERELL f: one is like a black more than grey
stephanie C: It is a tiny bit darker, not a significant color difference! \
Latyra G
None N asked: are these jeans a US 15?
Vivian M: Yes they are.
Candice J: I don't usually wear a size 15 I'm.more of a 12-13 but since I have hips I buy my pants bigger on this site.
None N asked: I am 5'9 but thin I wear a 7-8 Will these jeans fit my extremely long LEGS I wear extra long in other Jeans my inseam is literally 34-36?
Dasha C: I'm 5'9, size 8, all leg!!! These are PERFECT length wise! You will have no worries at all!
rosemary a: Yes, it definitely will.
kenya m: I have a similar shape, and the pants will stop at your ankle
Taylor T: Yup Yup! Im 5'9 too and I ordered a size 7 and they fit like perfectly just above the foot and a little below the ankle..if that makes sense. But they fit nicely and they're not highwaters!
Briana B: i'm about 5'8" and i still have a pretty good length on mine and i bought a size 9.
ayanna g: They may flood rise on you a bit because
I'm 5' 0 and I have just a little leg room
ania b asked: im 5'9 and wear a size 3, do you think these will be long enough?
Shalia J: They'll probably be too short
bianca w: I'm only 5'4 and curvy so idk if they will be long enough for you.. They long to me also it depends on the shoe you choose to rock with these jeans!..with the right shoe it wouldn't matter lol
chantol j: Yea I think so they r pretty stretchy...
Ashley R: I'm 5'3 & a size 10 but the 11 fits me perferct. You might want to go one size up.
Janine P: I had to tuck mine under a little because I am 5'2, so they may work. It will probably depend on how curvy you are.
None N asked: I'm a size 13, about 5'8", and kind of thick in the stomach and thigh area. Should I go a size up and get a 15 or get a 13 I don't want the pants to be too tight around my thicker areas
India R: Im a 9/11 i purchased a 9. They run true to size and super stretchy if this helps any!
DENI P: Hello fellow GoJane shopper.

After I received my first pair of these jeans I bought several more in other colors. I LOVE them!

I would get the 15 rather than your regular size. The legs are skinny but the fabric will stretch and is a nice fit. The first pair I bought, I got my normal size. When I ordered the other colors, I bought a size up.

