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Leather Riding Boots

now $18.99
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+ Details

You'll quickly fall in love with these luxe faux leather boots thanks to their classic shape, as well as faux fur lining. Additionally, these boots include a rear zipper, as well as adjustable exterior buckle.

Shaft height: 15"
Circumference of opening: 16"
Man made materials

+ Questions & Answers

Questions about this item
None N asked: is the shaft slouchy?
Anna B: I have muscular calves and they fit me good
Genni P: Yes it is.
Rebekah B: No very tight on the calf and very narrow in the foot. I would order at least a half size up. Very straight boot.
Kayla B: Yes I'm always tugging them up to keep them straight.
Amy H asked: Ok I just ordered these and I realized the circumference is 16" I am pretty skinney I'm 5"7" and 1/2 and I weigh 112 lbs and I'm a freshman in high school just so you've got the image now, are these boots gonna be too wide I'm kinda scared they will since I have small cafs...
Lan N: The buckle on the side is adjustable. I'm pretty skinny myself, but these boots fit like a charm with leg warmers/knee high socks. With regular socks that don't go up that high there is a little extra room, but it's not to the point where it is obnoxiously bulky.
Kali Y: They are a little slouchy on me and I have normal size calfs. They scrunch a little at the ankle but not enough to really bother me.
Jazmine H: I have small legs as well and these boots fit me perfectly. I got these boots in 2012 and I still have them today and they look great!
Kayla B: They will probably be too wide on your leg they fit me perfectly but it sounds like you're pretty thin. Try a thicker boot sock or something cute with it!
Bridget C asked: What is the brand name on these boots I loooove them, but my,size is out. I want to look it up to see if I can find them somewhere else.
GoJane S: GoJane sells merchandise from many different manufacturers. Unfortunately, our system does not show the brand names. Any information we do have on the item is listed under the item description.
Brianna D asked: Which color looks better the chestnut or the brown i see a bunch of these on pinterest that i absolutely love but i cant tell if the pictures are the chestnut or the brown. Is the chestnut a really light color?
hannahthompson170 h: The chestnut are pretty light and have an orangish tiny to them. After purchasing them I wish I would have gotten the brown, but oh we'll!
Kathleen E: The chestnut is not as light as it may look I would say it is brown just a little lighter I absolutely love these boots I recommend purchasing them :
Alexis C asked: I have pretty big calves will these be to tight?
Bre-Anna K: Nope it'll actually fit just right!
Faith T: yes i think they will be ok around your calves they are very roomy around the leg area so i think they'll fit perfect
devon P: I have big calves as well and they fit.
Rebecca K: Yes I found these boots to be very tight fitting especially when wearing jeans or leggings underneath.
GoJane S: Generally the average size around the calf area for juniors boots is around 14 inches.
None N asked: Are these boots black very shiny?
Pamela M: No it's not. Nice boots! My daughter loves them!
Chloe S: I got chestnut and they aren't shiny, so they look really close to real leather. Even though I didn't get the black ones, I would assume those would pretty much look the same.
Julie C: Nope, not too shiny! Easy to dress up and down! I thought they were a great everyday boot! Ill prolly get a brown pair soon!
Shannon M: No these boots are not shiny.
