Nude Silicone Free Bra NUDENude Silicone Free Bra NUDE
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Nude Silicone Free Bra

now $1.69
Nude Silicone Free Bra NUDE

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No hooks, no back, no straps, no bra? NO PROBLEM! This pack of self-adhesive bras will help to keep your lady bits lifted and secure. These ultra thin, bandage-like covers will shape to your body and can be adjusted to fit perfectly under any outfit. Just peel, stick, and smooth out!

Before Use: Wash and dry your hands and breast area.
After Use: After removing free bra, any remaining adhesive on the skin can easily be removed with cream or baby oil.

3 pairs (6 pasties)
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Questions about this item
GoJane S: We do not know if a size or color will be restocked but we do receive restocks and new styles daily so keep checking back!
None N asked: is this reusable?
D E: nope
Masoma H: I don't think so, I haven't reused them personally.. they are more like stickers that u stick on.
brittany P: No it's not, 1 time only
Loren B: Wasn't for me. One time wear.
Brianna J asked: Do they keep your breasts up I need a bra for a prom dress..
T A: No, I had to use two on each breast, and it didn't give a smooth look in the dress I wore. So I guess it depends on the material and type of dress you wear them with. If it's a thicker material, and tight fitting around your breast area it may work for you. But I have a C cup and tried to wear them with a spandex dress and it didn't look right.
N U: A bit yes
S H: No, they are literally just stickers.
Y M: If u have big boobs forget abt them. .I find them useless probably bcause my boobs are big..i just wasted my money
Blair S asked: i've tried silicone pads before, but the A cup was too big for me. if i got an A cup in these would they fit alright i usually have to go to the kids section for bras.
Orchid P: These are more so for coverage, holds a little too well, apply warm water for easy take off would highly recommend.
None N asked: Do these really lift like a bra?
G L: No, it is like putting paper on.
Y M: No they dont...i wasted money buying them seriously
Nicole M: Honestly I never used them they are still in package
Chris B asked: I'm a D cup, you think they would be of any help to me?
shawna m: NO!!!!!
G L: I'm a B cup and they were useless...kind of the same as just putting masking tape on.
J W: They didn't work when I use them.
Chris B: Ok thanks J.
Y M: Honestly they wont be of any help to u. I am a D cup too but i just wasted the money! dont bother buyin them
None N asked: Hi, my concern is you have the Nikki Minaj Leopard Jumpsuit that I would like to get. As seeing you cannot wear a bra. My question is this best for the jumpsuit I am a 36c in bra size.
keo h: yes these would be great but if your a C cup get the D which u'd b able to fit better and u can also cut it to suit
None N asked: If I'm a 38C, should I purchase a size D or C?
G L: i'm a small b and i found them to be almost too big.
Y M: It wasn't helpful Fo me maybe it works Fo pipo wt small burst
Emma L asked: Is this product thick enough that it would hide if your nipples started to get hard ?
Kishma F: the product is not thick but it definitely works and hides your nipples.
Marie P: Yes, it does. This is the perfect production to hide those babies and still look sexy.
Joia G: That product really sucks I tried to use one and it got all sticky and messed up after one try I throwed the other ones away I hated them.
A N: To be honest with you i have not had the opportunitiy to wear them yet......sorry!!
Kenya B: This product is thick enough to hold you up and help hide your nipples but I would not recommend for people with huge breast.
Rossy I: I have no problem with it and stick very well so if you will like to get it do it because is good ....everything on this page is good and cheap ...I hope I have answered your question.
R A: Sorry,i haven't used them yet :
N U: yes
thanh P: thick enough to cover it even it hard but before you put it on that you need to press your nipple a little it down, ok Good luck
G L: Yes...they are more like paper than anything though so if there is any crease in the paper when you stick it on then it is noticeable. I only used them a couple times....I didn't really care for them to be honest.
Shakeeda B: No and it has to be in place perfectly the first time it hurts really bad when attempting to pull them off I would not recommend
None N asked: How to take care of it?
M E: it states only good for one wear..
None N asked: How well did it work?
M E: I have large breasts so I did not like them, if you have small breast they would probably work better..
sheinice f asked: Is this product for a shirt where you want have to wear a bra.. the product just lifts your boobs up..
None N asked: How supportive is this bra?
M E: It is not very supportive..I would not recommend.
J W: The silicone bra did really give any support.
None N asked: should i buy this if i want support for 38B SIZE BREAST. i dont want to be disappointed.
S B: It should support a size B. I'm a size C and it was fine
J W: It's not worth wasting your money you proably be better off buying a strapless bra.
A D: it actually does what it says, it just doesnt stick good enough so it keeps coming off at the ends
None N asked: does it work like give support?
I L: It works basically to cover what you don't want shown. I bought it to wear with some of the backless and low cut dresses I wear when I go out at night. As far as giving support, I would have to said not really. It feels sort of like wearing an over-sized bandage. I also bought the strapless self-adhesive silicone bra from Victoria's Secret, and was also disappointed to find that it didn't give a lot of support either. However, the one from V.S. definitely gave more support than these do. But as far as coverage, they're great!!!

