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Folded Maxi Skirt LTGREYFolded Maxi Skirt LTGREYFolded Maxi Skirt LTGREYFolded Maxi Skirt LTGREYFolded Maxi Skirt LTGREY
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Folded Maxi Skirt

now $8.95
Folded Maxi Skirt LTGREYFolded Maxi Skirt BLACKFolded Maxi Skirt WHITE

+ Details

Your style will be totally maxed out in this folded waist skirt. It is sinfully soft and stretchy, and it can easily be dressed up or down. Skirt doesn't include any closures.

All measurements are for a small.
Length from waist to hem: 40"
Waist: 26"
95% Rayon, 5% Lycra.
Hand wash cold & hang dry
Made in USA

+ Questions & Answers

Questions about this item
Barbara R asked: will you give measurements for size med and large please?
GoJane S: Generally size large fits a size 9 - 13. You can reference our size chart here for sizing guidelines:
Lydia S asked: What is the measurement from waist to hem of a size medium?
Anely A asked: Is this skirt high-waisted or can it be worn that way && What color did you guys choose?
Hannah A: It is pretty big, I had to pin my black skirt to make it fit :
D E: yes it can be worn either way ! I chose the light yellow color.
Ashley E: Since its on the longer side, it can definitely be worn high waisted. I chose the brighter red color!
T W: it can be worn high wasted. I got the color red but fyi...this skirt runs really big
None N asked: Is the mint color as is in th picture It looks more like turquoise.
Margaret O: It does have a tint of turquoise wouldn't call it a true mint green
Cameron F: The skirt was too wide.
None N asked: is the skirt sheer?
Dominique D: Yes, this skirt is sheer and very thin. Nice to wear anywear except at work or church r course. I wore it on vacation in the carribeans and I stayed cool in thislight weight material.
andrene P: yes very sheer skirt runs big
Ashley E: Its on the thin side, but its definitely not sheer. Basically, I wouldn't wear black underwear with a white one, but its not see through.
D E: Yes! Unfortunately . I had to buy a slip for underneath mine
Claire D asked: I am 6 feet tall, and I usually wear a size small...will the small be too short Is the medium longer Thanks!
Brasheka D: I'm 5'3 and I wear it with flats so it can be long enough. It might be too short for you if you want it to touch your feet. I am not sure how much longer the medium is.
Nicole W: I am 5"2 and a small is a good length. A small may work if u don't fold it over.
None N asked: how long is the skirt i'm 5'5 1/2?
L A: I am 5 ft 8, and it comes right down to my ankles, so its long.
Milejah H: It's long enough for you then ... I'm 5'2" and it's long on me
Ashley E: I am 5'3 and ordered a medium and it is long. Its the perfect length if I'm wearing 5 inch wedges, but if I'm wearing sandals I have to fold it one more time.
B G: Im the same height and the skirt grazes the ground but it also depends on how low you wear it
None N asked: Is this skirt even at the bottom From some of the pictures it looks longer on the sides.
Wendy C: yes its and even skirt:
Brasheka D: Yes it's even. I think some of the girls are just tal in the picsl. Im 5'4 so I got it in a small and it touches the ground all the way around.
Cameron F: It's larger than I thought it would be, I sent it back for a refund.
Sadie P: It is even
Nicole W: To my knowledge the skirt is even length, if the sides are longer it is only by a tiny bit unnoticeable. However, I ordered the skirt in Coral and bright green/yellow and those pictures appear to be even, I cannot comment on the other colored skirts.
Asana A: yes, it's even.
Marli V: The back is slightly longer than the front.
Danyelle W: Yes tge skirt is even all around and is also a very comfortable fit....I'm in love with my maxi skirt.
Diana F: Yes, is longer in the sides.
Donna S asked: is the skirt shear and how is the fit?
B R: Hey Donna no the skirt isn't sheer, the fabric is stretchy and light. The fit is nice. It's a good buy I think.x
L A: Yes the skirt is sheer, it fits great if you are tall, not meant for a short person. I'm 5ft 8 so it flows nice.
Ashley E: Its thin, but not necessarily see through. I originally ordered a large but it was too big so I had to exchange for a medium. I'd say it runs large.
D E: I ordered this in the pale yellow color and it was see-through. I think you would be okay with a darker color. It fits nice, stretchy material.
C I: It is not sheer. It is a very soft jersey type of knit. It does stretch quite a bit and because of the full circle skirt it can be weighty. I would go a size smaller so it stays up better. I had to remove the cummerbun part and make is smaller then put it back on the skirt again.
None N asked: does it run big?
C I: I feel as though it does run big. I purchased several for a dance piece and most had to be altered in the waist. I ended up switching several women to at least one size down.

That said, it is a great skirt!!!! Love it! Very versatile!
andrene P: no
chrystal P: I feel like it's true to size
Sadie P: No
Bashia P: No it fits according to size and don't forget you have to wash it and it may shrink in the dryer!
crystal f: Yes a little, but I just roll it over again and it fits fine. I actually wear it more as a dress though... way better fit looks great and super comfy!
C H: Yes. I normally wear a medium in bottoms but I got a small in this an it's a tad longer on me compared to the picture
Shondrea S: No it fits true to size, especially in the hip area but flares after that. Very comfortable.
Lina M asked: How does this run for sizing. I am 5'4" 130lbs. I was thinking a medium but dont want to order one and have to wait for an exchange.

