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Oversized Bow Bandeau

Oversized Bow Bandeau

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Bandeaus tend to be pretty casual, but this stretchy bandeau is unexpected because the chiffon bow is super girly and flirty. This bandeau includes a solid rear fabric panel, and we think this bandeau is perfect for embracing the trend of cropped tops and high-waisted bottoms.

All measurements are for a small
Length from bust to hem: 6 inches
100% Polyester
Hand wash cold, hang dry

Oversized Bow Bandeau
4.5 Stars based on 7 Review(s)
Wilkes Barre, PA
4.5 Stars

Cute but can't get the bow back
August 21, 2013
The top overall is cute but tying the bow to it's natural state is difficult...well for me it is "/. Had to return it.

Queens, NY
4.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Great Bandeau
July 14, 2013
I LOVE these Bandeaus. I got 2 one in black and one neonlime. Great fit. I wear a 36C and I got a medium and they fit great. I can technically wear them w/o a half bra but I just feel more comfortable wearing one for extra support/lift. If you have perky boobs you'll be fine however.
True to size Great fit Comfortable

Atlanta, GA
4.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Love this top!
July 6, 2013
I bought the blue and white one. I loveee everything about this top. The way it fits me, the way it looks and feel. I want one of these in every color that they have.
Fits great Sexy Shows off your stomach comfortable

4.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

LOVE mostly
May 21, 2013
I got the small blush (the last one!) and I've been wanting these in all kinds of different colors. The only thing is the top is kind of sheer, good thing the bows in the way and I'm thin with a super tiny waist and a 34B and it was kinda tight but I know with my waist a medium wasn't going to fit. These things are so cute!
color accuracy, price, summer essential
color variety, kinda sheer

4.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Tieing a bow
May 3, 2013
Its cute but tieing the bow back together is difficult. I cant seem to get a C cup and a medium kinda made my boobs sag .i want to get a small but being able to tie the bow back is a hassle.
Tieing a bow

Pittsburgh, PA
4.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

It's Cute
April 1, 2013
This top is cute and I love it. It's a bit snug though. I'm usually a medium and it was a struggle to get on. I also read reviews about the bow and how if it comes a part it's hard to come back together so I'll probably hand wash it and recommend that others do the same.

Columbus, OH
4.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

March 29, 2013
Even though I actually measure a 29 around (I work at Victorias Secret, I know my stuff haha) I wear a 32DD comfortably...I bought a small since im so tiny and there was not enough fabric to cover my boobs completely, especially not with a strapless bra (which is a MUST considering my size). -On another note, I ordered the cream one & it is absolutely GORGEOUS!! I am exchanging it for a medium and I cannot wait to wear it....whenever it actually decideds to warm up here in Ohio.
Its a beautiful cream color that will look nice with nudes, olive greens and corals. I love it!

Questions about this item
None N asked: Want to know how to tie the knot if it comes untied\

Lay the bow out flat so each string is long and opposite to the other your top is basically gonna look like a long bow
Take the left "string" and pull it through the middle of the cinch the middle part of the bow and then fluff the bow part out as you'd like
Repeat on right side.

