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Fringed Suede Moccasin Flat REDFringed Suede Moccasin Flat REDFringed Suede Moccasin Flat REDFringed Suede Moccasin Flat RED

Fringed Suede Moccasin Flat

now $22.50
Fringed Suede Moccasin Flat RED

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Fringe, faux suede, and faux fur make these flats classy, as well as cool.
All Man Made Material.


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Questions about this item
None N asked: Is it worth checking back for my size I've been looking every day for over a week for a size 9 in the tan and it's never here. Very frustrated.
GoJane S: We do not know if a size or color will be restocked but we do receive restocks and new styles daily so keep checking back! Also, you can contact our Customer Service Department to place a special request for formal dresses at or 800 U-GO-JANE. For international customers, please call 909 259-0061.
D A: I bought a pair last year and still wear them now. They are super comfy and easy to slip on when I go for walks with my dog. I am defintely getting another pair. Worth the wait!!!
Christina L: Definately worth it!
Andrea K asked: will you be getting more in size 9 of the tan color?
GoJane S: We do not know if a size or color will be restocked but we do receive restocks and new styles daily so keep checking back!
None N asked: do these run big or small?
candace m: I think a little big
T A: The run big. They will also loosen and fall apart very quickly and the color is pretty dull. They also make my slender feet look wide! Not a fan
M A: They run pretty true to size but stretch easily to be a little big.
Gillian O: True to size. Not very good quality, very thin material.
Elina K: Mine ran a little big
Cecilia S asked: Could you send me to Argentina?
GoJane S: We do ship to Argentina! You can reference our shipping chart for here for more information:
Cecilia S: Sorry, and how much the shipment?
None N asked: how do you return?
regina t asked: Hi GoJane, will you be stocking up sizes for camel anytime soon my feet runs a little bit bigger than normal
GoJane S: We do not know if an item will be restocked but we do receive restocks and new styles daily so keep checking back!
ASHTYN P: I bought a pair recently, they were kinda tight and i have wide feet, but after a day of wearing them they fit perfect, the just have to be broken in.
Tymisha S: The shoes fit to size and they are very comfortable.
Pei K asked: what are the measurements for size 9?
Tanya R: It runs a bit big for each size.
Melissa B asked: GoJane, does this shoe come in a 5 i absolutely love the purple ive been looking for purple mocs..but sometimes shoes dont come in 5's. is this the case or are 5's just not in stock
GoJane S: Currently our shoe sizes range from 5.5 10, whole and half sizes. Occasionally, size 5 and 11 are included as an available option but these sizes are not stocked on a regular basis.
None N asked: how comfy are they?
Chanae S: I've had these for about 2 months now and I wear them A LOT and they're still comfortable! I love them. The fur inside isn't particularly full but it does provide an extra layer of comfort.
Briyona J: Unfortunately I didn't get the chance to wear them, however they have faux fur on the inside which I would assume makes them really comfy!!
stacey w: They are very comfy .. you might want to get a half size bigger if your gonna wear socks.. they run a tad bit small..
Sierra M: They're pretty comfy. I bought these to replace my minnetonka moccasins that finally broke down after three years, lol. These are really good for the price. Worth buying :
S K: Veryyyy comfy... just don't get it wet, the fur changes color and gives off an odor
Jessica G: There isn't much support, so if you have an arch, they might not be very comfortable for you. They're thin, so if you step on something like a rock, you can feel it, but other than that I think they're pretty warm and comfortable.
B E: They are extremely comfy. The inside is lined with faux fur and it feels like your wearing slippers. I wear them to work all of the time, they are so cute.
Tanya R: They are very comfy and are soft leather, so they conform to your foot. I will probably buy myself another pair in the next month or so!
Cilla T asked: Please bring back the brown ones...please!
GoJane S: We do not know if an item will be restocked but we do receive restocks and new styles daily so keep checking back!
None N asked: are these water resistant can i wear them if it is raining outside?
annie m: No their not water proof, i walked into a small puddle and it totally drenched my feet water. other than that, these shoes are super comfy!!
Chanae S: I made the mistake of wearing them in the rain once and they're so thin that they were completely soaked through! Even if you dodge puddles, if its raining, they'll still get wet and your feet will be soaked! I don't recommend wearing them in bad weather.