Is it true to size or should I order up Thanks.
Tashika M: I would say this is true to size. Sorry for the late reply.
Rachel J: I would go for a medium! They are true to size but also stretchy.
Pam W: I think the medium would work, provided you're planning on wearing shapewear with it if you don't want bulges.
If you like a less fitting skirt, get the large.
Ebone W: I am 5"2 and 145. I ordered a small because I am short and it fits perfect. Its not too tight or too long. It stops right at my ankles so I don't have to wear heels.
titiana r: It's actually smaller I would suggest actually going down to a small. The foldover part makes it stretch a lot I have two of them n I should have went down cuz they run one size too big in my opinion. Hope this helps
None N asked: Hi I was wondering if this product was going to be restocked because I would really like a tan one in a small..?
GoJane S: We do not know if a size or color will be restocked but we do receive restocks and new styles daily so keep checking back!
None N asked: I am about 5'1 , & I'm considering ordering this skirt to go along with a half shirt. But I plan on wearing the skirt above the waistline high-waist like. Do you think this skirt would still reach my feet without having that high-water awkward look?
S H: it should because im 5'5 and it fit wit the high-waist look. it wasnt high-water and it didnt drag the ground so u should be jus fine
Jenica D: Yea it's pretty long I got this skirt and I'm like 5'4 and have a short torso and its a great length and you can fold it over to be a little shorter if you need it to.
wynona P: I think it would work I'm 5'7 and the skirt fits me just like the photo. So if you hike it up a little I think you'll be fine shug. Hope this info was helpful.
crystal f: Yes the skirt should be long enough, it is very versatile.
J A: Yea it should be fine, and you still have the option to unfold the top of the skirt to add length if it fits. It was too big for my waist I had to wear the skirt on my hips but hopefully it works for you. Take care
C I: You should have plenty of length. I do recommend going a size smaller than normal. As the fabric is very soft and stretches quite far. I purchased them for a modern dance peice and we removed the yoke/basque/waistband and made them snugger, then put them back on the skirt again. They also launder beautifully! Great item!
None N asked: How does it fit?
Cassandra B: It fits well. Not too elastic in the waist but it will sit on your hips.
Brasheka D: Exactly like the picture. It doesn't fit mermaid like.
Milejah H: It fits really comfortable and flowy
lyn m: it fits close near the top and loose near the bottom,very comfy.
titiana r: It's very stretchy, I would even suggest going down a size. I wear a large and around the top that folds over is too big, if I get any other colors I will probably get a medium. I love them tho very comfortable and can be dressed up or down.
Christa J: Perfect fit. I have two of them. It stretches as well. worth the price.
Yanique M: I have alot of hips and booty. Accentuate my curves and its not too thin and revealing. I love the flow of it when I move also.
Richardria G: Amazingly ! So simple and comfortable :
Myaisha P: it fits real good it have a nice flow to it, i love this its one of my favorites.
Syrenia J: Fits snug through thighs
aja s: It fits tight to the body and doesn't shrink after washing it. I love it
None N asked: I am 5'2. I usually get a medium in bottoms, but I do not want it to be too long. I What size should I get Small or medium?
tristan c: small. xsmall if you can. skirt runs larger
J A: Get a small! I'm the same height and I bought a medium because I didn't want the skirt to hug my curves, BAD IDEA... Not only does it drag on the floor it feels like it will fall down at any moment. Good question.
A O: A medium. I returned mine because they were too thin and flimsy. The striped ones with the fold over band are great. I have two and nice and thick. Hope this helps.
Najwa F: I would recommend that u get a small because the medium was about 4 inches too long and im 5'3.
Ashley E: I am 5'3 and the medium is long on me. If I wear heels or wedges its better but if you don't like it long, I'd say order the small.
Andrea V: Definitely get small. We're about the same height and I had a little extra length
None N asked: When will this item be restocked in size small for olive\ I bought one and I want another color.
GoJane S: We do not know if a size or color will be restocked but we do receive restocks and new styles daily so keep checking back!
None N asked: I am looking for an inexpensive mermaid style skirt and from the picture this loos like it can work. Does the skirt fit mermaid style tight up top and flares at bottom
Brasheka D: It didn't fit mermaid on me.
Jasmine S: it is tight at waist but not below.
marsha e: It certainly is fitted to the top and flared at the bottom
Shayna Z: No, it doesn't fit that description. It falls straight down from the top as it is made from a jersey fabric. It is an extremely comfortable skit though.
Ashlee W: I would definitely not describe this skirt as mermaid style. However I do love the skirt. It's a bit see thru, I'm sure depending on the color it could be a different situation. This skirt is very loose and flowy. Not mermaid-ish at all. Good luck!
Jessica V: Yes but its see through
Amber L: Not really, the whole skirt flares for the most part.
Brittany C: No the skirt fits like a maxi skirt, very loose fitted
Dijonae T: Yes it does.
None N asked: im 5'8 and i weigh about 130 i usually get mediums but the comments are saying its very stretchy.. what size should i get?
Diana F: Size M
brianne n: I'd say a medium just in case. That way for length it will be fine.:
Najwa F: This skirt is very stretchy, I bought a medium and it was too loose on me so I had to take it in an inch on both sides. Plus im only 5'3 and it was 3-4 inches longer so I also had to hem it. I know I should've got a small but i want sure about the fit. But besides that its a nice skirt.