I hope this helps, happy shopping!
marcia G: the pants fit like jeggings so they are made to fit tight...but they are stretchy so the fit comfortably
karen e: No just get the size that you are because they do stretch ,
Im a size 7 and I get a size 3 hope that helps
Takeera S: I wear a 13 to so get a 13
DaMonique H: You Should Probably Get A 15 Since They're High Waist And Will Be Around Your Stomach.
Shamona J: Well there not going to look right it they don't fitty; So I say get your size or down a size. I got a 3 and Im a 7-9 155 pounds with dook lol! and they fit real good
Keiliha B: These pants are super stretchy more like a jeggin but better looking. You should be safe with your size 13 because they are a true high waist with lots of stretching power. In my opinion the size 15 may not make a significant difference in hiding our thickness. If I were you I would see if I'm a true 13 in all my other jeans without stretch and if so the 13 in these is fine if not size up to the 15.
Tanishia H: They are true to size I wear a size 9 and they fit perfect but I kind of have a small stomach so I probably would go up a size.
Kristina D: They are like jeggings. They hug your curves. Go with the 13's
ida t: The pants are very stretchy I got a size 5 and am usually a 7 and they fit me perfectly. I would stay with size 13.
Kaneesha B: The pants stretch a lot they fit like jeggings & although they're very stretchable the fit clings to you so go a size up, safer that way.
natasha w: The pants are very form fitted and they also stretch. But I think if you have a belly you should go up a size.
Fanta D: Get a 15.. They are stretchy .. But since it will be high waist they will go up so u dont want it to be too tight on ur stomachs cause it will hurt
None N asked: When will the navy be restocked in other sizes\
GoJane S: We do not know if a size or color will be restocked but we do receive restocks and new styles daily so keep checking back!
None N asked: What size is the model wearing?
GoJane S: Most of the models on our site are wearing a size small, or pant size 3. Please check the product description as this information is sometimes included.
None N asked: Do these jeans come above the belly button?
Carolyn M: Yes ma'am they fit super cute I'm n luv with em
Ciera B: Yes they come above the belly button
Kayla N: Yes
Pamela S: yes they do.
stephanie C: They are a few inches above the belly button, probably around 2 inches.
Cynthia W: On me, having a longer waist, they come to about the middle of my belly button
Precious S: Yes
Khadijah S: yes they cover mine
Deborah P: yes they do
Takara P: Depends on how tall you are, as well as your shape. I'm 5'3, but I have a big butt so. Again it really depends.
Genesis V: Yes
darris t: Yes! I have an extremely long upper body and they even come above my belly button.
Hope this helped!
R E: yes they do!
CAROLIN M: Yes they do... I honestly like them however my zipper didnt work. Only wore it 1 time
Ocelda` D: Yes
Wynsday J: Yes, they do come above the belly button
Nikiya E: Yes they do
Dominique W: Yes
charlene B: Yes they do
Tiffany G: Yes they come above the belly button. They do run a bit large to me, I ordered a larger size to be safe but they are very stretchy and run big. They do still fit nicely though because of the stretch.
ayanna g: Yes
N I: Yes
Shunterra L: Yes, they do.
Bianca M: Yes it can come almost to the breast
ENESIA F: Yes, they're high-waisted. Fit very well!
None N asked: if i wear a 26 in jeans what will my size be with these jeans?
carline d: I wear 27 and I got them in a size 5 and they fit perfectly. So I would say a 5 or maybe a 3 would fit you fine.
Jade B: 6
Erica C: either a 6 or 7 because when i was wearing 29 it was a size 9
Kamilya B: Size7
Ashley S: Im a size 30, which is about a 9 in juniors. So i would say you're about a size 5. Although I'm a 9,i purchased a size down which was the 7 so the fit around my waist would be more snug.
Roxie P: I say 7 no more then a 9 because they do have stretch ...I'm a 30 and have size 11 fits perfect
GoJane S: Generally our products run true to size but may vary depending on the style. We always recommend purchasing the size you would normally purchase. However, you can reference our size chart here:
VICTORIA T: i would say a 5 or 7. just because your waist is so tiny and i know what look you are going for so most likely the 7.
Takara P: Fits true to size. So get the size you would normally wear.
Alexis N: I wanna say for me I am a slim girl with curves n the seven fit me perfect!!! I would say u should try a 10 or 12!! Either one u get they will stretch!
keann y asked: Hi I usually. Where a size 9 in regular jeans but I have a big Butt and small waste so I usually have a huge gap in my waist area when I buy high waisted pants... so should I get a 7 or 9?
Shaneka B: You can get a 7 because they're super stretchy !
Lemeshia B: They fit pretty true to size with a little stretch so I would suggest a 9.
A M: def get the size 9...i have the same problem and i got s nine and they fit perfectly
Kristina D: The acid wash skinny jeans are very similar to jeggings, very stretchy. They will form to you. I ordered my real size and they fit fine. They do have a zipper though.
Shamona J: Well I wear an 7-9 regular strechy jeans, never purchased just straight jean material. And I got a 3 in these jeans you're askin about. And they fit good,there really strechy. And I got butt also weighting around 155, but if u not sure bout a 3 I would definitely do a 5or7 my opinion
Angela M: I would say 7. They are stretchy and I am the same way, I usually wear a 13 and I should've gotten a 11.
