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faux leather strappy boot

faux leather strappy boot

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This boot is quite deceiving! It looks like a flat, but it's not. We'll let you in on a little secret…the heel is hidden. Shhh. Now you shorties can get that extra little lift you're looking for, without anyone being the wiser. Everyone will just focus on the snazzy knotted strap and slouchy faux leather detailing. Don't worry my friend, your secret is safe with us. Finished with a zippered side-closure.

Shaft height: 11 inches
Heel height: 1 inch.
Measurements are fora size .
Man made materials

Questions about this item
crystal r asked: When will they get more sizes in I need a size 9
GoJane S: We do not know if a size or color will be restocked but we do receive restocks and new styles daily so keep checking back!
None N asked: Can you tighten the bow I have small calves.
Chakicia T: Yes. The bow can be tightened but it is stitched to the other side of the boot.
Ieasha H: I wouldn't advise it. The bows are pre-tied and hard to fix it exactly how they come. Once mine came undone, I struggled to tie it back.
Brene T
None N asked: would anyone who has these boots recommend them if so are they true to size\
Chakicia T: yes and yes.
amber b: yes they are true to size, i would recommend them i wear them almost every day . i love them :
Christie I: they're definitely true to size! they're very cute but the fake leather looks really really fake is my only complaint
Brandi H: I would totally recommend these boots! They are exact on when it comes to size.
Mlanie C: Yes they are perfect !
Christina C asked: Hi! So I tend to have a bit wider feet. Will this shoe run a bit snug then, or do you think it'll fit alright?
james t: True to size!!
Emily G: My feet are a little wider too and these fit me just fine!
priscilla p asked: are these knee high boots\
Jeanna S: It hits right below the knee
Umber C: They end right below my knee cap. Love them! Super comfortable!
Jasmine h: Yes , they are right at the knee. I really love thes boots!
Stephanie J: Yes, for me lol. I'm 5'0
Amanda S: They come to just below the knee.
Tiffany W asked: I often do a lot of walking. Even with the one inch heel, does it feel like the heel is there or is it really comfortable?
Jassmine C: They are comfortable but u can feel the heel a little not a whole lot
Victoria P: you can barely feel the heel and they are very comfortable!
Venessa H: I do a lot of walking as well. They're comfortable I've never had any issues as far as comfort. I will say that the soles have worn down extremely quick though.
Tiffany W: Thanks! How quickly\
Venessa H
None N asked: have a hiding wedge?
GoJane S: According to the product description, the hidden heel height for this item is 1 inch.
Cindy Y asked: i have 12 inch calves, really small! do you think these would fit me
Vanessa V: Well I have 15 inch calves and they fit perfectly, however the boots are actually quite stiff so I think that they could still work for you without dropping down :-
Cindy Y: i mean my calf circumference is 12 inches! sorry for the confusion. lots of boots dont fit around my calves because the space around it is so huge! is there a lot of space in the calf area thats something i do not want
Corrita S: Ya that shouldn't be a problem they suprisingly have alot of space there...
Suzanne C: By 12 inch calves... do you mean, 12 inch around, or up-down I'm a petite person as well, and I found these fit me just fine.
None N asked: What is the shaft Is it the length of the boot?
GoJane S: According to the product description, the length of the boot is 11 inches.
breanna r asked: I was just wondering how well is the quality of these boots?
Ieasha H: I have only worn mine twice so far and I love them. They do not appear cheap. I almost purchased a similar boot from a boutique and I'm glad I didn't. The only thing is I wish I would have purchased a 8.5 instead of a 9, which I usually wear.
Jasmine B: The quality of the boot is okay. I wore my boots moderately so they're still in pretty good condition, but if you were to wear them everyday I think they would wear down really fast. I do love the boots and they look great on my feet. I hope this helps!
Brene T
None N asked: Where does the "shaft measurement" start?
GoJane S: The shaft measurement starts where the hidden wedge is. The hidden wedge is 1 inch in height.
None N asked: What color brown would you say these are I'm looking for something that's like a regular cocoa brown.
TQ B: Thanks Courtney! that helps a lot.
Adjoa B: i would say it is a cocoa brown it doesnt like as light as it is in the picture. Their so cute
Courtney D: Hi, I ordered the Taupe color. They are definately NOT cocoa brown. They are a light tan color. I love the color and wear my boots all the time!