Hope this was helpful!!! If you need more help just ask me my twitter is "cindu__"
None N asked: im a 32 d in VS bras what size fits?
kendra c: Medium. ...I brought a large and it was to big
LaMaria W: Hmmm I'm a 32 C and the small made me feel naked. The bow is not as big ad it looks in the picture. A large may fit you bust size but maybe to big around you waist
Shanice A: well im a 34 B, brought a small and it was too small... not sure if that helps just because our sizes are so different but just to give you an idea
Jodi-Ann S: It doesnt realy fit rite because it has no support im a 38c
None N asked: if i normally wear a medium or large in forever 21 tops and i have no boobs should i get a size medium or large?
destinee b: i would get a small
Diamonique D: Depends on your band size
Valerie A: Im a 32C and i normally wear a medium .I got a medium n it kind of made my boobs sag a lil so a small wouldve been depends on ur cup size
Brittany C: I think you should get an medium I have big boobs and small waist I got an large
None N asked: Could this fit someone who is 32DD And if so what size?
destinee b: i would get a medium
Diamonique D: I'm a 32DD I got a small because the medium will be too big for the bust size, you can adjust it the right way so that your boobs don't pop out thats what I did
takia r: No its for smaller breast
Stephanie W: XL if it is avaliable
Aujae H: It's kinda tight, so you might wanna go with the largest size they have, or your boobs will be out.
None N asked: Did anyone have luck with tie the bow again after it came undone I threw it in the washer by accident before sewing it down. Please help!!!
destinee b: i wouldnt know i havent worn mines yet
amber" j: Nope, I was not able to tie mine back ="
Khai P: I didn't my bow is still in tact
Nicole D asked: Hi here, I was wondering if this top has any sort of stretch to it?
Arielle D: Not really all that stretcher, it fits snugly but if you wanted to wear a strapless bra underneath, order a size up
Brittany A: Not very much. I suggest a size bigger. I can barely fit into a size small and i have little boobs
Angela O: Yes the back has an elastic band
Arielle D asked: Why aren't there pictures available for the other colors ?
GoJane S: I'm not sure why you are not seeing the different colors available for this item. However, our website shows that this item is available in BLACK, NEONLIME, NEONPINK, ROYAL and STRAWBERRY.
Arielle D asked: So I'm a 34B with a tiny waist, the SM is out of stock....should I just get a MED Is the material stretchy ?
Latoya D: No it isn't stretchy at all... There is little to no elastic in the top
a. t: Medium will b ok but I still had to see on straps cuz material do flimsy ... Hard to even wear a strapless bra underneath
Hawanatu S: Yup....get a medium...I'm d small....I regreted it
None N asked: When will you restock on this?
GoJane S: We cannot guarantee when an item will be restocked. We do restock and receive hundreds of new items every week, so we may get something similar soon. Keep checking back!
ana z asked: does it come with any padding in it
amanda P: nope just fabric so if you need the support you're gunna need a strapless bra
jamie v: no
Latoya D: No... and very little elastic
brittney R: Unfortunately it doesn't
Elise C: No padding
Shannon W: no it doesn't
Angela O: No it doesn't
Lori B: No it doesn't. I wear a strapless bra with mine.
E V: There's no padding. It's also a bit sheer so I would recommend wearing a strapless bra under it.
Marinna D: nope
Niyia O: No I dnt remember it having any
Hawanatu S: No...u can add ur own paddin...hmmm
Tenagne T: No it doesn't ; but I wore a strapless bra under it
Ngozi O: No it doesn't. I wear a strapless underneath it.
jessica j asked: Does anyone know how or where to find out how to re-tie the bow?
courtlynn c: i have the same problem....when you find an answer id love to know how to fix it!
jessica j: ok so I kinda fixed mine.. you tie it backwards.. idk if it makes sense but you take the bow part that's stitched to the front and fluff it, then take the length of it and tuck it in the center but behind the knot.. then do the same with the other side.. basically taking the length or end of bow and tucking it behind the center knot.. but mine looks pretty crappy and not like how it did when I got it.. hope it helps! I just played with it for like 20 mins
OSI A asked: when will this be back in stock?
GoJane S: We cannot guarantee when an item will be restocked. We do restock and receive hundreds of new items every week, so we may get something similar soon. Keep checking back!
Janay M asked: I was wondering are you going to carry this item in white again?
Shaquana W: I don't know if they would, I order this top about a month ago. You should try contacting their customer services