titiana r: Yes it is very stretchy, depending on how form fitting u like your clothes to fit I would even suggest a small. I got a large and wish I would have gotten a medium just because I have to fold it over a few times in order for it to stay up.
C H: I would get a small the medium fits loose on me and I'm the same measurements, also the fabric is very thin!
K A: I'm 5'7" 150lbs and I wear a medium. You'll probably need a small.
TISA E: You should get a small bcuz I usually get larges but I got took a chance and got mediums n they fit fine n still seem a tab bit big in the waist
Asana A: Small
edith l asked: Im 30 weeks pregnant and was wondering if this skirt is stretchy enough to wear I am 4'11 tall would this be too long for me\ im 35 inches around my hips right now just wondering if i would be able to wear it. Thanks
Ashlee W: This skirt is extremely stretchy! It would be a perfect fit. Be cautious though, because it is a little bit see-thru.
matthew l: i believe, you would be able to fit this item, is pretty strechy, however long wise, i'm 5'6", and is pretty long for me.... hope this help, this is a very comfortable skirt.
edith l: Thanks everyone.
Jeannette E: It will definitely be too long on you. I am 5'2" and it's too long on me. The waist is pretty stretchy but if you are 30 weeks, I'm not sure it'll stretch that much. Hope this helps!
Shalia J: Yes I'm 5"4 and the skirt came down to my toes but it is very stretchy
Janne' L: Yes it's very stretchy
Brandie G: It's definitely stretchy enough to wear during your pregnancy. It is extremely long tho I'm 5"1 and it drags I have either pull it up under my bust or constantly hold the phone sides so it doesn't drag. Other than that it's a great buy
Suzanne S: I don't think the seam is too obvious if you make the fold at the top bigger. I would just carefully pull the tag off of the back. So yes, I think it would work for you.
jennifer d: It stretchy around the waist and it long
None N asked: WHAT HAPPENED TO THE BURGANDY COLOR I really wanted that one
GoJane S: If an option is not available on our site it is currently sold out. We do receive restocks so keep checking back!
Happy C asked: Not a question... but I just wanted to say I LOVE this skirt! I have a friend who ordered one and hers came back un hemmed and SUPER tight so I was worried.. but the size I ordered was actually a little loose and my skirts were hemmed. Love them would recommend them to anyone, the tops do fold.. I ordered several and they arent see through very nice, comfortable skirts! If they do have an arch I dont notice one.. but I havent measured.. super long was worried the length would only be on the side but its a perfect skirt love it love it love it! Will be ordering more!?
None N asked: I was just wondering if the material was like soft jersey?
RENEE A: Yes and very comfortable
Kimmy D: Yes! I'm wearing it now. Pretty comfy through.
Charnise S: Yes the material is very soft and stretchy. I got it in the green and i get a lot of compliments on it, it is very comfortable and light.
lyn m: This maxi skirt is soft and kind of thin it's very comfy and can be worn with almost any top.
Teresa V: Yes it was just like that...and very soft. Also note that it's a lightweight material and not super heavy which makes it ideal for summer but not so much for winter.
Emily C: yes, its very soft. sometimes i wear this skirt in place of sweatpants! i suggest buying a dark color, though, as the material is on the sheer side.
Ashley M: Yes it is, I love it!
Ane W: Yes, the material is soft like jersey, very comfy!
Tahiyyah T: Not familiar with soft jersey material, but I would say its more like soft spandex and the skirt runs a little big! I hope this was helpful!
breashia h: Yes but it is a little bit thinner than soft jersey
Brianna M: Sorry, I'm not familiar with what soft jersey feels like, but I can say the skirt is VERY soft which makes it flow well. The only disappointment was that it didn't fit tight to my body, but other than that I love it!
Ruthanna T: Yes! This is like a soft jersey! An amazing skirt will be buying more!
Najwa F: Hi steffii, I ordered this skirt in the light grey and I could tell you that it is a nice smooth material. :
Gina F: sorta, but the material is very thin and basically see thru i hate it i cant wear it without a slip
Zoe W: Yes but it's a bit see through
YAMEESE t: Yes it feels so good
None N asked: I've notice some skirts have a slight arch on the hem pink but there are some that are cut straight do grey
Cyndy S: The hems are longer on the sides but it makes for a good effect when worn as a tube top dress. Really cute.
Suzanne S: I bought the pink one and mine isn't curved at all.
Alexis A: I have the skirt in blue and it is slightly arched when I hold it up. However, I am only 5 ft. so whatever arch there is is really not noticeable for me since I am so short. It's definitely not a high/low type arch if you're concerned in that sense. I don't think this should bother you too much even if you are tall, it's still a cute skirt. It also would I assume help so that you don't end up stepping on your skirt when you walk.
Anita A: I have 4 of these skirts, all have even hems. LOVE this skirt!
Dawn S: I bought the blue one for my daughter and is slightly longer on the sides than it is in the front and back. She really loves it!
Jasmine W: My skirt was curved. I have the tealish colored skirt.
Jeanne C asked: Hi there,
I have a 28" waist smallest part i.e. natural waist, and 38" hips on a good day. :-
LaRonda H: Get a medium.
Simone J: A medium. I have similar build 28waist 42hips and I got a large in green and it was extremely too loose for my liking. I wanted it to hug my curves a little, but if you want it loose get large.
Milayna G: I would size down to medium. It seems to run a little big judging by the one I just ordered, and it's pretty stretchy so it should be okay even if it is on the small side.
Desiree J: I am about the same. The medium was hugh. Go with small.
Tofunmi A asked: What is the Large classified as in numerical size?
GoJane S: You can reference our size chart here for sizing guidelines:
Jeanne C:

