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Off Shoulder Crop Top

Off Shoulder Crop Top

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This super stretchy top happens to be perfect thanks to its forgiving fabric, as well as flattering fit. Top has off-the-shoulder neckline, slighly cropped length, and it doesn't include any closures. Top is unlined. Neon color may vary.

All measurements are for a small.
Length from shoulder to hem: 14 inches
70% Polyester, 24% Rayon, 6% Spandex
Hand wash cold & hang dry
Made in USA

Off Shoulder Crop Top
4.5 Stars based on 2 Review(s)
los angeles
4.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

March 16, 2013
Love this shirt! Can go with so many outfits. I hope you restock soon. I would like to get some more colors but they are all sold out in smalls in most all the sizes.
versatile cute simple can either dress up or down

Milwaukee, WI
4.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Love it!
December 18, 2012
Love this shirt! Fit is awesome, colors are very pretty and vibrant. Material is a little thin, but will be great for summer. Only thing is this is definitely a CROP TOP. Doesn't go below my belly button. Other than that, fits great, stretches well, and I'm totally satisfied!
Fits great, color is beautiful, nice stretch
Shorter than I expected (doesn't go past my belly button)

Questions about this item
None N asked: Is the ivory more like white or is it a true ivory?
Daphne F: it is more ivory
Samantha R: closer to white than ivory but definitely not white, hope that helps lol
Brit G asked: Is the "neon yellow" color more green or more yellow in person The photo looks kinda green
amanda s: More yellow
None N asked: Is it possible to pull the sleeves over the shoulders like a normal shirt?
Victoria W: No you can't. It stays how its shown.
Cyra C: No
S T: No. It's made to be worn off the shoulders.
Lushyn P: Never wore that way but you can definitely try it
Anita T: No, I don't think you'd be able to wear it like that because of the way it's made :
None N asked: When will you have taupe in medium?
GoJane S: We cannot guarantee when an item will be restocked. We do restock and receive hundreds of new items every week, so we may get something similar soon. Keep checking back!
desiree L asked: Hey ladies! I was wondering if a medium will cover my belly button area. I am 5'1...Also does it have a tight fit should I go up to the next size?
Shana G: Tight fit
Lushyn P: No it wont cover your belly button
forkpower o: No
None N asked: Will you guys be getting white in this?
GoJane S: We do not know when an item will be restocked. We get restocks and new items daily and I recommend checking back soon!
None N asked: I have a question! Will the mint in this item match the mint of the harem pants on this site