Liz B asked: Which size should I order, I normally wear around an eight. but I also wear long socks with jeans. 8 is out of stock, so 7.5 or 8.5 don't want my feet to look huge either!!!!
Madiha R: I would say 8.5 should be a better choice because you want to be comfortable in your shoes.
Breeana M: Go with a 7.5. They run big!! I wear a 7.5 and I went with an 8 as they were sold out of my size they were way too big. Sizing down rather than up with these boots is best
Lisa K: I said these were snug, but I actually had mistaken them for another pair. That said, I would still recommend going up a half size Instead of down. Especially if you wear jeans and socks.
Lisa K: I found these a smaller make. I wear an 8 too. If I had my time back, I would have gotten an 8.5. They're snug!
keesha b: 7.5 they run big
Imani S: I would go with the 7.5 because they run a little big but if you plan on wearing thick socks I would go with the 8.5.
Cara V: I would buy a 8.5. Bigger is better than too small and you can always buy big socks to wear.
None N asked: how high is the heel?
Ariel S: less than an inch
Jazmine H: It is not high at all. It does not make sounds and is like a regular low boot
None N asked: is the height from the top or the bottom of the heel?
Tannis M: the bottom of the heel
D C: Yes
Zoey L: Probably the heal. I'm 5'3 and the size I got was a 6 an the boot is up to my knee
None N asked: Does the heel wear down really badly I've bought cheaper boots before, but after a year the heel wore down a lot.
Geoff B: No the heel does not wear down quickly. Ive worn these alot in the last year and done alot of walking and the heel is still fully intact. However all the walking has caused the sole and the body of the boot to seperate a little in some areas so i just super glued them shut and no more issues. These boots are worth the price. I would but them again.
None N asked: Do these boots make a loud clacking sound when worn or when walking over hard surfaces?
Jacqueline B: No they don't, they're not clacky
Rebekah B: No they are soft sole
Elicia C: No
Jazmine H: Not at all. I love these boots and still have them I bought them in October of last year.
BRENDA S: No they don't. :
Carissa K: No they do not. They're very quiet. The sole is all rubber so there's no sound from the heel.
Ariel S: These boots have a softer rubber sole, so they don't really make a noise when walking.
Catherine H: No they do not they have a pretty soft sole
Heather S: No, they have rubber soles.
Patrice M: No they don't. They are great boot.
None N asked: how does the sizing run?
Geoff B: They are true to size or slightly bigger. i wear an 8.5 and i can wear thick socks in these boots.
Brooke L: Fits true to size! I normally wear an 8 and that's what I ordered. Fits perfectly.
Carissa K: It's pretty true to size. I wear a 6.5, ordered a 6.5 and it fits perfectly. Goes right up to under my knees and fits my calves, which are kinda big.
L K: I usually wear a size 6 1/2 but I ordered a 7. It fits perfectly with just enough room for thick socks
kathleen f: I wear a size 7 in heels and flats, but in boots I usually order smaller. I bought these in a 6 and they fit perfect!
C I: the size is exactly the same as my other boots.
Ariel S: True to size.
Catherine H: True size
Genni P: Pretty true to size. Mine are a little big but when I wear them with leg wamers and warms socks they are great!
BRENDA S: It runs true to size. I usually wear a 7 or 7 1/2 and I got a 7 1/2 and it fits pretty good!
ellie k asked: what is vegan leather?
hannahthompson170 h: it's fake leather. "vegan" means it doesn't come from animals... and i didn't put 2 and 2 together until they arrived. however, they're still good boots for a good price!