Numerical size equivalents right up there! ^ ^
Lisa S asked: Is this skirt, see-thru, or does it have proper coverage?
Sabrina M: The skirt isn't see through at all, greatan fit and is very comfortable and flattering :
Kristy T: I brought the black, gray, white, and pink. The black one was the only one the was see-thru, but this skirt is absolutely cute and it flows .
Rita B: Lisa,no its not see-thru and yes it covers everything . I hope that this helped you.
sarah k: Yea it is see thru but not really that bad but mine black and i love it
TISA E: Yes it is c through
jennifer d: It has proper coverage
Lauren C: I got a black one and it hasnt came in yet but my other 2 which is dark grey and like a peach color and they dont show through. I wear them all the time.
Tionnie H: Depends on the color light color yes it may be because the skirt is thin material..
Gina S: No not see through at all its perfect and looks GREATT with a crop top
Rakenya B: I don't believe it's see through. I just wear a black thong
amal a asked: what are the measurements for a large?
GoJane S: Product measurements are only provided for items in a size small.
None N asked: are the rust and purple pretty in person and are either color see through?
Sarah V: they are very comfortable. not very tight on the top so you want to wear a bra or sports bra. they are not see through and very pretty, i love mine. i have black,tan and grey
Brenda M: I didn't get the purple or green. I got the taupe and black. The taupe was see through so I imagine that any of the lighter colors are see through. The jersey material is every thin.
Ann R: The colors I bought were lt grey and navy and were true to the color online. They are thin and see through. The size large was very large for me.
None N asked: Do the purple, green and rust look the same color in person as on here and are any of them 3 see through?
Ashlee W: I bought a coral colored one and it's definitely see thru when you're in the right lighting.
Andrea V: I bought the khaki and being a light color I was worried about it being see-thru but it's not.
Yiseel M: They aren't see through
RENEE A: I'm not exactly sure I purchased the mocha color
None N asked: does this have an elastic waistband in it just worried about muffin tops x
Alexis A: the skirt is stretchy material, but not to the strength of an elastic waistband. you won't muffin top
Fareshta K: no but it does somewhat separate that area. I'm 5'2 120 and it gave me a slight one
Logan B: No worries! It's all fabric, so it fits really loose around the waist, but snug enough to stay up.
None N asked: Is it see through and which color is prettiest in person?
Zoe W: yes it is see through, i have a grey one and it's very pretty
Linda S: Hi, they are not see through but the material is thin enough to see your pantie line. In my opinion the teal and magenta are gorgeous in person. idk if they're available or not, I got mine a while back
hanan a: Sorry ...I can not answer the question coz I'm not reserved yet my product . When I reserved it I will answer .
courtney c: It's not too sheer but the material is still thin. & I have the blue skirt & I swear it goes with everything ^_^
Elina Z: It's not really shear unless you stretch the fabric out in the sun. You should wear appropriate underwear regardless. I ordered the skirt in black so I can't really help you with the prettiest color,however the skirt makes a great dress if you wear it with a belt !
None N asked: can you iron it?
Jessica V: Not sure i havent tried to the skirt is kind of see through
Naomi A: Yes, you can iron this item. Just make sure the iron isn't too high as heat marks will be left on it.
Jessica N: Yes, I iron mine all the time.
Bettye C: yes it is a beautiful skirt i have 5 of them
Bettye C: yes you can iron it with steam medium heat
Janne' L: Yes
Janne L: Yes you can
Anita A: I haven't tried to iron mine have 2, I just hung them by the shower and they steamed out perfectly and haven't needed ironing simce.
None N asked: I wear medium and small so Idk how the skirt fit or how I should buy it, any suggestions?
Happy C: I wear a small/med size 8 and ordered the med.. but its a tad loose.. could have ordered the small
Diandra B: I ordered a M thinking id need ithe length. Im 5`6.5 its a bit loose in the waist,length is good but prob could have gotten away with S.
sarah k: Well i wear a medium large also but if you want it to be tight than go wit small other than that medium is good
Yashica D: I would probably go with the small. The skirt stretches and gives plenty of room. I would definitely recommend this item I love mine, it is quite long so you will have to wear a shoe with some height.
Sabrina M: I wear a small and this skirt fits great!!! I recommend getting the size you normally would wear i.e. if you normally wear a medium, that's the size I would choose. Hope this helps.
Tecarra K: It fits lose, so you can get a small, it will loosening up over time when you wear it!
Rakenya B: I'm 5'3 and weight about 140. I bought a small and it fits great
Susan F: I bought a medium in case it shrunk when I washed it. I wear a small usually, and the medium fit perfectly.
jennifer d: Well my suggestion is how long do u want the length of the skirt to fit. I got the small and it really long. I could also wear small and mediums.
Tionnie H: Get a small u will love how it fit and I'm a medium and small size person too....
None N asked: what sizes does Large cover ?
GoJane S: Generally our products run true to size; you may want to reference our size chart here:
lukia k asked: would a size small fit a 35" waist?
Carole B: I have a 31" waist and I got a large. I didn't want it to be skin tight though, so it depends on how you want it to fit.
Lauren C: Medium! I'm a size 4 to 6 and a medium is great
T'Keyah W: I'm 26" and the size small is a bit snug on me