ashley T: this run small. I usually wear a 5 and have the same.problem big butt small waist and the 5 fits but is real uncomfortable to order a size up
TANISHA G: Hey you should get the 7 I'm the same as you small waist big butt lol. These pants are stretchy though cause I ordered the 7 and they fit perfect!!!!
None N asked: if I'm 116/117 but i have some curves, which size should i get if i want them to fit tight?
Shetoria F: Im 145 and i got the size 11my original size and they fit perfect... I didnt even have to wear a belt.
T A: If u have curves and a booty get a medium. They are very snugg so they should be nice tight and right on you!
Takara P: I would recommend getting the size you normal would wear. The jeans are like jeggings. They stretch to fit your size.
ENESIA F: I weight 120 and got a 5 and it fits perfectly!
Brushay L: They fit to your actual size and they stretch so if you want them tight you should go one size smaller
None N asked: what about if your around 117 with a little belly and 5'3... should I get size 1 or 3 i want them pretty tight
Jasmine F: A 3. The 1 might give you a flat butt look
jasmin c: They are going to fit tight regardless of the size because that the purpose it serves to fit closely to the body. I would suggest getting a 3 just so you can have some room in them.
Alyssa F: Go for a size three I wasn't sure if I should get a three or five and I ordered a three and they were too tight I'm about 120 and have a small waist but wider hips so a three would probably be better for you
Adrianna E: Get the size you regularly wear, they are true to size and pretty stretchy. They hug the body really well!
None N asked: do you have size O?
GoJane S: Unfortunately, this item was not manufactured in a size 0.
None N asked: HI so I'm 5'7 and 118 lbs so I am really skinny. However I still have curves and a big butt. My waist measures 25 inches and my hips are 36. If I get a size 7 will it be too loose fitting on my waist Or should I go with the size 5
kenya m: I would go with the 5. The 7 will fit around the waist but it might be baggy around the butt part. But if you're concerned about your butt and curves, I would go with the 7. It might fit u better
Erica L: Deffinetley go with the size 5 so It has a nice fit I'm the same way
Mona P: Hello....I just recently had a baby and all of my baby weight still isn't gone so I weigh about 150 lbs and i have wide hips.I ordered a size 7 and they fit perfectly! So I would recommend a size 3 or 5! Hope this helped!
Shalia J: The jeans are really stretchy so I would go with the 5
Aayanah B: Maybe a 5 they fit very well and they stretch they look amazing
Erika W: They're not actually jean material. They're stretchy so the 5 should fit fine. I love them though
Ranieka M: You might wanna get a 5 or even a 3, I'm 5'5, 125 and I wear a 3... They are stretchy too
Shaniqua L: I think you should go with a size 3 because its not like denim material it's stretchy sorta like legging material I am 130 5'2 and got a size 5 and its kinda loose
Ramina M: They're really stretchy so I would just go with the 5, but it's up to you. Think of them more like thick leggings rather than denim.
None N asked: Im a 25 around the waist, 5'0 and weigh 105 lbs
should i get a 1 or a 3?
Khadijah S: I think a 1 maybe
I got a 3 and I'm 5'4 a 27 at the waist.
They are a snug fit though.
kenya m: It's really hard to tell. Since these pants come very stretchy, I recommend you buy a size smaller than your actual size, if you want a tighter look. If you don't mind them being a little loose, then go with your actual size
Yanira A: I weigh 115 and a size 3 fit me perfectly
Tracey c: Get the one the three will be way to big, and they stretch a lot
None N asked: does this hug the waist?
Shunterra L: The jeans are stretchy so whatever size you believe will fit you, go for it. But yes, the jeans hug your waist in a good way.
Anamaris C: yes they do
Shalia J: Yes
chenel p: Yes but you must know your right size. I wear a size 11 but need a size 9 so get one size smaller. My opinion!!!
Alexis N: Yes it fits snug n tight!!! Very flattering
Eri B: Not that tight but it's fitted and makes your shape look amazing
Elvira L: I looooove these jeans. I bought them recently and I was super ecxited when they arrived. Im a size 11, and I have a very small waist. They fit perfectly. They are really high and they do hug the waist. I love them! Super comfortable
Quaddaja C: Yes
Latoya P: Yes it does, but I found I had to go one size down because its very stretchy. Hope this helps.
Latoya P: Yes it does, but I found I had to go one size down because its very stretchy. Hope this helps.
Myia B: It's a very good fit. The jean stretches alot more than I thought hugging your curves just e nought but not too tight
Rowena J: yes! it fits snug on your waist but does not squeeze, yet guves your curves room so you wont look flat.
Diandra l: yes it does they fit nicely
None N asked: Should i get an size 5 or 7 with being 5'3 and 136lbs\\ Do they run big\?
shareca c: get a size 5 they are very spandex!!
darris t: They are like a really stretchy material, but at the same time they fit really tight. If you are a tight 5 I say get a 7
shareca c: get a size 5 they are very spandex!!
shareca c: get a size 5 they are very spandex!!
Zenobia C: I have these same jeans. Get a Size 5 they are extremely stretchy
Tiera D: either size will fit, they are very stretchy. i got a 7 and im 5'4 and weigh the same. and tey fit perfect
None N asked: Hey! I'm 5'9 and weigh around 150-155. But I have some curvy hips though, so should I still get a size 11 or 13