It looks as though the pants may be darker. It is important they are both the same shade because Im using it for a costume!
P I: No the mint in the top is lighter. It's not as drk as the mint pants.
None N asked: When will you restock in light pink\ please restock soon!!!
GoJane S: We cannot guarantee when an item will be restocked. We do restock and receive hundreds of new items every week, so we may get something similar soon. Keep checking back!
None N asked: If you want to cover your belly, is this okay to wear with a camisole or tank top, or would that be tacky?
tiffany s: Too tacky
Rachel C: I would not wear with a tank top or cami, just high waisted bottoms. That look might look a little cheap...
Bach T: Yeah it will look tacky.
Kaitlin H: I wouldnt wear a cami under it because then it will look weird on top since its off the shoulders. Buy a high waisted skirt or shorts to wear with it if you dont want to show any belly. Thats what i did.
None N asked: Do you guys have it in black?
GoJane S: If a size or color is not available on our site it is currently sold out. We do receive restocks daily, so keep checking back!
Sherma A: Yes.
Britney C asked: Will you ever re-stock for medium sizes?
Desiree C: Please restock in smalls! This is the top I've been looking for but there are no smalls :
GoJane S: We do not know if a size or color will be restocked but we do receive restocks and new styles daily so keep checking back!
Lucija F asked: If I'm 135 pounds, 5 ft 9, and bust 34C, would i still be able to wear a medium, or should i go for a large i'd like the shirt to be fairly tight. would it be possible to shrink it to a medium size the colors i want are only in large.
Jasmine L: I ordered a size large and have a 38B bust, it fit great! The good thing about this top is its really stretchy so it will probably look great with MED or Large.
Nikesha G: Get the medium, I'm about the same weight as you but my bust size is a D and the medium fits me well
Stephanie C: I'm 125 pounds, 5'5 and a 34 D, the large fits great!
Kendra H: Yeah a large would fit , the large isn't really big! && if its to big dry it and it wil shrink ! I love this top ! I got mine in black ! It's wonderful . I hope that helped
None N asked: is there a huge difference between the small and the medium i recently purchased the small and just got it in the mail. its a little snug but im not sure if i want to return it for a medium, because it may stretch a bit. what do you guys think?
spunkidelic s: i thought the same thing when i first tried on the small. but it really does stretch and it ended up fitting perfectly and i'm glad i didn't get the medium!
Roniese M: I think you should keep the small
tiffany s asked: does this top cover most of your stomach Is it above or below the belly button?
spunkidelic s: definitely above the belly button because it is a fitted crop top
Davida P: it depends on how tall your upper body is from the waist up. mines was a size small and it came way above my belly button. but im tall..but its very comfortable!
Simona G: For me it's perfect and meets the top of my jeans, but I'm also very short 5,1"
Alisha G: It covers most of your stomach and it is below your navel.
Biljana T: It does cover most of it, for me it fit below the belly button
Kendra H: Depending on how tall you are , because mine stops about right at my belly button and I'm 5'0 so I think it's the taller you are, the shorter it will be . I hope I helped .
None N asked: when will you guys restock in pink\ always sold out!
GoJane S: We cannot guarantee when an item will be restocked. We do restock and receive hundreds of new items every week, so we may get something similar soon. Keep checking back!
None N asked: I have large breast for a very petite sized girl. I wear 34D but my waist is small. What size should I get?
Simona G: a M would be very fitted on your chest but it would fit your waist comfortably, and if you got a L it would be a bit baggy on your waist. For it to look right, I think you should go with a Medium.
Terri J: I just bought this shirt A few weeks ago and I have D's as well and I'm petite I still ordered a medium and it fits me great! Hope this helped
L I: Get a L because this is made for tiny breasts people. Im 36c and i had to return this recently for a bigger size
Brittani L: I would suggest you get a large. I have 42DD and had my waist been smaller it would've fit. So definitely a large.
None N asked: What size does this model wear?
GoJane S: All of the models on the site are wearing a size small.
None N asked: I'm a 32A 106 lbs 5.1 ft. What size should I order?
Alisha G: Small
GoJane S: You can reference our size chart here for sizing guidelines:
Jacqueline A: SM
Im 32B 120 lbs and it fits great.
Cyra C: Small
kelisa d: small
Stephanie M: Hm. I ordered the smallest size and I'm a 32-34B and weigh about 100 lbs and am 5'2" it fits perfectly and looks great :