Taylar b: It's not real cow
Carolyn Z asked: Can I get emailed about it when these boots get restocked in brown- 8.5
Domonique P: i'm 5'5" and the boots stop right below my knee. i like to wear them with knee high socks poking out and i think it looks fine.
L K: The height of the boot is just below the knee. Your socks will probably not show. If they do, it should be ok.
Margaret F: The boot is a perfect height for wearing socks underneath. They do however tend to slouch a little as you wear them so they fall a little down your leg, showing more sock. Over all they're really good!
Ariel S: I would definitely keep checking back, these boots are so worth it. They come up right to the bottom of my knee so wearing a cute pair of boot socks would look awesome.
GoJane S: At this time we do not offer any restock alerts or pre-orders. We do receive restocks daily so keep checking back!
None N asked: my feet seem to ache after a few hours, d o they run true to size I wear 9-91/2
Tannis M: yes
marissa c: Yes it does run true to size I wear a size 10 and it fits perfect.
Joyce M: I normally wear a 7 1/2 or an 8 and I bought an 8 in these boots and they fit great. Plenty of room for a pair of socks.
Lisa K: They do run true to size! They are very comfortable too!
None N asked: how is the sizing I need a comfy, soft boot.
Kayla M: The sizing is good and the boots don't fit too tight; they are very comfortable and have a nice faux fur lining.
Crystal H: I'm a size 7 across the board. I love these boots, comfortable and the vegan leather is very soft.
kathleen f: they are soft and comfortable... I like tight fitting shoes and normally wear a 7 in everything, these run big... had to get a 5 1/2
JAMEEKA B: Hi, this is the perfect boot. Not only does it look great, it has the perfect heel. These boots are very comfortable!
Catherine H: Comfortable and true to my real size
ashley l: These boots fit true to size. I have somewhat larger calves and I have plenty of room in these. They are very soft and comfortable too. Its definitely a great boot for the price.
Patrice M: These boots are really comfy and actually run kinda big.
None N asked: Do these boots come in the brown color My site is showing only black as an option for ordering...
GoJane S: If a size or color is not available on our site it is currently sold out. We do receive restocks daily, so keep checking back!
Courtenay S asked: Are these as slouchy as they look or do they fit more straight and clean?
Gabriela E: They look just like the picture once on. I personally, don't find them slouchy.
karla a: i think they fit perfectly!
Staci B: They fit me straight and clean.
Jeannine K: They're slouchy. And super comfy.
Hanna H: they at straight and clean
Mariam K: They fit straight and clean.
hannahthompson170 h: I suppose it depend on the size of your calves, but for me they look like they do in the picture, kind of slouchy but not too much. However, they are not straight and smooth like some riding boots out there. I'd say the picture is pretty accurate.
Kali Y: They aren't tight around my calf I think the picture shows well what they look like on but I love them!
Ariel S: They are slouchy when you put them on.
None N asked: It says just restocked but there are only 2 sizes available to order. Will more be available soon?
GoJane S: We do not know if an item will be restocked, but we do receive restocks and new styles daily so keep checking back!
None N asked: When will the brown color have 6.5 restocked Also is it roomy/loose around the calf?
GoJane S: We do not know if an item will be restocked, but we do receive restocks and new styles daily so keep checking back!

