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Tie Side Monokini NEONGREENTie Side Monokini NEONGREENTie Side Monokini NEONGREENTie Side Monokini NEONGREEN
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Tie Side Monokini

now $7.95
Tie Side Monokini NEONGREEN

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Have you ever got mono...kini? Yes, that's our wit for the day and we're giving it to you in the form of this solidly hued 'kini with a center ring, tie closure straps at the neck, back, and sides, and plenty of stretch.

80% Nylon, 20% Spandex
Hand wash cold & hang dry
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Questions about this item
Adaoma O asked: I am size 36d in burst will this fit me?
danesha j: You may need a large I have small breast and I got a medium and it still fit tight around my boob area .
Noelle D: I was a 36d too when i bought it. It did not fit me properly so it gave me a camel toe because the bra part pulls up the bottom part. However, i am tall too so my torse is longer than some. That could be the reason.
Shantel P: I am a size 36C and it fits me exact. So it might me a little tight.
Velvet A: I think it will be a little small because I am 36 C and it fits really tight.
rona g asked: I have a 32DDD chest fake and my hips are a 35-36. Should I get a Medium or a Large?
J U: Large
Rachel J: Sorry but i can't say. If get the large it may be to big on the bottom and if you get the medium it will be too small at the top. My personal preference is to ensure my bottom fits well so I would go with the medium
K E asked: Does this have a bone bra\
Dawn n: no bone bra
Rachel J: no it dont
None N asked: why do these not come in 1x,2x,3x?
GoJane S: At this time, we do not offer plus sizes on most of our casual wear. Occasionally, we do carry XL in our regular clothes too. You can do a search by XL in our search box to view these items.
None N asked: Are the cups padded or underwired I am a 34 C and don't find it comfortable if the swimsuit does not have padded cups.
virginia P: padded & they're removeable...hope this helps:
Santhya V: Hi Sumita... They are padded, but not underwired. Hope this helps =
Dawn n: Very light padded cups - but if you have breast or fake boobs will look nice doesn't need underwire or padded cups..
Adriana E: No underwire and only a little bit of padding.
Melissa M: Yes they are padded.
None N asked: does this item run small im a size 9/10 in clothes do i need a large
Santhya V: I would say it runs small LENGTH-wise. Other than that, it's pretty ok. It sorta gets tight around the neck and the pelvic area if you have a longer torso.
Kim P: The sizing is pretty accurate. I don't remember what size I purchased, but fit well to my size.
Dawn n: This monokinis requires a sexy body with flat stomach! Doesn't matter what brand! ! If you are a size 9 should order medium! Good luck!
A L: Yeah it does. Its a bit c thru. Sexy nonetheless!!
T I: Yeah i think yOu will need a large , im a 5 in clothes and the medium is too small ..
None N asked: My measurements are 34/26/35, which size should I choose?
Sabriyyah D: it depends on how tall u are, Im 5'9 34/27/40 I bought a medium and it fits fine
Alvic G: Small, I'm 34/29/41 I had a Medium and it fits perfectly
Lindsay L asked: I'm 5'4", thin, cup size D. Usually I get a smaller size for the bottoms because I have hips, but a smaller butt.. What size do you recommend?
Santhya V: Hi... I'm thin and your height :
None N asked: I'm 5'8", thin and around a C cup. I'm worried about camel toes if I go to small...what size do you recommend?
Shelly J: Hello. I am 5'3" and a size small with C cup as well and I got a medium because of my hips and chest. The length on the medium fits me perfectly, but I think if I were taller, the length might not be good.
Andrea S: I'm 5'3 and a B. I'm pretty small so I got the small and it fits perfect. It doesn't ride up and it hasn't shrunk. Since you're taller I'd suggest a medium.
Stacy M asked: Im a size 5/7in pants would that be a medium or large in this?
R I: Definitely not a large, either a medium or small
S A: Stacey, sorry I cant help you with that question as I bought that as a gift for someone....
Quelle Q: Large!!! Im a size 1/3 and I am smaller up top but inherited a HUGE BUM, i bought a medium and half of each cheek of my bottom was hanging out. You can even see on the model that is wearing this that it is tight down there
Santhya V: Hi. Defintiely Medium.
Stacy M asked: You currently dont have the black in medium will you be getting more?
GoJane S: We cannot guarantee when an item will be restocked. We do restock and receive hundreds of new items every week, so we may get something similar soon. Keep checking back!
Priscilla F asked: i live in italy.. and i will like to get this type of custom.. how can i but it pleas\
GoJane S: We do ship to Italy! You can reference our shipping chart for here for more information:
Britney T asked: Can the item be returned if it doesn't fit?
GoJane S: You can reference our return and exchange policy here:
virginia P: you need to ask the company...mine fit. Good luck:
Stacey B asked: Is the bust padded and is it removable?
Kim P: Actually it is! I didn't see the small hole in the corner.
Kim P: the pad is pretty thin, but isn't removable. I like the suit though, I get a lot of compliments!
Joanna M: The bust is padded and there is a small hole to remove the padding.
Desire D: Yes and Yes!
None N asked: hi i wanted to know about the fit. im a small bust but im 5'7" so i dont know if i should get a small and adjust the strings or if i need a medium\
Cara P: I am 5'8 have a large bust and longer torso and wear a size 6 in jeans and most bottoms. I purchased the medium and I would say that the top would hold anything from a a-c cup but that's it. The center connector was also a bit short on me so if you are long in the body definitely go for the medium. It is a awesome suit though and the bottom portion is the most comfortable one that I have bought.
A N: im 5'1" and i got the small monokini and the strings are a little to tight around the neck. because you are 5'7" i think that u should go with the large but if u think that the large would be to big def go with the medium. i hope i answered ure .
Santhya V: Hi there.

