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Slouchy Faux Leather Hidden Wedge Boot

Slouchy Faux Leather Hidden Wedge Boot

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Every girl needs the perfect pair of boots, and we think these faux leather, closed toe, slouchy boots definitely deliver. These boots are finished with two buckled bootstraps and a hidden wedge heel.

Heel height: 2".
Women's whole & half sizes.
All Man Made Material.

Questions about this item
Rai-Ann D asked: What is this boot lined with?
Verlyn S: I got these for my niece. I can't remember what they're lined with. If you're wondering about them being warm, they are not.
Amber T: This boot is lined with a very thin cloth on the inside. Great for fall :
Martha S: Faux leather
B E asked: The picture of the black boot has a zipper. Is this correct Does the brown boot have a zipper Go Jane lists the boot as "slouchy", so I just want to make sure. Thanks!
Wifeematerial P: Yes it has a zipper on the part that faces the inside of the leg.
kaitlin l: Yes, they have a zipper on the inner side.
Kelli B: I have these boots in brown and they have a zipper. Very comfortable!
A D: Yes and very comfortable!
D I: Mine is black and it has a zipper.
Katherine K: Yes
None N asked: are boots true to size?
D I: This one was!
A D: Yes they are
G L: yes the boots are a true size
E E: Yes.
B E: Yes! I love these. I'm wearing mine today.
Angelica B asked: when is this going to be available again\
GoJane S: We do not know if an item will be restocked but we do receive restocks and new styles daily so keep checking back!
None N asked: I am a size 8 but the other questions said they run big should i get a 7 and a half?
V Z: This boots fits true to size...
B E: i'm a size 7 and i got a size 7. it fits me fine, i'm actually wearing them right now.
M I: I don't think you should go down a half size. You should be fine with an 8. I wear a 7 and they fit me perfectly. I love these boots and they are so comfortable. I hope this helps a lot.
Alessia R: Get the size you are they don't fit big also keep in mind barely wearing mine the heel already started to come apart I informed them about it all they were willing to do what give me 5 bucks back
Candice P: I have them... I'd get a half size smaller.
DANA E: they do not run big. perfect sizing.
Molly B asked: Do they come in any size other than 7.5?
GoJane S: If a size or color is not available on our site it is currently sold out. We do receive restocks daily, so keep checking back!
Sydney P asked: If i wear an 8 1/2 in shoe size, should i stay with my size or go half a size smaller like to an 8 I just want to make sure they will fit. And also do you have my size in stock?
Deborah C: I bought the size I normally wear and they fit great. I also need to have a knee replacement, so was not sure if the hidden wedge would work for me, but they actually were more comfortable than the normal flats I wear as the wedge shifted the weight off my knee. I love GoJane and everything I have ordered. Thanks so much!!

Deborah Caudill

PS. I don't mind if you send my response to the customer.
krista a: Go half size usually a 9 and mine are a bit too big.
MARIA G: Half size taller
Karianne C: they are true to size. order your regular shoe size
None N asked: are they knee high?
Candice P: No they go up a couple inches below the knee
Deneen E: Hey!

