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Questions about this item
None N asked: what are the dimensions for the small?
GoJane S: Below is our formal sizing information. Please note that our size charts are for reference only. We cannot guarantee any fittings. Our formals are juniors sizing but they do tend to run a little larger for alterations purposes.

XS 00-0 30 26 36
SM 1/2-3/4 31 27 37
MED 5/6-7/8 34 28 39
LG 9/10-11/12 36 31 42
XL 13/14 38 34 44
XXL 15/16 40 35 46
XXXL 17/18 45 38 48

None N asked: Do all the dresses in each color come with detachable straps?
Alissa P: Yes, but I wore mine without straps
Danielle G: No straps at all
C A: I had a black dress and it had detachable straps. Not sure about other colors, but I would guess they do.
Amanda M: As far as I know. I didn't use the straps .
Amy M: I bought the white color and it came with straps. I don't know about the other colors.
GoJane S: This item comes with optional strap which allows you to wear this dress as a strapless dress or a dress with straps.
Lainey H asked: Why is dark gold listed for two different colors Top row, second from the right and 2nd row, first one on the left.
GoJane S: This item actually comes in two different shades of good: Dark Gold darker shade of gold and Gold lighter shade of gold.
Jessica P asked: I was wondering when you will get these purple dresses in more sizes?
GoJane S: We do not know when an item will be restocked. We get restocks and new items daily and recommend checking back soon!
None N asked: Are the straps removable?
shannon t: The straps actually aren't even attatched. If you want then attatched you have to sew them on.
Rachel G: You actually have to sew the straps on yourself. It comes with them attached to the tag in a little baggy.
None N asked: What size would be a size 6 or 8 I was thinking medium, but I would like some help, please
S E: I'm a size 5 / size 28 and fit into a medium. There's some slack, but not enough to go up or down a size.
L I: The size chart is very accurate so I would suggest taking your measurements and comparing them to the size chart.
Lisa A: That's probably right. If you're bigger in the bust, you may want to get a large and have it altered in the waist -- these dresses run small on top. Good luck!
Amber H asked: Does the light pink dress come with straps?
Nathlia C: I am 5 5 , will the dress fall just below my knee, or longer?
GoJane S: This dress is actually strapless.
None N asked: what size is the XS and SM

for sizing?
GoJane S: Generally our products run true to size; you may want to reference our size chart here: http://www.gojane.com/size-chart.html
jay j asked: I'm interested in purchasing this gown but have a question about sizing. I'm abou 5'6 and 116lbs, and usually wear a small or extra small. I recently was at a wedding and wore a size 16 kids gown from David Bridal, i'm torn between a small and extra small - bust is about 30,

