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Jersey Yoga Pants BLACK
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Jersey Yoga Pants

now $7.91
Jersey Yoga Pants BLACK

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Wondering what's the best way to unwind after a long day? Slip on these pants and get right down to downward facing dog because it's time for some yoga. Stretchy yoga pants feature a bootcut fit and a wide waistband for an optional high-waisted or fold-over look. No closures.

All measurements are for a small.
Length: 41"
Inseam: 31"
Waist: 26"
92% Cotton, 8% Spandex
Hand wash cold & hang dry
Made in China

+ Questions & Answers

Questions about this item
Caroline K asked: How long is the inseam on a pair of large yoga pants?
Chidinma A: not sure but Im 5'6 to 5'7 and these pants flooded a little bit. i can't wear them by themselves, got to wear em with boots n shoes that cover my ankles. be careful of that.
None N asked: What size is the model wearing
I am 115 pounds 5"6 and 25 waist. Which size would be most comfortable for me, not too tight or loose. small/med \?
Kimberly W: I find that the waistband on mine aren't very elastic, so I would go smaller of the two choices.
GoJane S: Most of the models on our site are wearing a size small. Please check the product description as this information is sometimes included.
None N asked: I'm tall, about 5'11" do these com in TALL?
J. P: I would say they do because I am about 5'5" and they are a bit too long for me
victoria k: you should be fine i'm 5' 7" and theyre very long on me
brenda a: No Im 5'8 and they were floods on me...
None N asked: IIm about 5'8 . Would these be long enough for me ?
Chidinma A: I am 5'7 and these reached all the way to the ground and these reached there and a bit longer so i think so.
Mahadeva D: Yes they will. I think they will reach your ankle though. I'm 5'7in and they are good length on me. Hope that helps.
None N asked: Are they see through at all\
jennifer h: I bought these thinking they were kinda like TNA pants, but they are not at all. These are too thin and easily stretched and worn on the first wash. It did nothing to hide my cellulite bumps on the back of my thighs, and the waist was loose and slid down constantly. I wouldn't be surprised if people could see the color of my bright pink underwear through these pants in the wrong lighting. The front is the worst part, even wearing a thong doesnt prevent panty lines cause the front panty lines show!! These pants are so thin and easy to get camel toe
Julie S: yes kind of.. especially if you bend over and have bright underwear on
Fatoubin M: Yes very see through. I can't wear it outside my house.
Lisa P: No. I bought the black yoga pants, and they are not see through at all.
Rychele T: Not at all, the material is completely opaque, if you sweat however you may want to get a darker material.
Erica P: They aren't see through but they''ll definitely shrink. Just a heads up.
M I: no, they are cotton.
K E: No, at least the charcoal ones aren't.
Elle S asked: what is the inseam on the Large size I usually wear 'tall'
Ellen B: I'm 5'9 and I ordered large ad their were too big in waste and much too short, then they shrink.. Not worth it..
Julie S: the inseam does run a little long, i actually had to hem them about 2 inches. so they should be perfect for you.
None N asked: It says it's really stechy and I normally wear size large, Should I get a size medium instead?
Charlene D: I would get a large because they shrink when you wash them.
MOLLY F: I also usually wear a large and the medium is perfect. There are so many yoga pants out there and these are great!!
Melissa V: Its stretchy, yes. But although I normally order small, I figured since I'm 5 months preggy, I'll order a medium and its just perfect! I think small would have been too tight. Medium is really comfy. :
None N asked: I usually wear long in any pants and I am always having issues with them shrinking up to far after the fist was. Will this happen?
brenda a: Yes
Rychele T: No, This will not happen. I'm about 5 foot 1, bought the small size and considering i'm mostly leg, the pants are really long. Lots of extra pant when I first put it on and after the first wash the length didn't change at all. It won't shrink too much in the wash, but it depends on where it falls on you to begin with.
None N asked: I'm 5'9" and wear anything from a 2 to 6 in size depending on cut. Which size for me?
GoJane S: You can reference our size chart here for sizing guidelines:
brenda a: im in canada so the fit from here to there is different.. smaller... but here is a tip hang dry them upside down it will help with the length! :
None N asked: im a small girl, and i was wondering if these pants were really 31 inseam most yoga pants are too long, are these as well. also are they form fitting or more on the loose side?
Comments From people who chose this