We do not receive the calf measurements for each boot. Generally the average size around the calf area for juniors boots is around 14 inches.
None N asked: when will this be restocked in brown?
GoJane S: We do not know when an item will be restocked. We get restocks and new items daily and recommend checking back soon!
None N asked: I have a wide foot and I was wondering if they are good for wide feet or are they narrower?
Zoey L: I'd say theyre more narrow than wide. I have a basic width. Not too narrow not not wide. It could just be the size of shoe I have though.
Jeannine K: I didn't notice that that were too narrow. But they weren't crazy loose either. You could always order them and ship them back if they are too small. But they are so cute! I love them!
None N asked: how dark is the brown like does it look the way the picture does and are they shinny?
Gabriela E: They're not that skinny, there is a lot of room.
Dana F: They are exactly the color they look like! They aren't shiny, just like typical leather.
None N asked: Im only 5feet do you think this will fit around me knee or below it?
Kayla M: I'm 51 and they hit below my knee.
Gabriela E: They'll probably be on or just above the knee.
Cinthia C: I'm 5'1" and it fits below my knee
snoopy b asked: Are there traction on these boots It snows a lot by my school so I want to know if its easy to slip with these on.
loan t: I really love these boots and they're super comfy. However, I'm not so sure if they're safe to wear in the snow. I've slipped a few times walking over water.
Kayla M: There is pretty good traction plus they are lined with fur which wil be great for the cold weather.
None N asked: when will you receive different sizes in this same model?
GoJane S: We do not know when an item will be restocked. We get restocks and new items daily and I recommend checking back soon!
Kirby G asked: Since these boots are not genuine leather, do they scuff easily at the toes For instance, does the outer material peel at all?
Kylie M: Yes around the toes scratch easily, I'm sure they will start to peel eventually.
hannahthompson170 h asked: my foot is 9.25 inches long, does anyone know what size that would be i vary from a 7.5 to a nine in shoes, and being that i can't try them on, i want to make sure they fit.
Sha'Terrell J: I'm not sure but I know these boots are pretty true to size!
Kylie M: I usually wear a size 9 and i ordered an 8.5 and it fits great
None N asked: I'm 5'3, will they hit right below my knee or on top it & are they super shiny?
Gabriela E: I'm 5'2" and they hit just below the knee. Also, they're definitely not super shiny. They're perfect, I love them.
Faith T: im the same hight nd they hit right under the knee nd they are shinny
Alemmasha C: They are not shiny and definitley below your knees. We are at the same height.
None N asked: Are these boots fitted around the calves or are they a bit loose or slouchy Thanks!
C R: They arent extremely fitted- they are loose but not slouchy
Ariel S: I bought a size 8 and to me, they are a bit slouchy. And I prefer them like that seeing that I could wear some thick socks if need be.
Mikayla B asked: How high do these boots come up on the leg Are they just below the knee, or lower?
Hanna H: they come just below the knee! I love them!\\\\
Serena C
None N asked: I was wondering how true to color these boots are If there's anything I can compare them to. Not the back obviously but more about the brown and chestnut.
Kelly D: They're pretty true to color. :
Ashley G: Extremely close to color. But also a little shiny. But amazing boots
None N asked: Are they true to size or should i get them a bit smaller or larger?
Geoff B: Yes they are true to size. I comfortably wear a size 8.5 and bought that size and they fit perfectly. Around the calf there is some wiggle room but the buckle lets you tighten it at least one notch.
Amanda A: Pretty true to size. I did order a half size bigger, because I typically wear thicker socks with them. But over all def meet the specs they had listed calf size etc.
Meridyth B asked: Do these run wide around the calves I have very small calves and have a problem finding boots that fit snugly at the top.
GoJane S: The only information we do receive on our boots is included in the Product Description that is located to the right of each item on our site. Unfortunately, we do not receive the calf measurements for each boot. Generally the average size around the calf area for juniors boots is around 14 inches.
Comments From people who chose this
owia k chose this because: looks cute
Ramona P chose this because: Excellent deal - good value on a staple!
A L chose this because: Fit true to size. The faux fur lining is very soft and these keep your feet fairly warm.
Kayla D chose this because: They are classy looking to wear with dresses or dress shorts
Chinasa A chose this because: Fine material
geneva s chose this because: because they look cute
Erin H chose this because: I needed a new pair of boots that looked like riding boots.
Jennifer F chose this because: Because I purchased the grey ones and I LOVE them, your website is great! Ordering them was hassle free and they came in a decent time frame:
Jocelyn R chose this because: Looks as thought they will fit my large calf size. Hopefully I am correct on that.
christa G chose this because: i love you guy shoes i have like 10 pairs of shoes i got off gojane
DeAndra K chose this because: Very cute and for a good price.
Sarah S chose this because: Liked the shape and color
Dawn T chose this because: needed some new riding boots!
cassandra b chose this because: needed a black pair of riding boots
katherine w chose this because: I am a big fan of riding boots, I love to wear them with skinny jeans.