I'm 5'4 and small bust too. 'S' fits me perfectly. However, I think you should get a medium as the material in the front part of the monokini is not very stretchable so it may not fit the length of your upperbody since you're taller... Hope this helps :
Quelle Q: im 5'1' and 108lbs Extremely small bust and i got a medium. the strap that leads to the bust from the bottoms is stretchy so it is tight and sometimes. This swimsuit is gorgeous but can sometimes give a camel toe, i recommend a large just because of how tight it is, but a medium fit may be great. definitely not a small.
Lana A asked: Hi is the white in this style see through\
None N asked: i think i'm a small, but i'm 8 weeks pregnant and was a size 1. should i buy a medium so the center strap in the front doesn't pull up on the bottoms or stick with a small?
Gena M asked: Hi,
I was wondering if this swimsuit has good coverage on the back I see that it is gathered down the center, and I wanted to make sure it does ride up or show to much cheek.
R E: He Gena, I just received this e-mail about your question about the swimsuit , to answer your question, I recently bought it and I love it, it give great coverage and support, and very flattering to the body, you will definitely love, it will soon be your favorite swimsuit.
patrick m: hey it actually fits pretty good on me..i had to go a size bigger tho
Santhya V: Hi...

It doesn't show too much cheek; just the right amount I would say.
It doesn't really ride up either. Pretty much sticks well. :
Comments From people who chose this
Annette A chose this because: Will really suit my body and the price is amazing
F R chose this because: I wore this in the summer & it is so sexy and also hides my ugly belly button
gloria c chose this because: I BOUGHT IN GREEN ,ANIMAL PRINT, AND NOW IN RED AND PINK .
Natalya G chose this because: I like the cut
Brittney L chose this because: cute style, black is an attractive color to wear.
Kasheena M chose this because: Cute sexy one piece
TIFFANY H chose this because: CUZ ITS HOTT
Kimberly R chose this because: love the style
LUDGIE S chose this because: it looked cute
Averyl B chose this because: very sexy
Velvet A chose this because: Needed a new swimsuit.
Ashleigh S chose this because: I have this monokini in white and I loved it last year so I got red this year.
Laura A chose this because: LOVE IT:
Adriana E chose this because: it looks very sexy, but it was a little difficult to fit my bust in it and I'm a C cup.
Justine N chose this because: summer vaca!
Angelina S chose this because: I like the design and wanted a simple monokini. I hope it fits!
Kaitlyn K chose this because: I've never had a one piece and i wanted to know how this one might look on me
Adrienne H chose this because: great bargain for summer vacation and spring break
Jemiesha C chose this because: spring break
Quondra J chose this because: SPRING BREAK
Charlotte C chose this because: I purchased this item is because it was cute and I felt like it would flatter my curvy figure!
Britney S chose this because: The great price and the I love monokini's
T Y chose this because: All Imma say abotu this piece!!!!ON FIRE!
alana p chose this because: hot for a pool party
katy r chose this because: very sexy
Shirletta H chose this because: My daughter love it
Quelle Q chose this because: The style is unlike any other, the color, and because gojane has great fashions

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