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Velvet Finish Stud Trim Wedge FUCH  (Final Sale)
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Velvet Finish Stud Trim Wedge

now $$5.95
Velvet Finish Stud Trim Wedge FUCH  (Final Sale)Velvet Finish Stud Trim Wedge BLUE  (Final Sale)Velvet Finish Stud Trim Wedge BLACK  (Final Sale)

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Studs adorn these velvet wedges. The result? A look that's both glam and tough. These wedges also include a faux wood inset, as well as slightly padded, faux leather insole.

Heel height: 5.75"
Man made materials
Final Sale

+ Questions & Answers

Questions about this item
None N asked: what size is heel and platform\\?
GoJane S: The only information we do receive from the manufacturer on our items is included in the Product Description/Details located to the right of each item on our site. According to the product description, the heel height for this item is 5.75 inches.
Blakely T asked: am i able to return if they aren't the right size?
GoJane S: You can always return or exchange within 30 days! Look at our return and exchange policy for more information here:
None N asked: size... can I order a 10 1/2 or 11... if so how can I order\\
GoJane S: Currently our shoe sizes range from 5.5 10, whole and half sizes. Occasionally, size 5 and 11 are included as an available option but these sizes are not stocked on a regular basis. You can reference our payment information here
None N asked: I wear a 6 in heels and just ordered a 7 in these. Should I have got a 6 1/2 since they're heavy?
ange n: getting a 7 was a big mistake because if u think that they are heavy its enough reason for you to get your regular size so they can hold on to your feet while walking because if they are heavy and you get a size bigger than your feet 1. they are going to be more difficult for you to walk on and 2 they are going to be too big and wont be able to wear it. i am a 8 and i ordered an 8 and they are perfectly fine and they are not heavy .
Takara G: yes i would have gotten the half size. But it also depends on the way your foot is made is it wide, chubby and also you can always stuff tissue at the tip of the shoe to give you the size that you need..
kiera b asked: so if i where a 8 1/2 do i need to get a nine because some nines are to big and some 8 1/2 are to tight, i hate that it has to be like that sometimes.
Brittini N: you should get a nine im a true 8 1/2 this shoes runs small
Shannon P: You should get the 8 1/2. The shoes do not run big.
Rubaida P: hi there. i woulg get a nine because they do run a bit tight. i waer a seven so i got an eight. they are fab.enjoy!!
Sarene T asked: this company doesnt make 11s\?
GoJane S: Currently our shoe sizes range from 5.5 10, whole and half sizes. Occasionally, size 5 and 11 are included as an available option but these sizes are not stocked on a regular basis.
Lachandra H asked: If anyone has gone a full size up, how does the shoe feel I wear a 9 and would need a 10, since 9/12 doesn't exist.
None N asked: I usually order a size 61/2 in heels, should I order a 7 or 71/2 in these heels I've read some comments saying they run small. I just wanted to know which size would be better for me. Also, I have narrow feet. Thanks!
S K: i read the coments myself about this shoe so i went one size bigger because i have a wide foot which was and 10 and it ended up being to big for me. I had to ship them back and exchange them for a size 9 which fit just right. Hope this helps
coretta c: i dont know about size in heels but whaatever d heels size i bought they were high,and as for narrow i think d fit is perfect it would not fit a wide foot person
Vivian A: I'm a size 8 and this style i bought 8.5... the 8 ran too small, and the 8.5 ran a little big so i kept the 8.5 and added a padding inside, it needed extra padding anyways cause theres non in the shoe... Super cute though and i get tones of compliments when i wear them out... pain is beauty :
Rubaida P: hi there! definitely order these in a full size because their kind of snug. i wear a 7 so i ordered them in an 8. they are super, super cool. you'll be the envy of your friends! enjoy!!


unknown : they do run slightly small... but they are really heavy and thick so i would order your regular size otherwise i think the weight will make them slide off at he heel which will cause u more of a problem than the lack of room in the toe area... these are not nightclub shoes... maybe for date night or a nice sit down outing.
Michelle R: I normally get a size 8 in heels and needed an 8 1/2 the 8 was really small so I would be willing to guess that as long as all their shoes are from the same supplier posh then then run small :
M I: i think they run big cx im a size 8 and anytime i order a size 8 it gets too tight on me so i decided to get a size 81/2 but it seems they too big on me so if ur a size 61/2 den it advisable to stick to dat cx these run big
None N asked: how we order these ?
Lynnisha P: Hi these wedges are awsome. I wear a size a 8 but would've been better off getting a 81/2.
None N asked: do u ship to jamaica?
GoJane S: We do not ship to Jamaica. We recommend using a forwarding company located in the US to place your order. You can view our shipping chart for more information here:
judith a asked: pls how does this fit and how comfortable is it?
Lua N: These shoes are painful. I adore sky high heels/wedges but it has to be said that you definitely should not wear these if you are going to be standing/walking/dancing a lot.
S K: I Love the shoe but i had to send mine back, they run alittle small. I wear a size 9 but had to send it back for a exchange for a size 10 but over all it's a very comfy shoe. Hope this helps
Dianne D: They are really comfortable, they size run small...but I am glad i made this purchase........
Rubaida P: i knew they would fit small so i bought a half size. so if you wear a an 8 for example, buy a 8 1/2. the heel is high but they look awesome!! enjoy!!