GoJane S: We do not know if we will be receiving a particular item back in stock or not. However, we do receive restocks and new styles daily, and as soon as we do, we post them promptly on our website. I suggest to keep checking back for any updates here! We also post more than 300 items on our site weekly, and you may see something similar that you would like.
None N asked: Whats the link to the skirt with the crosses ?
GoJane S: The skirt and belt are sold separately. The belt can be located here: and the skirt can be located here:
Natasha S: The top comes by itself. You would have to buy the skirt separately
None N asked: What size is recommended for a 36D\?
Crysal N: I would prob. say no because it has no support and not a lot of coverage even in large.
None N asked: when will the seafoam be back in stock?
GoJane S: We cannot guarantee when an item will be restocked. We do restock and receive hundreds of new items every week, so we may get something similar soon. Keep checking back!
tatyana l asked: when are you going to get more smalls?
GoJane S: We do not know in advance if a size will be restocked. However, we do restock and receive hundreds of new items every week, so we may get something similar soon. Keep checking back!
Crishanna R asked: Ok so I wear a D cup but I'm really small like petite so like a 32 D should I get a small medium or large and if I get a large can I adjust the top so it fits snug I'm going to Miami so I kind of don't want to be bothered with pulling it up all the time?
Kayla B: I would recommend the large. I'm in a 34B and I purchased the medium which doesn't really cover much
Lori B: I wear a size 32 B and I purchased a small. It's a tiny bit too small but it will do for me if I wear a strapless bra with it. You might want to get a large. If I had C cups, I would have bought a Medium.
Diana H: It seems like a medium would fit you snugly. I'm a 32B and small is just fit but not too snug. The top is not very adjustable itself and a large may be too big.
Marinna D: I am the same size and I would recommend a medium
Kareene S asked: do you have to make the bow yourself or the bow comes already tied?
amanda P: yes it is pretied and sewn in so you will never have to figure out how to tie the bow yourself
P A: Yes the bow is already made. You can pull it, but I think the ends of the bows are stitched to the side, so it wont fall apart.
Myiesha P: It's comes tied already but if your breast is big I wouldn't recommend this
Alexis L: No, the bow is already tied enjoy :
Ernestine J: No it already comes tied its really cute though....I love mine I got it in the black but if you plan on wearing it with a strapless bra I would get it a size bigger
nicole k: I still haven't received the shipment yet. Sorry
Ana C: The bow came ready, but after I washed it, it got undone, I did not figure out how to tie it back : And I love this top. I wish it had with Instructions.
Crysal N: I ordered this top a week ago and I love it! You don't have to do anything but put the top on. It looks exactly like the picture. There is not much support but it is a nice top.
Tolulope A: It's tied and stitched you never have to make a bow
jamie v: Its already a bow..dont mes w it..bc u will mes it up.and its hard up fix.
Kassandra J: The bow is already tied
Christal J: It comes already in a bow, it's really pretty. But be aware that itbis not stitch to keep the bow like effect and it may untie when you wash it.
Dayna V: It's already tied, it doesn't come untied.
Kate K: Bow comes already tied! Just so you know, it doesn't actually untie, either. The bow is part of the design.
Brittany C: The bow comes already tied.
Debra P: My daughter now has 3 colors of this bow bandeau. She loves it. The bow is already tied. However, just FYI, if you wash it, the bow will come untied and it is difficult to figure out how to retie it. We plan to sew a small stitch in the center of them so it will not come undone.
Kathleen H: The bow comes already tied
lesheka c: The bow is already tied.
Estefany M: No the bow comes already tied.
None N asked: I wear a size 34D bra, what size should I get my stomach is really small. I'm 116 lbs. I feel like a large wouldn't be tight enough but I don't want the medium to be too small.
Crysal N: You would need a strapless bra for support and I have a medium my size is 38 C
Onika B: I wear a 36c and I bought the Medium it kept falling down .. Get the LARGE
Anna S: Umm I'm 115 ,I have a big boobs but I ordered size small & it fitted me well but I didn't wear no bra with it .You should take small .
None N asked: my bra size is 38C. Should i go with small or medium?
Stephanie W: A medium
Diona P: I am like a negative A lol! I think you should gi with the med. It fits me and I have room to put my chicken cutlets in and it fits perfect. Good luck!
Candice B: You should go with a large. It is cut small.