GoJane S: Generally our products run true to size; you may want to reference our size chart here:
None N asked: If I'm 5'9, how long will this skirt be on me I prefer maxis to touch the ground, not be ankle length.
Lauren C: I'm 5'3 and mine touched the ground. I would just tell you to order and see and you can always send it back.
LA A: I'm 5'10" and the maxi comes past my ankle but be aware that this material isn't thick and is very see thru especially in black
Dawn S: I bought the skirt for my daugther in a size M -- she is 5' 8". the skirt is longer on the side and because of the folded top you can adjust the length. She loves it and you will too!
KRISTI K: I'm 5'2" & wearing this right at my natural waistline, barefoot, it hit me right at the top of my foot, almost to the ground. Don't recommend since you're tall & like it to hit the ground.
Pat B asked: can it fit a size 18?
shantai s: I bought a small and it is very stretchy.Medium if you want it to be some what tight and a large if you want it to be flowy..some people have big hips and small waist. if it turns out that its lose with the large but a stretchy bow belt very cute with this dress and it will hold it up.
Yashica D: I'm sure it can. It's very stretchy.
Anita E: yes even size 20
None N asked: Is this a thin material and easily seen through?
Simone J: The material is thin but not see through. Meaning, you can tell IF you are wearing underwear, but not what color they are. But that's with any skirt I believe
jennifer d: The material is not that thin and it not see through at all.
Donna L: The skirt hangs and drapes beautifully, however, I did find it rather see through.
monay a: It is a thin material, but not see through
Ona V: Yes they are easily seen through
DORIAN S asked: Can the top be unfolded?
Christa J: The top CANNOT be unfolded. I have the navy blue and the teal. Not that I tried to unfold it, but the way its made is that its sinched on the sides. I doesnt have a top flap to be folded down. It isnt made like Yoga pants.
Donna L: Yes, the top can be folded over. As an aside, you may find you need to wear a slip does anyone have these any more under the skirt. It fits and drapes beautifully, however it is rather "see through".
Yiseel M: Yes, you can wear it as a dress
GoJane S: Yes, the top portion can be unfolded.
None N asked: please i need advice on this product and what size to get if am a medium shuld i get medium or small or large?
Simone J: I wear a size 9/11 in jeans and i got a large, but it's a bit too loose around my waist. However, I was going for a tighter look so that it could flatter my curves better. I will be exchanging for a smaller size.
Anita E: I love this skirt
Sabrina M: I would say whatever size you normally would wear that's the size you should get. I am a small and I purchased that size and it fits perfect! I love this skirt!
Carcy P: It fits true to size
Janne' L: Maxi skirts are innnn!
Comments From people who chose this
Nicole H chose this because: My friend wants a black maxi and her birthday is coming up. I have the navy blue one and I like it a lot.
Deborah K chose this because: easy fit waist
Tyra L chose this because: Summer casual and multi-functional
Ashley G chose this because: very cute
Airrion H chose this because: It's my style :
SUMMER J chose this because: have the black and it nice
Victoria S chose this because: I needed to look nice at a party. So this with a corset to should look cute.
Dareece C chose this because: Always wanted a royal blue maxi skirt! Perfect color for the season!
leonard h chose this because: love maxis
AnneMarie P chose this because: I wanted a long skirt. This maxi skirt is very thin however you can easily see what underwear you are wearing under. I heard the black one isn't as sheer though
Theresa R chose this because: I am looking for long white skirts, sheerish, and light lavender also...I like the look...
LaTonia G chose this because: Needed this color maxi and the price was very affordable. Can't wait to see how they turn out!!
Jennifer C chose this because: Flowing and sexy.
iesha K chose this because: I just love it
Darielle P chose this because: Love it
rebecca g chose this because: Fun cute free
Louise U chose this because: super cute and would go great with any color tank top for the spring time!!!!
M A chose this because: REPLACEMENT
Martin B chose this because: Looks like a very comfortable basic piece that can be dressed down or up.
Heather M chose this because: comfort
Rachel B chose this because: For pregnancy shoot
Alexandra K chose this because: looks comfy
Delfenia T chose this because: These skirts are so simple and cute. I have afew!
Michelle S chose this because: I needed a long white skirt. Hope it works out.
Donna H chose this because: Color & style were what I needed.
Xemena B chose this because: this item looked really nice for hot days.
jae s chose this because: work!
Linda P chose this because: Casual, versatile...
lorraine h chose this because: because it was bright and i really loved it
Sonja N chose this because: "go's with anything " and price
Jeanette L chose this because: Love the soft, knit skirts for lounging around the house and running around town on errands. So comfortable!
Petra R chose this because: soft material but very see through unfortunately
Richardria G chose this because: I absolutely love it ! Some comfy and goes with any and everything !
mikki k chose this because: comfort
Kiele P chose this because: Princess Leia costume for halloween!
victoria l chose this because: gypsy halloween costume
Jennifer K chose this because: wedding
Ashley A chose this because: to wear to the LSU football games!
Tasmena W chose this because: its very stylish and comfortable
phyllis t chose this because: Love easy flowing skirts , this will be great to wear anytime anywhere
karen l chose this because: i just love long flow-y skirts.the material's really's very versatile....casual or a bit dressy evening...