Vivian A: ran a bit snug in the toes so i had to exchange for a half size up
Comments From people who chose this
mareni r chose this because: most comfortable shoe ever!
Augusta B chose this because: love the colour
Amber J chose this because: I love them
Tamaria L chose this because: I needed this color.

These hurt my feet. But they are Cute
grace m chose this because: yes
Kiptena D chose this because: I chose these because they are different and very cute. However, they are NOT true to size. Runs very small and narrow.
Shakila J chose this because: These were cute and cheap.
nataja p chose this because: very unique and different,also comfortable shoe
Beatrice M chose this because: Because i love wedges
JaMesha W chose this because: my sister picked these for her christmas gift
awaki P chose this because: I love these
quentoya s chose this because: the reviews on this shoe was crazzzzyyyy! everyone loved their own pair so i decied i need my own pair to try for myself lol
Jakeera G chose this because: I like everything about his shoes, it's cute and something I find cute to wear
Roxann C chose this because: like the style wedge heel and the detailed finish with the ryne stones
Megan H chose this because: friend
R A chose this because: love these but can not walk in them lol
Lakeisha P chose this because: They were cute but they HURT so bad :
M A chose this because: these shoes are HOTT!!!. i have only worn them a couple of times. Everytime i wear them I get compliaments.
chiquita c chose this because: my daughter wanted this shoe
tadian P chose this because: different
M O chose this because: THEY LOOK DIFFERENT
veronica l chose this because: damn right i got
annissa r chose this because: because they were different and i love uniqueness in shoes
Alia H chose this because: because I like it.
ODEKA B chose this because: Very sexy and sleek its a must have love the color and style very hip
Saeira K chose this because: Funky to the max, love the blue color!
donyette p chose this because: there so sexy
Rubaida P chose this because: i own a pair and wanted another one! they are awesome!


matika c chose this because: Comfty
KIMBERLY J chose this because: Its bomb dot com
Tanecha W chose this because: These looked nice but they are not comfortable. they are new and cant wear them
Terri D chose this because: The shoe speaks for itself.
Shakeema B chose this because: its different
Akeen J chose this because: my girlfriend like this shoe
Sheba J chose this because: Absolutely love the color and I have a shirt that will match with these perfectly.
NICOLE P chose this because: THEY R HOT
Sara B chose this because: the shoe is great
BRENT b chose this because: ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS
Audrey M chose this because: nice shoes
Morgan S chose this because: Super cute. Odd color
TAMELA R chose this because: First I thought it was cute, and its the shoe for my birthday.
Ephratah I chose this because: love wedges. i also like this color
coretta c chose this because: am all about fashion i like unique stuff and to me i thing this shoes was unique,and with my sense of fashion i know i can rock this
Paula M chose this because: A friend of my bought a pair and i likes it so I decided to get one....
Torie C chose this because: They are just too sexy.! I bought the fuschia colored one and I have they perfect lipstick to match..!!
M S chose this because: Just Beautiful!
Rubaida P chose this because: they look insane!! love these shoes!!
Tiffany M chose this because: the color of the shoe

+ Reviews

Velvet Finish Stud Trim Wedge
4 Stars based on 2 Review(s)
Riverdale , GA
4 Stars

Great to look at but...
May 15, 2013
If you can stand to walk in these for longer than 20 minutes then they are a great purchase. I am used to walking in very high heels but these are especially hard to walk in. I would suggest these for an event where you are seated for most of the time. Otherwise, they will just sit in your closet like mine do.
great color
hard to walk in

phoenix, arizona
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Sexy shoes.
January 30, 2013
I received these shoes yesterday and these are beautiful. They are really tall which is what I like but they are kind of hard to walk in. The black ones look really sexy. I bought a 61/2 and they fit my feet perfectly.
Color. Studs. Comfort. Right size.
Too Tall. would feel more comfortable with a strap or something.

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