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Draped Chain Rain Boot BLACKDraped Chain Rain Boot BLACKDraped Chain Rain Boot BLACKDraped Chain Rain Boot BLACKDraped Chain Rain Boot BLACK
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Draped Chain Rain Boot

now $32.20
Draped Chain Rain Boot BLACK

+ Details

Wearing rain boots doesn't mean you have to not look badass. These rubber rain boots are styled with removable draped chains and a dangling skull charm.

Women's whole & half sizes.
All Man Made Material.

+ Questions & Answers

Questions about this item
None N asked: How tall is the boot from shaft to knee Thank you.
M G: I didn't like the chain so I returned the boots..sorry i couldn't help
deidra w asked: Do youhave any idea when you will be getting more sizes?
GoJane S: We do not know if a size or color will be restocked but we do receive restocks and new styles daily so keep checking back!
None N asked: what is the diameter of the leg?
GoJane S: Generally the average size around the calf area for juniors boots is around 14 inches.
None N asked: Does these boots come in a size 9 and how do u pick the size I regularly wear a size 9
GoJane S: This shoe does come in size 9, but it is currently sold out. We do not know in advance if a size will be restocked. However, we do restock and receive hundreds of new items every week, so we may get something similar soon. Keep checking back!
None N asked: are these true to size?
Maria G: Yes, i wear a size 5 and these boots fit perfect. I love them!!!
Monica B: Yes, they are true to size.
Adrienne S: No. I usually wear a size 8 1/2 and I bought a size 9. They were still too small. Gorgeous boot if you go up a couple sizes.
Molly H: I usually wear a size 9 or 9 1/2. I bought a size 10. They are a little snug but since they don't come in half sizes, size tn works. I love the boots!
Teah H: I bought these for my daughter...however she wears a 9 in a half and she said they fit fine
Wyndi P: No you should go a size up also they're tight on the calf muscle
Monica S: yes they are true to size
David C: They run a half size tight for us
Emily B: A little snug I would get a half size up. You can also take the cushion onside out. That gave me some room.
Shelli C: Yes but are not designed for people with wide calf muscles
Jasmine S: They run small. I wear a 7.and I should have gotten a 7 n a half
Haley C: Yes
Taisha L asked: Does the chain rust when it comes in contact with water I don't want to buy it and end up with just the boot because the chain got messed up. Please help.
Stephanie W: No rusting and I've worn mine in the rain a few times!
T E: It doesn't rust...mine has come in contact with rain and mud
Amber M: mine has not rusted and ive had them for 2 years
Princess B: No they don't
Taisha L: Thanks, do you know if they flop when walking like does the chain stay in place or will it move from side to side?
B O: I haven't worn them yet, but put clear nail polish on the chains, just in case....
None N asked: Hello i wear 38 size in europe what size i have to get from here?
GoJane S: According to the measurements you provided it sounds like you may be a 7.5 or 8. You may want to reference our size chart here:
Cheryl C asked: Is there anyway to get this in a size 10 or are these the only sizes you can get?
GoJane S: If a size or color is not available on our site it is currently sold out. We do receive restocks daily, so keep checking back!
None N asked: snw4
Do these boots have enough room to tuck your jeans in, around the calf area?
Elizabeth D: They are VERY tight around the calf, and run small. I usually wear a 7.5, but ordered an 8, and they were much too tight and small.
bev d: Yes, you can definitely tuck your jeans in.
gina G: They are pretty snug so if you have larger calves there might not be very much room
Tiarra J: I can tuck my in just fine, but then again I wear skinny jeans all the time.
Diana M: Yes they do.
G O: .
Dorothy V: yes. but if they are big bell bottoms then it would probably bunch up.
Neyla R: Not that much, maybe for some jeggings. I'm a size 8 and I felt them pretty tight so I went up a size.
belgheis n: Yes.
Kesha H asked: Will you be restocking this boot any time soon?
GoJane S: We do not know if an item will be restocked, but we do receive restocks and new styles daily. So keep checking back!
None N asked: please i want this boots size 8 it will be?
GoJane S: We cannot guarantee when an item will be restocked. We do restock and receive hundreds of new items every week, so we may get something similar soon. Keep checking back!
taika b: Between 8 & 81/2, If your foot is on the smaller side, wear thick socks.