Darcie H: Hey I'm 5'9" and weigh 161lbs. I bought a size 11 and they fit perfectly.
keyana k: Yes, if that's the size u were in pants... They are true to size, and a very nice fitted jean... I hope this help u
Alexa R: I ordered these pants in a size 11 and they fit just perfect ...My height is 5'4 and weight 145 i usually wear a size 29 in forever 21 jeans ...
jasmin c: You and I around the same size and height . I purchased the 13.
temperess j asked: I am 5'3 136 lbs but I don't look 136 so what size should I get\?
Anita G: I am 5'3" and 134 lbs and I ordered a 5. They fit perfect all around. I was hesitant too when ordering, but I made the right choice. I love them!! Hope it works out for you!
T S: What's size do u wear I am 5'6" my measurements r 28 in the waist 40 in the buttocks I chose a 7 and it fit perfect! Hope this helps
Cealean B: of course u will get your size they run big but for most they are true to size
None N asked: is a size 13 a size 12?
Tiffany G: I think they're a bit big and super stretchy so a size down would be good
Shaymarie G: There seems to be a lot of questions about sizing so I'm going to make this as detailed as possible bc I wasn't sure about sizing either. These are SUPER stretchy, which is exactly how I like my pants. The waist stretches just like the parts of the leg so it will stretch around your waist and hits you right above the belly button. I'm 5'7 and usually wear a size 4 or 6 in woman's or a size 5 or 7 in juniors.....depending on how stretchy the pants are. I like my pants to be super tight, like they look painted on and if you like this look as well I would suggest sizing down. I went with a size 5 and they fit PERFECT for my taste. If you like a little more room get your normal size. All in all I think these fit true to size, if you like them fitting a little more loose. On the other hand, you should size down if you like your pants really tight. They WILL stretch. Hope this helps!
Ramona W: No, these jeans run true to size and they stretch so they're comfortable
None N asked: ima size 9 in jr levis , what do you recommend for these?
Tiffany G: I ordered these and they seem a bit big to me. They are stretchy, so you may be able to order your size or a size smaller
Ashleigh S: I would get a medium.
Ashly N: I don't own a pair of Levi's jeans so I wouldn't know. Sorry I'm a 27 inch waist and 44 inch hip n size 9 in go Jane high waist is good for me. Hope that helps
None N asked: I wear a size 28 in my abercrombie jeans and otha jeans i have. I dont know if i should get a 7/8 or a 9 I NEED HELP! lol
TAMMERELL f: they are very stretchy and fits perfectly i went a size up and they fit me amazingly , you can always shrink your jeans i think you should get a 9
Jeeranan A: I'm size 26 and I got a size 3 fit perfect!!
Brianna H: the waist is really high it goes above my belly botton and it fitsski tight. im a 32D and they fit me perfect. if i eat they get a little tight. i bought a size 5
Kaicia R: They are really stretchy and you can always go a size down...
trevette s asked: I am 5'8 and I'm just wondering if these jeans would be short on me since I have long legs?
kenya m: I'm also 5"8 and have long legs too & these pants fit great on me. they come all the way down to my ankle. The only thing I would suggest is you may want to buy them a size smaller because I bought my actual size and although they fit great, they are also a bit stretchy as well
Teresa S: I am 5'10" and they are fine on me they hit about where the picture shows.
Khadijah S: They probably will be I'm 5'4 and have room to fold them but you're a lot taller than me lol good luck!
None N asked: What are the measurements of a 1 and a 3?
GoJane S: You can reference our size chart here for sizing guidelines:
None N asked: I got a 36 europe size when it comes to jeans/treggings.. which size do i have to order?
GoJane S: All sizes on are US sizes. You can reference our size chart here for sizing guidelines:
None N asked: Im almost 5'9 is wanna no are these hi waters Do they stretch much?
Ashley R: There stretchy but I'm 5'5 and they barly fit me from the bottom
Lastarr S: Its a lot of stretch and it is great for some one taller, I'm short 5 feet and I thought these would be better on someone taller.
None N asked: if I wear a size 26, should i get a 5 or a 3?
Lemeshia B: Size 4 or 5.
Khalilah M: I purchased the jeans for my daughter and I bought a size nine. She is usually a 28 or 29. The jeans fit true to size. They are a great buy! She loves them.
Angela B: I'm a 26 and I ordered a 5 but it was too big so I'm returning it and placing a new order for a size 3. They are SUPER stretchy so when in doubt go a size down!
None N asked: does anyone know what australian size 14 or XL is in us sizes\\ is it 13 i think
GoJane S: All sizes on are US sizes. You can reference our size chart here for sizing guidelines:
GoJane S: You can reference our size chart here for sizing guidelines:
None N asked: DOES IT RUN BIG ?
Perease G: Their very stretchy and true to size
Brianna H: no im a size 5 and they fit great!
Onyeka N asked: I'm 5'11'' and usually wear size 10/11 in jeans. will these jeans be short on me if i order a size 11 I would like it to be at least at my ankle
INDIA B: Yes I love them perfect!
krista w: I just got these jeans and I'm 5'6 and the jeans stop kinda below mid ankle for someone 5'll the jeans will be 2/3 inches above the ankle
BRITTANY S: I'm 5'1" and i ordered a size 1. The jeans came to my ankle and their was a little room leftmaybe an inch. But im pretty short. Hope this helps.
Jasmine D asked: My waist is 24 small but my hips measure 36 medium . For these particular pants, I'm wondering if I should go by my hip measurement instead of waist. I don't want the pants to be too loose at the waist but I think I'd hate for the hip tightness to make my butt look flat.