None N asked: im a 34B, with a size 27 waist .. they dont have a small in the color i want, do you think a medium would be too big i want it to fit tight..
spunkidelic s: i'm a 34b and waist 25 and the small is very form fitting!!! so a medium will honestly be okay too. i'm actually thinking of getting a medium in a diff color cuz although i love the style of this it's a little too tight! :-
Alisha G: I have a medium and it fits tight and I am smaller than you. I think a small would be to tight on your arms because the medium is tight on my arms.
Natasha C: No I am a 34B it fits perfectly
Danielle P: I'm 34D 27 waist and the top fits snug in a medium. Looks very small off, but on looks amazing.
None N asked: is the coral more of a red color or pink color?
Dominique a: More red
Brittney P: Sorry I bought the ivory one which is somewhat white. Not sure about the coral but I believe it looks more of an orange.
Catherine D asked: I'm a 34A and have a 26 in waist, but there isn't a small for the color I want will medium still fit well?
spunkidelic s: medium would be better. i'm a 34b and 25 in waist and the small is a little TOO tight. i think medium would be just the right amount of tight to be perfectly honest. and this is coming from someone that enjoys wearing form-fitted clothing.
Valerie s: I'm the same sizes and a small fit me but it fits tight which I like.
Justin J: the top runs kinda small so a medium should be good
Rosiland T: I'm also a 34A, with a waist line of a 28. I got a medium and it fits great. I think I will fit you as well. They crop top fits to your body. It's like a stretch top. So, a medium will do.
Chudney J: Hey Hon, unfortunately I don't think that it will be a good fit, that's if you want it snugged to the body... :
Chanel J: I'm about those exact measurements and the medium fits just fine! This top definitely runs small.
None N asked: true to size?
spunkidelic s: it runs slightly small.
Roniese M: Yes ..
Alyssa S: I normally get small but I'm a 34D, 5"2 & 125 lbs, the medium is perfect! Hope this helps you.
Natasha L: Yes it is
Yumi H: Yes it fits very well! I'm pretty skinny and got a small and it fit fine, not too tight/loose. I just wish they had more colors available
Belle E asked: Please tell me, do they shrink If so great! The color i want is only in a large. Im petite and probably wouldve settled for medium if it were there so if they shrink thats great news can anybody tell me?
Jessica V: They run small. I have a hard time putting my top on :p
Ming M: I think the large would be just fine because I got a medium in black and it fitted well :
Belle E asked: Noticed they say cold wash and hang dry only really would like to know if they shrink if so great!
Erica B: No, it does not shrink. Hand wash cold and hang dry is what it says.
Kierra C: yes it shrinks.but its also made tight though
J O: They do not shrink
Belle E asked: Do you have the seafoam color in small?
GoJane S: We do not know when an item will be restocked. We get restocks and new items daily and I recommend checking back soon!
None N asked: Was wondering if anyone has worn this top without a bra If so, thoughts Was thinking of purchasing and just wearing it with nipple covers since commenters before say it is a tight fit! Thanks!
Briana M: I've always worn this top with a strapless bra b/c it looks more supportive. Your boobs will be sagging if you just wear it with nipple covers unless they're small. Yes, it does fit tight, but I still prefer a strapless . You should get the shirt tho! I love it!
Sara W: It's super tight. I have 32 b size boobs and wore it without a bra
Christine P: The shirt is a tight fit but I wore mine with a strapless bra and it worked fine. Give it a try and see if it works but its not the only option!
narsiso g: I have not worn mine yet but I tried it on and it is a very tight fit. I'm usually a small and I ordered a medium and it fit tight. So I'm thinking you could very easily wear this without a bra and be very comfortable.
None N asked: When are yous getting more stock in because there's no more smalls left in most of the clothes size ?
GoJane S: We do not know when an item will be restocked. We get restocks and new items daily and I recommend checking back soon!
None N asked: what size are the models wearing?
GoJane S: All Go Jane models wear a size small.
None N asked: Is the taupe color like a beige color?
Kyla C: yes. its a little lighter. Also this top runs small and tight
Daphne F: I didn't order the taupe color. I ordered a white and a pink one. They look EXACTLY
None N asked: Do these run big I mean, I usually wear a medium. And I dont wanna order a medium and have it be too small. Should I just go with a large sorry for bugging.
Kyla C: no they run tiny!