No, they are actually not very high at all.. They go about 1/2 way up my calf. I loved these boots - but they didn't last very long - I had them for about 2 months of wearing them 3-4 times a week.
tanya P: No they arent but very comfy wear them all the time
Caitlin B: yes!
X S: nope, not knee high.
G L: No they are not knee high. They go up to the calf of your leg
Michelle P: No they are not knee high, more like mid to upper calf on a person who is 5'6.
S A: No they are not.
Kelsey B: no they aren't, below the knee
B E: they hit right below the knee
DANA E: No, they are not knee high. i love them!!
None N asked: Are these boots good quality You know, not the flimsy thin material. At least decent material..?
Noelle M: are they good quality?
Anna A: yes, they are great material!
M E: Not the best but it's a decent material.
amy s: I bought these boots for my daughter for Christmas. I think they are a nice quality boot. Very cute! Hope this helps =
Deneen E: Hey!
I found the material great! It is a little flimsy flops over a little but it's a really good material. Leatherette looks and feels like leather, without the huge cost of leather. I LOVE these boots and would definitely recommend them.
Kiara M: Yes, these boots have good material. & they don't get scratched up easily like some boots.
A D: I love this boot
B E: yes the quality is good. i wear it all the time :
michele s: I love these boots. Very soft and comforable and great quality.
None N asked: Do these run true to size?
sasha h: i thought that they ran big. I usually wear a size 7 and ordered it but it was pretty big. My friend ordered a size 6 so i tried it on and that fit me perfectly..
G L: ye it does
Ramona M: Actually they were cut smaller than the usual size 10 shoe. However the shoes are beautiful, the shipping was fast, and the prize was great. I do intend on shopping some, more, and some more, and some more. Thank you in advance. Ms. McCall.
Joy B: In my case they ran perfectly true to size and are very comfy. I have them on now and it is late evening and I am so comfy I forgot I have them on. I also received many compliments on them.
Damilola O: Yes it does, I bought my exact size and it was perfect!!!
Brittany P: Yes, they were very accurate. I am normally a 7-7.5 and the 7.5 fits great..some room for comfort as well!
None N asked: I have skinny legs and i dont want the boots to look realy wide on my calf. Are they wide around the calfs?
krista a: The boots are super nice, and dont seem to wide at the top im 5'7 120 and they are a good fit, the only thing i would watch out for is i got a 9 and im usually always a nine but there to big, so id say go a half size to a full size down :
shayla p: I am 5' 10" with skinny legs as well - and I like to wear leggings. These boots are a great fit, there's not a big space gap and they look really good with the leggings....but will fit good over jeans as well
krista a: Hey sorry i havent received them yet! but should be here either today or mon-tues next week so ask again then :
None N asked: what is the circumfrence of the top?
Gabrielle S: Not sure but its a pretty good size. I have big calfs and they fits perfect. They also have a small elastic band in them to give a little more stretch.
DANA E: i havent measured, but it's pretty fitting around my leg w/ skinny's on.
None N asked: hey how big round the leg these boots im supper skinny?
desiree a: The top part is about 20 cm long. am not skinny and i have medium calves and they are not too tight when i wear them. i can even tuck my jeans inside the boots. they fit me perfectly.
michele s: I am also very thin with thin legs. These boots worked well for me. They are so slouchy, they make my legs look really good. I bought three pair.
kayla m asked: how high up the leg do these go I'm looking for about mid-calf...
Anna A: They go a little bit higher than mid-calf, but you can scrunch them down a bit and they look just as good. That's what I do!
Melissa P: they are about mid-calf, i am 4'11
None N asked: Can you please restock soon I'm dying to get them for winter! Thanks.
GoJane S: We don't know if we will be getting a restock of any item until it arrives. It is promptly posted as soon as we receive it.
None N asked: anymore in black?
GoJane S: If a size or color is not available on our site it is currently sold out. We do receive restocks so keep checking back!
None N asked: The description says this color is taupe but it looks chestnut to me, do you think it would come in brown or taupe?
None N asked: Are these boots waterproof?
michele s: No, not al all.
Comments From people who chose this
L A chose this because: Cute
Karen R chose this because: I like the style and color...
Lisa L chose this because: I'm buying this gift for my sister and it's what she likes in terms of style and color. Luckily, GoJane was having a sale on boots and so I found this to be a good deal.
Van N chose this because: i like the style
Bao V chose this because: I like that it had a 2 inch heel.
Samrene W chose this because: CAMEL CUTE WINTER COLOR
Catherina P chose this because: Love the color
Deborah M chose this because: Stylish
Jessica C chose this because: look super comfy, and black boots dress up any outfit
Vanessa F chose this because: I ordered these boots a few years ago and loved them. My dog wrecked one and I have not found boots I liked as much and for the great price! I ordered 2 pairs today in different colors.
Abena K chose this because: The style. however, i wish the price would have been $25.00 .its so simple for that price, but i need a boot so i have to forget about the price.
Nicole D chose this because: My daughter liked this style
Gloria H chose this because: Like it
Micah M chose this because: Cute casual boot!
nancy m chose this because: They are very cute boots!!
Kierra D chose this because: Replacing my old knee-high boots with a more stylish pair.
Leila C chose this because: I really like the style and they look comfortable
Linda E chose this because: liked them
Maria T chose this because: LIKE THE STYLE
lynn m chose this because: they look super cute!
S E chose this because: This is a nice casual boot and the color is very popular right now.
Fridah M chose this because: i needed affordabe brown pair of boots :-
Roberta G chose this because: Super cheap and looks cute
Kayla S chose this because: they are adorable!
Darel T chose this because: liked the style
Angel W chose this because: Cute boot and cheap!
Cecile S chose this because: great price for the product
Erin D chose this because: looked comfortable
ingrid s chose this because: i like it
Lanchia A chose this because: its cute and cheap
Michelle B chose this because: They look super cute!! :
S E chose this because: Leather, once I waterproof them no snow will get in or wet my feet.
Katitza H chose this because: wear with jeans everyday
Barb H chose this because: looked very easy to wear
trevino s chose this because: I was looking for a low heeled boot that was also stylish. I love them with skinny jeans and leggings.
Shalia J chose this because: sassy
Chelsea H chose this because: Love these boots, I get tons of compliments on them!
Stephanie L chose this because: Just what I was looking for and a great price!
Ramona M chose this because: They style and Color.
Joy B chose this because: They looked perfect to wear for everyday run around duties. And they are.
A D chose this because: It looks comfortable and stylish.
Emily B chose this because: I got a pair like these last year that I wore everyday! love them
Nathan W chose this because: Girlfriend wanted them for Christmas
MARIA G chose this because: I like the price and style.
J C chose this because: These boots look so cute and i love the style. I haven's seen boots like this anywhere else, which is great because i love being the only one that owns a specific item. Originality baby!
K A chose this because: affordable & a good gift
K A chose this because: affordable & stylish
Caitlin B chose this because: nice style
Kayla T chose this because: Stylish, easy to dress up or down!
rose o chose this because: looks good and prize is reasonable
Samantha P chose this because: comfortable and stylish
Edward T chose this because: style
Margaret C chose this because: great price and great boots for daughter
Kelsey B chose this because: I needed leather boots that aren't heels that I can dress up or dress down depending on where I want to go
G L chose this because: because it looks so comfortable and it would look great with my jeans
ericka W chose this because: there cute
S H chose this because: low heel for chillin out
KELLY M chose this because: was looking for white boots and found these for $21! Cant beat that!
Tasha B chose this because: style and color
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