Would a size 5 be best for me?
Erica L: they're stretchy so your normal size should be fine
keandrea s: I bought my usual size and they fit amazing.... great choice
amanda s: Yes, I have the same problem...size 5 is fine :
Khadijah S: With these pants I bough my usual size they were snug but they stretch so it wasn't a problem. I have a small waist and thighs but my butt is on the plump side so your reg size should be fine. Hope I help!
None N asked: what size should i get I normally wear a 26 when I buy my jeans at forever21
stefanie s: I would recommend the 1 only bc essentially these jeans tend to stretch. Hope this information is helpful !
Adrianna E: I wear a 28 in forever 21 jeans and I ordered a size 9 and they for perfect im obsessed with my jeans
GoJane S: Generally our products run true to size; you may want to reference our size chart here:
None N asked: what is the waist measurments for a size 13?
GoJane S: According to the size chart a size 13 would have a 31 inch waist. You may want to reference our size chart here:
None N asked: Are these skinny jeans or straight leg jeans?
lashanda o: They are skinny jeans.
EHINOR O: Skinny jeans . They are a great buy !
kelsey s asked: im not sure on the size as it doesnt show a clear guide of the available size i want\
GoJane S: You can reference our size chart here for sizing guidelines:

If a size, or color is not available on our site it is currently sold out. We do receive restocks, so keep checking back!
None N asked: is ut a stretchy material ?
Sam R: Yes very but I suggest going a size up because the top is very small!
Pam W: Yes...but with substance.
Comments From people who chose this
Alex d chose this because: The rise of pants is high. Can't find in store and love acid washes
Steve C chose this because: love the style
Judy O chose this because: The fact it had a waist and wasn't a hiphugger
Ashley M chose this because: CUTE
sade r chose this because: high waist is in style
Ellen S chose this because: I like high waisted jeans on my hourglass figure, the reviews seemed up to par and the price was reasonable! Plus they were cuuuuute!
Lai S chose this because: been looking for high waisted jeans
jimmy R chose this because: Great fit. Love them
Joanna T chose this because: I chose this because I love the high waisted style look! It had great reviews and it came in just the color I was looking for. I also bought is because of the 30% off sale.
taneka m chose this because: STYLISH!!!!!
Elana M chose this because: I was in need of high waisted pants that complimented my tiny waist and behind and we're stylish and these are perfect.
Stephanie O chose this because: I Love High Waisted
Melaney C chose this because: Its Cute!
Precious I chose this because: I heard they loook fabulous on everyone. Go-JAne does not let you down
Shakeyla F chose this because: I Love the acid wash look & these are so affordable
Zephani I chose this because: They're high waisted.
quintell h chose this because: LOVE THE FIT
Zoe F chose this because: so vintage
Briana t chose this because: really needed high waisted pants
Karissa S chose this because: love the light gray and jegging material!
Ashley S chose this because: I wanted a pair of acid jeans, who doesn't like highwaisted jeans\?
Ericka T chose this because: long torso
Kristy H chose this because: the style and the wash
Kevin M chose this because: I LOVE high-waisted jeans. They flatter your figure and these are a great price.
Anthony W chose this because: so trendy
Kiley J chose this because: Cheaper prices than others I have priced
Patricia N chose this because: Great fit!
Ariel G chose this because: I have previously ordered their high waisted jeans and I loved them. I figured I would purchase from them again and find new colors.
Mariecar P chose this because: I bought the lighter version and wanted black
natasha v chose this because: Too small
gigi d chose this because: Again, I love high waist skinny jeans, and can't find in stores
Tolani S chose this because: wanted something fitted
Taja D chose this because: The pockets don't look too high up, and they look comfortable. Also, the acid wash isn't overdone
Kinda-Velloza M chose this because: Very trendy, plan on getting a few more pairs
Gabrielle A chose this because: I love the way these look, but they shrink easily and they feel like spandex. They feel kinda cheep.
Juliany G chose this because: The reviews were great.
KEYONDA P chose this because: THE HIGH -WAIST
Kevin P chose this because: I chose these because I've seen lots of youtubers with them. And they are so flattering for curvy girls! I ordered a size 5 and generally wear between a 3-5. Got them in the mail today and they fit PERFECT! Love them..they are like jean jeggings.
EUNICE H chose this because: I like the high waist so that the back area is covered.
Akubeze O chose this because: looks good with the belt loops
Jalynn F chose this because: Very stylish.
Cynthia P chose this because: cool
Deya Y chose this because: They are super cute! Love them!
Amy M chose this because: I follow carlibybel from youtube and she shops here ;-
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Sabrina B chose this because: i love the cut of high waist
Kadejah S chose this because: To tunn upp
Isnery T chose this because: its so cute and what ive been looking for!
Sabrina R chose this because: Reviews said they were a great buy!
Paris J chose this because: love the colr are all your high waist jeans hugs are curves just right:
Ugomma N chose this because: Nice high waisted jeans to wear with tennis shoes!
Juliana S chose this because: The high waisted trend is very hot right now and are the perfect match for the crop tops I have acquired this summer. They look like they will really flatter my shape :
Jessica M chose this because: always wanted a pair.
ogugua O chose this because: the pants are cute!!!!
Johnnitha b chose this because: perfect fit love mines!!!!
shandta l chose this because: fits very cute , shows off all the curves you want to show
C A chose this because: They look good, and all the reviews were positive.
Shampree P chose this because: I saw all the great reviews on these jeans, so I wanted to try them out for myself!
ravan c chose this because: I wanted something fitted bc most of my older jeans weren't fitting right plus I also like the high waisted vintage look
angelika k chose this because: sexy
April M chose this because: I am hippy and I got an extra large and it is big but still fits well.
tori l chose this because: only place i found these for a reasonable price!!!!
Carolyn C chose this because: they fit amazing!
cory u chose this because: high waist acid wash is the truth
Chancey B chose this because: In Style
Essence Y chose this because: I was loooking for affordable high waisted jeans
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Paris N chose this because: very vintage
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traneesha s chose this because: fit really cute
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Whitney P chose this because: Loved them and very comfortable
Chelsea R chose this because: LOVED IT
Kendall R chose this because: Great fit!
Erica R chose this because: I have 2 friends who bought a pair and they love them! They fit great on them, so i had to get a pair!!! :-
Larece B chose this because: sexy fit
Brittany C chose this because: High waisted and sneaker wedges. Instaswag
Janet a chose this because: The light blue ones were sold out :
Gwendoly C chose this because: They are for my grand daughter. She love these pants.
Bridgette B chose this because: I love high waisted just brings out your figure.
Adora E chose this because: love!
Carolina M chose this because: i love high wasted jeans !!
Alion P chose this because: it cute
Alexis H chose this because: I own a pair of high waist leggings && i think they will be awesome to have
Celisa P chose this because: so hard to find high waisted in my size
sharnea h chose this because: I just really wanted these
Morufat f chose this because: perfect fit and nice color
Ashley B chose this because: love
De'Andra N chose this because: ive been wanting high waisted acid wash jeans for a minute now! and the comments under the jeans gave me idea that i found a winner..and im so happy they came in my size size 15 which is incredibly hard to find!
Stephanie d chose this because: trendy,
Tamera O chose this because: they had good reviews and a wanted some high waist-ed jeans.
lenecia a chose this because: Trendy
arielle r chose this because: I've looked everywhere for high waisted jeggings and these got good reviews
Emily C chose this because: Im so in love with the fit. Im a very bottom thick female and its so hard for me to find jeans that fit perfect. Thank you GOjane =
Maleea H chose this because: stylish and availible for curvy women
Kemberly C chose this because: MY STYLE
Candice H chose this because: Loved the style
Keturah M chose this because: love the style
chelsea a chose this because: i wanted some REAL high waisted pants. Ones that came up to my belly button and gave my body and booty a nice shape.
Looks like these could be the one ;D]
brittney g chose this because: they are so nice and will look good on me