T. Blaier
Adrienne S: I recommend buying one size up... You won't regret it!!! These boots are bad a**!!! Love 'em :-D
J A: I am guessing that you are asking if it will be true to size, well I bought a size 10 and it was a true to size in the width but it was right at my toes in terms of length. with socks it was really snug. I did not feel like going through the hassle of returning them so when I wear them I take out the sole insert and wear them with socks and they fit fine.
Nicole C: if u wear a size 8 I would get a 9. I got the size 8 bc thats what I wear normally, but they were too small! they r very cute in person so i would recommend them but go a size larger. I had to give mine away bc the cost of shipping to return them was more then I paid for the boots themselves.
Gemma W asked: PLEASE RESTOCK IN SIZE 10!?
GoJane S: We cannot guarantee when an item will be restocked. We do restock and receive hundreds of new items every week, so we may get something similar soon. Keep checking back!
isra a asked: hi i want size 9 or 10 from this boot
thanks ?
GoJane S: We cannot guarantee when an item will be restocked. We do restock and receive hundreds of new items every week, so we may get something similar soon. Keep checking back!
David C: I would suggest you go a size up. My girlfriend found that they fit a little tight
Nicole C: I would go a size larger! I am a 7 1/2 so I ordered an 8 but they were still too small! They are great quality ad look great when u get them but I would go a whole size larger!
None N asked: do the chains come off?
Tina W: there are two clips that's in the back of the boot. so you could take the chains off your boots when ever you want.
Nicole C: Yes the chains do come off but I would order a size bigger, the boots run pretty small
bev d: Yes ; the chains can be removed and re-applied as necessary.
J A: yes they are removable the have a lanyard clip on them
Cherri B asked: How tall are these boots Like how high is the cuff of the boot, in inches, from the ground including the heel?
Atoya J: The boot comes up to my knees, the heel is about 1 inch. If it helps, I get alot of compliments whenever I wear them.
bev d: Total Height of boot about 13 inches; I' m estimating as they are in storage right now. B.D.
Shakita Q: When i received the boot they were too small one boot was smaller than the other . but it is a really cute boot but they do have a defect
None N asked: I need a 10, you don have thanks
amanda s asked: Hey,

Just wondering what the calf circumference of this boot is. I would need at least 15", and I don't want to buy it and have to return it!