Hope this helps.
Georgina P: Sort of..its like paper, so as soon as the sticker comes off you have to be ready to apply it. It gave me support but not like a typical wire bra. Try it out and see how you like it.
Jennifer B asked: Is this backless too I have a dress that is open in the back and I'm having a hard time finding a bra I can wear with it.
L I: yes it is. it's very thin and you just stick it on.
M E: Yes, they are backless..they are individual no front or back they stick under your breast. I hope this will help you. Good Luck
Gabrielle P: I purchased the bra for my prom dress which too, had a low cut back. The bra is actually just simply a piece of material that you just simply peel the sticker on the back and attatch to your boob.
Comments From people who chose this
Teresa W chose this because: always needed
Fawn W chose this because: Just to try out
Glynnis B chose this because: Out of necessity.
April T chose this because: need for my summer dress
Lenee S chose this because: need to lift my breast a little for strapless dresses
Cynthia M chose this because: Obvious
Shanreika B chose this because: Easy to use and not expensive
Lana E chose this because: I don't wear bras and I need coverage and support.
Elizabeth V chose this because: perfect for backless shirts
Gabriela V chose this because: I need these for my side boob days
Kayla D chose this because: Inexpensive and needed.
Samantha I chose this because: so many tops I haven't work cause I needed these. great price!
angela v chose this because: I trust them more than silicone bras!
Merona T chose this because: for a backless shirt
Ayunna P chose this because: Needed some nipple coverage sans bra.
Shameka S chose this because: for the mesh bodysuit i ordered.. im going braless and i just need something to hold my girls in place. lol
Maria G chose this because: MUST HAVE!
Melva J chose this because: i chose this to eliminate the tackyness of a visible bra with a cute shirt
Nicole M chose this because: they worked amazingly with a backless dress
Jessica W chose this because: perfect for those open back shirts
Desirae O chose this because: I have several tops and dresses that require something like this. I'm going to try it out and see how well it works for me.
Kimberly S chose this because: I needed it for a previous dress I ordered that was backless.
Jasmine S chose this because: very well needed
Ellen E chose this because: i think the reason i picked this is obvious...I want to be able to wear a bra that won`t show on cut out clothes
Mai L chose this because: Looks cool.
Erika A chose this because: great for backless dresses
Veronica B chose this because: wanted to give them a try. I havent tried to use them yet but i am a small B cup and they look HUGE!
Selma H chose this because: I always buy these nice when your outfit dont allow a bra..
Toanna I chose this because: necessary
Christina S chose this because: Goes with backless dress
Emelda T chose this because: necessity
Simone S chose this because: wanted to try it
chantal e chose this because: good for backless tops
Aneisha M chose this because: i need it
Tracy K chose this because: since some clothes are now backless, its perfect for it
Alicia E chose this because: helpful backless tops and dresses
Troyaire M chose this because: backless shirts and dresses...hopefully it works
Jamila S chose this because: price
stacie w chose this because: need
K E chose this because: practical for wearing clothing items with open backs
Jaime B chose this because: I brought them before and liked them. When I came back to buy more they were out, so this time I stocked up.
Janae B chose this because: thought that it would help support my cups size so that I would have to wear a bra but its not a go item if you have a hhiger up c cup.
Peita-gaye W chose this because: girls best friend
ianna S chose this because: never used it
Anna G chose this because: just to try if its better than the nude silicone nipple covers
EXAVIERIA M chose this because: RA N OUT OF THESE
Ashley L chose this because: Dont want to wear a bra
Semoine J chose this because: Support when I wear backless clothes
Lisa E chose this because: hoping they will support my C cups :
Ashley y chose this because: i have fiarly large boobs and need to make sure they sit up perfec in na bra less dress.
Danielle H chose this because: needed $2 to receive free shipping and hopefully I can wear it with a mesh bodysuit i purchased
MARCIA G chose this because: TO USE IT.
Cheri B chose this because: good for backless shirts or dresses
India W chose this because: Lift the breast
Shanniel N chose this because: this can be worn to hold breast in place when wearing revealing tops and a bra just wont do
Shada W chose this because: just wanted
Ashley S chose this because: JUS NEED IT
Wanda J chose this because: because I want to feel comfortable using plunging necklines and sleeveless tops
TRENEKA S chose this because: seem to work well for dresses that you can't wear a bra with
S W chose this because: I did not use these, ever. They were not what I thought they would be.
Megan P chose this because: try it out... for backless shirts
Karen D chose this because: i have a backless dress and i need support
Gloria P chose this because: Most Needed
riza s chose this because: i wanted to try it out with my strapless dresses
Carla G chose this because: bought some tops that REQUIRES this lol
D W chose this because: I want to see if they work and they are cheap. Most of the ones I see are very expensive. So we shall see!
O P chose this because: To wear with my strapless dress..I cant stand not having support even though I dont need any :
Y O chose this because: so the bra straps wont show
Kimberly p chose this because: THE PRICE
C I chose this because: not a good buy useless
christy P chose this because: need them

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