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Halter Side Tie Monokini BLACKHalter Side Tie Monokini BLACKHalter Side Tie Monokini BLACKHalter Side Tie Monokini BLACK
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Halter Side Tie Monokini

now $12.95
Halter Side Tie Monokini BLACKHalter Side Tie Monokini MINT

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A basic monokini is sometimes all you need to stand out. Let your bronzed sun-kissed skin do all the talking as you strut pass the onlookers. The ties behind the neck, back and at the hips allow you to adjust the fit as you deem comfy. Finished with removable padding in the bust.

80% Nylon, 20% Spandex
Hand wash cold & hang dry
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+ Questions & Answers

Questions about this item
None N asked: I'm 4'11 and very tiny. I have a slim waist, pant size 26 2 or 3, however, I have a VERY large chest for my size. I have 32DD's. Would a medium fit me in the chest I know I large would be very big everywhere else..
Felicia M: Yes, a medium will fit and the bottom is adjustable so you can tie it tighter.
Agata N: Yes, a medium should fit you without a problem!
None N asked: how do the sizes run\
Shawn S: I would sat it run close to the size that is ordered the only thing I did not like is that it was a little long on my torso but I am short I had two of them one fit great the other one was a little long
michelle l asked: I dont know what size should i order. I'm 34B, 25 wasit and 34.5 in my butt. Should i order S/M or M Can someone help?
Nancy P: I have about the same measurements and i got a medium. Great choice.
Jackielou L: medium is fine
Q U: Well I'm not sure of all my exact measurements but I wear a 36D bra and a size 5 in jeans and the medium fits me perfectly. You should try the small. Hope this helps.
Agata N: A medium will be fine.
None N asked: does it come with a shorts..?
Felicia M: No, it doesn't come with shorts.
Q U: No
Agata N: No, it just comes as shown on the picture.
Nancy P: No shorts included. The bathing suit is great. Covers the tummy area and still allows you to be sexy.
None N asked: sizing chart?
GoJane S: You can reference our size chart here for sizing guidelines:
None N asked: Why is this not available in the 1X I am a 38 DD. My waist measures at 35in. MY hips measure at 45in. I would love to have this but it does not come in a 1X which according to your size chart.
GoJane S: We do not offer plus sizes on most of our casual wear. Occasionally, we do carry XL in our regular clothes too. You can do a search by XL in our search box to view these items. Also, some of our pants / denim / jeans often go up to size 15-21 as well. You can reference our size chart here for sizing guidelines:
None N asked: what are the measurements for xl?
Terry M: Based for for the person it was bought for, I can say 36-30-37
Jillian A: Extra large
None N asked: I wear a size 6 in womens clothing what size would I pick?
Lalonnie B: A medium should be good for you I wear a size 8-10 in dresses and I ordered the large because there clothes run a little small and it fits perfect :
Latoya G: I'm also a size 6 and a medium fit great! I just had to return it because the white is kinda see through.
Jennifer C asked: I wear a size 14 what size bathing suit should I order?
GoJane S: You can reference our size chart here for sizing guidelines:
None N asked: I wear a size 6 in clothing so will I be able to order a small?
None N asked: is it pushup on top and small as in what size\
Brittany S: it's definitely not push-up, but it does have padding so it will give a tiny little lift. as for size, I am 5' 2'' and 130 pounds, and the medium was kind of tight on me a good fit.
T W: How many inches wide is the Bikini bottom, at the hip. When the ties are completely loose, What is the measurement of the length on the side ?
Garnetta B asked: my hip us 42" my chest is 38" DDD what is my size?
GoJane S: You can reference our size chart here for sizing guidelines:
Susan C asked: Im about the same measurements of Keara H. Ordering a M. is this the correct size?
Keara H asked: I have a 40 in. bust 36DD a 30 in. waist and 40 in. hips and I'm 5'5". I would like to be as well covered as the girl in the picture with out having saggy panties; any advice on the size I should get?
shannon f asked: 34DD bust 36" hips which size would fit me?
Faith M: I'm a 32C with 33" hips and I have the S, so I guess with your proportions you should try M maybe?
Carole M asked: I am a size 6 in clothing... 36D w/36" hips... am I a small med or lg I want my chest covered properly but don't want granny panties on the bottom. ;
Brianna C: Hi there Carole. I'm a size 5, 34B, 5'7" and i bought the small. If I were you I would buy the Large or maybe the medium. The small is almost too small for me in the waist/butt area and the halter is barely long enough. It's a tight fit essentially.
Terry M: You will be good w/ a Lrg. Should fit you perfectly & look nice
Melissa M: Carole,

