Silicone Bra NUDESilicone Bra NUDESilicone Bra NUDE
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Silicone Bra

now $10.07
Silicone Bra NUDESilicone Bra BLACK

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Wearing a slinky dress, a revealing tank, or something else that means you can't wear a traditional bra? Well, don't worry because we found the perfect solution- this silicone bra lifts and adds curves. Simply apply and get your sexy on! To take off, gently peel off.

Wash & Re-wear
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Questions about this item
Damion P asked: I wear a B cup, how ever my size is not available, what size would you suggest, an A or C?
angela j: I'd recommend a C because I purchased a B but it's kinda small
Atoya J: A c cup
Shaquina W: A cup
None N asked: Does it go in the water under a bathing suit?
kelly r: well im sure you can use it for that but its better to wear for backless shirts or shirts that your bra shows
S A: Its adhesive so it sticks to you but I think it woukd come loose in water. Its for strapless and backless dresses and tops. If you want support in your bathing suit theres some really good bathing suits outthere these days with extra susupport in them.
stacey m: Never tried, pretty sure would work
Kathleen T: Nooo, I can't even sweat in it at dance without it falling off.
Ziska A asked: I wear a 32b in push up bra should I get the B cup or A cup?
Shaquina W: A cup
J E: It was a little smaller than I thought so I'd go with a b if I were you
Ziska A: Thanks again! I just ordered 2
L A: Get your regular size, and since you say it's B, get that.
I recently wore mine out & it did well! :
Ziska A: Thanks
Glenda C asked: does this item have padding?
Janine C: It does not have extra padding- just silicone.
Shaquina W: It does but not much. It was enough for me but I thought it would push my breast up a little. It simply just sticks to them.
N A: Yes. It also holds your boobs closer together if you need to. Also, it is reusable. Love this!
rafiah h: No
None N asked: Can the clasp in the front be opened and the bra be worn as two separate pieces?
Richardia P: Sure it can
Maleka P: Yes it can
kelly r: Yeeees! Thats the best part!
keo h: Yes
Reenie K asked: I wear a 32D. What size do you guys recommend getting?
None N asked: does this really work for DD breast?
Angela B: I'm going to say no. I am a C sometimes D, and it fit pretty good.
Tali K: It really does work! It is hard to figure out at first, seeing as there is more breast than bra, but once you figure out the correct positioning it does work really well.
None N asked: Do these make your boobs look funny I have a Victoria Secret silicon bra that looks similar but after the first use it made my boobs look very weird. Wondering if these will do the same thing.?
keo h: I'm an A cup but No they don't. Once u wash n care them n keep them in the packaging they maintain the shape. I've had mine almost a year now too
Rachel J: Nope, I really like this bra. Stayed on well and looked smooth.
Cleo C asked: Does this lift?
N A: Fits where it is supposed to cover, stays put and feels secure. Does not actually lift breasts, just covers them up
Cleo C: And also does it cover the nipple color?
Johntay L asked: I'm going to my friends sweet sixteen and wearing a backless outfit, i'm wondering if this product lifts your breast?
Tia T: Yes it gives nice cleavege like ur wearing a push up. Easy to use. Washes nicley.
Shaquina W: No it doesn't. I thought it would but I was disappointed. It simply sticks to your breasts to hide the nipple
N A: Does not lift breasts, just helps prevent nipples to show and feel secure
rickel c asked: i am a D cup , how can i be sure they would stay and make my bust perky or has any other ladies with a D cup worn these ?
STEPHANY D: I dont think it will make it perky because it doesn't support up, it just holds it together...
Brooke W: I'm a B so I may be of no help, BUT these are the first stickies that actually stick time after time and the slight padding adds some push up. They're the best I've tried this far
rickel c: okay thanks so do u suggest any thing else similar for bigger bust ?
Pam W: Be Careful.
They are STICK ON and stick on to the front only; don't have the support of a for the bigger'd still be"floppy".. if you don' t mind that look they'll be OK.
For the smaller bust...they're perfect.
shontia s asked: do the cups come in DD?
Pam W: The regular D will fit fine....they'll mold to YOU.
GoJane S: This item was originally available in cup size A-D only.
None N asked: how will i know it fits perfect?
Pam W: It's easy to mold to your figure.
adriannah p: it just fits
Shelby B: You won't exactly know that it fits PERFECT but because they are jelly they kinda mold to your fit. If you get the same cup size as the bra you wear then you should be fine.
None N asked: can i wear this with a backless dress with out the stap showing?
Pam W: No straps at all!
Alisa O: Absolutely
Octavia C: Yes this is perfect for that! But it may not be a good idea to wear this to a party where you going to be really hot otherwise it may end up on the floor lol! I had this problem after about the second use
Courtney W: Yeah it sticks on the front of your boobs its backless and strapless
Shelby B: There isn't a back at all, they just stick on the front of your chest. So yes, you can wear a backless dress without anything showing.
None N asked: I have a 34c chest does it make your breast perky and do they stay on ?
Pam W: Not perky but they stay on well.
Diane L: They just stick on to your breasts and won't make them perky.
Shelby B: I got a B cup could've gone with the C and I'm a 34 B-C depending on the bra. They do stay on very well and look pretty perky. I was actually very impressed with how well it stayed on all day.
None N asked: How many times can you wear it?
Pam W: I've had the same one for over a year and I wear it once or twice a week. If you're careful putting it on and taking it off the glue lasts a loooooonnnnnngggg time. sure to keep it in the box provided.
Samantha V: I'm not sure but as long as you keep it clean and dry you can probably keep reusing it for months.