Daphne F: I usually wear a medium and ordered a medium. it fits just fine. but remeber it is a cropped shirt. your shoulders, belly and lower back WILL be exposed but i liked that because it showed both my lower back dermal piercings and my belly button.
elizabeth c: They run really small so a medium is fine for you
Ming M: I recently ordered this crop top in black and I got a medium the medium was a little tight so I would say get a large.
abb s asked: Where can i find the shorts she is wearing?
GoJane S: You can view our shorts under the "clothes" tab!
abb s asked: i have small boobs will it still look good?
Paula E: yesss i have small boobs and it looks great!
shavonni e: I have small boobs too, but I wear a push up bra and it looks nice.
BAKIR H: Yes it will.
Ciara R: Yes. I wear an A cup. It looks great on me
None N asked: how often do go jane restock small\
GoJane S: We cannot guarantee when an item will be restocked. We do restock and receive hundreds of new items every week, so we may get something similar soon. Keep checking back!
hannah g asked: Is this going to be restocked soon?
GoJane S: We cannot guarantee when an item will be restocked. We do restock and receive hundreds of new items every week, so we may get something similar soon. Keep checking back!
shainna s asked: how to buy the necklace?
GoJane S: The necklace is not included. You can locate all accessories here:
None N asked: will it fit on girls with big boobs?
Arina G: definitely go size up!
i wish i did. it will still fit well because it's so short, but it won't squish your boobs
but it looks adorable on!
Michelle S: I would maybe go a size up than you would normally order
Paula E: Yes, just make sure you choose the best size for you.
Jennifer D: Yes
None N asked: What size should I get if I'm a 34 C?
GoJane S: You can reference our size chart here for sizing guidelines:
carlia g asked: when will you come in with more smalls\
GoJane S: We cannot guarantee when an item will be restocked. We do restock and receive hundreds of new items every week, so we may get something similar soon. Keep checking back!
None N asked: what size is the model wearing?
GoJane S: All Go Jane models wear a size small.
Comments From people who chose this
lori v chose this because: to go with a maxi skirt
M C chose this because: cute top I wore it with a bodycon pencil skirt so cute
DER V chose this because: Cute, matches with anything highwaist!
Jan J chose this because: Too small
Joseph T chose this because: Great for girlfriend. It's sexy. Hope the size is correct!
Annie W chose this because: I chose this item because it is simply cute.
scott s chose this because: Its cute.
Cynthia T chose this because: goes with most things:
Celeste T chose this because: shows off my toned stomach nicely
Anna B chose this because: Too cute! Wish they had more selection of colors!
Jessica M chose this because: Had a 50's-themed party. Absolutely lovely!
xiomara c chose this because: It's sexy
Alexandra N chose this because: i like how simple it is and you can dress it up or dress it down!
Tiffany C chose this because: to wear with a skirt
DAO N chose this because: cute
eric b chose this because: photoshoot
Denisse A chose this because: Its cuter then a plain t- shirt crop top
Rebecca F chose this because: love showing the collarbone and shoulders
kimaleen t chose this because: it's beautiful
Jeanine B chose this because: its really versatile
Jaletha H chose this because: This goes well with a nice flirty skater skirt love it!!
tyno t chose this because: this is a cute top
Mary B chose this because: Bold colors and sleeves look like they will be comfortable..will see!
payton y chose this because: its super cute
Veronique A chose this because: Same reason..
courtney b chose this because: cute
Joanna R chose this because: Sandy costume for Grease!
Lauren M chose this because: To match a skirt I have
darlene b chose this because: Just the right sexyness!!!
Angel R chose this because: Fits like a glove=
victoria p chose this because: Shows off my chest piece perfectly!!
Jesse S chose this because: cute, affordable
tiffany s chose this because: I had to return this item, i advice get a size up
Ally W chose this because: super cute
Kayla C chose this because: SEXY!
Casey H chose this because: I love the off the shoulder look.
Kathryn R chose this because: the off shoulder is sexy!
Lisa A chose this because: affordable cute top for high waisted skirts/pants
carra r chose this because: great top with my double split skirt
Paige S chose this because: I like the material because it is fitting but still allows movement. I liked the different options for colors; all colors were cute. Off the shoulder tops are unique and you dont find them everywhere for cheap.
Isabel E chose this because: i love the cut and both the cut and color were perfect for my princess jasmine costume :
Priscilla C chose this because: I love wearing crop tops with my high waisted shorts, i luv the low sleeves on this one