Nicole U chose this because: Great for summer
Halla H chose this because: Too cute, ive been lookng every where for this skirt and 2 for 24 couldnt be beat!!!!
Dionne H chose this because: i picked it because its my style loose and it flows.
Desiree T chose this because: great deal!!
seonyoung p chose this because: It look so cozy.
Cecily M chose this because: Adorable and chic!
Geneva J chose this because: Color and price of twoe were cheap
Amber E chose this because: I love you can wear these in every season to make different looks. These are great!
Anely A chose this because: i needed a maxi skirt
Diane B chose this because: cute
Nicole W chose this because: Got a lot of compliments on the Coral colored one
Kesey N chose this because: Comfy, casual
Shenetha A chose this because: Easy to coordinate an outfit
Cathy S chose this because: comfort
Kimberly S chose this because: Basic and comfortable
Tori B chose this because: So I can wear something comfortable in the summer with Ts that I have
Shakeita C chose this because: comfort and style
Cortney S chose this because: i have alot of these just not in this color and i love them!
saitah g chose this because: LOVE MAXI
Erika L chose this because: To wear at the beach
Maryana A chose this because: My friend had bought one just like it off of this site, and she liked the product enough which convinced me to get it.
Amy L chose this because: Versatile.
Natasha R chose this because: I need some nice maxi skirts for summer
Megan M chose this because: Good price, like the look
Eniye G chose this because: just love it
Shandie H chose this because: I want something for summer that is comfortable, cool, and long because I don't have pretty legs to show off.
ellen s chose this because: these are so in right now, wear with a sheer top.
SUZANNE S chose this because: COLOR
Hannah S chose this because: i want a maxi skirt but i didnt wanna pay a fortune
Haleigh T chose this because: everyone is wearing these skirts lately
Britney S chose this because: I have been looking for a skirt like this for a loooooong time and haven't had much luck. This is exactly what I've been looking for and there are so many great colors!!!!
Melissa E chose this because: Cute
Dazja L chose this because: the item is very cute
Thotsani H chose this because: I'm totally a maxi girl blue is my favorite color I found the cutest sandals to compliment this skirt!
S M chose this because: fabulous
julian s chose this because: its cute
Kristen S chose this because: because i love maxi skirts.
Dominique L chose this because: I'm a fan of long skirts even though I'm only 4'11". Clothing can always be hemmed for us short ones.
Nnenne O chose this because: The material is thin so a dark color would be best. But the fit on a small was nice and the dress even went down to my ankles! I'm 5'11'' so that was a pleasant surprise
Mosarud S chose this because: looks comfortable yet stlyish and perfect for the summer
NYA C chose this because: LOOKS GOOD GOOD REVIEWS
britney k chose this because: This item is what I was looking for and an affordable price
Misti S chose this because: can wear to work
Katie B chose this because: breezy
Lauren D chose this because: Super cute for the summer!
Chelsea A chose this because: SUPER cute!
Jazzmene M chose this because: I didn't have any long skirts like this one so i decided to get it :
Donna S chose this because: cause i have been looking for a long skirt and they look like exactly what i want
everardo r chose this because: my wife looks hot in this
J M chose this because: THE FIT & COMFORT.
Rosa R chose this because: chose this because it looks great & comfy for the summer. i also dont own a maxi skirt.
Leda M chose this because: I LOVE MAXI SKIRTS
Shelley C chose this because: I chose the mocha skirt b/c I love MAXI skirts for church. I am looking for something in particular for an Easter outfit. I'm hoping this will be what I need. I'm 5'8 and just bought a pair of 4 inch heels. Hopefully this skirt will be long enough.
melissa l chose this because: fits perfect... Love the fact you can wear it as a skirt and a dress
Deidre J chose this because: Very Stylish
Cameron F chose this because: I'll make a comment after I see this in person.
Bridgette B chose this because: love the skirt
Sade P chose this because: Love long skirt
Hazel G chose this because: Great fit and love the colors
Kendra J chose this because: This is the cutest, and most comfortable item that will always be in style.
J A chose this because: maxi skirts r a very hot item this Spring
Paris S chose this because: i like it.
Hali N chose this because: cute, very versitile
monica c chose this because: love the color but I need one in ivory and black
kmberly s chose this because: very girlie and can be dressed up or down
Misharo F chose this because: I am going on vacation to the Caribbean and needed a sexy casual skirt.
Lujeen A chose this because: Affordable, and Nice
Maryan M chose this because: maxi skirts are ultra chic. Must have !!
Michael P chose this because: daughter's birthday
Abby C chose this because: comfy, cozy, but cute
Kara C chose this because: Looks fabulous and comfy at the same time :
Tyler T chose this because: Easy spring/summer staple that can be dressed up or down.
Rosa B chose this because: Looks super comfy and trendy
kizzy P chose this because: the style and comfort
Audrey C chose this because: Because I love it!
Nadia F chose this because: it seems tp fit well and curvy
Hilary S chose this because: This will replace the black skirt I've had for too long.
zina D chose this because: style
zina D chose this because: style
Ebone W chose this because: I love this skirt. I can dress it up or wear it just for fun.
Nicole F chose this because: love the long skirt idea and in the khaki its gorgeous!
ALENE J chose this because: dkgray
ALENE J chose this because: royalblue