Ashley D: Theyre reusable. You can even wash them, and theyll become resticky.
None N asked: how thick is it I have bought other ones that are so thin I don't like it. I buy mine from Target that are ticker and more sticky. Can someone please answer Thank you!
Pam W: Not that sticky and they should over everything.
Asata C: It's pretty thick. I'm a size d and I must say it's coverage for me isn't satisfactory because I'm a bigger d size. It may run for 34 or 36 d but I'm a 38. It covers partially but it does the job. Hope this review helps.
brittany d: So I have a 34 D... does this mean they will cover completely and make them appear perky?
Pam W: I've used mine for over a year!
GoJane S: Some customers do use the item more than once.
None N asked: should i get one size smaller does it work\
Pam W: You may be able to pull off a push up look....but other than that...I'd stick to my regular size.
Shelby B: Get the same size as you would a normal bra.
I haven't worn mine out yet, I've only tried it on.
But so far so good! Fits perfect.
Ashley D: Nope, get it in the size of your normal bra size. Mine works really well. I have a smaller chest too, but they worked perfectly for me.
Comments From people who chose this
Latayia H chose this because: need a strapless bra
Spencer T chose this because: wanted it
Jessica W chose this because: It has good reviews and I need it to wear with nylon/spandex bodycon dresses that slip down when I wear normal bras.
Ranran H chose this because: for my models
Kathryn K chose this because: very practical, bought a lot of backless tops for summer
DORIEAN J chose this because: needed one
Chauntelle R chose this because: Love these last forever at such a good price!!!
Ziska A chose this because: So necessary
Shakilyah C chose this because: I buy a lot of shirts that show my back and I it when my bra shows
Kirsten S chose this because: Perfect for a backless or plunging neckline top/dress.
Courtney S chose this because: For a dress with no back cover
Steph N chose this because: Lost my old pair and I wore them all the time
Jillian R chose this because: low-cut, sheer top
Sherri S chose this because: For a backless dress
Petrina A chose this because: Essential for every girl's wardrope
Charnise M chose this because: Never know when I may need this
tori b chose this because: needed a new one
Christina F chose this because: needed it for backless dresses
cindy d chose this because: the price
Monae E chose this because: I have a lot of backless dresses and tops, plus I need a lil boost.
Karen D chose this because: Sticks on well and stays on for long, keeps everything in place
Jody P chose this because: For with a white backless dress
Louiza S chose this because: The same quality as Australian brands and more than 50% cheaper.
Elriana D chose this because: I hate showing my bra in the back of a dress.
Dakota D chose this because: silicone bras are so comfy and come in handy with cute shirts!
Marnita S chose this because: to be able to wear backless/strapless shirts
Kristan W chose this because: efficent
Angie T chose this because: Because I don't like to wear bras with my small breasts, but I don't like my nipples to poke through my work clothes either.
Brenna L chose this because: for cut out backs and to wear with bandeaus
Marjorie M chose this because: I have lots of tops that aren't bra friendly
Ashley H chose this because: for my side out and back out clothes
Millicent O chose this because: Need to wear with an open back dress
Anely A chose this because: to wear with my a maxi dress i have
Jaedin M chose this because: I wear a lot of backless styles and I couldn't find it in stores.
M I chose this because: For those dresses where you can't wear a bra.
Bridgette D chose this because: Seems worthwhile for sheer shirts and whatnot
K A chose this because: Perfect for every backless top!
shondelle t chose this because: yes
Ivia R chose this because: i needed
Amanda S chose this because: great for dresses or low cut shirts
Dominique L chose this because: I need this bra for a dress with a lot of cut outs.
sharhonda w chose this because: because of the dress i just bought
Christina B chose this because: open back dress
E L chose this because: Needed cleavage boost.
Sydney M chose this because: I've seen this before...thought I might try it out
Emily B chose this because: for backless maxi dress
Rachel W chose this because: Good for backless dresses or for extra cleavage when wearing a bra. Just make sure to not wear these if you plan on getting wet or sweaty because they will peel off...
LISA D chose this because: ideal for clothing with back cut outs
Ibironke O chose this because: I need it for a backless dress that I plan on wearing to an event in February.
Ashira A chose this because: Always wanted to try one of these bras hope it works good.
Pam W chose this because: Great alternative to "straps."
Kareem C chose this because: to wear certain clothing i need my bras to hide
Sharon C chose this because: needed one
Camila P chose this because: Because I wear backless shirts so often, this is really useful
Shetoria F chose this because: need it
Simone S chose this because: need them!
Lauren B chose this because: Hoping to wear this with a backless dress!
Divya R chose this because: wanted to try these out and the price is cheapest with GOjane! :
Colleen T chose this because: every girl needs one
marsha b chose this because: love it
Amelie R chose this because: I think it will be perfect for any dresses and tops that I own that are strapless or open backed!
Yoshimiera L chose this because: Got this bra practically free with my 20% off labor day coupon code and it also will help me keep a more classy look and feel with my bare back and low cut tops!!
Lisa K chose this because: Just purchased a super adorable backless dress, needed some booby coverage with out the regular straps this is a perfect bra.
adriannah p chose this because: i need one
Christine J chose this because: SOOOOOO NEEDED! no more bra showing when i wear open-back dresses!
Shelby B chose this because: I have a lot of backless shirts and I think it looks super tacky to have my bra hanging out and my boobs are too small to not wear a bra! These are perfect!

