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Suede Cuff Slouchy Boot BLACKSuede Cuff Slouchy Boot BLACKSuede Cuff Slouchy Boot BLACKSuede Cuff Slouchy Boot BLACKSuede Cuff Slouchy Boot BLACK
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Suede Cuff Slouchy Boot

now $23.10
Suede Cuff Slouchy Boot BLACKSuede Cuff Slouchy Boot LIPSTICK

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These faux suede, slouchy boots with a foldover cuff work with everything from skinnies to mini skirts. Boots don't include any closures.

Man made materials

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Questions about this item
tracy l asked: i have been viewing all your boots and am only seeing small sizes. is that all the bigger sizes are sold or they don't come in bigger sizes. am only see up to 7?
GoJane S: If a size or color is not available on our site it is currently sold out. We do receive restocks daily, so keep checking back!
None N asked: The size is US or UK?
GoJane S: All sizes on GoJane.com are US sizes. You can reference our size chart here for sizing guidelines: http://www.gojane.com/about-us.html#size-section
Renee R asked: I'm normally a size 7.5 or 8 is not an option for the style that I want beige, so should I get it in 7.5 or 8.5 I will be doing a lot of walking in these shoes and want to be comfortable
raysa h: definitely 8.5 it will be very more comfy
alisha w: 8.5 will be too large. 7.5 should work well
Lauren S: Im normally a size 8 but always go a half size bigger on this site. I found the 8.5 fit me well and tbey are fairly comfortable. Hope this helps :
Aja W: The shoes run true to size,,.so get the 7.5.

Maurece L: They are just for fashion, not for walking and you could get your normal shoe size, be careful when you do wear them because they will get dirty easy.
Nadine C: I normally wear a 7 and should have gotten a 7.5 so I suggest you order the 8
None N asked: What's the size of the cuff?
Cheryl R: Is ok not big or thight
Dallas S: Normal size
Isabelle G asked: How tall is the shaft/how far does it reach up the leg?
Deborah S: i am only 4'11 and it reaches up about halfway to the knee.
Carmen A: The boots reach about half way up your lower leg.
Alysha P: I would say mid calf..
Kelsey R asked: My shoe size normally varies from a 8-9 depending on the type of shoe, so if I order the wrong size I'm I paying to return the wrong sized boots back to the USA and am I paying to have the right size sent to me in Canada?
GoJane S: You can always return or exchange within 30 days! You can view our return and exchange policy for more information here: http://www.gojane.com/about-us.html#returns-section
Alisha B: I ordered these and my foot is a size 7 and I got a 7 and they fit just fine and I'm also in Canada so I didn't find much of a difference
Lisa P: I believe we do not pay for the return
Damara C: I got my actual size, which is a 7.5 and they fit me perfectly. And I always have a pair of ankle socks on underneath. So if you buy your true size, you should be okay and the shipping fee will be worth it. Hope this helps!
None N asked: is this product true to size?
Anjah O: Yes
Carla P: I bought a size 8 boot, my foot size is an 8 and it fits perfectly.
Alexandria C: yes!
Laura c: Yes true to size but did not like the shoe overall
Juel H: Yes it is
Ashley C: Yes they are true to "boot" size
Paloma M: Yes, it's true to size! It is a little narrow, but my feet are small, so I have no problem and fits fine
Sarah L: I'd say so, I bought the boot in size 10 and it fit comfortably and had about an inch and a half of extra room in it.