friend of minds brought me a long skirt last summer fell in love with the style and confort,could not find then in any store until a young a lady in raliegh mall told me to go on line to gojane and i did,,keepn my finger cross hope they will fit me well,,tks
rackel l chose this because: it very summery and i love the lean body fit
mayra f chose this because: perfect for work
nathalie p chose this because: looks great & comfortable enough to attend church during the spring & summer months!!!! I LOVE JESUS!!!
Candi-Ann N chose this because: wanted the white one
Claudia S chose this because: super comfy!
Bonnie H chose this because: I have one and needed more!
Bonnie H chose this because: I have this in burgandy and love it.
Shaun M chose this because: Nice feel to it
Bonnie H chose this because: This maxi will be a staple in my wardrobe, the burgandy color is perfect for the holiday dinners and the waistband stretches to allow for a full belly!
Erin E chose this because: maxi skirts are a must have
Brinley M chose this because: Stylish. Trendy skirt
Debra C chose this because: Love the length and the way it falls!
Racquel D chose this because: it was a nice skirt that would fit church etiquette. =
Racquel D chose this because: I needed more church appropriate clothes.
marcia m chose this because: just to try it and see if the quality is as good as i am expecting
Sharneece P chose this because: You can dress it up or down!
D E chose this because: It looks comfortable
Rebecca C chose this because: for a dance
Justine S chose this because: Mermaid costume
Meelun M chose this because: it looks good
Breyana J chose this because: looks comfy, and easy to accessorize
SWILAN M chose this because: cause i love it
Nadine R chose this because: The length of the skirt and the great cost.
MaShawn S chose this because: I saw one just like it in guess earlier this summer...but couldnt afford it. I love long skirts cause I'm a tall girl so I'm glad I found a site with affordable clothes that are cute.
renee m chose this because: comfortable
Crystal W chose this because: the fit is gorgeous and it hangs very beautifully
Elizabeth G chose this because: on sale
Shantrell T chose this because: hottttt !
Kayla M chose this because: I love maxi skirts, they are so comfortable, they can be totally casual or you can totally dress it up!
Delisa H chose this because: this skirt looks like it will fit very nice
Precilla T chose this because: I've been looking for a comfortable, simple, cute black maxi skirt for a little while now and this one was very affordable so I had to get it!
Jerrise W chose this because: cute and seems comfortable!
Jerrise W chose this because: cute and seems comfortable!
Megan M chose this because: Perfect comfortable dress for football games that matches my school colors!
Donna T chose this because: was looking for a black maxi for the longest time!
Dominique D chose this because: This is a versatile and to wear anywear and a reasonable price.
LESLIE J chose this because: brought several vey cute skirts all year around also
Cyndy S chose this because: This skirt is cool. you can wear it day into night. its versatile. and its easy to dress up or down.
Jerrica J chose this because: Cute!
xanthippia b chose this because: comfortable look
RaKenya D chose this because: Have been looking for a cheap white maxi skirt for a while and this was the most reasonable.
Daphne F chose this because: i ordered it in jade and fell in love so i ordered it 5 more colors. i like that i can wear it year round
fatoumatta d chose this because: like it
Shalia J chose this because: cute classy
Torrey K chose this because: I have been needing a black maxi.
Georgette B chose this because: It's a simple grab and go piece of clothing. Easy to work with and style
marcia m chose this because: I love long skirts
marcia m chose this because: I love long skirts
lakeshia s chose this because: style
Stephanie S chose this because: comfort and style
Chelsea B chose this because: I had been wanting on forever and this was the only place I found it at a decent price :
Adrienne M chose this because: pretty and different
Anissa H chose this because: Color and style
Nicole H chose this because: casual and cute
Emilie T chose this because: Perfect for summer and transitioning into fall
Scott B chose this because: flowy and perfect for the beach
B E chose this because: cause its in!
Samantha D chose this because: Wanted a skirt like this n saw it decided to buy it!
Sarah H chose this because: This skirt has a beautiful length and I love that it hugs the curves and flows out breezily. But I really wish I could've gotten a black one too but the size I needed wasn't available
Parris R chose this because: Perfect length for a long skirt.
Elizabeth B chose this because: I've been looking for an inexpensive maxi skirt for a long time- this fit the bill!
Jessica C chose this because: Modest skirt great for Muslim women.
Renee D chose this because: cute .. i know its gonna make my booty look delicious lol
Skannia P chose this because: Summer relax look
Kiley s chose this because: it's comfortable, and easy going, but cute :
erica n chose this because: cute
Sean R chose this because: It looked like a great skirt for a day with the girls!
Aurelia M chose this because: The perfect maxi skirt is what every girl should have in her closet.
Wendy C chose this because: summer
Somkit A chose this because: Rockerbarbiie on youtube had something similar but a diff price.
TISA E chose this because: buying two at a time till i get all the colors i want they are so comfortable and in this year
TISA E chose this because: trying to get all the colors that i like although they went up on the price
TISA E chose this because: something easy and stylish you can just slip on with a tank top and flip flops and go
TISA E chose this because: in style and very comfortable
Mr. L chose this because: A very nice look.....
Gina A chose this because: needed a white skirt
Simone J chose this because: I needed more to add to my collection.
Alicia H chose this because: an essential and loved the purple color...
Ashlee W chose this because: I love maxi skirts. They can look casual or you can dress them up.
Lynnette M chose this because: its cute
PATRICE M chose this because: Was looking for a maxi skirt and I love the color.
titiana r chose this because: Loved the color, perfect for just being on the go and still fashionable at the same time.
titiana r chose this because: I have the coral one and I just love it. I will probably have them in all colors before the summer is out.
Monique L chose this because: comfortable perfect to mix and match with
Amber L chose this because: In Style !
Cassandra B chose this because: i love maxi skirts! They're quick to throw on and easy to match with!
Alexis A chose this because: I love maxi dresses and skirts, they are so effortless and chic
Dawn S chose this because: the price and lots of colors to choose from
Tanesha B chose this because: love it and I can wear it to work
Brandie G chose this because: Maxi skirts are hott this summer
F N chose this because: I love this style!
Janne L chose this because: maxis are in this season
KRISTI K chose this because: great style, been looking for a great maxi skirt/dress at a great price.
Alicia H chose this because: a basic that everyone needs...more colors pls!...
Yashica D chose this because: Been looking for this for awhile. Couldn't find it anywhere!
Alayna S chose this because: I wanted another maxi skirt and this color is super chic!
geralda l chose this because: very cute ..i can wear to church... or on vacation
lisa m chose this because: cute for summer!
Gina S chose this because: because it was canceld when i orderd it last time
Janne' L chose this because: its cute!