Kristene R: It's really a hard call.. I'm a 36D & got a medium.. It wasnt secure when I put it on. & there wasn't much room for coverage over the boobs. I thought it would be because I got a medium. I was gonna take it in to make it tighter but I just sent it back. Try a small. Maybe you'll have better luck..
maxine e: Get a large. I'm a 36d and got a large
None N asked: when are u guys restocking this, in need of this for my birthday which is soon?
GoJane S: We cannot guarantee when an item will be restocked. We do restock and receive hundreds of new items every week, so we may get something similar soon. Keep checking back!
None N asked: when will you have this is a small I have to have this?
GoJane S: We do not know if an item will be restocked, but we do receive restocks and new styles daily so keep checking back!
None N asked: If I have bigger bust wha size should I get?
Diana H: It depends what size your bust is. If you're in the 32-34A-B range, a small should fit. If you're 34-36B-C range, a medium should fit, etc. Hope that helps!
Britney S: the biggest size
None N asked: I wear a. 34 c what size should I get?
Aszura'e J: Large because it fits kind of tight
Ceria M: A Medium
Kendra S asked: I wear a 36B. What size do you think would fit me the best?
celeste h: small
Jenny s: I bought a small and I am a 34B, but the bandeau is a little loose. I would definitely suggest a small.
Shonda L: A small. I'm between at 34B and 32C and it fits me just right, not loose and not tight at all.
Vanessa A asked: So I wear a 34B and while I am reading the questions and answers I see that one comment says she wears 34B and has a small and it fits perfect while someone else said they wear a 32B and the small is snug, so which comment should i listen to I am muscular but i don't want to get a medium and it be too big or a small and it be too tight.
Raven R: Large...i wear the same size and my medium is snug
LaShara H: Some women are small in frame with larger breast like me. Others have a larger frame with smaller breasts so it really depends. If you normally wear a small in shirts get a small. I got a medium because my frame is small but im a 36C.
Diana H: You should be fine with a small. I am a 32B and the top is a tad loose, so I have to pin it with a safety pin. I think medium would be a bit big for you. Hope that helps.
esther k asked: 34B...would a small fit nice and snug not too tight but enough to dance in\
None N asked: howw does this item fit?
Arrianna B: I wear a 34 B so u got a small and its fits great. Not hanging down and not cutting of my circulation.
LaShara H: True to size. If you normally wear a small itll fit perfect. I have the black & cream ... I love em!!
chawna' J: Small
None N asked: how do i know what size i should get, i usually fit medium size shirts but i have back fat that shows if bandeaus are tight, so what would you reccomend?
Diana H: The bandeau is pretty stretchy so im sure medium will fit. If you're still unsure, you can try a large.
None N asked: I love this! Is there any chance you will be selling it in black?
GoJane S: We don't know if we will be getting a restock of any item until it arrives. It is promptly posted as soon as we receive it.
None N asked: Will this product be sold in black at any point in time?
GoJane S: If a size, or color is not available on our site it is currently sold out. We do receive restocks, so keep checking back!
None N asked: I have a large breast like a 34D would this top work for someone like me?
Roxana S: i'm a B/small C and the small still had room. the bow kind of weighs the shirt down so if u get a size too big ur boobs might pop out. i think you should get a medium
None N asked: if im a 36d what size should i get?
Diana H: I would say a large. I'm a 32B and small justs barely fits. Plus it's a little stretchy.
Comments From people who chose this
LaMeisha H chose this because: Because I'm pregnant and need a top to show my belly...
Christina F chose this because: music festivals
Aminat I chose this because: Thought this was cutee!
Amanda P chose this because: Exposes belly for maternity pics & different!
Monirh l chose this because: hot
Huda A chose this because: I've got the black and the white also because its just too adorable you guys must go for it
Jessica M chose this because: Cute and current
Gabrielle F chose this because: Who wouldnt\?
haley b chose this because: I love crop top and bows ! Whats not to love\ I bought a small and am a 32D so it fit small but I made it work because its too cute!
Paris H chose this because: sex appeal
Mykiala W chose this because: Love it
Celeste D chose this because: Color and style
kaysannah w chose this because: i like bows
Kristin M chose this because: It's something cute and flirty, but fashion forward that makes every occasion look fun