Lan N chose this because: I've wanted riding boots for the longest time but a lot of them were too expensive and waaaayyy too "decorated". I just wanted something simple, which I believe these are!
jennifer f chose this because: Because I have been looking for a grey riding boot and this site came highly recomended from a friend
Shaina B chose this because: Gift
irma m chose this because: exactly what I was looking for and awesome price
JaQuila N chose this because: Style
Alethea J chose this because: The style and texture looks rich and classy for a ridding boot, besides I like how the heel is low for a more comfortable feel.
Cynthia G chose this because: Wanted some black riding boots and these are at a great price
Michelle B chose this because: Love my other riding boots from GoJane and needed a black pair!
Lindsay O chose this because: Cute with leggings, and a casual shoe everybody needs!
teresa s chose this because: heel
Diana A chose this because: looks nice!
THERESA B chose this because: FRIEND
Kimberly B chose this because: simple black riding boots!
Lila D chose this because: Christmas present for my mom!
Rose S chose this because: Was looking for a grey color riding boot
Kali Y chose this because: They are so comfortable and fit true to size. I can wear them with everything!
Jessica G chose this because: great price and stylish
Kathleen E chose this because: i choose this because i have been looking for a "spencer hastings" look but all the boots she wears are made by a more expensive designer and these boots look exactly the same buy these and save yourself up to $800
Marissa S chose this because: These boots look super cute and will be awesome with a new fall wardrobe....and on top of that, they are a very reasonable price so I had to get 2 pairs!
Sha'Terrell J chose this because: I needed some new winter boots
Catherine M chose this because: They are comfortable and cute! I love these boots...great value for the price.
Betty M chose this because: Nice conservative boot at an affordable price
Sharon B chose this because: It looks cute and is one of the bigger sizes.
Rosemary B chose this because: riding boots
Jamel M chose this because: i LOVE this boots! I LOVE GOJANE!!!!!
Nore H chose this because: Liked the style
michelle f chose this because: It's very comfortable and cute with jeans and leggings.
jemma C chose this because: The price...Are you kidding me\!! They are hot!!
Amber V chose this because: Cute style
Jennifer L chose this because: I saw an article in womans day that had this boot featured in it.
Sarah J chose this because: Can wear in the snow and rain... Suede gets wet
Cristin W chose this because: fur lining and simple and the color is very neutral
Melissa B chose this because: the style and the radius of the calf measurement was big enough
Danyal L chose this because: I've been wanting some boots like this for a while.
B E chose this because: I loved the color, and overall simple yet detailed style of this riding boot. I also loved the price and how it is vegan leather.
Diana L chose this because: cute and simple!
JAMEEKA B chose this because: Because it was just the boot type that i was looking for. They were tall, low heel, leather and stylish.
Hailey V chose this because: Cute fall boot at a good price!
Leanna C chose this because: Great Style, Great Price!
yuderka D chose this because: liked it in the picture
Lisa I chose this because: Cute, good color, simple style and good price!
Anna P chose this because: Needed a basic riding boot.
Joyce M chose this because: I liked the style of the boot and the buckle detail at the top.
Tannis M chose this because: the style
laura P chose this because: Cute, riding boots are in style
Ashauntay W chose this because: they were cute.
Lidia B chose this because: cute fall boots
Mia D chose this because: I like the zipper on the back and that they are riding boots!
Genni P chose this because: good Fall shoes
Jennifer W chose this because: cute, very practical in the snow.
Jennica P chose this because: These boots are really cute!
Halima K chose this because: such a clasic piece! perfect for fall:P
Carly S chose this because: Very cute! And cheapest I could find
hannahthompson170 h chose this because: I have been looking for affordable riding boots and these fit the bill. I just hope they fit well!
Alexia M chose this because: good deal
Ashley G chose this because: cute tall boot that was flat and had a zipper
Kathryn G chose this because: I love the color and the classic style!
Daisy D chose this because: Adds an edge and extra pop to any outfit!

+ Reviews

Leather Riding Boots
4 Stars based on 4 Review(s)
Washington, DC
4 Stars

Not real leather
June 28, 2014
I'm new to this site and I purchased these boots thinking that I was getting real leather because called Leather ridding boots, lol. Other than that the boot seems to be standard for man made material.
True to size
Not real leather

4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Very well made
January 8, 2014
These are super comfortable. fit true to size and are very warm.
warm, comfortable

Matawan, NJ
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Warm and comfy
July 30, 2013
I've been looking for a good pair of riding boots and these would be my very first pair. I ordered this in Chestnut size 7 and it's true to size. I didn't read the entire description when I ordered so I was really surprised (in a good way!) to see it has a faux fur lining. I can't wait to wear these in the fall and winter!

Austin , TX
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

LOVE these!!
July 15, 2013
I just ordered these boots and they are great!! They are good quality and don't look like faux leather at all. I am 5'6" and I ordered a 9 and they fit just right. They look exactly like the picture and are just what I wanted!

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