Hope this helped.
None N asked: does this boot have a zipper or pull on style?
Deborah S: this is a pull on boot.
LaToya C: No zipper..... you have to pull them up.
Courtney G: It is a pull on. There is no zipper.
Nadine C: Pull on
Winona W: it is pull on and comes up to half calf
Danielle R: Pull on style
Diana C asked: They don't have this in my size, so would sizing down half a size be painful or fine?
Mariah H: I wouldn't recommend going a size down because it will be cold so you will be wearing socks with these boots.
Berthide S: They run true to size... If you want you can buy a 1/2 size bigger and wear it with thick socks. They're very comfortable
None N asked: Will the Black boots in a size 8 come back in stock They look so cute, but aren't in my size!
GoJane S: We do not know if a size or color will be restocked but we do receive restocks and new styles daily so keep checking back!
Julia B asked: How tall are these boots?
Sasha H: I am about 5'2 and they came to roughly about my calves.
I love them, I used them for carnival in Barbados and I was so mad I didn't buy two pairs at the time because now they don't have that color anymore.
zoua v: they are right in the middle of your calf if you dont have really long legs
Mariah H: They hit me about mid-calf but I'm only 5'1 so they may a little shorter on a taller person
Alex O asked: Can you unfold the cuff on the shoe and what is the shaft height?
Deborah S: Although the cuff unfolds., the underside is different material. So I would never wear them this way. The shaft ankle to mid calf is 8 inches. I am only 4'11. So on me the top sits mid calf.
Tierra P: No you can't unfold the cuff the material underneath won't allow for it. Shaft hight is probably just below mid-calf for me
Danielle R: Cuff cannot be unfolded. Shaft is relatively short, about 11 inches or so.
None N asked: How do they fit True to size, if I'm a 7 is that hat I should go with!?
Winona W: Pretty true to size with roomy front and enough space to accommodate socks
ROSA G: They are true tu size..im a 8 and i bought a 8 size..
None N asked: What is the shaft height of this boot?
sheena m: I love em u can wear em long or short. Really cute on
GoJane S: The only information we do receive on our boots is included in the Product Description that is located to the right of each item on our site.
None N asked: If I order the wrong size what is your return policy?
GoJane S: You can always return or exchange within 30 days! You can view our return and exchange policy for more information here: http://www.gojane.com/about-us.html#returns-section
None N asked: Is this durable material?
Lunine L: Yes,faux suede cuff slouchy boot is durable and comfortable material. I really loved it when I first seen it.
Nicole M: Yes, it is. I wear them everyday for work.
samantha s asked: What is the circumference of this boot?
Nicole M: Not sure the exact circumference, but I have pretty thick calves and I still have room to wear skinny jeans with them and be able to fit fingers in between. So there is plenty of room, and they are very comfortable.
GoJane S: The only information we do receive on our boots is included in the Product Description that is located to the right of each item on our site. Unfortunately, we do not receive the calf measurements for each boot. Generally the average size around the calf area for juniors boots is around 14 inches.
None N asked: How far does it come up\?
Winona W: I just got them today, they fall mid calf on me, but I am only 5'2" so on a longer leg they may fall slightly lower. Feel and look great.
Brittany T: It mostly depends on how thick your calf is. I have quite thick calfs, so it only comes up about an inch over my ankle. For skinnier women, I think the highest you'll get them is mid-calf. They're cute and comfortable, but not very tall.
Morgan H asked: How high do they come up Mid calf, knee?
Natalie T: Mid calf
Maria R: Mid calf
Lynn W: Mid calf
Comments From people who chose this
Selma S chose this because: really need a pair
Adanna G chose this because: comfort and style
Michelle M chose this because: For Carnival
TONYA E chose this because: because I have a pair of grey ones and I love them.
Nickole B chose this because: Would look good with leggings
Joanne E chose this because: Attractive boot for a great price!
earl b chose this because: needed that color; needed yellow no needed green yucky color; needed pink no
Stacey M chose this because: For Carniva!
I M chose this because: Carnival
Danielle B chose this because: carnival
Alondra L chose this because: I hope these are cute
Tika S chose this because: sale
Nadia G chose this because: Trinidad Carnival!
Shantae T chose this because: looks like comfortable yet stylish boot
Shianne R chose this because: I wore my other ones similar to these dead
Mary K chose this because: I been looking everywhere for the color and style and my niece told me about gojane.com.
cindy d chose this because: the colour and the texture
Michele S chose this because: Daughter requested these
Tammie G chose this because: low heel and comfortable
Taylor G chose this because: Its casual but cute and comfy
Sindy M chose this because: I have a pair I purchased years ago & they are starting to ruin so I had to buy a new pair! :
Tamara G chose this because: The price is awesome.......plus they are just too cute
Nicholas V chose this because: My sister wants them for Xmas.
Shenelle W chose this because: Looks comfortable and simple
Chelsea B chose this because: Boss made me!
LIBBY T chose this because: My daughter wanted them
Farrah L chose this because: cute cheap
Susie J chose this because: Like the style
Y E chose this because: Me gusta el estilo y el color
Nicole W chose this because: Very reasonable price
S A chose this because: need boots
Linda A chose this because: I have looked for a boot that is both affordable and stylish I found it at GOJANE
Crystal H chose this because: Its hard to find boots in my size. I love the color, and hopefully they will fit perfectly in time for my Dec 10 bday trip to the mountains with hubby
Jamie M chose this because: Slouchy shoes are gift
Paula P chose this because: leg length perfect for short legs
Alexis P chose this because: Very cute ! fit comfartable !!
Tonji J chose this because: Style
Anjah O chose this because: it nice my sister saw it and love it
Kristianna B chose this because: Boots are going out of season but i still need them for work.
Juel H chose this because: beautiful and so comfortable
amencie m chose this because: im going to make thigh highs with this and faux suede material that I have at home
Michell D chose this because: I had a pair in black before and they were comfortable and stylish.
tammy t chose this because: awesome boot
Alyssa W chose this because: i have fat calves.
OTGON S chose this because: i like its design
maryann m chose this because: my teenager like the style
Elsa E chose this because: need some comfortable shoes for traveling
LaDonya R chose this because: cheap price
Natalie T chose this because: This is my second pair of these boots. They are perfect for an everyday casual look. Love them!
Sonya A chose this because: Great Prices.
Danielle R chose this because: JA Carnival 2013!
Nadine C chose this because: It's a cute boot
Kenneth R chose this because: I bought these boots for my girlfriend. She is going to wear them for carnival in Jamaica.
Katrina C chose this because: for carnival

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Suede Cuff Slouchy Boot
4 Stars based on 1 Review(s)
Hyacinth May
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

My Order
August 8, 2013
I just receieved my order, and i am really happy with it :) its very comfortable, and also my husband like it too.. I hope you can have a size 5 or 5 1/2 in the color TAUPE coz i like to order that too.. I get the Black this time..

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