Charmaine M chose this because: Greatttt fit. Really cute
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Jeremiah A chose this because: I purchased this because of the great reviews.
Kylie G chose this because: i absolutely love anything acid washed and high waisted so had to have these !!
Chelsi J chose this because: they're cute!
Xavia W chose this because: Lately I been getting tried of the old vintage high waisted jeans you get from the thrift store, because often times those aren't figure flattering. Hopefully these fit the way I want them to.
Latonya S chose this because: The acid wash color blue.
Kittrella W chose this because: hott
keara f chose this because: love them
Olivia Y chose this because: i love the high waste style so i was looking at the options I really just read the reviews. These jeans had 9 positive reviews so I decided to give them a shot.
Deborah D chose this because: Cutest jeans everr! Super chic
Iecia B chose this because: cute
Tisha W chose this because: they come all the way up around my hips and i dont have to worry about my back side showing when i take a seat:
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krystie l chose this because: great
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Chenelle J chose this because: High waist washed pants are hard to find with a good fit and affordable price .
Kiara L chose this because: I am a curvy tall woman who has a hard time finding jeans
Alisha G chose this because: Think they will make my waist look small and they a cute.
keldreca t chose this because: Very stylish
Caitlin H chose this because: 5'11" and need high waisted to go just below belly button, they are perfect!
Briitany K chose this because: great price!
Tierra H chose this because: I chose to buy high waist jeans because they are just so cute! they're trendy and fun, and flattering. A great way to show off a little skin with a crop top
Debbie M chose this because: the stylish pockets and great fit
Cherie J chose this because: i always wanted this style jeans
Kayla W chose this because: i chose these jeans because they have an 80's look that is now coming back in style and i love the way the high waste jeans look on me.
Myesha L chose this because: I LOVE HIGHWAISTED
dijela j chose this because: dope
Denisse A chose this because: High waisted jeans remove the muffin top, and look great with crop shirts! Also, the acid wash style is different, very fashionable!
Nijarae B chose this because: They Fit amazingly!!!
De'Ja J chose this because: LOOK REALLY CUTE :
chantel t chose this because: i have the shorts and they fit great i wanted to try the jeans
Michelle M chose this because: I've been looking for a good pair of high wasted jeans that were inexpensive.
Asalia M chose this because: I always wanted a pair of High Waited Jeans, This look is awesome for summer and fall!!!
Candice B chose this because: I ordered these in Navy, they are so unique and a classic throw back of 80's/90's style
katie r chose this because: great ratings, & I like the look & versatility of them.
Kynara D chose this because: Because they are cute! & I can't find them anywhere else
Faviola V chose this because: These jeans will be great for crop-tops.
Zabrina M chose this because: Love the way they fit me.
Shanice W chose this because: Awesome jeans. They are one of my favorites now. I totally love these high waisted pants
Andrea O chose this because: best pants I own.
Stretch perfectly. perfect for someone with bigger thighs and booty and a little waist.
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beverly T chose this because: Hot!
Dynasty B chose this because: Because high waisted pants are trendy and make me look tall.
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K I chose this because: its cute
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T E chose this because: i love high waisted jeans and these are so cute! i can't wait til i get them!
tyana m chose this because: i need acid washed jeans
Hartley A chose this because: The girl that I'm crazy about wanted this but she rejected me and i said i would but it for her before she turned me down so i was stuck
Alicia S chose this because: For my daughter
Naima H chose this because: Because they are high waisted! And the price is better than American Apparel and Urban Outfitters
Brittney S chose this because: Because these hot 80 jeans are coming back in still!
June B chose this because: My 21 yr old daughter requested the item
Kristin H chose this because: rocker
Zaida L chose this because: Gift for daughter, she likes the very comfy material and navy color. She is a size 1 but those were too tight and she had a hard time zipping and buttoning them up. She has a big bottom. We got a 5 and they are a little loose, but she prefers that, plus she'll grow into them. They still look cool and trendy.
India R chose this because: My other highwaisted jeans from gojane looks spectacular so I know these will I'm buying two pair every month!!!
STEPHANIE R chose this because: i really love jeans that can hide my muffin top. And i just think these jeans are hot!
Samantha P chose this because: wanted high waist. only place who had them.
kelley l chose this because: like high waisted..
Nadia E chose this because: It's a must have!
Queenya L chose this because: I like the high waist style honestly I really wanted the grey ones
Shetoria F chose this because: Need high waisted jeans
Meosha H chose this because: they re edgy and great to dress up or down!
ENESIA F chose this because: I seen Karrueche Tran with em on and ADORED EM!
Jasmine F chose this because: Anti muffin top hour glass wear ;
DAMETRICE J chose this because: Very sexy!
Zariah T chose this because: STAPLE PIECE IN ANYONE'S CLOSET.
Jasmine J chose this because: I have a big butt and a slim waist. These pants are made for me.
Shantise P chose this because: They were the first pair of jeans that caught my eye. the reviews made it easier for me to decide to purchase them and i love high waisted jeans.
Zaida L chose this because: My daughter likes high waisted pants. These are retro and cool. Hopefully they fit her! Update: The waist is too small but everywhere else fit her. If you have a small waist these will fit you but we returned them. We got 2 sizes bigger because she likes them a little loose, comfy, and she will grow into them.
Roxie P chose this because: love
krystal f chose this because: cute trend and saw them on carlibel from youtube.
Anna W chose this because: very cute
carline d chose this because: this is whats in style right now as well as the color and wash!!! perfect
Monica J chose this because: I really wanted some tight, skinny, acid wash jeans.
Giselle B chose this because: style
A M chose this because: i was worried these wouldnt fit right because i have a big butt with a small wait, but these fit perfect
Nandi P chose this because: They're SO retro and I love it.
Bianca M chose this because: i just loved it
christine s chose this because: I've been looking for a pair of jeans like this that would fit me and I found them
Carolyn M chose this because: cute
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Collen L chose this because: style
marcia G chose this because: SO HAPPY THEY HAD HIGH WAIST JEANS IN A 15
Dasha C chose this because: Love the 80's look.
Melinda G chose this because: a must have!!
Anita G chose this because: I chose this item because I like how slimming high-waisted jean make you look. I purchased a pair from Charlotte Russe a few weeks ago and I loved them. I hope I love these just as much as I love those. I was a little unsure about the size, so I hope they fit me.
Vanessa A chose this because: Its scarce buy it while you can
Jasmine M chose this because: love the stonewash look
Anna S chose this because: Because it is hot
Shalia J chose this because: had a dream about these pants
Ahlivia S chose this because: I've been looking for some of these everywhere!
barbara t chose this because: my secondary options but still cute because everything is usually sold out.
barbara t chose this because: just what was left in options but still cute
Carly T chose this because: bought gojanes red high waisted jeans and there amazing highly recommend! so i am going to try these out
kenya m chose this because: I've always wanted a pair of high waisted jeans, & i thought these were cute & have a flattering fit.
dejah j chose this because: it looks cute
Oneida S chose this because: because its n style n the mall doesnt have them its a good price
krista w chose this because: trendy
Kristina D chose this because: I wore a pair like these back in 1989. I am not a fan of hip huggers.
Ranieka M chose this because: all the rage
Faviola R chose this because: trendy fall look that I like
Alessandra S chose this because: I love high waisted pants because it's trendy and sexy.
Lisaira F chose this because: I like highwaisted pants
Reyanna J chose this because: because there sooo cute and iv been lookin for these a long time!!
British P chose this because: they are diff. cant wait to rock them
Gloria M chose this because: this is the 3rd pair of high waisted jeans i order i love how they fit!
Andrettnekk M chose this because: love the vintage style
Umulkhair H chose this because: HOT