Thanks for your help,

W E: Not sure about the calf circumference as I have a small calf...but be sure to size up if you normally wear 1/2 size. I wish I would have cause mine are a little uncomfortable....but I LOVE them...the coolest rainboot I've ever seen!
J A: for anyone that gets this shoe I recommend def going a size bigger. I am a 10 and its really snug with out socks. the circumference of the shaft of the size 10 boot that I have is a 15 1/2
Comments From people who chose this
Jasmine P chose this because: Ive been needing rain boots.
Emma B chose this because: I chose this pair because they're stylish.
Jean R chose this because: My granddaughter loves them!
Claudia A chose this because: function meets edge
Lesia T chose this because: The price was right and it was a good looking rain boot, very stylish
Mildred B chose this because: Cute Eye Catching and Stylish. Oh and did I say affordable. Fab
Darla J chose this because: These are my style
Janice M chose this because: liked the chains
Kiara M chose this because: They are CUTE!!!!!
N I chose this because: This is realy comfortable and stylish for winter.
Ornella J chose this because: i like the chain
Domonique A chose this because: Needed a rainboot since my last pair cracked. I thought these were stylish and the price was right.
Victoria C chose this because: They are really cute, and I love the chain. I needed a solid color rain boot.
Jamelyn M chose this because: I wanted some black but cute rain boots.
Tiffany L chose this because: thought they were cute. but they didnt fit so i didnt get to enjoy them.
Ravonda T chose this because: I love different looks and fashion and these all weather boots are very classy with the chain skull hanging around them.
Nicole A chose this because: live in florida and it rains alot here and i love the style
Judy P chose this because: lady gaga concert
alexia w chose this because: cuz shellz had it and i luv goth wear
angela w chose this because: sexy
Natasha W chose this because: I love rain boots and I never seen no one in my area with these rain boots
Kamil W chose this because: I love the chain on them.
Shayna D chose this because: they look nice and the price is great
Shelleane C chose this because: i like the style
chris m chose this because: biker chic lol in a rainboot
R E chose this because: the are nice for the price
Priscilla C chose this because: It's simple and cute!
Amy E chose this because: These boots are badass!
MELANIE C chose this because: I CAN BE STYLISH AND WARM IN THE WINTER!!!!!!!!!!1
Patricia A chose this because: i love the detail of the chain and the price too
Karolina S chose this because: Looks hot and I need more than one pair of rain boots....not a fan of colored polka dots.
Cary S chose this because: For walking in rain and snow at college.
Tracy M chose this because: practical and stylish for the weather
Jasmine W chose this because: My daughter would like these.
N E chose this because: cute looks comfy and stylish
Sharron W chose this because: my daughter really like this boot.
Iesha M chose this because: Love the style of boot and enjoy the enhancement of the decor...STYLISH
Giavanna M chose this because: They're super cool and stylish. I have never seen anyone I know in them!!
T A chose this because: needed boots for the rain and ive bought theses kind before...they r great
Whitley T chose this because: needed them
Tchotchoe G chose this because: THEY ARE VERY BEATIFUL
ruth o chose this because: yay! finally found the perfect pair of rainboots
Dirsa G chose this because: I need rainboots for New York during December weather
kevin m chose this because: they are so cute to me...
Shantinique G chose this because: I have never seen anything like these. I had to have them.
Sasha Y chose this because: unique addition of chains
karen z chose this because: price, stylish yet simple
cristina l chose this because: very cute boots love the chain on them i hope they turn out cute
Lori F chose this because: They are cool,fun and pratical - all in one boot.
victoria k chose this because: i cant stand those ugly floral rainboots or obnoxious neon ones. these are perfect and add a hint of rocker
Sarah J chose this because: Looking for a cute rainboot, different from what everyone has.
Nino A chose this because: because its comfotable in rainy days
ANDREA R chose this because: CUTE! TRUE TO SIZE ....
stephanie b chose this because: the chain
C H chose this because: 'Cuz it's cool.
Heather f chose this because: cute
Dwana E chose this because: These boots would surely give my outfit a fashion statement on a rainy day.
April F chose this because: A good pair of rain boots is always needed.. the chain was a PLUS+
Delisha H chose this because: for a gift
G O chose this because: trendy
Monica S chose this because: My look is glam metal and this boot will get me throught my rainy days, rockin with fashion.
patricia b chose this because: yes yes yes your size his waiting for u. hot on hoter.
Monica B chose this because: Getting ready for the rain
Davit K chose this because: gift for my sister
JoAnn H chose this because: I work alot outside, so I needed a waterproof boot, and one that could be easily cleaned and look stylish, too!
D A chose this because: they are cute and durable
J A chose this because: I bought this 2nd pair for my best friend. she loves them also
J A chose this because: I bought these because they are super edgy. They are cute but understated. people always ask me where I got these
Jasmine S chose this because: its rains alot in jonesboro and i always get my shoes wet but i wanted some stylish cute rainboots
EVA J chose this because: VERY CUTE WITH THE CHAIN
Hazel C chose this because: I liked the look and need a pair of plain black rainbooots
Mac S chose this because: raining season
Samantha L chose this because: CHAINS
catherine s chose this because: Great for a day out in the countryside without losing any fashionability
alison l chose this because: never seen rain boots look so flyyyyy
David C chose this because: My friend asked for this as a present and I found them on sale even.
Georgette C chose this because: i've been looking for rain boots. these are cute and the price is unbeatable.
i hope the quality stands up also.
Clarissa T chose this because: love the chain detail!
Emily P chose this because: Nice twist on basic rain boot- love the skull
Tajah F chose this because: I NEED a pair of cute rain boots
tashana p chose this because: nice color
bev d chose this because: Very versatile& totally comfortable to dress up or down.
Sheilah S chose this because: I need a pair of boots for the winter.
Chanel R chose this because: different and i like it
B O chose this because: love the chains!
Maacah L chose this because: very stylish and practical
Atoya J chose this because: These boots are so edgy and bold!

+ Reviews

Draped Chain Rain Boot
3.5 Stars based on 4 Review(s)
3.5 Stars

May 21, 2013
they r comfortable but the chains fall in a short time. lost them all at the fisrt time i wore them..

3.5 Stars

pretty neat
March 1, 2013
i like the boots there unique and pretty bad a!@! but they run hella small and they are super tight on the calf's, i wear a 8 and all they had for sale was a 6 and a 10 so i got a 10 thinking they would be swimming on me but im glad i got the 10 because even those are tight on my calf and i have just enough room.
unigue chains quality for price
to tight to small chains are cheap looking

Lexington, Ky.
3.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Great boots!
February 26, 2013
Very cool boots but I do agree they are a bit heavy. The charms are great however and you can be confident not a single drop of water will get on your feet!
-made of a heavy material -chain detail very cute -definitely worth the price plus some
-slightly heavy to walk in

3.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

True to picture
January 19, 2013
The rain boots are very nice and confortable I don't give it 5 stars cuz they are a little heavy .they are true to size
To heavy

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