Alexandria U chose this because: It just looks really cute and perfect to go with a pair of jeans that I just ordered as well
Lorna S chose this because: Because I like the style. I also have not seen them in this color before
janell f chose this because: this top is so cute and HOT i already ordered a white one so i had to get the one in blue , IT WAS ONLY RIGHT.
Jasmine N chose this because: Love it!!!
Arielle D chose this because: Been wanting to snag this but always sells out quick
Afia Y chose this because: freaky fridays
gena b chose this because: sexy
Danaisa B chose this because: FUN
jasmine j chose this because: very girly i love it!
michele b chose this because: very stylish
Katarina I chose this because: Cute!
Hannah F chose this because: cause I love tops like this
Aarah D chose this because: it cute, different, and stylish
KALEEN B chose this because: Cute. Perfect for a hot summer day.
M E chose this because: Just love it
Sasha V chose this because: For an EDM Festival!
Diana H chose this because: Cute, but beware if you wash it the bow can be difficult to retie.
andrea R chose this because: FOR MY BIRTHDAY
YISEL C chose this because: SUPER CUTE LOOK!
jalal g chose this because: i love the bow thing :
Nnenne O chose this because: I think it would be great to wear this summer and it would go with anything!
Autumn N chose this because: very cute
Larece B chose this because: sexy
Kelli R chose this because: I think its fun for summer and i tired to order this before but they didn't have my size and they re-stocked it. So I just had to have it
Tovia W chose this because: I thought the cream one would compliment my olive green high waist maxi skirt
Symmeria P chose this because: It compliments my body.
Sydney M chose this because: They were selling out quick and they are super cute!
Shannon W chose this because: cute
NaShoya P chose this because: This bandeau is so cute and great for the beach this summer.
Yoona K chose this because: been looking for a bow bandeau everywhere! always sold out so bought it first chance i got :
Alana J chose this because: its cute.
Caitlyn C chose this because: its sexy
Natalie R chose this because: its cute for summer
Lakeshia A chose this because: cute
Jessie B chose this because: It was super cute!
Caitlin G chose this because: It's really cute & unique!
La' T chose this because: I have been searching for this particular type of bandeau and you guys are the only site that I have come across that actually has it. And also had it in my size for once !!
Bionca R chose this because: cute adorale
tenesia b chose this because: It's cute
N the color. Is nice
victoria p chose this because: Whats NOT cute about this bandeau\ Must have!
amy d chose this because: this item is super cute and hipster. i saw it on tumblr first, then i had to have it. i haven't recieved it in the mail yet, but I'm excited!
Amanda P chose this because: I can match it with a lot of things, its girly and fun
Sycoria D chose this because: DIFFERENT STYLEEEEE
Jewell F chose this because: its cute
Jonquail L chose this because: i like bows
Audrey N chose this because: Its SO cute
Kassandra J chose this because: It's unique looking with the big bow
brittnie h chose this because: too cute
LaMaria W chose this because: It was different and fit my style perfectly
Laura P chose this because: GREAT FOR VACATION TANNING.
Florence M chose this because: Cute wanted a bandeau for the longest ...perfect one
Larecia C chose this because: very cute
Kristin H chose this because: bomb
Kristin H chose this because: bomb
Chris M chose this because: Super cute!
E V chose this because: Similar to the Goodnight Macaroon bow top - very cute and can be used as a swim top.
Chenille R chose this because: i saw something like it, and i wanted it.
Mensie S chose this because: it matches my zebra pants
Jazmine W chose this because: It's cute and I haven't seen anyone wearing it.
CHERRIE P chose this because: super cute
Anastaisa P chose this because: will look great with american apparel light blue easy jeans
Brianna H chose this because: can't find it in stores!
takia r chose this because: because its cute different and i need to look good in miami
Stella F chose this because: I chose this item because it is very classy
wanda c chose this because: its too cute , <3
Kristene R chose this because: It was cute...
celeste h chose this because: It's unique and i dont have boobs so the bow is a nice over up lol
Anna S chose this because: Because it is sexy
Raven R chose this because: Chic!
Tolulope A chose this because: It's adorable
Arrianna B chose this because: It is fashionably cute and fits my style.
Shanice N chose this because: It's less revealing then other bandeau tops.
chawna' J chose this because: cute
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