+ Reviews

High-Waisted Acid Wash Jeans
5 Stars based on 31 Review(s)
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

restock size 7 please
December 27, 2013
Fits perfectly

Chicago Illinois
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

November 27, 2013
I love them they are similar to a pair I have. These are like jeggings I wish it was more like jeans. I got the grey they are a little dark but I was hoping they would be I'm 155 pounds I usually wear an 11 but I'm losing weight and I order a 9 I can fit them now but when I loss weight they'll be even better. I'm 5'7 1/2 and their long enough. I got them on sale they were a great price I can't wait to order the black pair
Jegging material wish more like jeans

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

November 24, 2013
I'm 5'5 and about 145. I got these pants knowing I want to lose some more weight. These pants are super stretchy and I can fit them a little tight. But they still fit & when I lose weight I know I'll still be able to wear them. I love them and they're so cute.
Stretch, cute

5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

November 23, 2013
I don't do reviews so that says a lot. Lol these fit perfectly. I'm about 150, 5'7 ordered a 9 and they are perfect. No muffin top , excellent length. Bought the gray pair , shipped in a week ! please restock in the navy !!! :)
Fit color length stretchy fast shipping
None !!!!

5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

November 5, 2013
Just to start: I'm 5'8 145 - 150 lbs average body type, with somewhat of a booty. (I got a size 7) I love these jeans! I need jeans that have this stretch bc I'm not a stick and I need something to flow over my body and i find jeans with no stretch are uncomfortable. It's hard to find something like that, that isn't too much of a jegging. Yes id say they are more on the jegging side but they are defiantly jeans. Perfectly high wasted and just long enough for me. They fit my waste perfect with enough room that they are faltering. Wish they had solid colors in these id buy every pair.

Mar-Qilia Kelly
United States
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Love these!!!
September 20, 2013
I usually wear a size 9 but I ordered a size 7 in these and they fit perfect!!!

Toronto, Ontario
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

My Favorite Jeans !
September 3, 2013
I LOVEEEEE these pants .. if i could own them in every colour i would .. unfortunately they only have 3 lol ! they fit your hips amazing and make your but look so good ! i style them with my crop tops from gojane and i cant get enough of these pants ! i am 5'6.5 my waist is around 25" and i have a bit of curve to my body but a flat stomach i wear a size 3 in these pants !
FIT AMAZING Stretchy Trendy Length is perfect !

United States
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

nice but the color
May 17, 2013
i love the jeans very nice an stretchy an it does show off your curves
they are stretchy go up a size for a better fit if you pluss size
the grey color is not as pictured much darker in person

5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

cant go wrong
May 14, 2013
The only thing i have to say is you cant go wrong with these babies definately buying more!!!!
hugs your curves

Baton Rouge, Louisiana
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Awesome jeans!
May 2, 2013
These jeans are perfect for a curvy girl! I am 5'3" 165 with a small waist and hips AND BOY DO THESE JEANS MAKE ME LOOK GOOD!! Wearing them to a party this weekend with heels and a cropped top..too cute! Buying another pair in white and green for summer!
makes my curves look great!

5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

April 18, 2013

South Carolina
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

April 4, 2013
I read other reviews and I am usually a size 9 in jeans. I'm a loosing weight so since everyone was saying they have great stretch, I got a 7 and they fit perfect. Definately about to order the black in the same size. And my butt and curves look so fabb!! I recommend these.

Baltimore, MD
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

March 29, 2013
My sister buys jeans from here and told me to check it out. Ordered my first pair last week and I got them yesterday and I'm SOLD! I just ordred another pair I was very skeptical about my size, I read the reviews to help me pick my size. I'm 5'5, 165 and I got an 11... Hope this helps!! :-)
stretch hip fitting great length

Stockbridge, GA
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Great But......
March 26, 2013
These pants are so freaking sexy i'm so glad I ordered them but.....Shipping take to damn long OMG!!!! But I will definitely order more from GoJane I absolutely love my purchase they look so good on these jeans or jeggings are a must have!!!! i'm 5'5 and around 165 and I order a 13 and I have the navy and black pair and they fit awesome it make all my curves definitely stand out.

5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Very cute even though ..
March 24, 2013
Very cute! Although .... It's not really Jean material. It's pretty expensive for a pair of jeggings, but its really good quality, jegging material. Anyways I was afraid it wouldn't fit me because I'm in between size 3 and 5, but I'm glad I ordered a 5 because it fits perfectly! I'm 5'1" around 120lbs. It's really really high waisted, which I F#%king LOVE and everything I wished for! It really does hide your muffin top, makes your legs look long and butt looks great too! Can't wait to wear it during the summer, might want to buy more so please restock in black! Love the acid wash look!

5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

March 18, 2013
I absolutely love these jeans. I normally don't wear jeans because they never fit me correctly. I have a unusual waist to butt ratio, so if the jeans fit my butt there is a gap in the waist, and if they fit my waist, they will barely make it up my thighs, but with high waisted I don't have those problems. These are the perfect high waisted jeans because the come above the belly button and are perfect with bralettes. I'm super petite (4'10") and they aren't noticeably long because they are skinny and gather at the ankle. Also they are a sturdy jegging material which I appreciate because they are skin tight and wash well. Also I have absolutely no muffin top happening due to perfect waist placement. So I am very, very, happy.
material cut versatility durability

scarborough, ON
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

March 15, 2013
Fits perfectly, hugs my curves, I absolutely love it.
It's a lot lighter than I thought.