+ Reviews

Folded Maxi Skirt
3.5 Stars based on 11 Review(s)
Miami, FL
3.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

so comfortable and chic
April 9, 2014
I read the reviews before purchasing so I was forewarned about the sizing. I ordered a Medium, I weigh 117 lbs and the fit was great. A bit loose but not to the extent where it will slide off my hips. It sits perfectly on my hips, doesn't cling tightly and the material is so soft and comfortable. I love it!

Jasper, GA
3.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Elegant & cute
March 27, 2014
The material is so soft! I'm 5'7" and this skirt is loose & flowey how I like it.

Saint Louis, MO
3.5 Stars

October 28, 2013
To me, the skirt has a weird size. If you purchased go down a size. The skirt is very loose. I didn't like that skirt wasn't the same length all the way around. Only reason I brought is because of the price and the variety of colors. I am returning them soon
see-through material no true to size cheap fabric

New Jersey
3.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

So loose!! They need to make XS
June 29, 2013
These skirts are SO cute! Affordable and the colors are perfect. However, I am 5'0 108 lbs. and a size small practically slides off of me! I've never had this problem with any skirt or bottom, as I've got a big butt for someone of my petite stature. Because the material is so thin and soft I guess that is the problem, but they should make a size XS for girls like me as I can't get away with a small. The only solution to this is to tuck the skirt UNDER your shirt so that it stays (yup that means no crop tops for this outfit-- pretty lame)
Lightweight, soft, great colors, affordable, perfect for summer
Runs too big, too loosely fitted for petite frames

3.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Just received mine today, came back to order another
May 11, 2013
Such soft material and love the way it lays in the back. Plenty of fabric to walk and move around easily in. The light purple is a bit sheer but I expected that from the reviews. Folding it over covers the problem, as would nude thong or spanx. The price you can't beat, I've been looking for a maxi like this all season. I'm short and can wear it with wedges or fold it over and pull it up more for flats.
Great price, color range, comfortable!
The sheer factor, but I was expecting that when I ordered.

3.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

May 6, 2013
I bought the coral color it is a bit see through but if you fold the waist band over it hides your panty line...I'm 5"5" 140lbs and the small fit perfect.
a little see through

3.5 Stars

So so
May 1, 2013
I bought this dress in a size small, becuz that's the smallest size they had.. I usually wear a small.. So I would have needed an x-small. I tired to pull it up under my bra line and they fell right dwn. Becuz the item was so cheap I purchursed 5 of them. Usually the cloths from this website fit accurate. These do not
They look great with tank tops
They are aren't as versatile as I thought.. Cnt pull them up to make them high raised. Too loose

Hayward, California
3.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

loved it.
March 16, 2013
I am 5'7 and usually wear a medium in bottoms bc i am a little curvy. But from reading the reviews i got a small and was a little hesitant at first but it turned out to be the pefect fit. So i would recommend this to others. Yes it is a little see thru but all you gotta do is wear some spandex under it and that will solve your problem!!!! a good buy forsure.

3.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Love it
March 2, 2013
I got this in the mail the other day along wit other stuff and i love it. i got it in burgundy, and i have a lot of outfit ideas in mind. they're really comfortable and they fit me perfectly. i got a medium and the length is perfect on me. since i did get burgundy, i personally dont have the see thru problem, and i probably will mostly be wearing tank tops tucked into the skirt anyway. i plan on getting more colors.
comfortable perfect fit

3.5 Stars

they're okay...
February 21, 2013
So in a rush for the presidents day sale I bought four of these YES FOUR. I was definitely disappointed in some aspects and pleased in others. Another mistake I made was buying medium when the small was sold out... BAD IDEA. These are also fairly see-through, the black isn't but everything else will be in day time or any other time of the day. I included photos for reference, I'm 5'3" and 112 lbs. In the last two images thats a size medium, the first is a small.
coloration length
how see-through it is

Okoyah B
Memphis, TN
3.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

November 30, 2012
You get what you pay for. The material is a bit see-through so you can't wear any color underwear (if any at all) with these. I'm 5'7 1/2 size 9/11 and order green in large, the green was not like the picture and it was to loose. So I will advise going a size smaller if you want it to hug your hips.
Vibrant Perfect Length
See-Through Not True to Color

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