+ Reviews

Silicone Bra
4.5 Stars based on 5 Review(s)
KT Design
Chicago IL
4.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Go"Braless", without the hassel
November 18, 2014
Love this accessory for my ladies. Great for backless tops/dresses. Good support and holds your tatas in place for hours. Highly recommended.
comfortable, well made, infinite uses
not good for low cut tops/dresses (middle part of bra is visible)

Orlando, FL
4.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

It Works!
November 6, 2013
This bra definitely works. You can also position it to give your breasts a bit of a lift. I wish it came in more colors though. Definitely a must have though.

4.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

September 11, 2013
It's sticky so it sticks to your skin, its the only type I can wear for backless shirts and such. I'm a full B, and it has done the job, only thing is you have to put it someplace clean, you cant just throw it off or it will collect dust and stuff, but it is washable.
instant cleavage cant see it easy to stick on and off washable
gets dirty

4.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Great Wear
January 10, 2013
Long lasting and perfect for partying. I'm an A cup but I bought the B cup and it fits perfectly. Will definitely purchase again
every little thing stains it. u have to be EXTREMELY careful

Princesa Choy
San Francisco
4.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Great for the price
January 3, 2013
So I normally wear a DD and I was a bit hesitant to buy the D, as I thought that it would be way to small. So it does a good job of covering the lower half of the boob so that the nipple is covered and the little clasp at the center pulls they together. I think its great for those tops that you can see the bra and want to hide it and easy to use and re use.

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