Orting, Washington
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

BEST Jeans for your $$
March 13, 2013
I just bought the black acid wash jeans and they are everything I was hoping for. Ive been searching every store for about 6 months and was not able to find the right style/fit of high waist jeans. I heard good reviews about this website's jeans so I figured I might as well try, and am I happy that I did!! I have shorts legs and a REALLY long torso, so I need HIGH high waisted jeans, and curvy hips and they accentuate and stay tight around my tummy (the ones Ive tried on are baggy up by my stomach). Im 5'4" they come up about 1.5-2 inches above my belly button, and like I said my torso is long so on an average one Im sure they are extremely high. Wonderful fit, wonderful stretch, and they are my FAVORITE jeans now. And I like expensive clothing so im stoked about finding these for cheap. LOVE!!

North Carolina
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Great Purchase
February 22, 2013
Love my jeans I have them in grey. I am usually a size 7-9 but I ordered them in a size 5 and they fit perfect. They have alot of stretch to them almost like leggings. My body is the truth in these jeans. I already have a small waist and big butt but it makes my proportions look amazing. Great purchase.

5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Love Love Love these jeans!!!
February 21, 2013
Usually i do not buy jeans from a online site because of it not fitting and having to return but Go Jane is my weak spot. I'm on here every week. Anyway I am 5'6 and 165 pounds with ample behind but little stomach. I was afraid that my hip and thighs may be too much for these jeans but a 13 fit PERFECT!!!! Opening the package I was unsure but these jeans have great stretch in them, they are not hard at all. The waist line fit perfect and these are def a head turner. SOOOO happy and shipping was great! P.S I got the blue denim
Stretch True to fit Great acid detail Ample room for heels to fit with ankle space Fits waist like a glove

Nashua, NH
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

February 20, 2013

Brooklyn,new York
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

amazingggg jeans
February 19, 2013
I freaking loveeeeeeeeeeee these jeans! I am a thick girl. Size 32 waist and 40 hip I bought a size 13. At first I said they lool too small but they are like begging material so it stretched and my behind looks so nice and firm lol.

North Miami Beach, FL
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

February 2, 2013
It took me forever to figure out what size I should get these in. Finally got them in a size 3 and i LOVE them. They hug your body really well. They really do stretch so I dont suggest for someone to go size smaller. It is a little more snug in the waist. Just get your regular size.

Bronx, NY
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

January 29, 2013
When i ordered these I was soooo nervous about them not fitting properly (& i HATE doing returns!) .. Im about 160 lbs and 5'6. I ordered a size 9 & they were PERFECT! They fit like a glove and they have quite a bit of stretch to them which makes them even better. I'm in love with the acid wash color & I cant wait to wear them! Will definitely be ordering more. I have 2 so far
Fits like a glove Great design Stretchy material Edgy

5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

u better work them jeans
January 17, 2013
These are hot.... I mean my butt is already big but dangggg they make me look like I been in the gym all dayyyy I love.. i wear size 14 or 16 so I got 15 and they fit excellent one the site ordering another pair... if I knew this I would have ordered all colors that same day but I didnt know how they were.. oh yea there long too im 5'9 SO there good for tall women and the thick girls with booty for days. But hunny if u dont have a butt u will in these....
Great shapers

Philadelphia, PA
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Amazing !
January 15, 2013
I usually dont do reviews but I had to make a exception. These pants are amazing! I was nervous because of the sizing and price but they were well worth it.The do run somewhat small but stretch,so i suggest getting your true jean size. They dont look like jeans in person,but they look like tights. Well worth the $45.00
Still Fit Comfort

5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

flatters curvy figure
January 15, 2013
love it ! very comfortable. i love how it looks like real denim but has a stretch to it like leggings. flatters and enhances a curvy body.
the fabric
no front pockets,

miami, FL
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

January 2, 2013
I am usually ALWAYS a size 3 unless the jeans run big i go to a size 0 but that's not the case with these jeans they fit PERFECT! im 5'2 128 lbs. my thighs are a lil thick and my bootay is small and these pants REALLY do the trick! hugs me in the right places! they are reallly stretchy I LOVE THEM! cant wait to wear them out

5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

December 29, 2012
I absolutely love the these jeans! My new favorite pair!!
These jeans are very comfortable and made for all shapes and sizes! Very form-fitting and made of good quality! I love them!

5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Really shows off your waist/hip ratio
December 13, 2012
I wear sizes 1, 3, 5, or 7 ( it all depends on the brand of jean ). People tend to think that if a woman is slim, then there's no way she could be curvy! Well, these pants will prove them wrong, haha. Most jean and tee combos make me look boxy but with the rise of these pants being so high and snug, they show off that I do have a feminine figure, thank you very much. :) These pants would be great for women of various shapes and sizes! Everyone should have a pair, in my opinion. I loved them so much, I went and bought a few pair of the colored versions of these pants.
Very form fitting. Made me like my body shape more. Fit more like durable leggings than stiff denim. Long inseam for long legs.

5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

There is hope!
November 27, 2012
Im a very curvy girl (size 16 to be exact) and when I ordered these jeans in a size 15 that was going to be my motivation to lose the weight to get in them. To my surprise I tried them on and they fit! I'm so ecstatic and they look great on, they hug every curve perfectly. My new favorite jean!
Stretchy, nice fit

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