I am a size 0 or 2 in clothing, 34B w/34" hips. I purchased a small and it fits quite snuggly 8 weeks to lose 5 pounds. The self adjusting ties on the hips allows you to tighten or loosen as needed which prevents the "granny pants" issue.

Hope this helps!
Brianna C asked: I'm a 34B and weigh 130lbs and am 5' 8" did anyone else who fits this description or close to it find this bathing suit complimenting?
Christine R: I am 130 and 5'3" and this suit looks amazing! It is flattering on my stomach and accentuates all the right spots giving me an hourglass appearance! Fits and supports bust and bottom perfectly!
Marsha S: I'm a 34B as well and weigh 121lbs. I'm 5'6. For me, the fit was okay but not great. The top was too long so I had to tie it really tight for it to stay in place. So maybe if you have a long upper body/neck....It's hard to say. But for me, it was ehh.
Brianna C: Ok, that's great news! =
charlene d: no wire and i ordered size large great fit young lady
Cindy V: I'm the same what size did you get?
vanessa m asked: im a 36 c & have wide hips im 5'2 & weigh 130lbs should i order med or large my guess would be large cuz my bust size thanks?
Brittany S: Definitely a large. I'm 5'2'' with A cups and I weigh 120lbs. The medium was really tight on me..
Kimberly T: Hello Vanessa M,

I would say a Large, I'm a 34 c 5'4 & weigh about 140. I also have wide hips & a wide rear-end if you know what I mean lol!! I ordered a Med, the top part was fine however, my cheeks were out on both sides in the back. I wish they made it with more rear-end coverage because it's a gorgeous swimsuit! I hope this helps!

Sara D: I am about the same size as you just an inch shorter! and I ordered a medium. It was too small in the bust area and wasn't quite long enough. I just sent it back for a large.
vanessa m: thank you for taking the time to answer my question im excited to mk my order =
Comments From people who chose this
Brenda R chose this because: I love this bathing suit so much I brought teal and hot pink. It was a hit on the beach!!!
Melissa O chose this because: We are going on vacation. This will be perfect for me. Still sexy but makes me more comfortable at the same time!
Dori R chose this because: This was exactly what I was looking for.
Tamika H chose this because: it is beautiful...just what I've been looking for and for the right price
Grace B chose this because: because it's motivation to get back into my swimsuit body and I plan on going to the Carribean with an amazing suit and an amazing body.
TARA B chose this because: I wanted a white swimsuit
Unique R chose this because: it looks really great and i know it would flatter my shape.
Brenna R chose this because: I wanted something that would cover my stomach, yet still look good.
samantha p chose this because: Looks cumfy! :
Raychel R chose this because: I have this in 3 different colors! It's extremely flattering and comfortable.
Sameilia H chose this because: I have one from GoJane and I LOVE IT!!!
Sheaviar S chose this because: always wanted a monokini
Shaya K chose this because: Fits great! No complaints at all.
Rebecca C chose this because: its adjustable everywhere and super cute!
chelsea a chose this because: this suit is nice but i wish it had under wire and separate sizes available for top and bottom!
Lalonnie B chose this because: like how it covers the stomach but is still sexy!
brenda v chose this because: cute. and looks like it would hide my tummy stretchmarks
Damon B chose this because: I'm hoping it looks as sexy and flattering on my wife as it does on the model.
Tommy S chose this because: Because I liked it and I thought it would look wonderful on my wife while she was sunbathing!!!
charlene d chose this because: stylist and comfortable
Brittany S chose this because: cute and simple. I hope it fits! :o
Monica G chose this because: i like the color
Monica G chose this because: its cute

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