Katherine H chose this because: need new pants
Tiesha C chose this because: LOVE THE COLOR
donna h chose this because: I like that the pants is high waisted. Look and feel very comfortable and I like that the material is cotton. cool and streatchy
JAZINO S chose this because: need it
Ebony S chose this because: looks comfy and sexy
Mayra S chose this because: Comfy
Melanie W chose this because: comfy and necessary because i work from home!
Jessica M chose this because: Order because of my curvy shape. The jeans a have a stretch!"
Heather G chose this because: I love this type of pant and you can not beat the price!!!.....Especially when you get half off the second pair! I love this web site!!
Jazsmine K chose this because: Fit is not great at all.
Jacqueline W chose this because: looks comfy but sexy
holly s chose this because: can use these pants for work
veronica T chose this because: looks comfy and fitting
Danisha G chose this because: needed inexpensive yogas
jasmine r chose this because: just need them
belinda h chose this because: price
Jamie C chose this because: yoga pants
Sade H chose this because: practical
TIara C chose this because: Comfortable
Jolene R chose this because: cheap & comfy
Chloe J chose this because: Comfort
ROCHELLE T chose this because: CUTE, PRICE
ROCHELLE T chose this because: PRICE
Keyhanna A chose this because: comfy for am classes
T A chose this because: I purchased three pairs of this in different colors and all of them fit differently and had different thicknesses and even different tags
dianita c chose this because: nice look for running around in NYC:
Smita S chose this because: It looks like a good fit and comfortable.
MARIBEL D chose this because: GOOD PRICE
MARIBEL D chose this because: GOOD PRICE
MARIBEL D chose this because: I LIKE
MaShawn S chose this because: I wanted some long stretchy pants with a 31 inch inseam.. these are perfect for my chill days.
victoria k chose this because: incredibly comfy i wear mine so much!
Cherrelle T chose this because: Lounge around in work out!
Jonneque F chose this because: looks comfy
Jonneque F chose this because: looks comfy
yazemin a chose this because: For comfortable. Liked the pants
RACHEL S chose this because: CUTE AND CHEAP!
Christine J chose this because: camel-toe town. i don't recommend these.
Monica G chose this because: "I'm pregnant, & am looking for something versatile & comfortable... Mostly trying to AVOID the cost of maternity clothes..."
Monica G chose this because: "I'm pregnant, & am looking for something versatile & comfortable... Mostly trying to AVOID the cost of maternity clothes..."
Monica G chose this because: I'm pregnant, & am looking for something versatile & comfortable... Mostly trying to AVOID the cost of maternity clothes...
jill r chose this because: because i just had a baby and there good exercise pants
rebecca c chose this because: 10.00 dollars for yoga pants...duh!!!
In M chose this because: comfortable pants to lounge around
In M chose this because: comfortable pants to lounge around
stacey m chose this because: comfort
Erica P chose this because: yoga pants are super versatile. tees, tanks, camis, sneakers, boots, flip flops etc. these are a must have!
Savannah C chose this because: looks comfy
Julie S chose this because: i love them, just wish they came in other inseams considering i'm a short girl.
Jennifer A chose this because: Inexpensive and they turned out to be super soft.
Carolyn C chose this because: I heart yoga pants & these were a good price
Kat K chose this because: Yoga pants make my butt look great. Done and done.
maxine b chose this because: good pricing
Sheneille T chose this because: Summer is right around the corner and I been working on trying to stay healthy and fit.

+ Reviews

Jersey Yoga Pants
4.5 Stars based on 2 Review(s)
4.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

good fit
September 5, 2014
when I first saw them i said these are too small, them I tried them on and wow , the fit was perfect wish you had more colors.

4.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Great yoga pants
April 13, 2013
I'm 5'4" 120lbs and I got a medium. The medium fits perfect. Very tight, but not constricting. I don't think I can see through them enough to matter when wearing them, but when I hold them up I to a light I can see through them. I wish they were thicker. They are kinda long, but they might shrink when I wash them. In the picture it looked like they didn't fold down but fit at the top, and that was one of the reasons I bought them. But, the top piece is loose and made for rolling down, which I guess I don't mind I just really wanted them to fit like normal pants like in the picture.
Fits great, very comfortable, good stretch
Kinda sheer, a little long, the picture doesn't show how the top rolls down

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