Ashley B: Definitely not. I parked in a puddle w/out realizing it yesterday. They soaked through immediately.
Afua G: no you cant
Hazel K: I don't think these are water resistant because these are suede.But probably you can wear them in rainy day but not heaviy rainy day
stacey w: Yes you can. I wear them outside,obviously don't go running through puddles!
I love them, they run a little small so remember that when you order your size.
julia B: its the same thing as wearing a suede boot...i added the protective spray but it only does so much
Ashlee D: They are somewhat water resistant. They are actually thinner than they look in the picture. The material isn't as thick as it seems. Hope that helps.
S K: No it's not
Lynn S asked: What color is cute?
Ashley B: I ordered the python which I love! and the red. The red is nice too, but I don't have much to wear with them. I'd go w/ a neutral. The camel looks nice.
stacey w: Brown
None N asked: are these comfortable do you get blisters on your ankle from wearing them?
Ashley B: So comfortable!! I've been wearing them constantly and never got one of those breaking in blisters.
Hazel K: yes these are comfortable .I don't think it make your ankle get blisters because inside of these are soo soft
Cierra S: I never received them im still waiting on Go Jane customer service to reach me about what's goin on with them....They said they would call yesterday and didn't
None N asked: are these shoes true to size\
Ashley B: I ordered an 8.5 and I usually wear an 8.5/9. They fit well. Snug, but they have stretched since I got them 2 weeks ago.
Hazel K: I wear 8 and I bought 8 it tottally suit on me but you can order 1/2 size down because it looks like it will enlarge after using them
stacey w: I wear 8 and they were a bit small for me
Tashana s: no, order a 1/2 size down
Comments From people who chose this
Rebecca S chose this because: I love fur-lined moccasins with rubber soles that can be used as slippers or outdoor shoes
Tiffany R chose this because: I need a comfortable, yet warm, flat shoe for the work week.
Amanda C chose this because: For my niece
Abbey S chose this because: Needed an all around casual shoe.
Shenee B chose this because: looked so comfortable so I just had to buy it!! I love these!
MONICA L chose this because: best autumn shoes ever, comfy, warm, and good looking
Maria G chose this because: Good
Elisebeth F chose this because: They looked comfortable and i had to have them!
J U chose this because: I love the look of these and they're some of my fave shoes still!
Chantel M chose this because: Love moccasins, and comfy shoes. Who else are you going to see with purple ones\?
charisma c chose this because: modest but trendy
antonique c chose this because: its just fab
J E chose this because: Comfy
kelsie h chose this because: because they're cute and comfy looking moccasins for a darn good deal!
Monica T chose this because: They're whats cute for winter.
LUZ H chose this because: loved it
Jessica P chose this because: I couldn't resist the purple! I hope they are as comfy as they look.
niesha m chose this because: Its casual yet stylish for any wardrobe
Carmesha H chose this because: These were very cute and affordable!
Lynnette D chose this because: Roommate's birthday gift.
blanca a chose this because: I like
Colette R chose this because: daughter likes them
Peletha D chose this because: Comfortable yet chic. Perfect for the cooler weather
chantea c chose this because: Good for the winter..
Antionette W chose this because: these shoes look comformable
tiffany l chose this because: cute
Taunya M chose this because: Look comfortable and have been looking for some.
Joanna M chose this because: Loved the color
S E chose this because: Cute and comfortable.
adrienne s chose this because: they are cute
Latonya c chose this because: MY DAUGTHER LOVES THEM
Tan W chose this because: i love the fringe
Debbie M chose this because: its cute.
Samantha D chose this because: I love moccasins!
keisha n chose this because: i just love the look & its comfy
Shantell K chose this because: I choose these to look professional and to be comfortable at my retail job
Tiffany R chose this because: Needed a comfy flat for when it got colder
Gisselle L chose this because: looks comfortable
Laura F chose this because: these are my everywhere shoes. You might need insoles, they dont have much support.
Zoe J chose this because: My favorite color is purple and they also look comfortable.
Yuqiao P chose this because: nice
D A chose this because: a nice basic for skinny jeans
Cilla T chose this because: They look comfy, good color.
Tashana s chose this because: I luvvv these shoes!! I ordered the Brttan and camel and I am in love with these shoes, they fit perfectly and are so comfortable. perfect for fall. The camel is a surprisingly nice color, i may like it better than the standard brttan moccasin color :
J E chose this because: because they are comfy and cute.

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