suzette f chose this because: i bought this for my costume as princess jasmine from aladin
Ashley B chose this because: Great to wear with high waisted shorts, love it!
gabrielle p chose this because: pairing it with some pants i have
Lushyn P chose this because: love the style
Tasha C chose this because: Sexy sexy and show off all the right parts
Ashley Y chose this because: sexy
Amanda W chose this because: off the shoulder, can be used..causal or fancy
Daphne F chose this because: i ordered it in one color and had to have it in a few more colors
ashley a chose this because: looks nice
Thais M chose this because: Gorgeous top!
Crystal C chose this because: I needed a top for my Halloween costume, which is Sandy from Grease This top in black is absolutely perfect for it!
Jena R chose this because: I love this color!
YARISOL B chose this because: nice
Antoinette P chose this because: I picked this top because it's simple, yet trendy. It's super cute and can be paired with many other stylish clothing. And the price is right!
Yulanda L chose this because: This shirt is great paired with a high waisted skirt for a classy or office look.. But it can definitely be fun, worn with cut off shorts in the summer time.
Brittney M chose this because: beautiful and can be styled in many ways
alexandrea c chose this because: love the fit, has a pin up girl feel to it!
ossey-brou K chose this because: it is stylish
Sonia G chose this because: like the style
Brittney P chose this because: simple but cute
Mary B chose this because: I love the retro look of this crop top, it reminds me of Grease! It's so adorable, I can't wait to wear it!
Lea d chose this because: have been wanting a shirt like this in light purple for forever! so happy
April S chose this because: It will go great with my high waist lace shorts
Alexis F chose this because: I love off the shoulder shirts
Isabelle P chose this because: It's cute and could easily be dressed up or down.
Carmela L chose this because: i can wear it with alot
Victoria O chose this because: Cute and sassy
Samantha C chose this because: Great price and super cute for the summer
Emisha T chose this because: I found this top so appealing and i think it would go get with some high waist shorts. I had to have them!
Nikita W chose this because: it was a nice sexy summer top
Alyssa S chose this because: Best price, adorable & had good reviews.
Pauline N chose this because: sexy and flirty
Naya L chose this because: So cute for the summer to wear with cut out leggings for a night out, or a maxi skirt for the day! Love this top.
Katie M chose this because: always wanted an off the shoulder crop top! great for clubbing, parties, getties, and even just a day out on the town
patty h chose this because: to wear on a night out
Kierra C chose this because: this shirt is cut tight. its very comfortable and you should be one size bigger
norma A chose this because: I have been looking for this exact style everywhere! I wish the lace one was a little longer!
Geo S chose this because: want to pair this top with a white high waist trouser
Jasmine L chose this because: The off the shoulder sleeves add a subtle touch to this basic top. Can't wait to try it on!
J O chose this because: cute and flirty
J O chose this because: cute and flirty
Briana M chose this because: The shirt is very pretty and it's of the shoulder.
Melissa M chose this because: simple, cute, very flattering
Sarah P chose this because: I love how flirty and feminine this top is perfect with anything high waisted.
Simeaira S chose this because: Going to wear this with my suspenders lol
alexandrea c chose this because: simple but cute, the off the shoulder look is a nice touch.
Mella F chose this because: Thought it was cute!
Nicole P chose this because: Love the off the shoulder concept.
Anne W chose this because: This top will match with my high waist leggings
Brittani L chose this because: Sexy.
Lapria S chose this because: my style
Carla V chose this because: cute off the shoulder great summer look
Kendra H chose this because: i really like the style and the diff colors
faviola q chose this because: love wearing these types of shirts with high waisted pants
Shana G chose this because: bold shoulders
Makeala B chose this because: i like the vintage off the shoulder look very cute
Arlyne R chose this because: cute design
Irvine S chose this because: love off the shoulders
Alisha G chose this because: Simple and cute
Karen M chose this because: cute style/color, and will go well with high waist shorts/ pants!
BRENDA L chose this because: love the color and style
Christine A chose this because: color
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