any advice?
Christine G: I purchased the medium and should have purchased the small. I was afraid it would be to small and needed it for a wedding so I had to have it taken in. I figured it would be easier to take in a size then to have it to small. The size chart is pretty true to sizing. Hope this helps wilth your question.
Rodinia W: These dresses are very true to size, I ordered them for my bridesmaids, and they all fit with NO alterations! I was amazed so you should be happy with the results if you choose your actual size.
Keisha D: Im about 130lb and I had order a size M, so I guess a size small will be your size.
Mendi H: I'm 5'6" and weigh 150. Bra size 36 C. The medium fit perfectly.
Annelie V: The dress is kind off small in the size so I would go with the SM size. I'm almost always an XS girl, but this one I wouldn't have been able to wear an XS. It's really beautiful though so I would definately buy it!
None N asked: If I purchase this dress how long will it take to ship?
Lygeia P: I received the dress in less than a week.
Stacy J: Less than two weeks
Krista P: they took about 2 weeks to be delivered, i bought 5 of them and got them all at the same time
Amy M: My dress was shipped the day after I placed my order. Total shipping time depends on the type of shipping you choose.
Kimberly J asked: I have totally different measurements than the guidelines show. What do I do?
S T: Order to your biggest measurement, and then get it altered as necessary. It's easy to take in this dress, but there isn't much material to let it out.
C A: My measurements were off also. My chest was much smaller than the bust in the dress I bought. My waist/ rib cage was larger. I suggest buying it so that the waist fits you. The hips don't matter at all bc the dress is very a-line.
L I: The size chart is very accurate so you might have to order according to the biggest size you need and have the dress altered. It is a very nice dress.
None N asked: what size is an XXL equal to?
GoJane S: You can reference our size chart here for sizing guidelines: http://www.gojane.com/size-chart.html.
None N asked: is the bow removable?
S E: No, the bow is stitched on.
R E: Hi. As I don't actually have my dresses here with me I can't answer you for sure. They may be able to be unpicked. You would be better to ask GoJane directly as I found them very helpful with all my queries. By the way, this dress is gorgeous on!
C A: To remove the bow you would just need to snip a few threads. Would be pretty easy.
J A: I could take the bow off as well as the ribbon however the ribbon would be more difficult and I suggest a GOOD seamstres to do it
J E: yes it is.
L U: Yes, and we did.
J G: no, it's not removable
m n asked: are the sizing charts fairly accurate according to the gojane website I am afraid that i am going to order my dress and it isn't going to fit me correctly. has anyone had any problems with the sizes?
R E: I also bought 4 dresses for my bridesmaids. 3 of the 4 had to be taken in. They are stunning on. The service from Go Jane was fantastic and super quick getting them to New Zealand.
Monique P: Please be advise that my order was never process and im awaiting the refund from my credit card there were 2 tranaactions, the number posted on sight is not valid been trying to call for pass week.
Linda J: Yes, the dress and the size was perfect!!
S C: yes the size charts are very accurate. I bought 3 of theis dresses because the look very sexy and pretty on my wife and are good for all ocashions. they all fit perfictly. mach your self to their size and by acording to their size recomendashions and you will be good to go. No worys about having to send it back to get a diferent size. My wife by the way is 5 foot 2in 115 pounds and wears a size SM hope that helps.
R E: Hi. I purchased 4 of these dresses for my bridesmaids. Found the sizes to be on the larger side. 3 of the 4 had to be taken in. Hope this helps.
debra g: We ordered 2 sizes, xs and s, because my daughter did not know which would fit her better. 2 of the girls normally wear a dress size 2 or 4, each of them wore the xs dress, one was a little less "chesty" so it was a little big at the top, but still fit good everywhereelse. Another gir had ordered a M, and she ended up wearing the S. They looked beautiful on. Hope this helps
S T: I bought a Large, and it fit fairly nicely, was a tad wide in the waist, but I have a tiny waist compared to my hips. I'm usually an 8 or 10 in formal gowns my wedding dress was a size 10 if that helps you out. The size chart recommends a Medium for sizes 5/6 and 7/8 and a Large for 9/10 and 11/12, so it makes sense.
Comments From people who chose this
Stephanie H chose this because: Daughter gradation
Candace C chose this because: For a bridesmaid dress for a wedding in Aug.
PEREZ G chose this because: PRICE
Jenelle F chose this because: Wedding dress
S C chose this because: This is a beautiful dress my wife and I love it. This is the second one in this color I have bought it has the most amazing fabric look forward to buying more as other wear out.
Megan B chose this because: Im getting married and these were the perfect bridesmaids dresses!
A R chose this because: I have a wedding to attend
Shirley S chose this because: a nice i like the style
Dominique D chose this because: Wedding
Carolyn P chose this because: Bridesmaid dress =
Jocelyn D chose this because: i picked them for my wedding! they are adorable!
Marina R chose this because: needed a white dress for special occasion,.
Jackie Y chose this because: Bridesmaid in a wedding and I had to find a green dress to go with the theme.
shirley s chose this because: there were not many choses in my size.
Tina C chose this because: Bridesmaid dress
Tina C chose this because: Bridesmaid dress
Tina C chose this because: Bridesmaid dress
Moriah P chose this because: for a wedding
Jennifer T chose this because: Pretty plus sized formal at an excellent price!
Jenn V chose this because: Simple style, classic cut, great price
Moriah P chose this because: for a bridesmaid dress
Amanda D chose this because: for my bridemaids for my wedding
Amanda D chose this because: for my wedding for my bridemaids
Ivelisse L chose this because: So cute!!!
Daisy D chose this because: Wedding
Amanda D chose this because: i choosed this dress cause they r very pretty and i want my bridesmaides to wear the dress in my wedding
monique d chose this because: I chose this dress because its very simple but still elegsnt looking.
Deanna s chose this because: its beautiful
monique d chose this because: VERY IN EXPENSIVE AND i LOVE THE MATERIAL
Michelle D chose this because: going to a military ball
Felicia B chose this because: My Sisters wedding
Bernard B chose this because: Very cute dress. Got it as a back up dress for a wedding and it ended up being 'the' dress
Alisa M chose this because: because it is classic, elegant and the right price for a frugal bride.
V. P chose this because: My daughter needed it for a coronation celebration.
Debra S chose this because: Flattering for a grand daughter who has a new baby to still look beautiful as an bridesmaid!
R E chose this because: Bridesmaid dresses. Loved the colour and style- they looked perfect on the day and everyone complimented them
Colleen P chose this because: Dominique's Birthday Party
Colleen P chose this because: Dominique's Birthday Party
J A chose this because: nieces wedding ordering for the wedding party
J A chose this because: wedding
J A chose this because: wedding
Christina N chose this because: it fits with the theme of our musical and is perfect for our bridesmaid dresses
Christina N chose this because: for a musical production and it fits with our 1950's era
Linda L chose this because: "I chose this dress for my fiance's teenage daughter to wear to our wedding. It is classic and one of only a few knee length dresses available. Also a great selection of colors "
V E chose this because: maid of honor dress.
TIEKA C chose this because: wedding
Leisa S chose this because: because it has great style and pricing
kristina B chose this because: I heard about this website from a friend and I decided to check it out. I ended up liking what I saw! I have bought two things from this website and have been very satisfied
Donald H chose this because: need dress for wedding
Linda J chose this because: Bridesmaidsdress for my wedding in august.
C R chose this because: I chose this item for my wedding.
Aretha B chose this because: i'm getting married and I did not like my daughters dress that was perviously brought
Carla T chose this because: my neice Shavone Pringle soon to be Shavone Smith is getting married on the 26th of this month

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