I hope this helps you decide. :
TQ B: Lol thanks but it doesn't really answer my question :/ I asked because it says taupe but the pic looks like it would be what I'm looking for. Just wanna make sure before I purchased.
Debbie H: I bought them in black.
None N asked: Hey guys, I have REALLY skinny they're 12 inches in circumference I believe, so do you think these would fit me
Kelsey B: I have VERY skinny calves as well and they fit me just fine! There is a little extra room but not too much
Valerie Z: yhh it would just wear jeans and withh do the magic
Demetre W: yes, they would fit no matter if your calvesare skinny!!!
None N asked: I have wide calves. What is the circumference of the opening of the boot?
GoJane S: We do not receive the calf measurements for each boot. Generally the average size around the calf area for juniors boots is around 14 inches.
kiersten s asked: I have very long skinny legs and boots usually run very wide. Are these boots narrow ?
Kimberlee S: oh okay, so they'll be a teeny bit big but it won't look ridiculous or anything thnks for your answer btw!
Jassmine C: If you have skinny legs they are a little wide but they shouldn't be that big
Kimberlee S: oh okay, so they'll be a teeny bit big but it won't look ridiculous or anything thnks for your answer btw!
None N asked: do these boots look cheap in person?
Chakicia T: They don't look cheap and last quite some time.I am rough on my boots,walk around alot.They are wearing thin on soles now but took awhile for that to happen. Good Buy!!!
Demetre W: No, they do not look cheap
katie b: No not at all! They are adorable :
Heather B: I liked these boots better than the ones I purchased a Kohl's and then returned. I also tried some on at JCP which had a cheaper looling heel.
chandra v asked: my shoe size is 8 for a tennis shoes. what size would i be in these boots?
Demetre W: 8
Obelem E: I wear a size 8 for most shoes but 8.5 is my ideal size for tennis shoes so I got this boot in size 8.5
so you can get 8...
Breeanna T: I went by what size I wear in my Nike tennis shoes . Size 7 and I haven't actually worn the boots yet but I tried them on and they seem perfect !
Budour H asked: do they leak water?
Zachary S: No. They held up pretty well.
Kyla F: I have not had any issues with these boots. There's are water proof unless if you decided to swim in them and they are very comfortable. I love these boots and I love gojanes because they are affordable and have quality items at a great price. My boots go great with my straight legs and dresses. Mine have not leaked.
megan w asked: so my shoe size is 5.5 would my boot size be 5.5 or would it be bigger would it be around 7\
Chantal P: It's the same size :
jasmine J: I only had to go up half a size. So try a 6.
None N asked: when is the taupe going to be restocked\ because i need a size 6.5
GoJane S: We do not know when an item will be restocked. We get restocks and new items daily and recommend checking back soon!
megan w: ok thank you could you email me when they get restocked thanks!!
None N asked: I was on here yesterday and saw my size, I'm back on here and my size is gone. Could you tell me when will these boots be restocked I order from here all the time and love these boots got to have a pair.
GoJane S: We do not know when an item will be restocked. We get restocks and new items daily and recommend checking back soon!
Samantha B: I haven't gotten my order yet .
Amy R: I am also five feet tall. The front point of the boot comes right below my knee. - like riding boots but for short people. I just got them today and I love them!!
None N asked: do they fall down because some boots start sliding down when walking?
Sara R: no not at all
Samantha C: Mine look kinda big on my calf but haven't fallen down yet. I love the way they fit!
None N asked: are these true to size or do they run bigger or smaller?
Sara R: true to size
Karen R: Perfect fit
Samantha C: They seem to run true to size; I ordered a 7 1/2 and they fit perfectly and normally I wear between a 7 and a 8 depending on the brand.
None N asked: hey i went on this site yesterday and saw these cute black boots for 14.99 now i don't see them. did you sell them?
GoJane S: If an option is not available on our site it is currently sold out. We do receive restocks so keep checking back!
Comments From people who chose this
McKayla D chose this because: I LOVE THE BOW
Antonia U chose this because: Love boots
Ana H chose this because: I needed a pair of boots
Terri B chose this because: <3
Haylee A chose this because: I got these in the light brown color and theyre my favorite pair of boots. They look cute with everything. The only thing is the heel has worn away pretty fast and ive been very careful not to drag my feet when i walk, so im disappointed in that
Jeanna S chose this because: I had purchased them in brown and Iove them so much I didn't think twice about getting them in black when I saw it was available!
Christina S chose this because: tight on my feet- big on my calves
Dominica B chose this because: cute boots
Adriana F chose this because: theberry
ann t chose this because: ones i wanted
Liora R chose this because: They're adorable! I couldnt resist.
Bryana B chose this because: Because I liked the style!
Umber C chose this because: Love the bow! Don't see this style much anywhere else
Jessica R chose this because: Cute boots that you can dress up or down! Great price too!
Nizama B chose this because: I think they are really fashionable . I love them and have been looking everywhere for these .
jordan k chose this because: it caught me eye
Julia R chose this because: hidden heal!
Jeanna S chose this because: Adorable boot. I have been waiting for a restock and this is the best price i have seen for them by far
Kyla G chose this because: love them
Maria K chose this because: christmas gift for my daughter.
Teresa R chose this because: my favorite boot :
Suzanne C chose this because: I am pregnant, so I was looking for a boot that didn't have much of a heel.
colleen f chose this because: im buying them for work. where they always want you to be stylish
Casandra D chose this because: Very chic.....
Ashley D chose this because: they are cute
S E chose this because: Leather, once I waterproof no water will touch my feet unless like the suede boots i bought last year.
Ditzi G chose this because: Really cute!
Shawnee P chose this because: It's dressy, trendy and casual at the same time. I love that it has the hidden wedge too!
Brene? T chose this because: Cute and stylish. Plan to wear w/cute outfits & maybe for going out
Joslin A chose this because: i love the bow on the side and I have never had a pair of leatherette boots
Jenna O chose this because: These boots will compliment anyone's size. Not to mention they are to die for!
Kristen T chose this because: Looks very cute and very comfortable! Love the hidden heel!
Debbie L chose this because: love the style
Breeanna T chose this because: I need boots for fall and these are cute.
katie b chose this because: These boots are super cute!
Oluwatayo O chose this because: love it
Courtney D chose this because: love the look of them
Samantha C chose this because: love the bow on the side
Taylor G chose this because: its cute, and nothing else is my size
Emerano M chose this because: because they look very nice
Vanessa V chose this because: They are leather so they are waterproof so they can keep my feet warm and dry and are stylish at the same time. Additionally they are flat so they are comfortable to walk in.
Shonice P chose this because: I love this style
Chakicia T chose this because: stylish and versatile
Audrey R chose this because: looks comfortable
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